Iceland: The detailed results of Söngvakeppnin 2020

For the 15th consecutive year, Iceland has chosen to participate in the Eurovision Contest through Söngvakeppnin. This year, two semifinal rounds took place on February 8 and 15, with the final taking place on Saturday, February 29.

Daði & Gagnamagnið were named “Winners of the Söngvakeppnin 2020 and therefore representatives of the country at the 65th Eurovision Contest with “ Think About Things ”. These winners gained over 30,000 votes!


1 Kid Isak “Ævintýri” 3.651 3 Eliminated
2 Elísabet “Elta þig” 1.989 5 Eliminated
3 Brynja Mary “Augun þín” 3.374 4 Eliminated
4 Ísold & Helga “Klukkan tifar” 6.654 2 Advanced
5 Dimma “Almyrkvi” 14.984 1 Advanced
1 Daði & Gagnamagnið “Gagnamagnið” 11.218 1 Advanced
2 Hildur Vala “Fellibylur” 1.336 6 Eliminated
3 Iva “Oculis Videre” 10.924 2 Advanced
4 Nína “Ekkó” 5.905 3 Wildcard
5 Matti Matt “Dreyma” 5.634 4 Eliminated


Although Nína failed to reach the top  in the semifinals, she eventually qualified for the Söngvakeppnin 2020 final, on the advice of the Icelandic broadcaster RUV.

1 Ísold & Helga “Meet Me Halfway” 17.170 5.568 22.738 4 Out
2 Daði & Gagnamagnið “Think About Things” 24.289 36.035 60.324 1 Qualified
3 Nína “Echo” 15.286 6.515 21.801 5 Out
4 Iva “Oculis Videre” 18.426 19.072 37.498 3 Out
5 Dimma “Almyrkvi” 14.867 22.848 37.715 2 Qualified
1 Daði & Gagnamagnið “Think About Things” 118.643 1
2 Dimma “Almyrkvi” 80.183 2

A few hours ago, Iceland became the new big favorite to win in Rotterdam! Read more HERE.

Estonia: The detailed results of Eesti Laul 2020

The official results of televoting in the Eesti Laul 2020 final have been officially announced shortly through the Estonian public television website. Uku Suviste didn’t just win, but he did triumph, gaining about 70% of Estonia’s preference in the super final!

A horse race finally proved to be Esti Laul this year, as Uku Suviste was never threatened by his rivals.

In the semifinals he had more than double the votes of the favorite and finally finished second in the final standings, Jaagup Tuisk and the song of Beautiful Lies.

He had 16,880 votes in the final round of voting, with Jaagup Tuisk receiving just 5,259. In the super final between the three candidates, the difference was struck, as within just 15 minutes of the telecast of Uku and “What Love Is” by Dimitris Kontopoulos and Sharon Vaughn received 33,582 votes, with “Beautiful Lies” marginally finishing second, receiving just 7,944 votes. Uku Suviste’s song was voted with 68% to be Estonia’s entry in Eurovision 2020.

Cyprus: Watch Sandro’s live performance at Selecția Națională 2020

As we reported in our previous article, Cyprus‘ representative at Eurovision 2020, Sandro, was invited to the Romanian national final – “Selecția Națională 2020″, where he performed live the “Fuego” and “Replay”, the last two Cypriot entries.

Just days before “Running” will be released, Sandro had the opportunity to introduce himself to the Romanian public. In a beautiful national final, where Romania chose the song with which Roxen will represent her country in Rotterdam, Sandro proved once again how good a performer she is.

In Buzau, where the Romanian national final was held, also the Moldovian representative, Natalia Gordienko, as well as the Norwegian representative,Ulrikke’s, were invited. All of them did not miss the opportunity to take a commemorative photo together with hostess Roxen.

“Running” is expected to be released no later than Friday 6 March, as Sandro is one of the guests to appear at the Melfest WKND Pre Party, the Eurovision pre party hosted by Ogae Sweden and takes place shortly after the Melodifestivalen final in March 7. At this party Sandro is expected to perform “Running” for the first time live!

Below is Sandro’s interview with Eurovision Buddies a few months ago:


Eurovision Betting: Iceland on the top one week before the announcement of the entries

Big ups and downs in the betting table, after Iceland with Daði & Gagnamagnið and “Think About Things” came in first place!

An entry, which is said to have caught the attention of many and supported by Netflix, shortly after its selection at the Icelandic national final, Söngvakeppnin 2020, on Saturday night.

A song that, musically and scenically, could be very close to the other big favorite, Lithuania’s “On Fire“, which is now in second place. Tuesday night Romania (1/3) selected “Alcohol You”, with Italy and Russia completing the top five.

Greece with its SUPERG! RL has stabilized at the 15th position and Cyprus is at the 21st position, but has not yet announced its song.

Serbia: With Hurricane and “Hasta La Vista” in Rotterdam

The grand final of Beovizija 2020, the 10th edition of this institution to choose the country’s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest, was completed shortly before.

The show started at 21:00CET time and took place at RTS Studio 8 in Belgrade. Dragana Kosjerina, Jovan Radomir, Kristina Radenković and Stefan Popovi were presenters of the evening.

At tonight’s final we saw the 12 finalists compete for a Rotterdam ticket:

-Milan Bujaković feat Olivera Popović – “Niti”
-Hurricane – “Hasta la Vista”
-Neda Ukraine – “Bomb”
-Andrija Jo – “The Mediator”
-Igor Simic – “Ples za rastanak”
-Thea Devy – “Sudnji dan”
-EJO – “Trag”
-LIFT– “Samo mi kaži”
-Ana Milenković – “Tajna”
-Naiva – “Baš baš”
-Marko Marković – “Kolači”
-Bane Mojićević – “Cvet sa Prokletija”

The result

The result was judged by a 50/50 vote by the television audience and the five-member jury. Hurricane won the finale with  “Hasta La Vista” song.

