The Netherlands: Εurovisionfun reaction to the Junior Eurovision 2023 entry!

Junior Songfestival 2023, the Dutch national final for Junior Eurovision, ended a while ago. The show was presented by Matheu Hinzen(Netherlands 2019) and Stefania(Netherlands 2016, Greece 2020-2021-Eurovision) and the duo Sep (13 years old) & Jasmijn (14 years old) won with the song “Holding On To You”!

The Eurovisionfun team for another year watched and reacted to the country’s entry for the upcoming Junior Eurovision contest! Enjoy Christos, Konstantinos and Apostolis in a Reaction video with detailed commentary on the participation of The Netherlands for 2023!

You can listen to The Netherlands’ entry in Junior Eurovision 2023 below:

Will the Netherlands manage to achieve their second Junior Eurovision victory?

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Junior Eurovision 2023: Listen to the Netherlands’ song!

Junior Songfestival 2023, the Dutch national final for Junior Eurovision, ended a while ago. The show was presented by Matheu Hinzen(Netherlands 2019) and Stefania(Netherlands 2016, Greece 2020-2021-Eurovision) and the duo Sep (13 years old) & Jasmijn (14 years old) won with the song “Holding On To You”!


The result was determined by a kids jury, a jury of experts and the television audience. The winners were in fact first in all three ratings!

After Belarus’ withdrawal, The Netherlands is the only country that has not missed a single Junior Eurovision edition since 2003 when the contest first took place. The country has won Junior Eurovision in one occasion, in 2009 with Ralf Mackenbach and his song “Click Clack”.

You can listen to The Netherlands’ entry in Junior Eurovision 2023 below:

Will the Netherlands manage to achieve their second Junior Eurovision victory?Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for all news!

Netherlands: This is the complete line-up of Eurostars for Het Grote Songfestivalfeest 2023 in Amsterdam!

Het Grote Songfestivalfeest was a concert that took place in 2019, in order to promote Eurovision 2020 planned to take place in the Netherlands. After two years without it and one cancellation in 2021 due to the COVID-19 measurments in the Netherlands, the concert came back in 2022, and after last year’s triumph, is ready to come back for yet another year

There will be numerous winners and past participants of the contest, including Μåns Zelmerlöw (Sweden 2015), Ruslana (Ukraine 2004), Eleni Foureira (Cyprus 2018) and Cornelia Jakobs (Sweden 2022).

The concert’s official Instagram account, announced every once in a while a new artist that were going to take part and that proccess ended some days ago. In the end, these are the artists that are going to perform in the contest in alphabetical order and the songs that they will sing:

  • Alika – “Bridges” (Estonia 2023, 8th Place)
  • Bobbysocks – “La det Swinge” (Norway 1985, 1st Place)
  • Charlotte Perrelli – “Take Me to Your Heaven” & “Hero” (Sweden 1999, 1st Place & 18th Place)
  • Cornelia Jakobs – “Hold Me Closer” (Sweden 2022, 4th Place)
  • Edsilia Rombley – “Hemel en Aarde” & “On Top of The World” (Netherlands 1998, 4th Place & 2007, Didn’t qualify)
  • Eleni Foureira – “Fuego” (Cyprus 2018, 2nd Place)
  • Ell & Nikki  “Running Scared” (Azerbaijan 2011, 1st Place)
  • Emmelie de Forest – “Only Teardrops” (Denmark 2013, 1st Place)
  • Gali Atari  “Hallelujah” (Israel 1979, 1st Place)
  • Johnny Logan – “What’s Another Year” & “Hold Me Now” (Ireland 1980 & 1987, 1st Place)
  • KEiiNO – “Spirit in the Sky” (Norway 2019, 6th Place)
  • Käärijä  “Cha Cha Cha” (Finland 2023, 2nd Place)
  • Linda Wagenmakers – “No Goodbyes” (Netherlands 2000, 13th Place)
  • Luca Hänni – “She Got Me” (Switzerland 2019, 4th Place)
  • Μåns Zelmerlöw – “Heroes” (Sweden 2015, 1st Place)
  • Rosa Linn – “Snap” (Armenia 2022, 20th Place)
  • Ruslana – “Wild Dances” (Ukraine 2004, 1η Θέσηst Place)
  • Ruth Jacott – “Vrede” (Netherlands 1993, 6th Place)
  • Serhat – “Say Na Na Na” (San Marino  2019, 19th Place)
  • Stefania – “Last Dance” (Greece 2021, 10th Place)
  • The Roop – “Discoteque” (Lithuania 2021, 8th Place)
  • Verka Serduchka – “Dancing Lasha Tumbai” (Ukraine 2007, 2nd Place)
  • WRS – “Llámame” (Romania 2022, 18th Place)

The great concert, is a co-production of the public broadcaster AVROTROS and PILOTSTUDIO and it’s going to take place in November 16th in Ziggo Dome arena of Amsterdam. It will also be broadcasted some time later by the Dutch public Television.

