Poland: TVP opens submissions for internal selection!

Poland starts the process of selecting the artist who will represent her at Eurovision 2022 and wants to put an end to the negative streak of three non-qualifications in the last three contests and return to the final for the first time since 2017, and Kasia Moś.

Polish broadcaster, TVP, will follow the same recipe for a second consecutive year and third in the last four years. As it happened last year, so this year, the singer who will compete in the 66th Eurovision will emerge through internal selection.

Both the song and the artist will be selected by internal selection, with TVP executives aiming to a return in the Grand Final and positive results. Let’s not forget that the state of Eastern Europe has only three placements in the Top 10 in 24 entries.

In today’s announcement, TVP called on all interested parties to submit their proposals for the representation of Poland next May in Italy. Those interested have a deadline of two months until 22:00 on the night of November 20 to send an email to eurowizja@tvp.pl and submit their proposal.

The artist who will represent Poland at Eurovision 2022 will be announced on January 2, as typically mentioned in the regulations published by TVP.

Poland was represented in Rotterdam by Rafal, with the song The Ride, but failed to qualify for the final. His choice was a bit of a last minute, as Polish public television had taken over the organization of Junior Eurovision 2020 and had turned all its attention there.

Let’s see if the fact that for 2022 the search for their participation in the competition will start early, will bring a better result.

Source: TVP


Bulgaria:Is Intelligent Music Project officially the act for Eurovision 2022?

Belgium might be the first country to officialy reveal their artist tomorrow morning, more details here, however, Bulgaria might just took the lead from them. The website of national radio published an interview with the rock band “Intelligent Music Project” in which they revealed that they will represent Bulgaria in the upcoming Eurovision in Italy. The article might have Eurovision as an hyperlink but it does not share any more information.

The rock band said in the interview that there is no official statement and they are about to sign with BNT the next few weeks. They also mentioned that they want to have an international team behind the song so as to get voted from many countries.

You can read the article here.

A few words for IMP

Fans of rock music probably know Ronnie Romero who, together with Tony Hernando, gave birth to “Lords of Black” in 2014. The next year, together with Ritchie Blackmofre, they revived the legendary group “Rainbow”.However, many people do not know the existence of Miren Vrabevski. Miren is a composer, songwritter, singer and the one who created Intelligent Music Project. IMP is a rock band who has cooperated with many big names of the rock scene.

After the huge success of their fifth album called “Life Motion”, IMP has already started preparing their sixth album called “The Creation”. Their lead singer this time is Romero who has gave life to their latest songs “Life Motion” and “Everytime” with his huge range.

Do you think this a great choice for Bulgaria this year? Let us know in the comments!

Cyprus: With Michalis Hatzigiannis and… at Eurovision 2022?

For the silence that prevails this year in Aphrodite’s island regarding the next entry of RIK in Eurovision 2022 we have written in our previous articles. For this reason and with great caution we convey the latest information that has reached our ears, since nothing is yet considered certain. Read more

Belgium: Artist reveal on Wednesday 15 September!

The host city of Eurovision 2022 may still be unknown but Belgium‘s artist for this year’s edition is about to be revealed really soon. As it has been announced, the artist that is going to represent the country will be known in this Wednesday, September 15.

The national TV of the country is not planning on a press conference but the reveal will take place on “8/9” show, with the artist being a secret guest, in La Une (TV) and Vivacite (Radio) at 8:40 CT. The song, however, is not going to be revealed yet.

Last but not least, there are some rumors online that the country’s representative will be the winner of the Voice, Jérémie Makiese.

Do you think that Jeremie is a good choice? Could he achieve a higher result than the 19th place Hooverphonic achieved last year? Let us know in the comments below!

Eurovision 2022: The decision for the city that will host the contest has not been made yet!

Our friends from the always valid Eurofestivalnews in their exclusive article, state that the decision for the city that will host the 66th Eurovision Song Contest has not yet been made by RAI and the EBU.

The five cities vying for Eurovision 2022 will have to worry for an unknown period of time, as Italian public television has not yet reached its final selection. Milan, Turin, Bologna, Pesaro and Rimini each hope for their own reasons that she has submitted the most complete proposal to host this important event next May. The truth is, however, that despite the announcement from the official Eurovision account that we will soon have the announcement (posting a pizza that was baked), it seems that we will wait a few more days.

