Estonia: Submission of entries for Eesti Laul 2021 has started | The final on March 6!

Estonian public broacaster recently gave the details of Eesti Laul 2021, while the submission period will last until November 6.

Via Eesti Laul the Estonian representative at Eurovision 2021

Estonia is one of the 11 countries that have so far announced that they will re-select a representative for Eurovision 2021. A few minutes after the cancellation of this year’s competition, Estonia announced that they will hold Eesti Laul, the national final through which in recent years they choose the artist and the song for Eurovision.

This year’s winner of Eesti Laul, Uku Suviste, was given the opportunity to participate again, securing his place in the semifinals. The song of Uku was written by Dimitris Kontopoulos, while the stage appearance at Ahoy Arena would be edited by Fokas Evangelinos. It is unexpected for Eesti Laul 2021, the same team to be behind Uku’s entry in Eesti Laul 2021.

The regulations

The rules for participating in Eesti Laul 2021 have been published on the website of Estonian Public Television. Let’s see their main points:

  • Submission period starts today 1/9 and will last until 6/11.
  • Each artist and creator can submit a maximum of five entries.
  • The deposit is made electronically through the special window on Estonian public television.
  • The participation cost is 25 Euros for the songs with Estonian lyrics and 75 Euros for the songs with non-Estonian lyrics. The cost goes up if the song is submitted after 1/11, when it doubles.
  • 23 songs will be selected for the two semifinals and one place will be given directly to the song submitted by Uku Suviste.
  • The semifinals will take place on February 18 and 20, with the final taking place on March 6.
  • All the shows of Eesti Laul will be live and the presence of the audience will depend on the restrictions that will exist due to the covid-19.
  • Foreign artists are also allowed to participate, as long as there is an Estonian among them.

We remind you that Uku Suviste would represent Estonia at Eurovision 2020, after his victory at Eesti Laul, with the song of Dimitris Kontopoulos, What Love Is.

Lebanon: Country’s president of the industrialists would like to see their Eurovision debut!

There are many voices in Lebanon supporting the country’s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest. Lebanon, which after the dramatic events of the summer, the peace processes with Israel, but also the active involvement of French President Macron in the new situation that is being created, seems more ready for its Europeanization and the necessary changes that will be called to make. by the new government. A pleasant surprise was today the statement of the president of the Lebanese industrialists, one of the most powerful men in the country, for a possible participation of his country in the Eurovision contest. Read more

Cyprus: The new Eurovision season is about to begin | Vote for the artist you want to see in Rotterdam!

The well-known Eurovision Season officially starts on September 1st. Greece may have already chosen to send Stefania at Eurovision 2021, but things in Cyprus are still fluid.

On June 1, RIK confirmed with a simple announcement, that Sandro will not represent Cyprus at Eurovision 2021. Aphrodite’s Island will be represented by a well-known artist in Greece and Cyprus or by a Cypriot origin singer.

RIK’s decision not to be represented at Eurovision 2021 by Sandro, who was selected for this year ‘s canceled competition, made all the Greek and Cypriot artists who wish to participate in Eurovision, turning their eyes to Cyprus.

According to many local reports, a lot of well or less established artists, expressed their desire, the previous months, to represent Cyprus in next year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Let’s take a look at them:

Ivi Adamou

She represented Cyprus in Eurovision Song Contest 2012, with La la love. She achieved a 16th place, but her song was a huge hit in both Greece and Cyprus. Her name was among the favourites to represent the island last year too, but the fact she had just given birth, prevented her from saying yes.

Vangelis Kakouriotis

A lot of eurofans would love to see him on Eurovision stage. His name has been rumoured for Eurovision the last three years. Last year in MAD VMA he even sang with Luca Hanni!

Ian Stratis

One more singer that was among those who were candidates to represent Cyprus last year. He was too close, but RIK finally choose Sandro.

Giorgos Papadopoulos

Giorgos Papadopoulos revealed in EurovisionFun that would represent his country in Eurovision, but most probably as a composer and not as a singer.

Charis Savva

Charris Savva represented Cyprus in Junior Eurovision 2008. She is 22 years old now, making her first music steps in the Greek music industry.

Despina Savva

She is only 15 years old but she managed to impress all the judges in The Voice of Australia that took part.

Katerina Stikoudi

With a big career in TV and music, Katerina is one of the hottest names this year for representing Cyprus in the next contest,

Elena Tsagkrinou

Elena was one of the artists that were rumoured back in 2019 for Greece. She is ready now to represent Cyprus as she said in a recent interview.

