Netherlands: The Ducth commentator, Cornald Maas, answers to Edward af Sillen!

Earlier yesterday, through a post in his personal account in X, Edward af Sillen, the scriptwriter for the previous three contests in Sweden (2013, 2016 & 2024), parallels the two cases of a contestant’s suspension, in Eurovision 2024 and in Euro, that of Joost Klein and the Turkish football player, Merih Demiral.

His post received both positive and negative reactions, saying that the comparison is out of place. Cornald Maas, the Dutch commentator, stated the same below Edward af Sillen’s post. In detail, he commented the following:

“Oh really? No better/more meaningful comparisons? You can try better (I hope)”

The Dutch disqualification, is a topic that concerned both fans and the EBU itself, which stated in its recent statement on everything that happened during Eurovision 2024, that the simplification of the rules and everyone keeping up with the regulations (members of delegations, artists, fans) is of crucial importance for the smooth running of the contest in the future. However, it’s only logical that the Dutch commentator is negative about the whole treatment of the subject.

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Edward af Sillen: What does the Turkish plalyer’s suspension in EURO remind me…?

Through a post in his personal account in X, Edward af Sillen, the scriptwriter for the previous three contests in Sweden (2013, 2016 & 2024), parallels the two cases of a contestant’s suspension, in Eurovision 2024 and in Euro, wanting to make clear, that non-compliance with the regulations, causes punishments.

Wanting to comment on the Turkish football player’s, Merih Demiral, suspension from the two following games, he made the following post:

In Türkiye’s last game against Austria in the phase of 16, Merih Demiral, celebrated their win by making the sign of the Gray Wolves, a far-right fascist organisation. The punishment from UEFA, was immediate. The Turkish player was suspended from the following two games, which means that he won’t lose the rest of the EURO 2024.

The case of Merih Demiral’s suspension is indirectly but clearly paralleled by Edward af Sillen with that of Joost Klein’s disqualification from the Eurovision 2024 final, after his violation of EBU regulations. We remind you that Joost Klein was excluded from the final of the Contest after the complaints, by a production worker, for violence against her.

The EBU stated in its recent statement on everything that happened during Eurovision 2024, that the simplification of the rules and everyone keeping up with the regulations (members of delegations, artists, fans) is of crucial importance for the smooth running of the contest in the future.

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EBU: The new updated rules do not change anything with the participation of Israel

Jean Philip De Tender, Deputy Director General of the EBU, spoke on Swedish Public Radio about all the changes to the Eurovision Song Contest and the conclusion of the independent investigation carried out by the EBU after the end of this year’s Eurovision and everything that happened in Malmö. De Tender made it clear that nothing changes with Israel’s participation in 2025 as well.

Simplification of regulations

Speaking to Carolina Norén on Swedish radio station P4, Jean Philip De Tender explained several details following the independent expert investigation carried out after the 2024 competition.

He explained that Martin Österdahl will remain as executive supervisor, but some of his responsibilities will be transferred to the new Eurovision director.

De Tender also clarified that the EBU wants to simplify the rules on contracts so that everyone involved understands what they are signing up for. He cited the example that 70 years ago the regulations were all one page and now we are talking about hundreds of pages.

Israel will take part in Eurovision 2025

Regarding the controversy surrounding Israel’s participation in this year’s contest, De Tender said that as a member of the EBU, KAN, Israel’s public broadcaster, is eligible to participate. He stated that the Eurovision Song Contest is a non-political event and that the decision to allow Israel to participate is in line with other non-political organizations such as sports federations. However, he added that he believes the EBU needs to clarify its decision-making better:

“I think we need to maybe clarify the decision-making with all the stakeholders better so that people fully understand what the event stands for and what the goal is.”

The Netherlands and Joost Klein in Switzerland?

Regarding the fear of countries withdrawing from the next Eurovision, De Tender clarifies that no country has so far declared its withdrawal and that he believes that the Netherlands will also participate normally in Switzerland.

In the possibility of Joost Klein’s return to the competition, he simply states that this is a matter of the Dutch public broadcaster and since his participation is not contrary to any regulation, he does not see the reason why the artist could be excluded from Eurovision 2025.

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Source: sverigesradio

Netherlands: Waiting on EBU action before deciding whether to enter Eurovision 2025

Eurovision 2024 will go down in history as possibly the most controversial in the contest’s history. The Dutch entry’s disqualification the day before the grand final was one of the incidents that captured the attention of both the media and the fans. The EBU provided justification for this decision by stating that Joost Klein, the country’s representative, had used violence towards a member of the production team, however it did not clarify if this was verbal or physical abuse.

The Dutch public broadcaster, Avrotros, expressed its disappointment and with the EBU’s decision, calling it “disproportionate to the circumstances”.

There were a lot of controversial incidents during this year’s competition; the one mentioned above was just one of them. In this regard, the EBU has declared that it would modify the competition’s rules in order to ensure its seamless operation and prevent a recurrence of this year’s events. You can read our related article for further information about these modifications.

As a result, based on information from Dutch media AD, the country’s public television will examine the impending changes and determine whether or not the Netherlands will participate in the upcoming competition.

According to broadcaster’s spokesperson, it is a positive step that an investigation is being carried out. He emphasised, though, that these words needed to be turned into actions, that is, significant and meaningful adjustments that might guarantee both the competitors’ psychological well-being and the competition’s seamless operation.