Eurofestivalnews reveals that the reason for this delay is the fact that RAI started the procedures for the selection of the city, publishing the relevant announcement for the submission of candidacies in mid-July, while this is usually done at the end of June. This practically means that we are two weeks behind.

In addition, the RAI team continues to visit the five cities and there is still a joint meeting of the RAI people with the EBU, before the announcement is made.

What is certain is that all five candidate cities have the same chances and what has been said from time to time about supposed favorites has nothing to do with reality. RAI keeps its mouth shut and refers the interested parties to the official announcements, which, although they are not late, will not be made immediately.

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for all the developments related to the 66th Eurovision Song Contest!

Greece: is Ilias Kozas preparing for a possible return in Eurovision 2022?

The last few days have been a bless for Greek eurofans since ERT has been already preparing the Greek entry for this year’s edition. Since the channel’s announcement that the 1st of October will be the deadline for all artists to submit their proposal, numerous names have been on the table.

Eurovisionfun has some exclusive news to share: Ilias Kozas, the lead singer of Koza Mostra, is thinking about sending a song to ERT for this year’s concert. In a quick talk with the singer he mentioned that although there is no possibility for the group to do a comeback this year, there is still a chance for him to send an entry as a solo artist.

Koza Mostra made a great success back in 2013 and achieved the sixth place, which was the last time Greece made it in the top ten before Stefania  achieving it also this year. Although the group is still in active, Ilias has exposed his desire to publish some solo tracks also.

With this statement, the number of artists who have expressed their interest for this year contest is four, among with Kalomoira, Amanda and Good Job Nicky.

Could he bring a top ten result for Greece again this year? Let us know your opinion!

Greece: ERT ‘s announcements for Eurovision 2022 | This is how the Greek entry will be chosen!

Confirming in full the report of Eurovisionfun, that ERT in September will officially start the procedures for the selection of the Greek participation in Eurovision 2022, a while ago the announcement for the selection was posted on the website of the Greek public television. For another year, as we had informed you, the representative of Greece, but also the song that will represent the country in May, will be chosen by internal procedure, through the submission of proposals.

The deadline and conditions for submitting entries

By October 10, those interested, who wish to represent Greece in the 66th Eurovision Song Contest, must submit their participations in ERT.

As part of ERT’s participation in the 66th Eurovision Song Contest, which will take place in May 2022 in Italy, Hellenic Radio Television invites companies from today that produce or distribute recordings to submit proposals for the country’s participation this year. us, with a deadline of Sunday, October 10, 2021.

Each proposal should be complete: that is, it should include a performer or a group with a maximum of six members, according to the regulations, as well as one to three songs, which have not been released or presented to date either in Greece or abroad. in any way, in whole or in part. The selection of the participation will also take into account any artistic group accompanying the performer and ideas (concept) for the promotion and presentation of the song.

Corporate Communication Department
Department of International Relations
Contact phone for information: 210-607.54.05

The process is very close to what happened in 2020 with the selection of Stefania and SUPERG! RL, ​​only this time everything is more formal and given through the relevant announcement, the opportunity is given to all artists, creators, record companies wishing to claim Greek representation at Eurovision 2022, to do so.

Despite what was written from time to time, ERT never seriously considered holding a national final in the summer, nor, of course, did it wait for any epidemiological data to decide the selection process to follow. This, of course, is supported by today’s announcements, since ERT is among the first countries to officially announce their full plan for the promotion of their participation in the next contest.

The names that will concern us

Of course, without being the only ones who will send their proposals, already through Eurovisonfun you have been informed about three artists, who have their proposals ready (or almost ready).

They are Good Job Nicky, Kalomira and Amanda Tenfjord and both of whom will submit their candidate songs to ERT in the coming days.

Over time we will have the opportunity to reveal more details about their proposals, we already know several things, as well as the proposals of other artists that will also be submitted to ERT.

With hopes and optimism for a new triumph in Italy

Much earlier than ever, ERT has started its search, starting this year the procedures for the selection of its participation in Eurovision. Guided by last year’s professionalism, but also a very hard-working team, with experience now and efficiency, will travel to Italy to repeat last year’s triumph and achieve something even better.

