Elvana Gjata: “The two points I received will not stop me giving love”

Two days have passed since Arilena’s victory in FiK58, as the two Albanian judges rated Elvana very low and denied her victory. The popular singer who failed to win, though she was the big favorite via her Instagram profile, made a statement that while wishing Arilena good luck, she does not hesitate to show her bitterness and annoyance at the Albanian judges’ ratings.

“I refuse to speak at such moments but this time I have to do it…

Arilena … you’re not alone in anything, I really wish you good luck. I want to thank my fans and my new European fans for supporting me since the release of “MeTana”. I saw the polls, I saw you sing and dance to my song every day, I saw you in the arena with your hands up. I heard you all scream under my name all over Pristina, and I heard it last night in Tirana like never before.

My heart is full of joy! I worked hard and will work until my last breath. The job never destroyed me, with or without command. Thank you very much to the European judges who voted for me the most. Not even Mikaela’s 2 points can stop giving me love.

Accept life with everything

Enjoy life with everything”

Elvana’s announcement came hours after Alketa Vesjiu, the festival’s presenter, made a statement, which also shifted her arrows to Mikaela’s rating and the 2 points she gave to Me Tana. We remind you that Arilena won by only 3 points difference, so the 2 that she received from Mikaela was essentially what deprived her of her victory.

Albania: Breaking News: the presenter of FiK58 strongly blames the jury panel for results

Through her Instagram profile, Alketa Vejsiu, presenter of Festivali i Kenges 58, regrets that Elvana was not the winner of the festival, but also that the public opinion was not heard.

“I would like to express Arilena my congratulations on her victory! I hope her to do the best she can at Eurovision for Albania. But I can’t but thank Elvana Gjaten! Within 2 weeks she had more views (on YouTube) than everyone else, 3 and a half million! I can’t deny that her song was the celebration of this Festival! That Elvana was the news of this release, the voice and energy of the youth who danced together in the hall, bringing Albania, Kosovo and the Diaspora together! The matches announce the winners but not the losers. because successes never die.

After this Festival that I have done with my soul, I can say that I am poor and will never be on any jury, for any reason!
I believe in meritocracy and I deeply regret that I could not give voice to the public on this Festival’s platform! Excuse me if I disappointed you! I understand and respect your sensitivity! But keep your categories please! I was not on the jury and I did not choose the jury!

Elvana thank you! You came to this festival because you believed in my vision! You do not need the competition to confirm who you are, because you are who you are! And you have to feel victorious today, because all three members of the Eurovision International Jury gave you 18 points. These 2 points of Albania …. I’m speechless!”

See Alketa Vejsiu’s post here (it’s in Albanian),

Alketa Vejsiu, considered one of the most important television figures in Albania, normally empties the two women from Albania, who were members of the committee and essentially gave Arilena the low rating they gave Elvana.

Neither more or less, the festival’s winner is Elvana, and she apologizes to the audience for failing to make her voice heard.

Apparently, as she puts it, her arrows are directed at the Albanian public television, which chose this voting system and put the two specific ladies on the jury.

Recall that Arilena scored 67 points, with Elvana scoring just three points lower. See our related article for detailed results.

Below see Elvana’s appearance in the final:

Albania: That’s how the judges voted on FiK58-Elvana was the first international judges choice! EXCLUSIVE

Following the shock of unexpected Arilena victory for many, or better, Elvana’s defeat, Albania’s Public Television (RTSH) will air results of the judges. According to our exclusive information, Arilena’s victory came from the ratings of the two Albanian judges. In contrast, foreign judges gave Elvana the best.

Each judge rated the final 12 songs of the FiK58 final from 1 to 10, 13 and 18 points, starting with the song they liked least. To make it better, each judge assigned 1 score to this song they liked less, 2 to the next, 3 to the coke, up to 18 points to their favorite.

According to our exclusive information, the three foreign judges (D. Kontopoulos, C. Bjorkman, F. Bergsson) gave Elvana an excellent score (18 points), but Arilena also was ranked high. In contrast, the two judges from Albania gave Arilena the best, but they voted low for Elvana! This is how Arilena came first and Elvana second.

So, the comments of the foreign judges on the way to vote for Elvana in May in Rotterdam have no basis whatsoever, as the Albanian judges have basically judged the result.

