Spotify: “Snap” has surpassed Måneskin’s “Zitti e Buoni”, becoming the 2nd most-streamed Eurovision song of all times!

We have already talked about the fascinating story of Rosa Linn’s “Snap”, which despite its mediocre success in ESC, is doing great on the streaming platforms.

As of today, “Snap” is not only the most popular Eurovision 2022 song on Spotify, but has also managed to become the 2nd most streamed Eurovision song, surpassing “Zitti e Buoni” by Måneskin.

“Snap” has managed to muster 358 million streams, a few streams more than the ESC 2021’s winning song, and the former’s run doesn’t seem to be stopping there. The only question that remains, is whether Rosa Linn will be able to break Duncan Laurence’s record and surpass the 849 million streams of “Arcade” and become the most streamed Eurovision song of all time!

Below you can watch the new music video of “Snap”, that was released a few time ago:

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Watch all the eurostars’ performances at Het Grote Songfestivalfeest 2022! (Videos)

Yesterday, the 17th of November, the concert Het Grote Songfestivalfeest took place three years after the last concert, which was back in 2019, at Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

More than 30 eurostars performed on stage for the massive audience and Eurovisionfun was there to cover the show! You will get the chance to watch exclusive videos of interviews with your favourite artists and their performances!

You can watch some of the performances of the artists below:

Johnny Logan – What’s Αnother Υear

Gjon’s Tears – Tout l’univers

Michael Schulte – You Let Me Walk Alone

TIX – Fallen Angel

Efendi – Mata Hari

The Roop – Discoteque

Sandra Kim – J’aime la vie

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Eurovisionfun will be at Het Grote Songfestivalfeest in Amsterdam!

Every eurofan’s heart will beat in the rhythm of Amsterdam, this Thursday, November 17, as the great concert Het Grote Songfestivalfeest, will take place, with around 30 eurostars, taking part. Eurovisionfun will of course be there at the Ziggo Dome to offer exclusive content with videos of interviews and the performances of our favourite artists.

Het Grote Songfestivalfeest was a concert that took place in 2019, in order to promote Eurovision 2020 planned to take place in the Netherlands. After two years without it and one cancellation in 2021 due to the COVID-19 measurments in the Netherlands, the concert is back and wants to offer a unique show.

There will be numerous winners and past participants of the contest, including Loreen (Sweden 2012), Alexander Rybak (Norway 2009), Go_A (Ukraine 2021), Måns Zelmerlöw (Swede 2015), Conchita Wurst (Austria 2014) and Duncan Laurence (Netherlands 2019).

Eurovisionfun couldn’t miss this great music festival. With Spyros Koronakis as an accredited journalist, you’ll have the chance to watch the performances and interviews on our YouTube channel.

You just have to subscribe to our YouTube channel and visit our social media tomorrow for rich content.

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Måneskin And ABBA Are Nominated For A Grammy Award!

The nominees for the 65th Grammy Awards have just been revealed, and we can proudly present two Eurovision winners among them.Eurovision Song Contest winners ABBA (Sweden 1974) and Måneskin (Italy 2021) are nominated across several categories at the 65th annual Grammy Awards.

Måneskin, who won the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 in Rotterdam with “Zitti E Buoni” have become a world widely known band since their triumph in Sanremo and Eurovision. They have performed at the VMAs, been on an international tour and just announced their third studio album. The popular band from Rome is now nominated for a Grammy Award in the category Best New Artist!

But they are not the only Eurovision winners who got nominated for a Grammy this year. The most popular Eurovision winners of all time, ABBA, have celebrated their comeback with the album Voyager in 2021, which has granted them a nomination in not less than four categories:

  • Record Of The Year (Don’t Shut Me Down)
  • Album Of The Year (Voyager)
  • Best Pop Duo/Group Performance (Don’t Shut Me Down)
  • Best Pop Vocal Album (Voyager)

Not long ago, Konstrakta, who represented Serbia at Eurovision 2022, revealed that she was considered for a Grammy Award in 2 categories: “Best New Artist” and “Best World Music Performance” for “In Corpore Sano”, but unfortunately, she did not manage to find herself among this year’s nominations.

The Grammy Awards are one of the biggest celebrations of the world music scene and the nomination alone is a big dream for every artist. The 65th Grammy Awards will take place on Sunday, February 5 in Los Angeles, USA, and will be broadcast on CBS.

