Sietse Bakker: Cyprus did not ask to be first in the running order of the Grand Final!

In their most recent video William Lee Adams from Wiwibloggs stated that the Cyprus delegation asked the organizers to let Elena Tsagrinou open the night of the Grand Final with her song El Diablo.  However, the producer of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 and one of the members of the Reference Group Mr. Sietse Bakker has denied these rumors.

When asked on Twitter about the alleged request by Cyprus, Sietse Bakker reminded the public that it is up to the public broadcaster who hosts Eurovision to make the running order.  Furthermore, the running order requires the subsequent approval of the EBU.  Thus the participating broadcasters do not suggest which place they would like to be sorted out.  In addition Seitse Bakker mentions that he attended the sorting process of the running order for the Eurovision Song Contest 2021.  According to him, the opinion of the delegations did not play a role in this process.

After this public denial it seems that the information Wiwibloggs had was inaccurate.  Nonetheless, William seemed absolutely sure that Cyprus had in fact made this request.  This may be because many Cypriot fans have echoed the alleged petition by the Cyprus delegation to perform in first place for months.  It is possible that the fans have get these fake news from the same source.

You can watch William mentioning this rumour in the embedded video, at 44.30:

Lisa Andreas: “Never Say Never” to a Eurovision comeback for Cyprus!

In 2004 she managed to bring the best result for Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest, something that was surpassed only by Eleni Foureira in 2018. We are talking of course about Lisa Andreas who is now called Lisa Porter and lives with her family in the USA. On the occasion of the official release of Stronger Every Minutes some days ago and 17 whole years after her participation with that song in Eurovision 2004, Lisa spoke exclusively to Eurovisionfun, in an interview that will be discussed. Read more

Helena Paparizou: “Cyprus made me a proposal for Eurovision 2021”!

In the show Tet A Tet that is currently broadcast on Alpha Cyprus and presented by Tassos Tryfonos, the only winner of the Eurovision song contest for Greece, Helena Paparizou, made a very important revelation. According to her, RIK proposed to her to represent Cyprus in the contest this year as well, but she considered that it was not her time this time either.

Helena Paparizou made this revelation a few minutes ago, on the air of the show Tet A Tet, on Alpha Cyprus. The popular singer revealed to Tassos Tryfonos when asked about the Eurovision contest and if she would ever think of returning, that RIK honored her this year as well, proposing her to represent Cyprus in Eurovision 2021, which will be held in a few days at Rotterdam!

The popular Greek artist clarified that the proposal she accepted was not about El Diablo, but another song. After a mature thought, Helena responded negatively to RIK, considering that this year was not her time either.

We remind you that in 2018, RIK had initially addressed Helena Paparizou, in order to interpret Fuego in the competition. Although she entered the process to record it, she finally refused, we would say shortly before the agreement was finalized. The song, after a short stop in Tamta, finally ended up with Eleni Foureira, with the triumphant ending that we all know.

Helena Paparizou never stopped being interested in the contest, as she stated. She would represent either Greece, Cyprus or Sweden and any decision she made would always have to do with the song.

Helena Paparizou spoke with the warmest words about both Elena Tsagrinou and Stefania, predicting that both will have a very good result.


Although Helena Paparizou did not mention it in her interview, the song that was suggested to her by RIK was Colors that competed in the Croatian national final with Bernarda.

Would you like to see Elena return to the competition? If yes with which country?

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Which six countries will be in Sofia this weekend for the shooting of Live On Tape? EXCLUSIVE

Six countries will shoot Live On Tape next weekend in Sofia. As we first revealed to you on March 15, the production company that hosted the Junior Eurovision 20215 in Bulgaria, has prepared a scene with high standards and specifications for the video of the live on tape, the live show that the EBU is asking of everyone the participants of this year’s contest.

The six countries that will be in Sofia

The six participants who will travel to Bulgaria over the weekend to shoot the live on tape are as follows:

  • Bulgaria with Victoria and Growing Up Is Getting Old
  • Greece with Stefania and Last Dance
  • Cyprus with Elena Tsagrinou and El Diablo
  • Croatia with Albina and Tick-Tock
  • Malta with Destiny and Je Me Casse
  • Moldova with Natalia Gordienko and Sugar

What is Live On tape?

According to what was announced, all participating broadcasters were asked to record a live performance of their participation in their country or somewhere else. This recording will be delivered before the contest and will take place in a studio. The recording will take place in real time (as it would in the Contest) without making changes to the vocals or any part of the show itself after the recording.

There will be freedom in the missions, to present as they consider their entries better, but instructions will be given which will ensure the fairness and integrity of the competition. There will be no audience and the recording should be unique and not be published before the event in May.

Delegations are allowed to use similar technical capabilities and dimensions that would be available on stage in Rotterdam, but are also free to choose a more limited production facility. Video recordings must not contain augmented or virtual reality, overlays, confetti, drone shots, water, color use or green screen.

Of course Eurovisionfun will keep you informed of everything that will happen in Sofia this important weekend.

Eurovision 2021: Seven countries will be directed by Marvin Dietmann!

Not one, not two, but seven countries will be directed by the talented Austrian director Marvin Dietmann! He is truly without exaggeration one of the people who will be discussed more during the Eurovision 2021 season next May!

Who is Marvin Dietmann?