Full confirmation of EurovisionFun after the Albanian public television announced  the detailed results.

Arilena scored 67 points and Elvana 64. Dimitris Kontopoulos, Felix Bergsson scored 18 points for Elvana and 13 for Arilena. Christer Bjorkman gave 18 to Elvana and 10 to Arilena. In contrast, the two Albanian judges gave Arilena 18 and 13 points and Elvana just 8 and 2 points respectively.

You can view the detailed results HERE.


Albania: Arilena Ara with Shaj to represent the country in Rotterdam

The first song for Eurovision 2020 is a fact! The Festivali i Këngës 58 was completed shortly after the overthrow of the prognosis, as Arilena was the big winner with the song “Shaj”. So Arilena becomes the sixth consecutive country representative of the upcoming Eurovision song contest to be announced.

For another year, Albanian Public Television (RTSH) chose to participate in Eurovision through FiK. Live from the Pallati i Kongreseve in Tirana hosted by Alketa Vejsiu, the 12 artists who made it to the final did their best to claim the five-member jury’s vote and win the festival and the  ticket to Rotterdam in May as well.

The contestants

In order of appearance the 12 current runners-up were:

1. Valon Shehu – “Kutia e Pandorës” (Pandora’s box)

2. Sara Bajraktari – “Ajër” (Air)

3. Robert Berisha – “Ajo nuk është unë” (This is not me)

4. Tiri Gjoci – “Me gotën bosh” (With an empty glass)

5. Bojken Lako – “Malaseen” (Without seeing me)

6. Arilena Ara – “Shaj” (Sweet as the curse)

7. Gena – “Shqiponja e lirë” (Free eagle)

8. Kamela Islamaj – “Më ngjyros” (Draw me)

9. Alberie Hadergjonaj – “Ku ta gjej dikë ta dua” (Where can I find someone to live)

10. Elvana Gjata – “Me tana” (With all)

11. Olta Boka – “Shkrime në mur” (Slogans on the wall)

12. Era Rusi – “Eja Merre” (Come and get it)

This evening, Eleni Foureira, who just before leaving for the USA, shone a spot on the FiK58 stage with all her big hits! But what we would like to dwell on is in the words of Eleni Foureira shortly after her interpretation is over. The popular singer commented on the refugee and the fact that Greece is the only country that has received so many immigrants on its territory and treated them, with the audience in the room applauding. ! Before the results came also Guisy Ferreri, the Italian superstar who has made success in and out of her country.

The results at Festivali i Këngës 58 were determined exclusively by the jury vote in which apart from two domestic music professionals, Greek Dimitris Kontopoulos, Swedish Christer Bjorkman and Icelander Felix Bergsson were involved.

In third place was Sara Bajraktari and in second place Elvana Gjata!

Albania at the Eurovision Contest

In 2020 we will have Albania’s 17th entry in the contest, which debuted in 2004, with Anjeza Shahini and “The Image Of You”, which reached seventh place! RTSH showed interest in the Eurovision song contest in 2003. However, three more countries made their debut that year and Albania was not eligible to participate. In the following years it managed to qualify seven times in the final and many more in the semifinals.

The best it won was 2012 with Rona Nishliu and “Suus”. The last two years it has managed to qualify for the final and obviously wants to continue her series.

In Tel Aviv Albania was represented by Jonida Maliqi with “Ktheju Land”, after winning the FiK 57 first! She managed to score 90 points and finish 17th in the final!

Listen to Albanian participation for Eurovision 2020 below:


Albania: The 12 Finalists of the Festivali i Këngës 58

After the two FiK58 semifinals were completed, the festival’s five-member jury selected the 12 participants to compete in Sunday’s 22/12 final. The winner of the final night of Festivali i Këngës 58 will be honored to represent Albania at Eurovision 2020 in May in Rotterdam.