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Joost Klein does not want to represent the Netherlands in 2025 but … Belgium!

Joost Klein, who with his behavior turned the spotlight on him in this year’s conetst, now tries to provoke discussions again with a new statement. According to his words in his last concert, he calls on the public television of Belgium to give him the representation of the country for Eurovision 2025!

After being eliminated from the Eurovision 2024 final, Joost Klein didn’t want to hear about the Eurovision contest, using not the kindest words about his experience in Malmö. But a few days earlier at the Pinkpop festival he seemed to change his mind and said in front of everyone present there, why not in 2025!

While everyone expected that he meant one more participation with his country The Netherlands, Joost Klein has other plans… or so he says.

More specifically, while he was singing in Belgium, wanting to comment on a banner held by some of his fans, which read: Joost for Eurovision 2025 with the Dutch flag on it as well, he said:

Who told you that I want to represent this country! Belgium call me!

Of course, after all the above, no one can take Joost’s words seriously, which change according to his mood. Only time will tell, and so will the judicial outcome of his case.

We remind you that a female employee of the Swedish public television who worked for this year’s competition, sued Joost Klein for violence against her. This resulted in his disqualification from the Eurovision 2024 final.

The Netherlands has not yet clarified whether it will take part in Eurovision 2025. On the other hand, Belgium will hold Eurosong 2025, but without an open call for song submissions, but with an invitation to specific creators and artists. This means that if Joost Klein really wants to represent Belgium at the next Eurovision, he will have to win the national final, Eurosong 2025.

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Netherlands: Twan van de Nieuwenhuijzen steps down as Head of the Dutch delegation

After a year of service, the Head of the Dutch delegation, the well-knowned to fans, Twan van de Nieuwenhuijzenresigns from his position, to continue his career at NOS.

Through a post on his personal account on Instagram, Twan van de Nieuwenhuijzen, announced his resignation from this position, while revealing that he will now work as Editor-in-Chief of Events at NOS. In detail, he stated:


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A post shared by Twan van de Nieuwenhuijzen (@twanvdn)

“From mid-August I will begin working as Editor-in-Chief at NOS Events! I will be working with familiar faces and new colleagues on (live) programmes for national events, commemorations and celebrations. After five years of working on Eurovision, this great opportunity came at the right time. So excited!”

Twan van de Nieuwenhuijzen had a very important role in Eurovision in recent years, being the Head of the Contest from 2019 until 2023, while in 2024 he was the head of the Dutch delegation.

AVROTROS, the Dutch public broadcaster, confirmed that they are not yet looking for a new head of delegation as they have not yet decided whether they will participate in the next contest, following the incident that took place in Malmö, following the disqualification of Joost Klein.

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The Netherlands: “Why the f*ck not 2025”, says Joost Klein!

He was undoubtedly one of the stars of Eurovision 2024, Joost Klein, who represented the Netherlands in this year’s competition with the song Europapa, but was unable to compete in the final after the EBU decided to disqualify him, seems he not rule out the possibility of returning to Eurovision in 2025.

Joost Klein sang at noon on Saturday at Pinkpop, Europapa. He had with him the team that also accompanied him to Malmö. The artist who was disqualified from the Eurovision final shortly before the start of the competition, due to an incident that brought him into contact with Swedish justice, says he could try again in 2025.

Without these people, the band and the people around me, there would be no Eurovision. So many people worked so hard, for months, everyone! Why the fuck not 2025?

Both the artist’s manager, as well as the Dutch public television Avrotros, did not want to comment on this. Everything, of course, will probably be decided by the outcome of the court with the employee of the Swedish public television, for the incident of violence that she denounced him and that happened behind the scenes of the competition.

Would you like Joost Klein to represent the Netherlands at Eurovision 2025? Tell us in the comments below!

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Netherlands: Participation in Eurovision 2025 is uncertain!

With a public statement on its official website, the Dutch public broadcaster tries to provide answers about everything that happened in Malmö, but also its intentions regarding its participation in the next Eurovision Song Contest. AVROTROS will wait to see the institutional changes that EBU will make, wanting artists and music to be at the center of the competition again. At the moment AVROTROS states that its participation in 2025 in Switzerland is under consideration. Read more

The Netherlands: Joost Klein seems to have admitted his unlawful act!

A new update has emerged regarding the disqualification of the Netherlands’ Joost Klein hours before the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2024, despite having qualified from Thursday’s second semi-final.

According to the widely circulated Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, Dutch representative Joost Klein appears to have confessed to this violent behavior by using his fist against a photographer from this year’s competition production, justifying his act by saying that the entire approach by the photographers was something stressful to him.

A prosecution is expected, with a preliminary trial date reportedly set for June.

The head of the investigation hotline section in Malmö stated that:

“It doesn’t really matter if the person is still in the country, we can pursue that case anyway.”

Source: Aftonbladet

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The Netherlands: Cornald Maas on disqualification – “F*ck the EBU”!

AVROTROS earlier on released a statement about the incident that led to the disqualification of Joost Klein from this year’s Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final! The national broadcaster had a serious reaction against the resolution of the issue by the EBU and the frustration never ends!

Cornald Maas has reacted to the disqualification of Joost Klein. The commentator can’t understand why Joost is not allowed to play in the Eurovision final. Cornald Maas is furious about Joost Klein‘s disqualification and on an informal press conference he commented:

“F*ck the EBU!”


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