17 cities competing to host the Eurovision Song Contest 2022

The race to host the Eurovision Song Contest has officially started.  17 cities submitted their candidacies to host the song festival in 2022.  The candidate cities submitted the official documentation to get the honor of hosting next year’s competition.  For next year we will have a large number of potential candidates representing the various regions of Italy.

Candidate host cities

The following cities aspire to welcome the Eurovision Song Contest next year:

  • Acireale (Catania)
  • Alessandria
  • Bertinoro di Romagna (Forlì – Cesena)
  • Bologna
  • Florence
  • Genoa
  • Jesolo (Venice)
  • Matera
  • Milan
  • Palazzolo Acreide (Syracuse)
  • Pesaro
  • Rimini
  • Rome
  • Sanremo (Imperia)
  • Turin
  • Trieste
  • Viterbo

What comes next?

On July 14, 2021 the cities will receive the BID Book from broadcaster RAI and the EBU.  The candidates must submit their bid books and proposals up after August 4th, 2021.  After deliberation RAI and the EBU will decide which city will host next Eurovision Song Contest.  We will know the name of the next host city by late August.


Are you excited about the bidding process?  Which city should host the Eurovision Song Contest 2022?

Source: RAI

Italy: The race to host the Eurovision 2022 starts!

The race to host the Eurovision Song Contest has officially begun.  Today Italian broadcaster RAI announced the requirements candidate cities must meet in order to compete to be the host city of the Eurovision Song Contest.  In the following weeks we will get the exact list of candidate cities that meet the official requirements and are willing to host the event.


Candidate cities must have:

  • An international airport no more than 90 minutes from the city.
  • Over 2,000 hotel rooms in the area close to the event.
  • An infrastructure (stadium/venue/centre) capable of hosting a large-scale live broadcast with the minimum requirements listed below.

Moreover, the potential arena should have an audience capacity in the main hall of around 8,000 – 10,000 during the event, be indoors with air-conditioning and have a well defined perimeter, have a main hall with the capacity to house the set and all other requirements needed to produce a high level broadcast production, have ample space within easy access of the main hall to support additional production needs, such as: a press centre, delegation spaces, dressing rooms, artist facilities, staff facilities, hospitality, audience facilities, etc.


In addition to this, the arena has to be available for 6 weeks before the event, 2 weeks during the show (which will take place in May) and a week after the end of the event for dismantling.  Accordingly, fans can start discounting from the bidding process arenas that have scheduled events taking place during the weeks surrounding the Eurovision Song Contest.  Before this announcement different cities had announced their interest to host the song contest.  The list of potential hosts includes Turin, Rome, Milan and Bologna.

Are you excited about the Eurovision Song Contest 2022? Which city would you like to see hosting the shows?

Source: Eurovision.tv


Måneskin’s ‘Beggin’ is No. 1 in Germany and Switzerland

2021 Eurovision winners Måneskin keep getting good results on the music charts all over Europe.  This week, their cover version of Beggin reached to number one in Germany and Switzerland.

They currently have three songs on the UK singles top chart as well as two top three singles in Austria.  Måneskin have become the first Eurovision act to reach number one in Germany and Switzerland since Loreen in 2012.  However, the success of the current winners do not end there.  Måneskin are the first Eurovision winner to top the charts with a different song than their winning entry since Celine Dion.  The band has in fact reached the top 10 in several countries with their most recent singles.

These are Måneskin’s most recent peak positions in the European charts.

Torna A Casa

  • Finland 14
  • Italy 1


  • Finland 5
  • Italy 13

I Wanna Be Your Slave

  • Austria 2
  • Belgium 16
  • Finland 1
  • Germany 4
  • Netherlands 3
  • Ireland 5
  • Italy 10
  • Norway 2
  • Sweden 6
  • Switzerland 8
  • UK 6
  • Denmark 8

Zitti E Buoni

  • Austria 2
  • Belgium 2
  • Finland 1
  • Germany 9
  • Netherlands 1
  • Ireland 12
  • Italy 2
  • Norway 2
  • Spain 15
  • Sweden 1
  • Switzerland 2
  • UK 9
  • Denmark 18

Were you expecting Måneskin to be the most successful Eurovision winner from this decade?  Which is your favourite single from the band?

