Katherine Duska is the Greek representative in Tel Aviv

As we have already reported, ERT, without losing time proposed Katherine Duska to represent Greece in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv. We can now confirm that the young singer has accepted the proposal and will be the Greek representative in the contest. Read more

Greece: Katerine Duska is the first singer approached by ERT (Exclusive)

As we have already informed you in our previous article, ERT’s committe responsible for the Eurovision project 2019 had their first meeting on Monday, with the first potential artists written down on the list.

Today, EurovisionFun is in a position to confirm that ERT, through Dimitris Papadimitriou, the chairman of the committee, has sent an official proposal to (at least) an artist to wave the Greek flag in the upcoming contest.

The choice of ERT for something different in Tel Aviv

As we already told, the committee discussed the first potential artists which would then be approached for the representation of Greece at Eurovision 2019. One of them was Marietta Fafouti (you can read more here).

The intentions of the ERT committee are clear and the chosen artist is to be something different and unique.

The phone call of Dimitris Papadimitriou and the proposal of ERT

ERT, without losing time, has already made at least one formal proposal to an artist to represent us in the competition, as we are able to confirm.

Dimitris Papadimitriou himself contacted Margarita Matsa, managing director of MINOS EMI, to propose to Katerine Duska to represent Greece at Eurovision 2019.

katerine duska eurovision ert

Proposing to Katerine Duska though, doesn’t let Marietta Fafouti out of race. The proposal, as far as we know, states that, unlike the two previous years where ERT only covered the EBU’s participation fee and all the other expenses (airline, hotels, cost of stage performance, etc.) were covered by the artist’s music label or were coming from sponsors , this time the Greek public television will have to pay for it (something to be done since 2016).

Even if ERT’s collaboration with Katerine Duska does not work, the Greek public television and Dimitris Papadimitriou are interested in the artists who serve this kind of music.

Who is Katerine Duska?

Katerine Duska was born in French-speaking Montreal, Canada. She studied classical guitar and classical music. She moved to Greece with her parents during her teenage years, while she has studied Law at the Kapodistrian University of Athens.

Her first album is called “Embodiment“, and has a single called One In A Million.

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Greece: Marietta Fafouti is the first artist ERT plans to approach – Exclusive

For the very first time, ERT’s team responsible for the Eurovision project had a meeting earlier today, with the first proposed artists wirtten down on the list.

As we have previously mentioned, ERT is planning to choose the artist through internal selection.

The name that is on top of the list is no other than the 38-year-old Marietta Fafouti. Marietta is a well known artist in recent years in Greece and has signed songs for many of her colleagues, advertising campaigns, television and theater.

She has been honored with many music awards, while her song Kookoobadi, with over 1 million views on YouTube, was awarded as the best song for 2012 by Athens Voice.

Marietta’s name was around the Eurovision media since 2016, inasmuch as she was amongst the artists ERT approached before announcing ARGO as the representatives of Greece.

Marietta Fafouti belongs to the music label of Feelgood Records. Even though Marietta is the first artist ERT will approach, there were other artists proposed by the team. Beside the artists, the team proposed a very well-known virtuoso female composer – we will not reveal her name at this stage.

Stay tuned to EurovisionFun for more information about the Greek representative in the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest. 

Source/Image: EurovisionFun/Alexandros Katsis

This is the way ERT will choose the Greek entry for Tel Aviv

Because of the limited time that exists now, but also for some other reasons, ERT decided to choose its next representative for the Eurovision Song Contest via an internal selection. The selection will be made by the artists, who will be proposed by the committee responsible for the Eurovision project. The first meeting of the committee will take place on Monday 7 January in ERT’s headquarters in Athens. Read more

Greece: ERT to annouce the working group for Eurovision 2019 in the coming days

While all countries have started their preparations for the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest, ERT seems to be very quiet on this issue. But is that true or the Greek broadcaster have also begun its preparation?

In communication with the Director of ERT’s International Relations and project coordinator Eurovision, Mrs. Maria Koufopoulou, told us that in the next few days we will have the announcement of the working committee that will take over the Greek entry of the upcoming contest.

I hope in the coming days we will announce the committee to take over the Eurovision project until the hint of the artist who will represent us. By this I mean that it has been suggested to some people to be members of the commission and we are waiting for their answer.

As was reasonable, our next question was whether ERT would choose to appoint the Greek representative through an internal selection or through a national final. As can be seen from Mrs Koufopoulou’s answer, we should still have some patience, as the way of choosing the Greek entry has not yet been decided.

The Commission will see all these issues. and the method will be announced.

Soon we will have the first official announcements of ERT for Greek participation in Eurovision 2019.

Greek singer Shaya has submitted an entry for the participation in Selecţia Naţională 2019

Hδημοφιλής Ελληνίδα τραγουδίστρια που έχει καταγωγή και από τη Δανία, Shaya, αποκάλυψε σε πρόσφατη συνέντευξη της ότι έχει καταθέσει συμμετοχή για τον εθνικό τελικό της Ρουμανίας,  Selecţia Naţională 2019. Read more

Dimitris Kontopoulos’ #thb for Shady Lady – Which was the initial title of the song?

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Greece: Nikos Ganos declares “ready” for Eurovision 2019

Nikos Gkanos is a popular pop singer, that became famous after his participation in Super Idol, one of the very first talent shows in the Greek TV. Nikos expressed his will to represent Greece in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest to many of his latest interviews. Now, he declares he already has a strong song, suitable for the contest, with an experienced team and a sponsor to cover some of the expenses. Something obligatory by ERT, for the last Greek representatives. Read more

Greece: Costs for Eurovision 2018 participation revealed

ERT revealed the amounts it spent on the participation of Greece in Eurovision Song Contest 2018. The total amount is 183.470 Euros Read more

Greece: Nikos Ganos and the meeting with ERT

The soap opera of the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 seems to have no end, as yet another has been added to the list of the contenders to represent Greece. More precisely, according to peoplegreece, Nikos Ganos has had a meeting with ERT. Nothing has been confirmed by ERT yet, but it seems that the broadcaster wants to try something different for 2019.

Who Nikos Ganos is

Nikos Ganos (or Nicko) first appeared in 2004 in the tv show Super Idol, where he placed 3rd.

In August 2010 his single Last Summer was a major hit in Greece.

Another known song is Break Me

In 2013 he took part in the tv show Your Face Sounds Familiar.

He has sung both dance songs in english and pop songs on greek. His latest single is a cover of an old Nikos Karvelas‘ hit called To Krevati (The Bed).

Would you like to see Nikos Ganos in the Eurovision Song Contest?