Melina Makri

Melina became famous through her participation in the group Vegas. She now has her solo career.

Leea Nanos

Leea lives in Australia but from Greek origin. In 2019 she took part in the Australian national final.

Iasonas Mandilas

One more young artist who expresses his wish to represent Cyprus in Eurovision so strongly.

Loukas Yiorkas

Loukas represented Greece in Eurovision 2011, achieving a respectful seventh place. He said that he would take part again in the contest, with a song simillar to his previous one.

Marilena Animando

One of the fresh names in the Greek pop music scene.

Malou Kiriakopoulou

Malou became famous after her participation in Greek Idol. This year it’s the first time she expressed her interesting for the contest.

Konnie Metaxa & Tasos Xiarcho

They won Just the Two of US, some months ago.

Irini Papadopoulou

Irini tried to represent Greece this year with a song composed by Doron Meladie.


Maybe the most famous Greek band the last years. They participated in the Greek national final for Eurovision 2010.

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Last year in the same poll YOU voted Stefania as the best choice to represent Greece in the contest!

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UK: Katrina believes James Newman’s song was one of the strongest, BBC have sent since 1997!

In an interview with escbubble, the UK’s last winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, Katrina, claims that this year’s entry of the UK with James Newman, was one of the strongest songs BBC have sent since 1997.

Katrina supports James Newman

Katrina recently released her new album, which includes the song she suggested to the BBC for Eurovision 2020. The song is called I Want To Love Again and you can listen to it below:

Of course, in the interview she was also asked about this year’s participation of the United Kingdom and James Newman.

I think it was right on track. It was one of the strongest songs that we’ve entered since 1997… I think he’s a class writer and that’s exactly what we need to be doing and where we should be.

As for the BBC’s strategy in the contest, Katrina believes that the right recipe for 2020 has been followed and they must stick to it.

We’re on track. I think what James did is much better.. there’s no reason not to submit something really strong and really commercial.

With James Newman at Eurovision 2021?

The United Kingdom is one of the countries that has not yet announced its intentions in relation to the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. It is unknown at this time if James Newman will have another chance.

However, he does not seem to give up, after the previous days he revealed through his social networks that he is preparing new songs, together with the creators of One Last Breath, this year’s participation of the United Kingdom in the contest. It is possible that one of these songs will be suggested to the BBC.

James Newman would represent the UK at Eurovision 2020, with the song One Last Breath. You can listen it below:

Would you like to see James Newman representing the UK in Eurovision Song Contest 2021?

Greece: Listen to the song that Leea Nanos submitted to ERT for Eurovision 2020!

Leea Nanos, the Greek-origin artist from Australia, who in 2019 at Australia Decides claimed the representation of her country of residence in the Eurovision contest, revealed in her statements today the song she submitted this year in the closed selection of ERT for Eurovision 2020! Read more

Dimitri Stassos, Nikos Sofis and one more composer-surprise, set aim for Eurovision 2021 | EXCLUSIVE

Two more Greek composers who joined forces this year in the national final of Moldova, will continue their collaboration, aiming to reach Eurovision 2021, having in their company this time another composer-surprise, with a long history in the contest!

Greek-Swedish Dimitris Stassos and Germany-based Nikos Sofis, after their successful attempt last year in the national final of Moldova, decided to try again together, in another country, since as it is known, Moldova will be represented again by Natalia Gordienko.

The Greek duo of creators will have the contribution of another well-known composer, with history and success in the contest. His/her name is not yet announced, but according to our exclusive information, they have already prepared their proposal for Eurovision 2021.

A few words about D. Stassos- N. Sofis

Dimitris Stassos lives permanently in Sweden with an important career there. He has twice competed as a composer at Eurovision. For the first time with Spain in 2009 and La Noche Es Para Mi by Soraya and in 2012 with Greece and Aphrodisiac by Eleftheria Eleftheriou.

Nikos Sofis is a lyricist based in Germany and in recent years has participated in several national finals in various countries (Moldova, Belarus, Poland, Iceland, Switzerland, Romania, etc.). Six of his participations reached the final of Moldova, with his best position till now the second place in 2018!

Let’s remember their participation in this year’s Moldovan national final, Die For You with Catarina Sandu where she took fourth place:

Belgium: Hooverphonic’s song for Eurovision 2021 is “already ready”!

Hooverphonic, who will represent Belgium in the Eurovision 2021 song contest, said in a recent interview that their song is already ready!

Alex Callier, head of the band, said in an interview to Dag Allemaal that during the summer and due to quarantine, they had the opportunity to write many new songs. Among them is the song with which they will represent Belgium in the next competition.

