Cyprus: “Eurovision 2019 song has already been recorded”

According to today’s tv show(19/11) of ALPHA Cyprus, With Love Christiana, the song that will represent Cyprus in Eurovision 2019 has already been recorded.

It seems that all the rumours about Cyprus and Eurovision 2019 will end very soon. The panel of the show, With Love Christiana, revealed  moments ago that the song that will represent Cyprus in the next Eurovision Song Contest has already been recorded and that they have already listened to it.

Commenting on it, they said it was a very nice song, even better than Fuego.

According to our exclusive information, on Thursday 22nd of November, Alex Papaconstantinou travels back to Cyprus along with the man who helped to change the fate of CyBc  in the contest, Christer Bjorkman, to sort out the latest details.

It was not revealec who will be the artist who will wave the Cypriot flag in Tel Aviv, but the latest rumours seem to look more than certain that this is Tamta.

EurovisionFun already knows the title of the song, but with due respect to CyBc, we will not reveal more details before any official announcements.

Stay tuned in EurovisionFun for everything that concerns the Cypriot participation in Eurovision 2019.

Cyprus: Which artist, besides Tamta, is targered for Eurovision 2019?

Following the news that the local tv channel Alpha Cyprus revealed about CyBc’s interest in Tamta, today we reveal to you who other artist is in the target of Cypriot public television to represent the island of Aphrodite in Eurovision 2019. Read more

Will we see Eleni Foureira in Eurovision 2019?

Greek magazine TV Ethnos reports today, that Eleni Foureira will appear as a guest at the next Eurovision Song Contest in Israel.

There are no more details, such as whether we will see her in the final or in one of the semifinals, or whether she will appear on her own or with an other artist.

The great success of Elena Foureira and Fuego, especially among the fans of the contest, seems to have prompted the organizers to make that decision. However, if we see Eleni Foureira at Eurovision 2019, this will be the first time that a host country calls as guest the runner up of the previous contest.

Eleni Foureira, in the past few days, has been in Madrid, performing at the Los 40 Music Awards. She sang a different version of Fuego, equally impressive as the original.

The popular Greek artist, received also a platinum record for the sales of Fuego in Spain.

Would you like to see Eleni Foureira again on the Eurovision stage as a guest?

Both ERT and CyBc proposed Tamta for Eurovision 2019 – Who is the composer of the Cypriot entry?

Αccording to Alpha Cyprus, a local tv channel, both Greece and Cyprus proposed Tamta to represent them at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv, yet the famous singer has given no reply to both of them.

A point of division between Greece and Cyprus

Both ERT and CyBc want Tamta to represent them at the contest, with the latest being silent at the moment. As the channel states, the following days will be crucial for CyBc to deal with one of the most lovable artists in both countries. Greek and Cypriot eurofans are willing to see Tamta stepping on the Eurovision stage, thus being the second year in a row for Cyprus to be represented by such a big artist.

We shall remind you that Tamta, as herself has stated, was asked to sing Fuego after Helena Paparizou’s rejection and before Eleni Foureira took the crown.

Exclusive – Who will compose the Cypriot entry?

Reading it from our site for the very first time, it is most certainly that Alex Papaconstantinou will be the composer of the Cypriot entry in 2019. This is the third time Alex Papaconstantinou collaborates with CyBc, after composing the Cypriot entry back in 2012 La La Love sang by Ivi Adamou, and in 2018 Fuego sang by Eleni Foureira.

If Tamta will be impressed by the suggested song and agrees to participate, will be known in the following days. The truth is, after two head members of the Greek broadcaster resigned from their positions (read more from our colleagues in escxtra) and the following steps of ERT being unknown, it seems easier for Tamta to choose the Cypriot proposal.

We shall stay calm as nothing is official yet, while the following days might not turn how we would like them.

Would you like to see Tamta in Eurovision? Which proposal seems better for Tamta to choose?