The 12 finalists of the Song Festival 58

(You can watch the finalists’ live appearances by clicking on the song title)

  1. Albërie Hadërgjonaj“Ku ta gjej dikë ta dua” (Where can I find someone to love)
  2. Arilena Ara –  “Shaj” (Sweet as curse)
  3. Bojken Lako“Malaseen” (Without seeing me
  4. Elvana Gjata“Me tana” (With all)
  5. Era Rusi“Eja Merre” (Come and Get it)
  6. Gena“Shqiponja e lirë” (Free Eagle)
  7. Kamela Islamaj – “Më ngjyros” (Draw me)
  8. Olta Boka“Shkrime në mur” (Slogans on the wall)
  9. Robert Berisha –  “Ajo nuk është unë” (This is not me)
  10. Sara Bajraktari“Ajër” (Air)
  11. Tiri Gjoci“Me gotën bosh” (With an empty glass)
  12. Valon Shehu“Kutia e Pandorës” (Pandora’s box)

We remind you that the results at Festivali i Këngës 58 are exclusively determined by the jury vote in which apart from two domestic music professionals, are involved: Dimitris Kontopoulos for who we have long been informed that he will be among its members, Christer Bjorkman (producer of Melodifestivalen and Head of the Swedish Delegation) and Felix Bergsson (Head of the Icelandic Mission).

As you may already know in the final of Festivali i Këngës 58 will be featured as a guest unique Eleni Foureia, who through Instagram has shown her preferences for the festival winner and is none other than Elvana Gjata!

See you on Sunday, 22/12 from the Pallati i Kongreseve in Tirana and presenter Alketa Vejsiu to learn the first Eurovision 2020 song!

Albania: In a few minutes, the first FiK 58 semifinal

In a few minutes, the first semifinal of Albania’s music festival Festivali i Këngës 58 takes place, with its winner representing the country at the Eurovision song contest. Alketa Vejsiu will be the host of the evening, which will be broadcasted live from the Pallati i Kongreseve in Tirana.

A total of 20 contestants are competing for the victory and the Albanian representation in Rotterdam. There are ten candidates in each semifinal. Listen to today’s participants below:

  1. Nadia and Genc Tukiçi – Ju flet Tirana
  2. Sara Bajraktari – Ajër
  3. Devis Xherahu – Bisedoj me serenatën
  4. Kanita Suma – Ankth
  5. Kamela Islamaj – Më ngjyros
  6. Bojken Lako – Malaseen
  7. Elvana Gjata – Me tana
  8. Aldo Bardhi – Melodi
  9. Renis Gjoka – Loja
  10. Albërie Hadërgjonaj – Ku ta gjej dikë ta dua

The jury panel of the Festivali i Këngës 58, made up of music professionals, will be the one to decide who will qualify for the grand finale on December 22. As you may remember –you were only briefed by EurovisionFun- the panel, this year, consists of international music experts.

Tonight’s guest will be this year’s Italian representative Mahmood, who performed “Soldi” and took second place in the final!

The first semi-final of Festivali i Këngës 58 will start at 20:30 CET time and you can watch it HERE.

Albania: The running order of the Festivali i Këngës 58 Semi-finals

On December 22, we will find out the first Eurovision 2020 entry, after the final of the Festivali i Këngës 58. But earlier this year, 20 FiK candidates will compete in the two semifinals for the 10 tickets leading to the final. Albanian Public Broadcaster (RTSH) earlier revealed the distribution of the songs in the semifinals, as well as the order in which they will appear.

First Semi-final (December 19th):

  1. Nadia & Genc Tukiçi – “Ju flet Tirana” 
  2. Sara Bajraktari – “Ajër” 
  3. Devis Xherahu – “Bisedoj me serenatën” 
  4. Kanita – “Ankth” 
  5. Kamela Islamaj – “Më ngjyros” 
  6. Bojken Lako – “Malaseen” 
  7. Elvana Gjata – “Me tana” 
  8. Aldo Bardhi – “Melodi
  9. Renisi Gjoka – “Loja” 
  10. Albërie Hadërgjonaj “Ku ta gjej dikë ta dua

Second Semi-final ?(December 20th):

  1. Kastro Zizo (né Kleviz Bega) – “Asaj” 
  2. Tiri Gjoci – “Me gotën bosh” 
  3. Olta Boka – “Botë për Dy
  4. Era Rusi – “Eja Merre
  5. Wendi Mancaku – “Ende” 
  6. Robert Berisha – “Ajo nuk është unë” 
  7. Gena – “Shqiponja e lirë” 
  8. Eli Fara & Stresi – “Bohem” 
  9. Arilena Ara “Shaj” 
  10. Valon Shehu – “Kutia e Pandorës” 

The innovation in FiK regulations compared to previous years, is that this year the results will also be determined by an international committee, which has already invited important personalities to staff it. Among those invited by RTSH to the international committee, as we revealed in our previous article, Greek author Dimitris Kontopoulos. FiK 58 is presented by Alketa Vejsiu.

