Norway: Alessandra Mele takes issue on Israel’s participation in the Contest!

Alessandra Mele,2023’s Norwegian entrant,who managed to bring the country back in the top 5 after 10 years with her song “Queen of Kings” has voiced her opinion regarding Israel’s participation in the upcoming contest,which is a question that stirs enormous controversy:

“I won’t say much about it because, politically, I can’t say much. But what I find beautiful about Eurovision is that it unites people through music, and I think we should try to continue with that.Also, I hope the world realizes that love is stronger than hate.”

The public broadcaster NRK remains neutral in regards with Israel’s participation in the forthcoming contest in Sweden,as Charlo Halvorsen, Entertainment Director at NRK stated in an email to  Se og Hør:

“It is natural that questions about participation in the Eurovision Song Contest for a country at war arise. We have not yet taken a position on this matter but are following what the EBU decides”.

Israel’s participation in the 2024 contest is still a topic that sows discord among the audiences of the contest,a situation which is highly reminiscent of Russia’s participation in the 2022 edition,right after the country’s invasion in Ukraine.Nevertheless,according to the list of the participating countries published by the EBU,the Middle-Eastern country seems to be included in it,adding fuel to the fire to an already ardent issue.

Norway was represented by Alessandra and her song “Queen of the Kings” in this year’s contest in Liverpool,which won her the 3rd place in the public vote and the 5th overall.

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North Macedonia: Explains the reasons why it is not participating in Eurovision 2024!

With the EBU’s official announcement of the list of 37 countries that will take part in Eurovision 2024, it also clarified the cloudy landscape regarding the participation of North Macedonia in the upcoming song contest. The small Balkan country for the second year in a row will stay away from the contest. With today’s announcement, they explain the reasons for their abstention.

Earlier it had become clear that North Macedonia might return to Malmö, after its absence this year. Its participation in Junior Eurovision 2023 a few days ago, but also the fact that in the budget of the country’s public television there was also a small amount for participation in Eurovision, were elements that had left open the possibility that the country would return in 2024. Finally all these expectations were denied with the official announcement of the list of countries that will be present in May in Sweden.


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Today, with its announcement, the public television of North Macedonia explains the reasons for its abstention for the second year in a row. According to what it posted on its website, MRT justifies its absence from Eurovision 2024, due to its limited budget, which for 2024 it intends to allocate to events for the 80 years of radio and the 60 years of television in the country.

This decision is in the interest of the citizens, considering that next year the MRT will focus on celebrating 80 years of Macedonian Radio and 60 years of Macedonian Television.

North Macedonia’s public television left open the possibility of a return in 2025, if circumstances allow.

In our opinion, the fact that more and more economically weaker countries decide to stay away from the competition due to the increasing participation fees year after year, is an important wake-up call for the EBU, which must deal with the issue. For 2024 four more Balkan countries are absent from the contest:

  • Bulgaria is absent for the second consecutive year due to a tight financial budget.
  • Montenegro is also absent for the second consecutive year, without explanation, although in this case economic reasons are the most likely reason.
  • Bosnia-Herzegovina continues to stay away from the competition, with its last participation being in 2016. A very large debt to the EBU prevents the country from returning.
  • Romania, although it is not certain that it will stay away from Eurovision 2024, was not in the list of countries announced by the EBU. Decisions on Romania’s  participation or not will be made in the next period of time, since discussions continue both within the country’s public television and with the EBU.

Greece, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Albania are the only Balkan countries still participating, with some of them also facing financial issues, which put their future participation in the competition in doubt.

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Serbia: record submissions for Pesma za Evroviziju ’24!

Serbia has received a record number of entries willing to participate in the national final Pesma za Evroviziju ’24.  Former head of the entertainment programme at RTS and creative supervisor for Eurovision, Ms. Olivera Kovačević  made this revelation in the podcast Evrovizijske priče.

During the podcast, she revealed the increased interest for the national final:

“We received around 235 compositions. Last year there were around 185. We received almost 50 more compositions and authors than last year. From year to year there has been more interest and I can say this includes people with amateur recordings to top professionals, to young gifted, to people with a successful career,”

However, she said that at this stage she can not reveal who are the artists that are in the competition.  The Selection Committee will listen to all the entries on December 11.  In the coming days we will  get to know the names of the competitors for Pesma za Evroviziju ’24.

