Eurovision Awards 2023: The voting has started | Vote for your favorites!

For the past few years, has been hosting its own annual Eurovision Awards poll. The poll is run through the official Eurovision Song Contest app, and Eurovision fans can vote in the eight categories listed below:

King/Queen of the Rizz 2023
  • Blanka
  • Joker Out
  • Mae Muller
  • Marco Mengoni
Style Icon 2023
  • La Zarra
  • Let 3
  • Lord of the Lost
  • Mimicat
Most Iconic Duo
  • TuranTuralX
  • Teya & Salena
  • Mia & Dion
Vocal Powerhouse
  • Alika
  • Gustaph
  • Loreen
  • Voyager
King/Queen of Choreo 2023
  • Blanka
  • Diljá
  • Käärijä
  • Noa Kirel
Exemplary Artistic Vision
  • Blanca Paloma
  • Käärijä
  • Loreen
  • Luke Black
Best Bouffant
  • Loreen
  • Reiley
  • Vesna
  • Voyager
Miss Congeniality 2023
  • Alessandra
  • Gustaph
  • Teya & Salena
  • Voyager

The voting is open from Saturday 8 December and will remain open until Tuesday 12 December 21:00 CET. You can cast your votes via the official Eurovision Song Contest App.


The results will be revealed on December 26 on the official YouTube channel of the contest!

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Norway: Alessandra Mele takes issue on Israel’s participation in the Contest!

Alessandra Mele,2023’s Norwegian entrant,who managed to bring the country back in the top 5 after 10 years with her song “Queen of Kings” has voiced her opinion regarding Israel’s participation in the upcoming contest,which is a question that stirs enormous controversy:

“I won’t say much about it because, politically, I can’t say much. But what I find beautiful about Eurovision is that it unites people through music, and I think we should try to continue with that.Also, I hope the world realizes that love is stronger than hate.”

The public broadcaster NRK remains neutral in regards with Israel’s participation in the forthcoming contest in Sweden,as Charlo Halvorsen, Entertainment Director at NRK stated in an email to  Se og Hør:

“It is natural that questions about participation in the Eurovision Song Contest for a country at war arise. We have not yet taken a position on this matter but are following what the EBU decides”.

Israel’s participation in the 2024 contest is still a topic that sows discord among the audiences of the contest,a situation which is highly reminiscent of Russia’s participation in the 2022 edition,right after the country’s invasion in Ukraine.Nevertheless,according to the list of the participating countries published by the EBU,the Middle-Eastern country seems to be included in it,adding fuel to the fire to an already ardent issue.

Norway was represented by Alessandra and her song “Queen of the Kings” in this year’s contest in Liverpool,which won her the 3rd place in the public vote and the 5th overall.

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Cyprus: Andrew Lambrou releases new single “Take My Breath Away”!

A few minutes ago, the representative of Cyprus in Eurovision 2023, our beloved Andrew Lambrou released his new single, entitled “Take My Breath Away”.

The young artist gave Cyprus its best Eurovision result since Eleni Foureira. And now, after ‘Can’t Break a Broken Heart‘, Andrew Lambrou is back with a new song, officially out today via Panic Records.

Andrew co-wrote the song with Cameron Robertson, while the release is accompanied by an intense and highly artistic music video, directed and recorded in Athens by Dani Darla, while the high-fashion clothes are designed by DANTE, who was also responsible for his Eurovision 2023 outfits.

Listen to “Take My Breath Away” by Andrew Lambrou:

What did you think of Andrew Lambrou’s new song?

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Italy: “Due Vite” is now a five times platinum record!

One of the biggest “winners” of this year’s Eurovision was undoubtedly Marco Mengoni. Following his win in Sanremo 2023 with “Due Vite“, he accepted the invitation and represented his home country for the second time in Liverpool, finishing fourth.

Having won such a prestigious for the Italian music scene festival, his song “Due Vite” has become a major success. As Mengoni posted himself yesterday on X, “Due Vite” is now a five times platinum record, having sold more than half a million copies since its release date.

The song remains also extremely popular on all streaming platforms. To this day, the official video of “Due Vite” counts 95 million views on Marco Mengoni’s official YouTube channel and over 86 million streams on Spotify.

His record had a warm reception in several European countries, such as Switzerland, where it was also platinum certificated. Moreover, a few months prior, Mengoni released a French version of “Due Vite“.

It looks like Marco Mengoni follows in the footsteps of his predecessors, as several recent Italian Eurovision artists, such as Mahmood, Diodato and Francesco Gabbani, went also platinum following their Sanremo win.

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Austria: Salena wants to compete in Eurovision again!

Austrian singer Salena expressed her interest in competing in the Eurovision Song Contest again during an interview on “The Euro Trip” Podcast. Salena, along with Teya, represented Austria at Eurovision 2023 with the song “Who the hell is Edgar?” finishing 15th in the grand final.

More specifically, she stated:

“I want to do it again, definitely as an artist”

She afterwards expressed keenness on collaborating with Teya on a future Eurovision entry:

“If you’re up to writing songs for Eurovision, you know where I am.”

Teya also discussed her future Eurovision ambitions.  She mentioned that she would be interested in taking on the composer position once more, even though she does not currently have any intentions to enter the competition as a solo artist:

“I definitely want to be around Eurovision forever. I want to go as a writer and help artists to get somewhere. I don’t think right now I’m going to do it as a solo artist – maybe in four or five years it’ll feel right to go again.”


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Source: The Euro Trip 


Austria: Bye, bye, bye! Teya & Salena announce split!

Sad news for the fans  of Austrian superduo Teya & Salena.  The Austrian representatives at Eurovision 2023 in Liverpool have confirmed they will part ways.  Teya & Salena made this announcement during an interview for The Euro Trip.

The duo represented Austria with the song Who the Hell Is Edgar?  After this they released the single Bye bye bye and are currently promoting their Christmas song Ho Ho Ho.  In their promotion, the musical duo mentioned that they have decided to end their collaboration as an artistic couple.

The duo Teya & Salena was formed at the end of 2022, right before they were internally selected by Austrian broadcaster ORF.  Actually, they said that when they music as solo artists their music style is very different from each other.  Nevertheless, Teya & Salena do not rule out to collaborate in the future.

Teya & Salena represented Austria with the song “Who the Hell Is Edgar?”.  They came in  2nd place in the second semi-final and finished in 15th place, in the Grand Final, with 120 points.

Source: The Euro Trip

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Eurovision 2023: The detailed voting results of the two semi-finals!

Although preparations for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest have begun for both participating countries and the host country, the Eurovision 2023 chapter has not yet been officially closed.

Traditionally, shortly after the competition in May, the EBU publishes the detailed voting results for both Grand Final and the two semi-finals. The non-disclosure of the detailed voting results for the two semi-finals on May 9 and 11 raised questions in May. The EBU has limited itself to revealing only the semi-finals’ results, rather than the detailed voting, as is usual, during which we learn not only the top ten of each country, which is translated into points, but also the full ranking, including the countries that did not score a point from the respective countries. Thus, although the countries that ranked 1 to 10 were made public, those that ranked 11th and below were not.

The full voting results of each country during the two semi-finals were now made available on the Eurovision website.

  • You can find the detailed results of the first semi-final here.
  • You can find the detailed results of the second semi-final here.

First Semi-Final

As a general comment, we can notice the following:

  • the country finishing 11th, just below the top ten, the most was Malta. Although, Malta finished dead last in the semi-final scoring solely 3 points, also finished 11th in five countries(Azerbaijan, Croatia, Finland, Moldova, Serbia), without managing to score a point.
  • the countries finishing last the most were Ireland and Azerbaijan. Ireland finished 12th with 10 points, but was the least favorite of all semi-final 1 contestants in five countries(Azerbaijan, Finland, Israel, Netherlands, Serbia). Azerbaijan finished second-last with 4 points and was also the least favorite in five countries(France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Sweden).

Second Semi-Final

As a general comment, we can notice the following:

  • the country finishing 11th the most was Greece. Greece finished 13th with 14 points, managing to finish just under the top ten in six countries(Albania, Austria, Georgia, Lithuania, San Marino, United Kingdom)
  • the country finishing last the most was San Marino. San Marino placed dead-last in the semi-final with nul points and as indicated was nowhere near receiving a mark as it was least voted entry among 9 countries (Albania, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, Iceland, Slovenia, Spain, Ukraine).

The exact same scenario occurred with the other country coming dead-last with nul points, Romania. Romania finished last in eight countries (Armenia, Australia, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, San Marino, United Kingdom).

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Serbia: RTS extends submission deadline for Pesma za Evroviziju 2024

The Serbian Public Broadcaster RTS announced that it has decided to extend the submission deadline for the national final of the country, Pesma za Evroviziju 2024.

Initially, submissions began on August 1st but according to a statement by the  Head of the Serbian delegation at the Eurovision Song Contest, Uroš Marković, the new deadline for submissions is November 10, 2023. 

This is to allow artists and songwriters to refine their entries which are to be showcased on such an important platform as Pezma za Evroviziju 2024. RTS encourages both up-and-coming and established artists to submit entries.

Luke Black won Pezma za Evroviziju 2023 and therefore represented Serbia in Eurovision 2023 with the song “Samo Mi Se Spava” , finishing at the 24th place.

Source: Escunited

Netherlands: Cornald Maas Almost Resigned Amid Netherlands’ Eurovision 2023 Controversy

Cornald Maas, revealed that the controversy surrounding the Netherlands’ Eurovision 2023 entry nearly pushed him to step down from his role.

The controversy revolved around the Netherlands’ choice of Mia Nicolai and Dion Cooper for Eurovision 2023, particularly their live performances of their song “Burning Daylight” at pre-parties leading up to the competition. These performances faced intense criticism and even ridicule within the Dutch media.

Speaking on the NPO radio program ‘Mischa!’ earlier this week, Maas expressed how the relentless criticism by Dutch media of Mia & Dion had a lasting and detrimental impact on him and those close to him. Despite these challenges, Maas ultimately decided to remain part of the Dutch Eurovision team, as Eurovision has a special place in his heart.

Even though the song was revamped to help the artists better perform it, “Burning Daylight” did not advance to the Grand Final of Eurovision 2023 in Liverpool, marking the first Dutch entry not to qualify since 2015.

Maas says that the criticism by local media affected even his family. He also added:

“It was not over in a day or a week. There were so many untruths that were debated. In consultation with AVROTROS, I did not respond to this so that the oil slick would not get bigger. That went against my character and my nature.”

Affected by this controversy was also Eurovision 2019 winner Duncan Laurence, who was one of the writers of the entry and was appointed to train the artists for the Eurovision stage.

After the end of Eurovision 2023, AVROTROS acknowledged that mistakes were made in selecting “Burning Daylight” for Eurovision 2023. Consequently, there have been changes within the Dutch Eurovision team, with Twan van de Nieuwenhuijze appointed as the Head of Delegation for the Netherlands and the new chairman of the selection committee.

The Netherlands will select its entry internally for Eurovision 2024 and Cornald Maas remains as part of the selecting jury.

Source: RTL Boulevard



Eurovision 2023: £55m profit for Liverpool!

According to the official announcements of the city of Liverpool, during Eurovision 2023 the economy had a revenue of £55 million. Twice as much as they originally estimated.

473,000 people visited Liverpool during the week of Eurovision Song Contest, leaving at the local economy (in cafes, bars, hotels, restaurants, shops) approximately £55 million.

Both the visitors, as well as the financial gains for Liverpool, were more than the competent bodies were expecting from the beginning. Council chairman Liam Robinson said the figures speak for themselves, adding:

Jobs were created, local businesses were on the receiving end of a much-needed boost and hundreds of thousands of people came to the city, had a great time and are more than likely to return again!

The Mayor of Liverpool, Steve Rotheram, pointed out that the city had given fans, whether watching in person or on TV, “a Eurovision they will never forget” and that it was “a vital shot in the arm for our local economy”.

Culture Minister Stuart Andrew noted: “This research demonstrates the positive impact of hosting major events and I hope that we can continue to build on this success.”

Liverpool was the first city in the United Kingdom to host Eurovision Song Contest after 25 years, with the main shows being held at M&S Bank Arena.

After Loreen’s win, Sweden will host next year’s contest at Malmö!

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Source: BBC