Greece: The stand in rehearsal was completed with absolute success!

The Greek delegation received a few minutes ago the video with the stand in rehearsal. According to the information available to Eurovisionfun, the artistic team is completely satisfied with the result, considering that Stefania will take the show even higher.

Satisfaction from the Greek delegation for the stand in rehearsal

From the beginning, there was concern about the technical risk, which the Greek delegation undertook with the stage presentation of Last Dance. Finally, it is now clear that everything Fokas Evangelinos thought and designed works perfectly on the stage of Ahoy.

With less stress, since the remarks and what needs to be corrected are really details, the Greek delegation will travel to Rotterdam in about a week. The central effect of the Greek entry works without problems, while what they will ask to change are just some shots. Keep in mind that Greece will have one of the most impressive stage appearances in the competition this year!

A little earlier, Stefania uploaded a story on Instagram, outside of Ahoy. As we were informed, this happened as he went to pick up the clothes, which the Greek delegation had planned to send to the organizers to see even this detail. That is, how he writes in the lens. So Stefania did not see live the stand in rehearsal of Last Dance, like any of the other participants of course, who did not have the opportunity for such a thing.

We remind you that the first Greek rehearsal is scheduled for Monday, May 10 at 12.00 CET!

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Albania: “My grand father was Greek, that’s why my name is Greek” | Anxhela Peristeri speaks at ERT!

In the news bulletin of ERT, the representative of Albania in Eurovision 2021, Anxhela Peristeri, was hosted. Among other things, she mentioned her Greek origin.

As she stated, in fluently Greek, the contest was for quite years one of her dreams and goals:

What you give you take. So we must do good to others in order to get something good. My composer and I thought every year to take part in FiK but we were always busy. This year, due to the pandemic, we had time to deal with and find a nice song between two or three that we wrote and went to the competition.

She even mentioned her origin and her relationship with Greece:

My grandfather was Greek, so my last name, Peristeri, is also Greek. I worked in Greece, I have collaborated with Paola, Antonis Remos, Valantis and Lena Papadopoulou. Albania is my homeland, I was born and raised here, I became famous here and people supported me and they still support me. Greece is a beautiful country that I adore, there I have most of my friends and I spent my best years.

You can watch all the interview in the video below:

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De Telegraaf confirms that the country that risks to accomplish something unprecedented on the scene is Greece!

The largest newspaper in the Netherlands, De Telegraaf, in its latest podcast for the contest, refers to the statements of Twan van de Nieuwenhuijzen – head of the organizing committee for Eurovision 2021, confirming the Eurovisionfun article!

Extensive reference is made to the statements of Twan van de Nieuwenhuijzen (and not of Sietse Bakker, as we inadvertently wrote). Specifically on the Podcast, journalist Katja Zwart reports:

Twan van de Nieuwenhuijzen said that although he did not initially pay much attention to this country, he eventually saw in various rehearsal videos sent from a gym somewhere in Europe that they were trying to do something on stage that had not been done before in the contest and has some risk. If they succeed it will be something impressive!

Katja Zwart, referring to the information of Eurovisionfun, claims that according to what she knows, this country is Greece. Then they try to guess what the Greek delegation will accomplish and impress.

There are some thoughts such as that it will have something to do with Pegasus or Atlanta and the earth he holds in his hands.

However, according to our information, the Greek delegation continues the technical tests, wanting to exclude any possibility of failure. In fact, yesterday and today there will be new discussions with the organizers, who are also determined to provide Stefania, who is also their own child, with all the help needed to make the appearance planned by Fokas Evangelinos.

The truth is that all this paraphilology has favored the Greek entry which according to oddschecher is now in eleventh place in the betting table, for the victory in Eurovision 2021, continuing this rising rally of the last days. We remind you that last week it was in 15th place!

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Source: De Telegraaf

Sietse Bakker: “If their plans work, we will see something we have never seen before”. Which is that entry?

Sietse Bakker, producer of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, gave an interview about everything we will see next May in Rotterdam. Among what he said is interesting all he said about the participation of a country, where the rehearsals happen in a gym. As he characteristically states, if what this delegation plans, work on the stage of the Ahoy Arena, then it will be something really impressive, which we have never seen on the stage of Eurovision. Of course Eurovisionfun gives you all the important detail…

As we have written to you in our previous articles, the stage appearance prepared by Fokas Evangelinos for Last Dance and Stefania is something that has not taken place again on the stage of the contest and is an idea that will create a school. We are sure that in the coming years will be used by other countries, of course always adapted and perhaps evolved over time.