Marvin Dietmann is a director – who has produced numerous television shows, films, music videos, theatrical productions and concerts throughout Europe. Marvin was born in Vienna, Austria and started dancing at the age of six. At the age of 13 he started a professional ballet class and appeared in many classical ballets, including Swanlake and Nutcracker. At the age of 16, he changed his educational direction and studied musical theater, where he trained in singing and acting.

As a young music actor, he has worked in some of the leading theaters and television channels in Austria and Germany. After a huge injury at the age of 22, he changed his career again, studying photography and began his first productions as an art director.

It is not at all unrelated to the Eurovision contest, since we mention that he was responsible for directing the winning participation of Austria in 2014 with Conchita Wurst, but also the winning participation in the ranking of committees, Austria in 2018. director of the Viewing Room at the Tel Aviv event.

The countries he will direct

Seven countries have entrusted him with directing their participation on the stage of the Ahoy Arena in the 65th Eurovision Song Contest. These are:

  • Austria
  • Czech republic
  • Bulgaria
  • Cyprus
  • Spain
  • Croatian
  • Estonia

Other directors who will be editing more than one country are of course Fokas Evangelinos, who has taken over Greece and Moldova, but also Sacha Jean-Baptiste who will direct the entries of Switzerland, Sweden, Georgia and Albania.

Cyprus: El Diablo will be released in 24th of February!

Recently, the representative of Cyprus in Eurovision 2021, Elena Tsagrinou, revealed the date of publication of El Diablo, the participation of the island of Aphrodite in the upcoming Eurovision.

The revelation was made by her through her personal Instagram account, stating:

In a month from now you will have in your “hands” the music video clip of “El Diablo” we started full on rehearsals for the clip and I live for it is really, the most creative, demanding and at the same time strong moment, I can’t wait to share it with your.

El Diablo is signed by Thomas Stengaard, Laurel Parker, Jimmy Joker and Oxa.

Stay tuned to EurovisionFun for all the news concerning the Cypriot participation in the Eurovision 2021 song contest.

Eleni Foureira: “I love Cyprus very much, but it was too early to go to Eurovision again”!

In the show of OPEN TVJust The 2 Of US, Eleni Foureira was recently invited, making another explosive appearance. Eleni Foureira was asked about the scenarios that wanted her to accept a proposal from RIK this year in order to represent Cyprus once again in the contest.

Eleni Foureira once again confirmed these rumors, but said that it was too early to be in our favorite song contest again. It is interesting, however, that she kept open the possibility to be back in the future.

I love Cyprus very much, but it was too early to go to Eurovision again!

We remind you that Eleni Foureira and her record company PANIK Records, had responded to the honorary proposal of RIK, that although she would like to be in the contest again, she would prefer to do it in better conditions and not in 2021 with the fear of the pandemic .

Would you like to see Eleni Foureira again in the Eurovision Song Contest?

Cyprus: This is why Kalomira rejected CYBC’s proposal for Eurovision 2021!

The popular singer Kalomira gave an interview to the morning show of Open TV, Eytycheite to the journalist Giannis Poulopoulos.

In particular, she talked about her family and their life in America. Of course, she could not fail to mention Eurovision.

She spoke about Eurovision 2021 as her name was one of the first to fall on the table for the representation of Cyprus in Rotterdam.

She revealed:

It was a risk with the coronavirus to travel with the children. There I put the brake.

Would she go to Eurovision again in the future?

Yes, I would love to go to Eurovision in the future. The children have now grown up. I would like my children to see me on stage. They have not understood that I am a singer. They asked me why they were interviewing me.

Watch her full interview in the video below:

Would you like to see Kalomira on Eurovision stage again?

Cyprus: “El Diablo” will be revealed in March!

Elena Tsagrinou appeared on the ALPHA show, Happy Day, to talk about her participation with Cyprus in Eurovision 2021. Among what she said, she revealed that El Diablo will be made public in March!

Once again, Elena Tsagrinou appeared excited about her participation in Eurovision with the colors of Cyprus.

The song is super pop! Super dancing and uplifting and will give me the opportunity to move accordingly!

The important revelation she made was when we will listen to the song:

In March you will hear El Diablo!

Elena Tsagrinou explained how her choice was made. That it was essentially a decision of RIK and PANIK Records, saying that it is a very close-knit team that communicates daily, preparing from now on everything necessary for the best possible result.

The interview closed with the hostess of the show, expressing her optimism for the final result, based on what people who heard the song have told her.

Cyprus: Send your questions for Elena Tsagrinou!

For a few minutes now, Elena Tsagrinou has been nominated as the representative of Cyprus at Eurovision 2021 with the song El Diablo and with a very strong team behind her. The announcement was made through the morning show of RIK1, while at noon Elena will give her first interview on the Omega TV station and on the show Ela Na Deis.

Send everything you want to ask Elena Tsagrinou

In collaboration with the show Ela Na Deis, Eurovision Fun gives the opportunity to all its readers to send their questions to Elena Tsagrinou. We will give everything you send us to the journalist of the show Alexandros Taramountas, in order for him to address your questions to Elena!

The show Ela Na Deis, is broadcast daily at 13.00 to 15.00 local time (12.00 to 14.00 CET) and you can also watch it online at the following link:


So write in the comments below, everything you want to ask Elena Tsagrinou and see her answer in a few hours, live on the show Ela Na Deis on Omega TV!