The hosts of the show will once again be Edsilia Rombley (Netherlands 1998 and 2007, Eurovision 2021 host).

But keep your eyes open, beacuse we think that the Dutch producers might announce some more artists in the near future!

Ποίους καλλιτέχνες περιμένετε να δείτε στην μεγάλη αυτή συναυλία με θέμα την Eurovision; Γράψτε μας στα σχόλια!

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Eurovision In Concert: The 2024 edition will take place on April 13!

One of the biggest pre-parties of the Eurovision season, Eurovision In Concert, will officially return for its 12th edition on April 13 2024.

Eurovision In Concert is held annually since 2009 in Amsterdam and includes many Eurovision performances. In this event, the contestants of each edition have the opportunity to meet each other, connect with their audiences and present their songs live before the official rehearsals. Many former Eurovision stars also reunite, making the show a true Eurovision celebration.

Eurovision In Concert is in fact considered as the biggest Eurovision pre-party of the season, gathering the majority of the participating acts. Indicatively in 2023, 29 out of 37 competing artists were present to Amsterdam in order to give a performance.

The event will take place once again at the AFAS Live Venue and news regarding the ticket sale are expected soon.

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Stefania is in the studio, working on a special project!

Stefania posted an enigmatic Instagram story earlier today with the caption, “This is something special”. Through the story she revealed that she is working in the studio alongside the Dutch lyricist Anna Rose Clayton and the Greek composer Dimitris Kontopoulos.

Is it about Eurovision?

Stefania’s name is reportedly among those who will take part in the internal selection process of the Dutch public television for Eurovision 2024, according to information published in the Dutch media this summer.

Given that the 30th of September is the deadline for submissions, it is possible that the song or songs Stefania is now recording in the Netherlands have something to do with her candidacy to represent the country in the 68th Eurovision Song Contest.

Stefania represented Greece in Eurovision 2021 and brought her country back to the top 10 after eight years, with Last Dance, a song signed by Dimitris Kontopoulos.

Along with Dimitris Kontopoulos, Ilias Kokotos, the project manager for all of the Dream Team entries in the competition, is also in the Netherlands this time.

It might simply be a new song

Of course, none of the aforementioned scenarios are guaranteed to occur, and it may just be Stefania working on a new song or undertaking something similar to her past work on the Dutch national football team’s anthem.

Furthermore, Stefania and Dimitris Kontopoulos have worked together on a few occasions even after Eurovision, so it is not surprising that they will release another song together, this time for the Dutch market, as they are currently in the Netherlands for the recording process with a local lyricist.

What this recording is intended for will eventually become clear, and Eurovisionfun certainly will have more information soon!

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Netherlands: Jacqueline Govaert and Jaap Reesema are the new members of the selection comitee for Eurovision 2024!

After the addition of Jacqueline Govaert and Jaap Reesema, the jury of AVROTROS for Eurovision 2024 is now complete. Together with the president Twan van de Nieuwenhuijzen as well as Carolien Borgers, Hila Noorzai, Cornald Maas and Sander Lantinga, they will choose the artist and the song that will represent the Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 in Sweden!

Singer-songwriters Jacqueline Govaert and Jaap Reesema bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the panel. Both are in contact with various Dutch artists and producers, so that the country’s music industry can be properly represented. Both artists have delivered several hits, written and produced many songs for other artists, and are completely up-to-date on what’s happening in the global music industry.

The head of delegation, Twan van de Nieuwenhuijzen, said that:

“Through our conversations, I know that Jacqueline and Jaap always enjoy following the Eurovision Song Contest and are highly motivated to recognize that one rock-solid song that can conquer all of Europe and the rest of the world. Many unknown and well-known artists have already registered. Now that the selection committee is complete, I am even more looking forward to the final choice that we will make together.”

Jacqueline Govaert said after being added to the jury panel:

“Hearing a good song sung well for the first time has something magical about it. I am really looking forward to listening to the submissions together with the other committee members and finding the perfect song!”

In the end, Jaap Reesema, stated:

I really like the opportunity to contribute to the creation of great international success for a Dutch product. Watch the winning song ‘Arcade’ by Duncan Laurence. It now has more than 1 billion Spotify streams, unprecedented! The Eurovision Song Contest can do that for a song and for an artist. I am convinced that we have enough talented, creative people in the Netherlands to take the win again and I will dedicate myself 100% to make that happen! 