RTS is still evaluating the exact number of candidates but there will be somewhere between 30 to 34 songs in the competition.  We will get the final list before new year.

The preliminary dates for Pesma za Evroviziju ‘24 are February 27 and 29 for the Semifinals with the final taking place on March 02, 2024.

Lukek Black represented Serbia in Liverpool.  He ended in 24th place in the Grand Final.

Source: RTS

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Sweden: New music festival, tribute to Eurovision and Mello in Stockholm next May!

Despite the fact that Eurovision and schlager are among the most popular music in Sweden, this type of music has been conspicuous by its absence in Sweden festival scene.

As Tobbe Ek and Aftonbladet reported, there will be a new one-day festival at Stockholm Olympic Stadium with around 20 of the biggest schlager and Eurovision artists, next May!

Entertainment and event manager Navid Kabiri has teamed up with Anders Boström, who co-founded Summerburst, and nightclub organizer Samin Adjoudani, and together they are behind Drömmen, which will take place on Saturday, May 25 in Stockholm. On stage there will be, among others, CarolaCharlotte PerrelliLinda Bengtzing, Méndez, Jessica Andersson Kate Ryan and Army of Lovers who have already confirmed their participation at the festival.

Some of the Melodifestivalen and Eurovision artists are known for a handful of songs, but will they all do full concerts? Or how will the arrangement be? Navid Kabiri comments:

“We’re focused on the hits, these artists know the audience wants to hear them. This is Drömmen, it should be dreamy and not sleepy, but we also talk to the artists about what they want to do. It should be a tribute to them and to this music. Some will want to do a couple of songs and others will come with bands and do longer gigs. We will release more names as they become available.”

The Drömmen festival will take place at Stockholm Stadion on Saturday, May 25, 2024 and tickets go on sale on Tuesday, December 12.

Source: Aftonbladet

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Italy: Alessandra Amoroso new favourite to win Sanremo 2024!

The bookmakers have reformulated their odds and we have a clearer situation as to the favourites at the upcoming Sanremo festival, which is already attracting not only domestic music interest, but also from abroad. New big favorite for the victory is now the pop superstar Alessandra Amoroso, who in her first participation in the festival is of course aiming for the victory, which will give her not only the Golden Lion, but also the ticket to Malmö!

Read more

Serbia: Sara Jo about her possible comeback!

Sara Jo, who represented Serbia in 2013 as a member of Moje 3, caught the attention of Eurofans again in 2022 when she tried to represent her country again by participating in the Serbian national final with the song “Muškarčina”.

Recently, she attended an event where, in an interview with Serbian media, she was asked whether she had prepared anything for this year’s Pesma Za Evroviziju and whether she plans to return to the competition, with her answering:

“I’m not thinking about it at the moment. In 2022 I signed up quite spontaneously and without much consideration. I had a song that I had fallen in love with, I knew exactly how it would be on stage, but this year I had no inspiration for it. I’d rather focus on my album, and maybe one day… who knows.”


Moje 3

Moje 3, consisting of Sara Jo, Nevena Božović (Serbia 2019) and Mirna Radulović (who has applied for PZE 2024), represented Serbia in Malmö in 2013 with the song “Ljubav je svuda”, finishing 11th in the first semi-final.

PZE 2022 – Muškarčina

In 2022 Sara Jo competed at PZE 2022 with the song “Muškarčina” finishing second, very close to the country’s representation which was eventually won by Konstrakta and “In Corpore Sano”.

Would you like to see Sara back on the Eurovision stage? Let us know in the comments below!

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Czechia: The odds regarding the winner of ESCZ 2024!

Only a few hours may have passed since the presentation of the ESCZ 2024 entries, but already the first odds for the winner have been set!

The ratings, as you can see below, on two Greek bookmarkers (NoviBet and Stoiximan) seem to agree having MYDY and “Red Flag Parade” as the favourites, with Elly following in second place with a pretty big lead over the other 5 artists.