Is it a risk? Yes, technically it is a risk. That is why the Greek delegation is constantly testing, in order to be sure that everything will go smoothly and we will have an even TV result. What happened in 2017 with Demy where nothing worked as planned, became a lesson and the Greek artistic team this time, but also ERT, which wants a very good result in this year’s contest, leave nothing to chance.

So to be sure, Stefania has been rehearsing for three weeks and will be coming in Athens for another two weeks. Many technical tests were carried out both by the Greek delegation and by the organizers and at this moment, according to our information, all the problems that had arisen have been resolved.

Stefania’s rehearsals as it is already known take place at the ERT gym in Agia Paraskevi. We know that several rehearsals have been videotaped from there, where they have been sent to the organizers to realize exactly everything that takes place in the Greek entry, literally every second.

It is clear which entry Sietse Bakker is referring to, since he really describes the stage appearance that has been inspired by Fokas Evangelinos!

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Russia: Reactions to Manizha and her song for Eurovision 2021 continue!

Problems with the song selected at Eurovision have not only been in Cyprus, as you have understood. In Russia, the song chosen for the contest seems to be divisive, while the country’s Orthodox Church is also critical of Manizha’s Russian Woman.

The Russian Orthodox Church has commented to RIA Novosti on the country’s entry in the contest, saying that songs that infuriate “female compatriots” and humiliate women’s dignity should not be chosen.

On Wednesday, the representative of the Council of the Russian Federation, Valentina Matvienko, as we informed you in our relevant article, expressed surprise at the content of Manizha’s song, asking for information from Channel 1 about the process of selecting a singer and song that followed .

In turn, Senator Elena Afanasieva noted that “many Russians were surprised by this choice: surprised by the appearance, surprised by the song.” According to Afanasieva: “there is no meaning in the song, it is not understood what kind of African-American dance it is!”. The senator believes that it is necessary to understand what values ​​the performer representing Russia preserves or not.

“A significant part of the Russian public is outraged by this piece. “I have heard of a negative reaction both from the Orthodox community, specifically from women (the Orthodox Women’s Union protested), and that many Russian women are outraged by this song,” said the deputy head of the synodal department of the Moscow Patriarchate. Church – Society and Media relations.

In fact, he stressed that “any creation that has to do with Russia and has female issues in its content should not provoke anger among the women of our country.”

“We proceed from the fact that the protection of traditional values ​​is enshrined in the constitution of the country and one of them is the value of motherhood, which presupposes unconditional respect for women. “Anything that demeans a woman’s dignity is not worth spreading internationally, including the Eurovision Song Contest,” said a spokesman for the Russian Orthodox Church.

Manizha has its origins in Tajikistan, which became known through social media. In December 2020, she became the first UN goodwill ambassador for refugees from Russia.

The song has so far been characterized as: a challenge for the Russians, a parody of them, which leaves a bad taste “.

The Orthodox Women’s Union insists it cannot go to Eurovision, as the image of Russia is being publicly insulted. The song in it talks about children who grow up without a father, about broken families, about women who are considered older after 30 and are pressured to have children, about women who “must” lose weight and about the fact that Russian women always want to leave country and seek their fortune elsewhere;

As you understand the drama does not end…

Source: Tass

Sergey Lavrov: “The EBU decision on Belarus was disgusting and pure censorship”!

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov criticized the Eurovision Song Contest and EBU’s decision for banning the Belarusian entry from the upcoming contest in Rotterdam.

Organizers of the contest disqualified Belarus from the contest last week after deeming their songs too political.

Speaking in Thursday’s televised comments, Lavrov called the decision “disgusting” and “pure censorship”.

The decision to ban Belarus from the Eurovision Song Contest was really disgusting. An act of clear censorship!

Sergey Lavrov

The first song submitted to the contest called “I’ll teach you” allegedly mocked protesters who disputed the results of the Presidential elections last summer.

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko said the country would submit another song, but the organizers said the replacement was also breaching the rules and that Belarus would be disqualified.

Armenia’s withdrawal due to the Nagorno-Karabakh war and the blockade of Belarus reduced the number of countries participating in this year’s competition from 41 to 39, while proving beyond doubt that those who believe that politics has nothing to do with the contest, are watching something different.