Source: : eurovisiontv

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Azerbaijan: Dihaj wants to participate in Eurovision 2023!

Dihaj, who represented Azerbaijan at Eurovision 2017 with the song “Skeletons”, has expressed her willingness to once again represent her country at the music competition.

In an interview with INFE Azerbaijan, Dihaj revealed that she would like to write a song for Eurovision 2023, if and when the country’s public television makes her a proposal.

Dihaj represented the country in 2017 and placed 14th with 120 points.

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Georgia: The judges for The Voice Georgia revealed!

The jurors to join the judging panel for The Voice Georgia have been announced, in order to find the next act that will represent Georgia at Liverpool in Eurovision Song Contest 2023!

The judging panel is  formed of:

  • Stephane Mgebrishvili
  • Dato Evgenidze
  • Dato Porchkhidze
  • Sopo Toroshelidze

GPB has announced  the judging line-up for The Voice Georgia. Former Eurovision representative Sopho Toroshelidze and composer Dato Evgenidze have been announced by the Georgian broadcaster today and Stephane Mgebrishvili was announced as First The Voice Georgia juror some days ago.

Stephane Mgebrishvili  has been involved in the music industry since the late 1990s and is best known as a member of Stephane and 3G, the group which won the Georgian selection for Eurovision 2009 but was disqualified from competing in Moscow for its politically influenced song “We Don’t Wanna Put In”.

Dato Evgenidze is a composer who writes music for film, TV and theatre, he has previously been a judge in the Georgian selection for Junior Eurovision Ranina.

Sopho Toroshelidze represented Georgia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 as part of Eldrine. She has gone on to be a judge on X Factor Georgia in 2014, and has been on the Georgian jury at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

The singer and composer Dato Porchkhidze was already a judge of The Voice in the first two editions. He is one of the most famous songwriters, he has created around 600 songs and soundtracks for movies and TV series and also he was a member of the “X-factor” jury in 2016.

For the  first time since 2020, Georgia decides to once again pick their representative through a TV show. The last Georgian representative to be chosen with this method was Tornike Kipiani from the Georgian Idol 2019, who represented the country in 2021, after the cancellation of the 2020 contest. This time, the selection will be held through The Voice of Georgia, which will return to the first channel of the Georgian television.


Circus Mircus represented Georgia this year with the song “Lock Me In” and ended up last (18th) in the second semi-final with 22 points.

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source: Τhe Voice Georgia 



Romania: MIHAI is ready for Selectia Nationala 2023!

Mihai Traistariu is no stranger to the Eurovision community, since he represented Romania at Eurovision 2006 and came to fourth place for his country, with the well-known song “Tornero“.

The singer never stopped trying to get back on the competition scene, often taking part in the Romanian national final, but never winning. In fact, he has sent songs to other countries as well, such as San Marino, Azerbaijan and Belarus.

It may be that in recent years the singer has critized several times the  public television for their choices in the song contest, however the changes in Selectia Nationala 2023, were the ones that made him want to try his luck again and be on the Eurovision stage, after 17 years.

Through his personal Facebook account, MIHAI announced his intention to take part in Selectia Nationala 2023, since the representative of the country will be chosen exclusively by the Romanian public. In fact, he invites all interested composers to send him their songs in order to be the representative of Romania at Eurovision 2023.

In his post, MIHAI states:

As you already know, apart from being a Eurovision mega fan, I also set a goal.
So I started to fight for the first place in Romania which is extremely difficult … but never impossible! This year there will be NO JUDGES and that is a good thing. It will be public vote only. I’ve been saying this from the beginning… Indigenous musicians, when invited to the Eurovision jury, have a natural tendency to sabotage certain artists or composers, with criteria known only to them. There were such examples every year. There is also the reverse: there are judges who favor certain competitors… either out of friendship, or personal interests, or… “so that the neighbor’s goat doesn’t win”! And at that time….. I say a big YES to this year’s selection, precisely because there is no jury. Back to it again… If you know any songwriters, younger or more experienced, who might be looking to try their luck at Eurovision… with Mihai Traistariu… I’m waiting for their demo tracks on my email:

PS : There’s just one thing I want to make clear from the start!
I listen to all the songs I receive and only then can I decide whether or not it is worth taking part in the contest! I’d like to stop throwing myself on the tram if I’m not feeling the song! Come now with this bomb song! Come on, Romania!