Artists, composers, lyricists, producers and record labels can still register until Saturday 30 September. The aim is to make the final choice by mid-December at the latest.

Mia Nicolai & Dion Cooper represented the Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, but they failed to qualify for the final, leaving the country out, for the first time since 2016:


The Netherlands: Rappers Joost and Donnie to take part in the internal selection for 2024!

The national broadcaster of the Netherlands, AVROTROS, is going to find their next representative for the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest, again through the internal selection process.

The name of the candidate that has made the biggest repercussion so far is that of the rapper Joost who not only has already expressed his desire to represent the Netherlands in the 2024 contest but has also prepared his entry in collaboration with the other rapper singer Donnie.

Who are Joost and Donnie?

Joost, full name Joost Klein, began his carries as a YouTuber and started producing his own music a couple of years ago. Despite the fact that most of his songs have a humorous tone, his flow and lyrics have proven that he has talent in making emotional music as well. Already being a big name in his home country, he went viral a few months ago in Germany with his song “Friesenjung”. Joost has expressed several time his willingness to fly the Dutch flag in the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest.

Donnie is already popular in the Dutch music scene and a lot of his song are famous on the radio and the biggest music streaming platforms. Furthermore has released a song collaborating with Chantal Janzen, one of the 2021 Eurovision hosts in Rotterdam. Adding humorous elements in his song, his collaboration with Joost came as no surprise. The only diference between those two is that Donnie expressed for the first time his interference in the Eurovision selection process through a post on his Instagram account.


Δείτε αυτή τη δημοσίευση στο Instagram.


Η δημοσίευση κοινοποιήθηκε από το χρήστη MARADONNIE (@maradonnie)

Do you want to see Joost and Donnie on the 2024 Eurovision stage? Let us know your thoughts in the comments1

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Netherlands: “Arcade” by Duncan Laurence becomes the first Eurovision song to reach One Billion streams on Spotify!

A few hours ago, Duncan Laurence broke a new record, and even managed to reach milestone that no other contestant has reached!

Specifically, for some time now, “Arcade”, the winning entry of the Netherlands in Eurovision 2019, is the only song of the competition that has gathered more than one billion streams on the Spotify platform.

Of course, “Arcade” is also the Eurovision song with the most streams, while Rosa Linn’s “Snap” is the runner-up, which has received just under 750 million streams.

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Netherlands: Is Douwe Bob coming back for Eurovision 2024?

The first non-qualification in Eurovision for the Netherlands after six consecutive qualifications and even one win, caused many internal changes in the Dutch delegation. AVROTROS appointed a new head of delegation and there will be changes in the internal selection to come.

The Dutch delegation ruled out a massive change in the selection process and the conduction of a national final right from the start, due to low interest from the Dutch music industry. Instead, and according to the new head of delegationTwan van de Nieuwenhuijzen, the changes that will be made to the existing system in order to ensure transparency, will include live performances of the candidates and people outside of AVROTROS in the jury.

In this open internal selection, Douwe Bob, Dutch representative in Eurovision 2016, might want to compete. As his manager stated in Shownieuws, the singer wants to compete in the internal selection, saying that:

“Douwe Bob would like to compete again in Eurovision. Even though we do not have any specific song, we hope to submit one”

Douwe Bob represented the Netherlands in Eurovision 2016 in Stockholm, with his song “Slow Down” ending up in 11th place. He is not the only artist that want to compete in Eurovision 2024. Both Bizzey & Kraantje Pappie as a duet, as well as De Bankzitters want to submit songs.

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The Netherlands: AVROTROS opens songs submission and announces new Head of Delegation!

The national broadcaster of the Netherlands, AVROTROS, made two important Eurovision related announcements today.

The first announcement is about the selection method for the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 in Malmö, Sweden. For a 12th consecutive year, the broadcaster chooses the internal selection, with the songs submissions commencing today until the 30th of September. The only change this time is that the songs do not have to have set artists.

The second announcement is about the position of the Head of Delegation. AVROTROS stated that the position of the Head of Delegation was appointed to Twan van de Nieuwenhuijzen who is also going to be the chairman of the Dutch selection committee.

In his previous position he was the Head of Contest for the EBU during Eurovision 2021, 2022, and 2023.

This year the Kingdom of the Netherlands was represented in Liverpool by Mia Nicolai and Dion Cooper and the song “Burning Daylight”.  They ended up in the 13th place of the First Semi-Final, receiving only 7 points and thus failing to qualify to the Grand Final.

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