Listen to the song that would represent Belarus at Eurovision 2021 below:

Do you agree with Sergey Lavrov or do you consider the exclusion of Belarus fair?

Source: Associated Press

Which six countries will be in Sofia this weekend for the shooting of Live On Tape? EXCLUSIVE

Six countries will shoot Live On Tape next weekend in Sofia. As we first revealed to you on March 15, the production company that hosted the Junior Eurovision 20215 in Bulgaria, has prepared a scene with high standards and specifications for the video of the live on tape, the live show that the EBU is asking of everyone the participants of this year’s contest.

The six countries that will be in Sofia

The six participants who will travel to Bulgaria over the weekend to shoot the live on tape are as follows:

  • Bulgaria with Victoria and Growing Up Is Getting Old
  • Greece with Stefania and Last Dance
  • Cyprus with Elena Tsagrinou and El Diablo
  • Croatia with Albina and Tick-Tock
  • Malta with Destiny and Je Me Casse
  • Moldova with Natalia Gordienko and Sugar

What is Live On tape?

According to what was announced, all participating broadcasters were asked to record a live performance of their participation in their country or somewhere else. This recording will be delivered before the contest and will take place in a studio. The recording will take place in real time (as it would in the Contest) without making changes to the vocals or any part of the show itself after the recording.

There will be freedom in the missions, to present as they consider their entries better, but instructions will be given which will ensure the fairness and integrity of the competition. There will be no audience and the recording should be unique and not be published before the event in May.

Delegations are allowed to use similar technical capabilities and dimensions that would be available on stage in Rotterdam, but are also free to choose a more limited production facility. Video recordings must not contain augmented or virtual reality, overlays, confetti, drone shots, water, color use or green screen.

Of course Eurovisionfun will keep you informed of everything that will happen in Sofia this important weekend.

Israel: “Set Me Free” is a completely different song after the revamp!

We will hear a completely different song, since Eden’s Set Me Free has undergone so many changes, that according to the Israeli media, as well as the always valid Hebrew Eurovision Guide on Twitter, it is not reminiscent of its previous version.

The release date of the new and final version of Set Me Free remains unknown. But what has become known is that Moshe Kaftan will be the Artistic Director of Eden in the Eurovision 2021 song contest.

Apart from the artistic director, we also know that Moore Hamami, who is one of the greatest choreographers in Israel, will take over the choreography of Eden Alene. They have already collaborated with the singer during the selection of songs for this year, having choreographed the video clips of the three songs.

Israel will be one of the last countries to film the live on tape video for Eurovision 2021, with filming set for March 25th.

The Israeli recording will take place one day before the deadline for recording and submitting all backup performances to the EBU.

Israel will appear in the second half of the first semifinal on May 18.

North Macedonia: Request for replacement of Vasil Garganliev by citizens of the country | They accuse him of Bulgarian propaganda!

Reactions in North Macedonia to Vasil Garganliev continue. Following the change to the video clip, which featured three paintings in layout and colors of the Bulgarian flag, online signatures are now being collected to replace Vasil Garganliev with another artist who will not have a Bulgarian conscience. Read more

Belarus: “We will submit a new song for Eurovision 2021” says President Lukashenko!

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has said that Belarus may submit a new entry to this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, after the previous one was rejected by the EBU because of its political lyrics.

With lyrics such as “I will teach you if you cross the line”, the song provoked strong reactions from opposition figures and sparked calls from the European Parliament and fans of the competition to exclude Belarus from the popular competition.

The organizers of Eurovision 2021 and the EBU threatened Belarus with a ban on Thursday if it did not submit a modified version of the song or a new song.

Admittedly, what was said was that allowing Belarus to participate in this song would legitimize Lukashenko’s violent crackdown on the mass unrest that struck the country after the August elections.

For Lukashenko, all of the above was another example of an attempt by outside forces to overthrow his 27-year rule. The lifelong president, who has traditional Russian backing, accuses the West of sparking protests to overthrow him.

“They are starting to put pressure on us on all fronts. “Even at Eurovision, I see it,” Lukashenko said in his first public comment on the issue.

“We will submit another song,” he said, adding: “You see that all this is being politicized.”

For the record, Belarus’ public television station’s original choice for Eurovision 2021 was the song “Ya nauchu tebya” with the band Galasy ZMesta.

Source: Reuters