The process of Selectia Nationala 2023

Only 12 songs will compete in one night, where the public will exclusively choose the song they wish to represent in Liverpool, at Eurovision 2023.

The deadline for submission of entries for the Selectia Nationala will start on Monday 14th November and will last until 11th December. Then a committee will choose the 12 best songs. The artists who will compete in the Selectia Nationala will be announced no later than December 17th.

The Selectia Nationala will be held on February 11 and the winner will be determined solely by public votes, via sms, and online voting. Both Romanians and foreign citizens can participate, without any restrictions, both in terms of creators and performers.

Romania was represented this year by WRS with the song Llamame, which placed 18th  in the grand final:

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Germany: Ben Dolic declines a new entry in Eurovision!

Ben Dolic, the representative of Germany in Eurovision 2020, posted a statement about Eurovision Song Contest, on his personal Twitter account.

After the cancellation of the 2020 contest, Ben Dolic was one of the few “unlucky” contestants to not be selected, to represent their countries once again in 2021. Since then, many fans want him to return with a new song and finally perform on the Eurovision stage.

His post isn’t that positive on a new participation in the contest, saying that he has now taken a different turn in his career:

This is what Ben Dolic posted:

“Competing in the Eurovision Song Contest was something I had always dreamed of and I am so incredibly grateful for my experience representing Germany in 2020 with ‘Violent Thing’. The ESC community has always been so supportive and although the competition didn’t fully go ahead, I feel that my experience fulfilled my wishes and I look back on my time with fond memories.

Since 2020, I have been establishing my sound and don’t feel that the direction I am moving in is a suitable fit for Eurovision. I want to prioritise myself and my career and I am working on releasing more music as an independent artist. I do not want to completely rule out competing or submitting an entry in the future, as I never know how my sound will change in the long term, but I do want to be respected as an artist in my own right and release music that aligns with my direction.

I am grateful for the Eurofans who have stuck by me since my debut single release and hope I can continue to have their support with future releases, void of rumours or pressure about returning to the competition.”

Ben Dolic was internally selected to represent Germanby in the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 with the song “Violent Thing”:

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Chanel Terrero will sing the official theme of the Spanish national team for the 2022 World Cup!

Chanel Terrero, Spain’s representative in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, will sing the official theme song of RTVE and the Spanish national team for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

The singer of “SloMo” will perform “TOKE” to support “La Roja” during the World Cup in the Middle Eastern country at the end of November this year.

The Hispano-Cuban artist announced the title of her next single during the Dúos Increíbles show on Spanish TV’s La 1.

Chanel is reportedly extremely excited and grateful to have lent her voice to this project that is expected to be widely heard this fall. Chanel’s new song will be heard across Spain in the coming months in order to encourage and support the Spanish national football team in their quest for a second star.

“I feel very much connected to this team spirit, to be united, so it feels very nice to give my voice to the national team’s song.”

The singer didn’t want to give too many details about her new song, but revealed that TOKE will be choreographed.

“Behind the choreography lies my team from Turin and we can’t wait to show you the final result”

2023, a busy year for Chanel

If 2022 is a great year for Chanel, so will 2023. The artist has just signed with Sony Music Entertainment to complete her new music project, an album that will be released in early 2023.

“We have started an incredible journey, which is just the beginning of what is to come”

You can also watch the full clip below:


Source: RTVE

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Armenia: Listen to the Italian version of “Snap” by Rosa Linn!

A few hours ago, the representative of Armenia in Eurovision 2022, Rosa Linn, realeased a new version of her worldwide hit song “Snap”.

The Armenian entry for Eurovision 2022 ended up in 20th place on the Grand Final, but rose to fame some time later thanks to its success on TikTok and is now one of the most streamed Eurovision songs of all time!

After releasing a slow and high pitch version, this time Rosa Linn released a version of her song in a whole new language! For this version she collaborates with Alfa, an Italian singer, who sings along with her, parts of her song in Italian.

Listen to the Italian version of the song “Snap” by Rosa Linn and Alfa:

“Snap” recently broke a new record of streams by becoming the 6th most streamed Eurovision song of all time leaving Loreen and “Euphoria” behind in 7th place and is only a few million streams away from surpassing the legendary “Waterloo” by ABBA.

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