Albania: Won’t FiK winner be the country’s representative?

In recent days, news has emerged that the winner of the Festivali i Këngës will not be the country’s representative in the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam.

According to Eurovision Kosovo, there will be two winners at this year’s FiK. On the one hand, the winner of the festival, and on the other, the country’s representative in Eurovision.

Although there is still no official confirmation from the Albanian public broadcaster, RTSH, this will be the first time that the winner of the Festivali i Këngës will not represent the country in Eurovision if the news finally holds.

The two semifinals will take place on December 19 and 20, while the Grand Final will take place on December 22. Alketa Vejsiu will be the presenter of the festival.

Below you can hear all the entries competing in the 58th Festival i Këngës:

Source: Eurovision Kosovo

Albania: Elvana Gjata and “Me tana” sweeps on YouTube trends in Europe

With the air of the favorite it looks like Elvana Gjata will be competing at the 2019 Festivali i Këngës 2019 with “Me Tana”, the song to compete with, having already surpassed 900,000 views on YouTube and it is only a matter of hours before it reaches 1,000 .000.

The song as it is reasonable and the number of views has not only made sense in Albania. In fact, ethnic-pop “Me tana” is currently at # 28 on Greek YouTube trends with a steady rise since it was at # 37 just hours ago.

The song is also featured at # 9 in Trends in Northern Macedonia, at # 23 in Switzerland, at # 44 in Germany while at # 35 in Turkey.

Second in the “battle” of the projections is Arilena Ara’s “Shaj” ballad with about 600,000 fewer views than Elvana while third is Kanita and “Ankth” with about 110,000 views.

Will Elvana Gjata be Albania’s spokesperson in Rotterdam, The Netherlands?

The two FiK semifinals will take place on December 19th and 20th, while the Grand Final, where we will also learn Albania’s 17th representative at the Eurovision Song Contest, will take place on December 22nd. Alketa Vejsiu will be the host of the Festivali i Kenges 58.


Albania: Listen to the Fik 58 songs

Recently, Albanian public broadcaster has published the 20 songs participating in the Festivali i Song 2019. The songs that will compete for Albania’s representation at Eurovision 2020 are now available on YouTube.

The 20 contestants of  Festivali i Kenges 58 with their songs are:

1. Albërie Hadërgjonaj – “Ku ta gjej dikë ta dua” (Where can I find someone to love?)
2. Aldo Bardhi – “Melodi” (Melody)
3. Arilena Ara –  “Shaj” (Sweet like the curse)
4. Bojken Lako – “Malaseen” (Wityhout seeing me)
5. Devis Xherahu – “Bisedoj me serenatën” (Talking with the serenade)
6. Eli Fara & Stresi – “Bohem” (Bohemian)
7. Elvana Gjata – “Me tana” (With all)
8. Era Rusi – “Eja Merre” (Come and Get it)
9. Gena – “Shqiponja e lirë” (Free eagle )
10. Genc Tukiqi & Nadia – “Ju flet Tirana” (Tirana is caline u)
11. Kanita Suma – “Ankth” (Anxiety)
12. Kamela Islamaj – “Më ngjyros” (Paint me)
13. Kastro Zizo – “Asaj” (Δικό της)
14. Olta Boka – “Shkrime në mur” (Slogans on the wall)
15. Renis Gjoka – “Loja” (The game)
16. Robert Berisha –  “Ajo nuk është unë” (This is not me)
17. Sara Bajraktari – “Ajër” (Air)
18. Tiri Gjoci – “Me gotën bosh” (With an empty glass)
19. Valon Shehu – “Kutia e Pandorës” (Pandora’s box)
20. Wendi Mancaku – “Ende” (Still)

Listen to the songs in the list below:

The two FiK semifinals will take place on December 19th and 20th, while the Grand Final, where we will also learn Albania’s 17th representative at the Eurovision Song Contest, will take place on December 22nd. Alketa Vejsiu will be the host of the Festivali i Kenges 58.

The innovation in the regulations compared to previous years is that this year the results will also be determined by an international committee, which has already invited important personalities to staff it.Read our relevant article HERE.