We told you last year that Greece will return to the top ten and we insisted on it until the end, almost alone. For 2022 let us be even more optimistic.

ERT wants it, ERT believes it, ERT can do it with the right partners, which we will reveal to you over time, it will bring Greece even higher.

Stefania’s tenth place in this year’s contest, after eight whole years of bad results, will continue, since the Greek public television has decided to play hard in the competition, using in 2022 all the weapons available in its quiver.

Stay tuned in Eurovisionfun for all the news regearding the Greek entry in Eurovision 2022!

Italy: 18+2 finalists for San Remo 2022!

This year, the 72nd edition of San Remo will take place in Teatro Ariston, in the small town of Liguria, with some small changes due to bate the duration of the festival. As it has been announced from All Music Italia a reliable source,  Amadeus is planning limit the number of artists who are about to compete in the Big Category to 20 and also abolish the category of New Artists.

Last year’s version of San Remo has been completed with a huge success, choosing the winners of this year’s Eurovision edition, Maneskin. However, viewers from all over Europe have been complaining due to the excessive duration of the festival. As a result of that, Amadeus decided to have less than 26 Campioni, last year’s number, in the main category of 20 artists and remove the category for New Artists called “Nuove Proposte”, just like 2019.

Amadeu’s main plan is to have two winners of Sanremo Giovani, happening in the 16th of December, participating in the festival’s big category, which means that among the 20 participants, who are about to compete for Golden Lion Trophy, the two of them will be the winners of Sanremo Giovani.

Meanwhile, eurofans are still waiting for the announcement of the host country and RAI published a video which includes all the great things the country has achieved the last few months with “Zitti e Buoni” playing in the background.

You can watch it here:

All the information about the Greek entry in Eurovision 2022 so far!

ERT may have been accustomed to official announcements in the past years after the Christmas holidays, but the place in the top ten that Stefania brought to Rotterdam a few months ago whetted the appetite of the managers of the Greek public broadcaster, who want an even better placement in Italy. Thus, in contrast to what happened in previous years, we will soon have the first announcements, while there are many artists who are preparing to claim the Greek representation in Eurovision 2022. We will see all this briefly below.

How will ERT choose the artist and the song?

So far no final decision has been made on how the artist will be selected, but also the song that will represent Greece in the next song contest. Nevertheless, what seems most likely is a process similar to the one followed in 2020. An artistic committee of ERT to examine the proposals that will be submitted and decide on both the performer and the song. The difference with 2020 is that this time the process will be more open and with more publicity, giving the opportunity to any interested party to submit his proposal.

At the end of September, ERT will make the first announcements, giving a deadline of no more than two months, for those interested in wishing to represent Greece in Eurovision 2022. Immediately after, the proposals submitted to the committee will be evaluated and the most appropriate one will be selected. ERT’s goal is that by the end of the year, the Greek entry in the next song contest has been selected, so that there will be plenty of time for the video clip, the setting up of the stage presentation, but also the promotion of the song abroad.

Stefania’s good result this year, after eight years of failures, but also the professionalism shown by the ERT team in this year’s contest, has aroused the interest of many artists. Let us then look at three of them, who have already begun their preparations for claiming Greek representation in Eurovision 2022.


Kalomira wants to return

Kalomira wants it very much, but the same desire is shared by her record company Heaven. According to our information, Heaven is preparing a specific proposal in order to submit it to ERT, in a relatively short period of time. Kalomira is not unknown to the friends of the contest, since in 2008 she took the third place for Greece, with My Secret Combination.

Of course, this alone is not enough to bring the sweetest Kalomira back to the contest. ERT should announce the way in which the artist and song will be selected for Eurovision 2022, while of course Kalomira’s proposal should convince the managers of the Greek public television that it will bring a very good result for the country in the music competition, which will take place next May in Italy.

The interest from all the record companies, after this year’s tenth place of Stefania and the way ERT managed the Eurovision project, has reasonably increased and Kalomira is not the only one who is preparing….