Source: Top-40 Charts

Alessandro Cattelan would be “honoured” to host Eurovision 2022

The Eurovision Song Contest 2021 has just ended and speculations about next year’s contest already started to come up.  Fans are wondering which Italian city will host Eurovision in 2022.  And the rumors do not end up there!  Who will host next year contest?  Two names are already circulating: Alessandro Cattelan and Raffaella Carrà.

In June 15, 2021 Alessandro Cattelan gave an interview for La Repubblica where he was asked about these rumors.  His response although vague, will make the fans keep guessing:

“That was an honor. It also made me say that I’ve worked well with Måneskin”.

Alessandro Cattelan about rumors on hosting the Eurovision Song Contest 2022


Who is Alessandro Cattelan?

Alessandro Cattelan is an Italian TV personality.  He has hosted TRL Italy and the X Factor Italy.  Moreover, Måneskin competed in the 2017 edition of the X Factor Italy which Cattelan hosted.  Cattelan speaks English fluently and has been rumored to be the host for Sanremo and now Eurovision.

Enjoy Måneskin’s performance for the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 of their winning song Zitti E Buoni in the embedded video below

Are you excited about the Eurovision Song Contest 2022?  Who do you want to see hosting the contest?

Source: La Repubblica

Miley Cyrus reacts to Måneskin cover


Måneskin covered the song Midnight Sky by Miley Cyrus.  The band who won the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 shared their cover on Instagram.  You can watch their rendition of Cyrus’ 2020 on the embedded video below:


However, the story does not end there.  Miley Cyrus herself saw the cover by Måneskin.  She was so flattered that she shared her reaction on Instagram.  The American pop singer shared the video on her Stories.  Moreover, she introduced the band as “her best friends”.

Is there a collaboration between Miley Cyrus and the Italian rock band?  Only time will tell!


Source: NME

Italy: Which arena has the most chances to host Eurovision 2022?

Immediately after the completion of this year’s contest, and the triumphant victory of Italy, 12 cities have already expressed their interest to host the 66th Eurovision Song Contest. But which arena has the most chances to host the competition? What are the pros and cons of each case? Let’s see them in detail! Read more

Italy: The five most suitable songs of Sanremo 2021 for Eurovision, according to local reports!

The reports of the journalists who had the opportunity to listen to Sanremo 2021 songs and evaluate them continue with new reportes. The largest Italian music website, All Music Italia, lists the five most suitable songs to compete at the Eurovision Song Contest.

According to the journalists of All Music Italia, the five most suitable songs in order to be the Italian entry in the upcoming Eurovision song contest are:

1. Irama
2. Malika Ayane
3. Lo stato sociale
4. Måneskin
5. Ghemon

Under certain conditions could be the songs of: Willie Peyote, Ermal Meta, FedeFranci, Arisa, Noemi, Annalisa. The same article states that all other songs of the Festival are unsuitable for a contest such as Eurovision.

We remind you that according to the rules of the 71st Sanremo Festival, the winner, once has signed the relevant statement that he/she accepts to represent Italy in Eurovision, is automatically the representative of the country in Rotterdam. If the winner has not submitted the relevant declaration until the final festival on March 6, then RAI has the right to choose the country’s representative at Eurovision 2021, whichever of the artists have signed the relevant declaration, with their own criteria and without necessarily taking into account the general classification.

Who would you like to represent Italy in Eurovision 2021?

Source: All Music Italia

Italy: Sanremo will be held live but with no audience and with many protection measures from the Teatro Ariston!

The RAI security protocol, based on which Sanremo 2021 will be held from March 2 to 6 at the Teatro Ariston, in the small town of Liguria, was recently announced.

As the domestic media reported in the last few days, there will be no audience in the stands of Ariston. Each artist will come to the Festival alone, accompanied only by a sound engineer and an accompanist from his record company. The spaces will be redesigned and separate dressing rooms will be created for everyone.