Despite the  summer, we made good use of our time. I think I already have material for three new albums… The song that Hooverphonic will perform on the stage of Ahoy Arena is already ready!

Hooverphonic would represent Belgium in Eurovision 2020 with the song, Release Me:

Eurovision 2021: Dream Team is ready for new adventures!

Philipp Kirkorov, as we told you, is in Elounda for his summer vacation, but that does not stop Dream Team from making plans for the next Eurovision song contest.

Dream Team ready for Eurovision 2021

Philipp Kirkorov, Dimitris Kontopoulos and Elias Kokotos are all together at Elounda Peninsula. In recent days, Natalia Gordienko, the representative of Moldova in Eurovision 2021, has been added to their company.

In a recent post, the Russian superstar states on behalf of the entire Dream Team, that the team is ready for new adventures in 2021:

Let us briefly present what adventures Philipp Kirkorov refers to:


What is a given is that the Dream Team will be behind the participation of Natalia Gordienko with Moldova in Eurovision 2021. Kirkorov and Kontopoulos will write the song, while Fokas Evangelinos will edit the stage appearance. Of course Elias Kokotos will be the project manager of the whole effort.


In Estonia we do not know if in 2021 the Dream Team will sign country’s participation. This year Uku Suviste, Ani Lorak’s contestant in The Voice, won the Eesti Laul with a song by Dimitris Kontopoulos. The director of the participation in Rotterdam would be Fokas Evangelinos. According to our information, the song of Uku Suviste in the next Esti Laul will have Dimitris Kontopoulos as composer again. If it wins the representation again, then the Dream Team will represent in Eurovision 2021 and Estonia.


In the case of Stefania, we do not have the active presence of Philipp Kirkorov, but the whole team will be behind the Greek participation for the second year. It is the second sure country that the Dream Team will take over at Eurovision 2021.

Another surprise country

It is known that every year the Dream Team receives proposals from various countries, but also artists, to undertake their participation in the competition. Thus, it is possible to see the Dream Team in another country, either as a direct assignment, or participating in a national final.

The Dream Team in its full composition, has not been found since 2007, when it participated for the first time in the competition, never outside the top ten of the standings. Since then they have represented Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Russia, Azerbaijan, presenting participations that almost always star!

Will they be able to win for the first time, at Eurovision 2021?

Sweden: Submissions for Melodifestivalen 2021 have been opened!

Sweden’s public broadcaster, SVT, has started accepting entries for Melodifestivalen 2021. The country’s national final through which Sweden’s representative and participation for Eurovision 2021 will emerge.

The interested creators have until September 16 to submit their entries electronically, to claim one of the 14 places in the semifinals of Melodifestivalen 2021. Another 13 participants result from the invitations sent by the producers of the show, to various well-known artists. creators and one candidate comes from the radio competition “P4 Nästa 2020”.

The contestants of Melodifestivalen 2021 are expected to be announced as every year, within November, with the semifinals, the second chance round and the final taking place from the beginning of February until the middle of March.

Non-Swedish citizens can also participate. To submit your song, click HERE.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Sweden this year would be represented by the Mamas with the song Move:

Sweden: “P4 Nästa 2020” finalists were revealed | One of them will participate in Melodifestivalen 2021!

The eight finalists of “P4 Nästa 2020” have been announced. One of the finalists of the radio competition will be selected by the producers of Melodifestivalen in order to compete in the semifinals of the country’s national final for Eurovision 2021.

The finalists were selected from the 25 local winners of Swedish Radio P4. The final of the P4 Nästa will take place on September 12, much later than usual.

The eight finalists and their songs are:

  1. Alicia Jern – Friendzone
  2. Sanna ft. Re:Bond – Aldrig det
  3. Amskøld – Standby
  4. Nina Bring – Nära
  5. Northlight – Equally different
  6. Hilde & Erik – Som det är
  7. Julia Alfrida – Dark doom
  8. Agnes Rehn – Goodbye

The final of the P4 Nästa 2020 will take place on September 12 from the Väster Concert Hall, where Josefin Johansson and Titti Schultz will be in charge of presenting the gala, which will be broadcast live on Swedish radio station P4.

From today until a few minutes before the final, tele voting will remain open to the public, who can vote for their favorite candidates via SMS to 72250.

It is worth noting that so far no artist who participated in the Melodifestivalen through P4 Nästa, even managed to qualify for the second chance round. It is not necessary to select the winner of the P4 Nästa for Melodifestivalen, since the producers of the Swedish national final, choose according to their own criteria.

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