Amanda from Norway wants to repeat Stefania’s success

Amanda Georgiadi or as she is known, Amanda Tenfjord, is a half Greek artist that lives and works in Norway. After this year’s successful participation with Stefania, ERT will probably want to repeat the successful experiment, sending a talented artist from abroad, thus capturing votes from countries that basically do not vote for Greece (this year Stefania received 10 points of the Dutch televoting).

Through her social networks, Amanda informs us about the fact that she was in the studio, for the recording of new songs. Of course, Eurovisionfun could not help but ask the expatriate, talented songwriter and singer if this recording has anything to do with the Eurovision Song Contest.

Amanda willingly answered us, telling us that she recorded three new songs, one of which is actually intended for Eurovision. She also revealed to us that she will visit Greece in the next months. Specifically, as soon as she performed the second dose of the vaccine, the young artist told us that she would come to Greece, in order to be here in the studio as well.

Good job Nicky is also preparing

Many eurofans in Greece would be extremely happy, if Good job Nicky would be the country’s representative in the next Eurovision Song Contest. Nikolas Varthakouris, who as Good Job Nicky has brought fresh air to the Greek music scene, is particularly positive about the possibility of participating in the Eurovision Song Contest, provided of course he finds the right song, which in turn will convince ERT that can be a worthy successor to Stefania and Last Dance.

The interest of Good Job Nicky to participate in Eurovision seems to be confirmed by Ermis (Hermes Geragidis), the composer-producer with whom Nikolas writes all his songs. When asked on Instagram about the possibility of seeing Nicky on the Eurovision stage, Ermis said ignorance laughing, but then nodded in agreement.

Vote in our poll

Of course, the interested artists are not exhausted in the above three names, since as we told you, many will be the ones who will try to claim the Greek representation for Eurovision 2022. But there are definitely three persons that will occupy us in the coming months. Vote in our poll below. Who you would like to represent Greece at Eurovision 2022, send your own message to ERT!

Stay tuned at Eurovisionfun for all the developments regarding the Greek entry at Eurovision 2022!

Turin Eurovision candidacy at risk after scandal as Bologna advances hosting preparations!

The selection process to know which city will host the 66th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in Italy are progressing.  Unfortunately for early favorite city Turin, an ongoing judicial investigation may seriously damage its chances to host the contest.  The company that manages Pala Alpitour (the proposed arena to host the competition in Turin) is investigated for its alleged involvement with the mafia.  At the same time, Bologna has continued their own preparations for their Eurovision candidacy.

Mafia scandal puts Turin candidacy at risk

Turin’s prefect, Claudio Palomba ordered an investigation against Parcolimpico srl.  The company faces accusations of having links with the mafia.  The potential consequences of such an investigation will likely jeopardize the future of the Turin candidacy.  Parcolimpico manage the facilities Turin inherited from the 2006 Winter Olympics.  This includes the Pala Alpitour arena, the proposed venue for Eurovision 2022.

The news has been confirmed by La Stampa, one of the most widely circulated newspapers in Italy.  The piece report also includes the statements of the Turin’s prefect.  Henceforth, these revelations put Turin’s candidacy in bad light.  After Måneskin’s Eurovision victory Turin was the early favorite to become the hosting city for 2022.

Bologna advances hosting preparations

Conversely, Bologna, one of the strongest candidate cities after Turin has presented to the press all the details of its candidacy.

For instance, in case RAI and the EBU select Bologna as the hosting city, the Insignia handover ceremony as well as the Semi-Final allocation draw will take place in January in the hall of Bologna’s city council.

According to the plans, the 2022 Eurovision carpet ceremony will keep its Turquoise color since the big sponsor of the event will be Moroccanoil.  The Turquoise party will take place in Piazza Maggiore’s U area.

Should the health conditions regarding the pandemic allows it, the Eurovillage will return to Piazza VIII Agosto, the largest square in Bologna.

Moreover, if the circumstances allow it the Euroclub will also make its return.  Bologna is planning to have its own Euroclub on Spazio DumBO , a huge closed parking lot.

As previously reported, Bologna has two potential host venues for Eurovision 2022: the Fiera and the Unipol Arena.

In short we will know which city will host the Eurovision 2022.  According to the EBU plans the city announcement will be public by the end of August.  There are still 11 cities competing to host the event including  of course, Turin and Bologna.


Which city do you think will host the 66th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest?