Georgia: The Voice of Georgia Semi Final tonight!

Georgia is one step closer to choosing its representative for Eurovision 2023, as the Voice of Georgia semi-final will take place tonight. The Caucasian country will choose the artist to represent it in Liverpool through the popular talent show, which is close to ending.

Sixteen artists are left in The Voice of Georgia, with the grand winner being the one who will be anointed to represent Georgia at the 67th Eurovision Song Contest. Tonight they claim their presence in the grand final of the Georgian talent show.


Each of the four judges is left with four artists in the talent show:

  • Dato Porchkhidze
    1. Erekle Turkadze
    2. Iru Khechanovi (Νικήτρια Junior Eurovision 2011 ως μέλος των Candy)
    3. Tako Kakalashvili
    4. Tsotne Barbakadze
  • Sopho Toroshelidze (Eurovision 2011)
    1. Lika Siradze
    2. Mariam Toronjadze
    3. Salome Tsintsadze
    4. Tina Datikashvili
  • Dato Evgenidze
    1. Allegro
    2. Giorgi Datiashvili
    3. Giorgi Putkaradze
    4. Kakha Aslamazashvili
  • Stephane Mgebrishvili (Eurovision 2009)
    1. Anka Tatarashvili
    2. Dato Rusadze
    3. Likuna Tutisani
    4. Saba Chachua

The grand final of The Voice of Georgia will take place next Thursday, February 2, with the winner representing Georgia in Liverpool. Nevertheless, the song that Georgia will compete with in our favorite contest will be known later.

The semi-final of The Voice of Georgia will take place tonight at 19:00 CET. You can watch him through the official website of the first channel of the Georgian public television, by clicking HERE.

Until we find out who will represent Georgia at Eurovision 2023, let’s remember the country’s participation in last year’s contest. Georgia’s previous representatives at Eurovision 2022 were Circus Mircus with the song “Lock Me In” and they finished in last place in the Second Semi-Final, continuing the country’s elimination streak for the fifth year:

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Sweden: This is what the Melodifestivalen 2023 Stage looks like!

The design of this year’s Melodifestivalen stage has been completed and SVT unveiled a sketch/working image of how the final stage looks like, before it gets constructed at Scandinavium Arena in Gothenburg. It can now be seen in a post at the official Melodifestivalen Twitter account of SVT.

Instead of two stages like last year, there will instead be one well-sized stage. The record-breaking staircase to the front of the stage is recognisable, but is split in two and offers a pointed stage where the performers can be close to the audience. The record-breaking staircase to the front of the stage is recognisable, but is split in two and offers a pointed stage where the performers can be close to the audience.

As for this year’s Greenroom, it will be similar in appearance and placement, as the big party place on the parquet in the middle of the crowd, and almost as generously scaled during the tour as well as in the final.  

The construction of the stage will be livestreaming next week starting Monday 30 January 12:00 CET, at SVT Play with the show “Den stora scenriggningen“.

Changes in voting system

As we have already informed you, the voting system of Melodifestivalen has changed following the announced changes by EBU regarding the voting format in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool!

The broadcaster now scraps the group division at the fifth semi-final and all eight contestants will now have to face each other. Points will be awarded from the viewing groups and the four entries with the highest points will advance to the final!

The dates of Melodifestivalen 2023

  • Heat 1: Göteborg – Saturday 4 February 2023 (Scandinavium)
  • Heat 2: Linköping – Saturday 11 February 2023 (Saab Arena)
  • Heat 3: Lidköping – Saturday 18 February 2023 (Sparbanken Arena)
  • Heat 4: Malmö – Saturday 25 February 2023 (Malmö Arena)
  • Semi-Final: Örnsköldsvik – Saturday 4 March 2023 (Hägglunds Arena)
  • Final: Stockholm – Satuday 11 March 2023 (Friends Arena)

We remind you that Melodifestivalen 2023 is scheduled to take place between February 4th to March 11th and will be hosted by Jesper Rönndahl and Farah Abadi.

Melodifestivalen 2022 was won by Cornelia Jacobs with the song “Hold Me Closer”, representing Sweden in Eurovision 2022 and coming 4th with 438 points.

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Source: SVT
Scene Graphics: Viktor Brattström

Tiril: It’s all about the song | Interview

Some days before the third semi final of MGP 2023, we had the joy to chat with Tiril from Norway. The singer is competing with the song “Break It” and talked with EurovisionFun’s Paschalis.

She talked about her song and why she decided to participate in MGP.

“Break It” is my entry. It’s written by my two favorite songwriters in Norway, Emma Steinbakken and Emelie Hollow and produced by Benjamin Pinkus and Lars Rosness. I’m also a songwriter, but I haven’t written anything in the song, I just asked to sing it. They liked what they heard and now I’m here and I couldn’t be more happy!
The song is really good and suits me very well.

It’s an amazing oppotunity. I always wanted to be an artist. This is a great way to start my career. I can show myself to the world and meet people who like this kind of music.

She also revealed a few things about her stage performance.

I love the stage show that we’ve put together. It will look very dramatic. It’s all about the song. I wanted it to be about my voice. There’s not going to be a lot of things happening. I’m also going to wear red, my favorite color! I’m super excited about the dress that I’m going to wear.

We asked her opinion about the other MGP contestants.

That’s hard to say. There’s a lot of people I knew and new faces. It’s hard to choose a favorite. I think Ulrikke might be the strongest competitor. She has a lot of fans from before and already won MGP. Her song is amazing this year so I’m scared of her, but also very happy to be in the same competition.

She talked about Eurovision and older entries she likes.

Eurovision is a tradition for me. I love watching it every year. It feels like New Year’s Eve because you get to stay up late and watch so many countries.

I just remember very well Margaret Berger with “Feed you my love”. I loved the song and the stage show. That’s my favorite one. When I was in school I emailed Margaret Berger and told her that I want to be an artist and asked to work with her for a day and I loved it.

My childhood favorite was Lena with “Satellite”. There’s also “Euphoria” which is one of my favorites.

Finally as you can see in the video, she sang a little part of her entry, Break It.

Thank you for your support and love. I appreciate every kind word that I’ve gotten so far. It’s amazing!

Listen to “Break It” by Tiril:

We thank Tiril for her interview and wish her best luck!

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Spain: The jury for the national selection has been revealed!

Spain’s broadcaster, RTVE, announced a while ago the jury for Benidorm Fest, the country’s national final for Eurovision 2023.

The committee consists of:

  1. Nina (Spanish singer, representative of Spain in 1989)
  2. Christer Bjorkman (Swedish singer and producer, former head of Melodifestivalen)
  3. Tali Eshkoli (Israeli television producer and Israel’s HoD)
  4. Nicola Caligiore (Italian, former HoD of Italy)
  5. Katrina Leskanich (American singer, UK representative in 1997)
  6. William Lee Adams (founder of wiwibloggs)
  7. Irene Valiente (Spanish presenter and producer)
  8. Juan Jose Santana (Spanish, president of OGAE Spain and composer of past Spanish entries)

Benidorm Fest 2023:
18 artists will participate in two Semi-Finals, which will take place on January 31st and February 2nd. Four songs from each semi-final will advance to the final. The Grand Final on February 4 will feature the eight finalists. The winner of Benidorm Fest will be Spain’s representative at the 67th European competition, which will be held in Liverpool next May.

The result will be decided through a mixed voting system between the jury and the public vote which will include televoting and poll jury.

50% of the score will correspond to the jury
The remaining 50% will be made up of the public vote (where 25% by televoting and the remaining 25% by a polling jury).

Additional information
The communications director of RTVE announced that throughout the week of the festival there will be daily related events throughout the city, as well as concerts with artists from the previous event as well as several who did not manage to be in the final selection this year.

Also, on Friday, February 3, from 9 to 12 at night, the Euroclub will be opened where, among others, last year’s representatives of Albania and Romania, Ronela Hajati and WRS, will be present.

As if all this were not enough, during this week the “tapafest” will also take place, the purpose of which according to the organizers is to promote Spanish gastronomy, as 28 locals will compete in cooking and visitors to the city will be able to “not only to try this very Spanish dish, but also to choose the best one”.

Source: RTVE

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Armenia: Brunette to represent Armenia at ESC 2023?

According to Armenia will be represented by Brunette at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool.

The artist hails from the capital of the country, Yerevan. Although her stage name is ‘Brunette’ – the actual name of hers is Elen Eremyan.  She’s currently one of the most loved Armenian singers. Last year she released three singles which brought her incredible success among Armenians from all over the world. The singer’s latest release “Bac Kapuyt Achqerd” was uploaded 4 months ago, yet it managed to obtain almost 5 million views on Youtube.


Supposedly her song for ESC is in RnB genre and is written mainly by herself. The source also mentions that the Armenian delegation this year unlike any other year will release the competing entry at the end of February.

Previously, the same source revealed that Rosa Linn would represent Armenia last year in February, while she was announced only in the middle of March. 

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UK: Rina Sawayama will NOT represent the UK at Eurovision 2023

British Japanese singer Rina Sawayama will not represent the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest.

The Eurovision Song Contest 2023 will take place in Liverpool after Sam Ryder finished in second place.  Last year’s winner, Ukraine was unable to meet the EBU demands to host the Festival.

It is still not clear who will wave the British flag representing the host country though.  However, there was an unfounded rumour that BRIT nominee Rina Sawayama would be the chosen one.

The rumour originates from TikTok and is based on the singer’s European tour.  Rina Sawayama does not  have any scheduled event between 27th February and the 16th of June.  This would be enough time to prepare to rehearse and participate in Eurovision related activities before the Grand Final which will take place in May 13, 2023.

Unfortunately for the fans of the Hold the Girl singer, this gap is not related to the Eurovision Song Contest.  According to a source from Radio Times, this overlap is purely coincidental.

The BBC is yet to confirm who will represent the host country in Liverpool.

Source: RadioTimes

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Norway: The running order of the Third Semi-Final of Melodi Grand Prix 2023 released!

A short while ago on the website of the Norwegian national broadcaster, NRK, the running order of the seven candidates who will compete in the Third Semi-Final of the Melodi Grand Prix 2023 was published!

The running order of the Third Semi-Final:

  1. Akuvi – “Triumph”
  2. Tiril – “Break It”
  3. Skrellex – “Love Again”
  4. Eline Thorp – “Not Meant to Be”
  5. Stig van Eijk – “Someday”
  6. Maria Celin – “Freya”
  7. Atle Pettersen – “Masterpiece”

You can listen to the songs here.


  • Saturday, 14 January: First Semi-Final (Song Announcement on Monday, 9 January)
  • Saturday, 21 January: Second Semi-Final (Song Announcement on Monday, 16 January)
  • Saturday, 28 January: Third Semi-Final (Song Announcement on Monday, 23 January)
  • Saturday, 4 February: Grand Final

We remind you that this year’s Melodi Grand Prix will be quite different from the previous ones, as there will be no duels or second chance round. In each semi-final, only the Norwegian televisionaudience will be able to vote, while in the final, for the first time since 2019, there will also be an international jury that will determine 50% of the result.

The songs will be published every Monday before the semi-final in which they will compete. Melodi Grand Prix 2023 will take place at the Spectrum in Trondheim and will be hosted by Arian Engebø and Stian Thorbjørnsen.

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Source: NRK

Finland: Käärijä’s song accused of plagiarism!

A few days ago, Käärijä’s song titled “Cha Cha Cha”, was released in order to compete in Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2023, the Finnish national final for Eurovision 2023.

From the moment it was released, it quickly became one of the fan favourites and rised to the first place of the betting odds for winning the national final, by a great margin.

However, some of the comments in the Finnish press came in to change everything and even disqualify Käärijä  from the contest. The journalists accused Käärijä of plagiarism and that his song is a copy of another song, something that is prohibited by EBU’s rules for the contest.

In detail, the accusations want “Cha Cha Cha” to be a copy of the song “We Got the Moves” by Electric Callboys a German electronicore group:

What do you think about all of the above? Do you think that “Cha Cha Cha” is indeed a copy and that Käärijä should be disqualified from UMK?

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BREAKING NEWS: Melissa Mantzoukis’ submission to ERT “Liar” got leaked!

The Greek Public Broadcaster ERT announced a few days ago that three songs are shortlisted to represent Greece in Eurovision 2023, after the vote of a jury of audience members and a jury of music professionals.

One of the three candidate entries, the song “Shout it Out” by Antonia Kaouri & Maria Maragkou was leaked on Twitter, publishing a one minute video of the song. Earlier today, another song leaked, this time being a short snippet of “What They Say” by Victor Vernicos.

Moments ago, the third shortlisted entry called “Liar” by Melissa Mantzoukis, was also published. The twitter account that leaked “Shout it Out”, published the following snippet of “Liar”:


We remind you that “Liar” was the song that got the first place in the vote of the audience jury.

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BREAKING NEWS : Victor Vernicos’ entry “What They Say” leaked!

The thriller with the Greek representation in Eurovision 2023 continues after the leak of Shout Out by Antonia Kaouris and Maria Maragou, a while ago Victor Vernicos’ What They Say was leaked on Twitter.

It’s about 25 seconds of the song but pretty messed up and not in the best possible quality. It is worth mentioning that the user who uploaded it on Twitter also leaked the demo of Die Together, Amanda’s song, last year.

We remind you that ERT did not cancel Shout Out because of the leak and is expected to do the same now. Any leak at this time is not a breach of EBU regulations.

ERT continues normally with these three songs the process of selecting the Greek participation for Eurovision 2023, with the aim that very soon there will be official announcements about the artist and the song that will represent us in Liverpool.

We remind you that the three songs that precede the combined voting of the public committee and the artistic committee of ERT are the following:

  • Melissa Mantzoukis – Liar
  • Victor Vernicos – What They Say
  • Antonia Kaouris and Maria Maragou – Shout Out