ESCZ 2024 – Winner – NoviBet – 5/12/2024

ESCZ 2024 – Winner– Stoiximan – 5/12/2024

The above odds also seem to be in line with the opinion of the international public, which will determine 70% of the result, as recorded on the My Eurovision Scoreboard app.

ESCZ – Community – My Eurovision Scoreboaard – 5/12/2024

The results will be announced on December 12

The voting started yesterday night and will go on until next Monday, December 11, with the winner being announced the next day.

The winner will be determined by 100% public vote:

  • 70% International Public
  • 30% Czech Public

If you want to vote for your favourite song and help Czechia select its representative, you just need to download the official Eurovision app, HERE!

Until we find out who will represent Czechia at Eurovision 2024, let’s remember the country’s participation in last year’s contest. The previous ESCZ winners were Vesna with the song “My Sister’s Crown” who finished on the 10th place and managed to get Czechia back on the Grand Final for the second consecutive year:

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Slovenia: Eurovision 2024 representative to be announced shortly!

The Slovenian public broadcaster, RTVSLO, has just announced that the representative for Eurovision Song Contest 2024 has already been chosen, and the plan to host a national final is scrapped! Read more

Eurovision 2024: 37 countries will join the 68th contest in Malmö!

The Eurovision season has officially started! Just moments ago, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) announced the participants’ list of Eurovision 2024 in Malmö. In total, 37 countries will participate in the 68th Eurovision Song Contest.

In detail, the following countries will take part in Malmö:

🇦🇱 Albania – RTSH

🇦🇺 Australia – SBS

🇦🇲 Armenia – AMPTV

🇦🇹 Austria – ORF

🇦🇿 Azerbaijan – İctimai

🇧🇪 Belgium – RTBF

🇭🇷 Croatia – HRT

🇨🇾 Cyprus – CyBC

🇨🇿 Czech Republic – ČT

🇩🇰 Denmark – DR

🇪🇪 Estonia – ERR

🇫🇮 Finland – YLE

🇫🇷 France – FT

🇬🇪 Georgia – GPB

🇩🇪 Germany – ARD/NDR

🇬🇷 Greece – ERT

🇮🇸 Iceland – RÚV

🇮🇪 Ireland – RTÉ

🇮🇱 Israel – IPBC/Kan

🇮🇹 Italy – RAI

🇱🇻 Latvia – LTV

🇱🇹 Lithuania – LRT

🇱🇺 Luxembourg – RTL

🇲🇹 Malta – PBS

🇲🇩 Moldova – TRM

🇳🇱 Netherlands – AVROTROS

🇳🇴 Norway – NRK

🇵🇱 Poland – TVP

🇵🇹 Portugal – RTP

🇸🇲 San Marino – SMRTV

🇷🇸 Serbia – RTS

🇸🇮 Slovenia – RTVSLO

🇪🇸 Spain – TVE

🇸🇪 Sweden – SVT

🇨🇭 Switzerland – SRG / SSR

🇺🇦 Ukraine – UA:PBC

🇬🇧 United Kingdom – BBC

Whilst Romania is currently not confirmed to compete next year, talks are continuing with TVR on their potential participation as well. That means we might have 38 nations competing in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest.

Luxembourg, one of the founding members of Eurovision as well as successful, having won the contest five times, will return after three decades long absence. In fact, Luxembourg’s return was known to public since May and it was even announced during the Grand Final of Eurovision 2023.

North Macedonia, Bulgaria and Montenegro still remain out, claiming financial reasons.

The 68th Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Malmö, Sweden during 7-11 of May 2024, following Loreen’s second win in Liverpool.

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Poland: Justyna Steczkowska and Luna are ready for Eurovision 2024!

Although the procedure of selecting Poland’s representative for Eurovision 2024 has not yet been disclosed by Polish public television, a number of Polish artists have already indicated their interest.

One of these artists is Justyna Steczkowska, the country’s 1995 Eurovision representative, who revealed on her personal Instagram account that she had already recorded an energetic song with an orchestra.

According to Polish media, Luna is also claiming to represent the country. Irrespective of the method TVP will untimately choose, the singer has written a song that she plans to submit.

The singers recently released a duet, titled “Nie mój sen”:


This year Blanka represented Poland with the song “Solo”, placing 19th overall with 93 points.

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Source: Świat Gwiazd