There will be use of FFP2 mask, antiseptic gels, continuous rapid-coron detection test, thermometers, etc. There will be no hugs, kisses and everyone will be constantly at a distance of 1.5 meters, especially those who will not wear a mask.

The smallest possible number will be used in the live orchestra (approximately 60 people), while the bouquets and the prize will be transported in a cart!

The artists are invited to come to the Festival dressed in the clothes of their show, while as soon as they finish their show they will go to a specially designed space of about 150 square meters, below the stage, where they will wear their mask again.

The protocol presented today by RAI is 75 pages long, but according to Mazzini who designed it, it guarantees the safest possible holding of the 71st Sanremo Festival.

We remind you the 26 artists that compete in the upcoming Sanremo music festival:

  • Francesco Renga – Quando trovo te
  • Coma_Cose – Fiamme negli occhi
  • Gaia Gozzi – Cuore amaro
  • Irama – La genesi del tuo colore
  • Madame – Voce
  • Fulminacci – Santa Marinella
  • Willie Peyote – Mai dire mai (La locura)
  • Orietta Berti – Quando ti sei innamorato
  • Ermal Meta – Un milione di cose da dirti
  • Fasma – Parlami
  • Arisa – Potevi fare di più
  • Gio Evan – Arnica
  • Måneskin – Zitti e buoni
  • Aiello – Ora
  • Ghemon – Momento perfetto
  • La Rappresentante di Lista – Amare
  • Malika Ayane – Ti piaci così
  • Max Gazzè e Trifluoperazina Monstery Band –Il farmacista
  • Annalisa – Dieci
  • Bugo – E invece sì
  • Colapesce e Dimartino – Musica leggerissima
  • Noemi – Glicine
  • Random – Torno a te
  • Francesca Michielin e Fedez – Chiamami per nome
  • Extraliscio feat. Davide Toffolo – Bianca luce nera
  • Lo Stato Sociale – Combat Pop

Stay tuned in Eurovisionfun for all the news regarding Italy in the Eurovision 2021!

Source: corriere.it

Italy: No audience in Sanremo 2021 or transfer for later!

The future of Sanremo 2021 remains uncertain, as the current Italian press reports that RAI has rejected plans to hold the festival on the dates already announced, with an audience on the stands of the Teatro Ariston. The two options that Amadeus now has are the Sanremo on March 2 to 6 but without an audience or its postponement for April at least.

The plans to create a protective shield around the people involved in Sanremo and to stay on a cruise ship throughout the festival so that they have no other contact with the rest of the world seem to be permanently rejected by the RAI.

According to the trustworthy Il Messaggero, the two scenarios that are now being considered are the following:

  • The Sanremo 2021 will take place on the announced dates (March 2 to 6), but without the presence of the audience.
  • The postponement of the festival for April onwards, where they hope that the presence of the audience will be possible, since there will be more time for the vaccination.

In the event of course that the second scenario prevails, then Italy will have to choose its representative in the Eurovision Song Contest in a different way, since the meeting of the Heads of Delegations will take place on March 15 and until then the 41 countries participating in this year’s contest should have completed the procedures for the song selections.

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for all the news related to Sanremo 2021!

Source: Il Messaggero

Italy: Amadeus wants ABBA in Sanremo 2021!

This is a bomb really. Amadeus in a radio interview on Saturday on Radio 2 revealed that he wants ABBA as guests in Sanremo 2021!

Following the reunion at last year’s Sanremo festival of the legendary Italian band Ricchi e Poveri, Amadeus sets the bar even higher for this year’s edition of Sanremo. According to what he revealed on Radio 2, the artistic director and presenter of the festival, Amadeus, revealed that he eagerly wants to bring ABBA to Teatro Ariston in March!

ABBA has sold millions of records worldwide, and in 1974 they were the winners of the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Waterloo.

We remind you that Sanremo 2021 is going to take place from the 2nd to the 6th of March.

See below the appearance of Ricchi e Poveri at Sanremo 2020:

Source: illmessaggero