Serbia will appear in the first half of the second semifinal on May 14th.

Greece: Stefania’s appearance on RTL Boulevard | What did she say about the 12th from Netherlands and the coronavirus

Shortly after the premiere of SUPERG! RL this afternoon on ERT and YouTube, Stefania appeared on RTL’s live show, “Boulevard”. The most popular magazino on Dutch television.

“I hope to get the 12th of Netherlands”
At first the presenters joked that she represents Greece and did not wait long to represent the Netherlands.

“Why not of time! Anyone can suggest it to me. They know where to find me!”

Stefania was then asked about the position she could reach.

“I don’t know, I’ll just enjoy it and do my best for Greece and the Netherlands.”

Of course Stefania could not leave the step she was given unused and once again stated that she wants the 12 points from Netherlands.

“Hope to get the 12 points from the Netherlands!”

Stefania for the coronavirus

One of the issues that concerns not only Greece, but also the entire world is the Coronavirus. Even a few days ago a leading Dutch virologist had stated that if the virus continues to spread at this rate, the contest may have to be canceled.

The journalist asked Stefania if she was scared by the virus.

“No, I’m not afraid of it at all. I think everything will go well.”

Watch the full interview HERE.


Romania: “Alcohol You” the official country’s entry by Roxen

The heart of the Romanian (and not only) Eurofans was hit today in Buzau as the country’s national final, “Selecția Națională”, took place. This was not a national final in which the artist was chosen, but a final one regarding the choice of the country’s participation in Rotterdam. So, 20-year-old Roxen will represent Romania in Rotterdam with the song “Alcohol You”!

Roxen is part of the record label, Global Records, with whom TVR will work to select the song to represent the country in May in Rotterdam. Then, a camp was held in which the best Romanian artists and composers created songs for the 20-year-old singer.

From this camp, 5 songs were selected to compete in the national final. The songs were selected by experts from a variety of relevant professional backgrounds (composers, songwriters, musicologists, broadcasters. These experts took into account criteria such as sound, originality, style difference and the message of the song.

During the national final, the 5 songs were performed by Roxen. The winning song was decided 50% by the judges and 50% by the viewers.

Tonight’s show featured by Romanian hip-hop star Connect-R and Elena Gheorghe, who represented Romania in 2009 in a contest with the song “Balkan Girls”, taking 19th place.

Listen below to the official Romanian entry:

Greece: “SUPERG!RL” just released! Enjoy it

Following its first broadcast on ERT and the tv show “Eurovision Countdown”, the video clip of the Greek entry, “SUPERG!RL“, ​​is now available on Stefania’s YouTube channel. In the following hours there will be in all the e-shops. Enjoy it in repeat!

Once again, the music is written by Dimitris Kontopoulos and ARCADE, while the lyrics are by Sharon Vaughn, Dimitris Kontopoulos and ARCADE. The director of the video clip is talented Costas Karydas.

This is the song and video clip of the Greek entry for Eurovision 2020. Watch it below:


The authors’ statements shortly after the first official release of the Greek entry

As has long been known, the creative team includes Dimitris Kontopoulos and ARCADE, while Sharon Vaughn has written some of the lyrics. The director of the performance  in Rotterdam will be Fokas Evangelinos, while the video clip we first enjoyed a few minutes ago is directed by the promising Kostas Karydas.

“Stefania has a very strong voice and a very nice tone,“said renowned composer and producer Dimitris Kontopoulos.

“To be honest, it was difficult to find the right song for Stefania, as we wanted to fit both her age and her personality, but I think we did it. It is my first time competing for the Eurovision contest with Arcade, a very talented group of composers and producers, and it is always my honor to work with Sharon Vaughn, an outstanding songwriter with international success”.

Director and scriptwriter Costas Karydas, speaking about the video clip, said:

We created a story with surreal elements. We are following a young girl who finds the strength to embrace her specialty in a society that sees her as something foreign. It is a journey of exploring power within it. The video comes to complement the song, which is dynamic and fresh. The whole team is made up of professionals, who in their field have given 100% to get a perfect result. We also had a great collaboration with Stefania, who surprised us with her hard work and acting skills”.

Albania: After the Heads of Delegation meeting on March 9th,the revamp of Shaj

According to various Albanian media reports, the final version of Shaj, revealed by Arilena, will be made public with the video clip after the Head of Delegation meeting next Monday, March 9th.

The video clip is in the process of being filmed, which means there is no time left for it to be released next week. Albania’s head of delegation will normally submit his country’s song for Eurovision 2020 at this meeting in Rotterdam on Monday, May 9, but we will hear it a few days later.

The final version is highly radio without losing the identity the song originally had. Finally, it was emphasized that Shaj’s revamp will be mainly in English, just like the original version Arilena had taken before FiK58.

Below you can see photos of Arilena from the video clip shooting:

But until we see the video clip and listen to the final version of Albanian entry, let’s recall Arilena’s appearance on FiK 58:

Romania: Natalia Gordienko as a guest at the national final

A last minute news report. Yesterday, the grand winner of the Moldovan national final, Natalia Gordienko, will appear as a guest at the Romanian national final, which is being held tonight in Buzau.

The relations between Romania and Moldova are well known, since it would not be an exaggeration to say that they are the same nation. Each year the Moldovan representative appears in the Romanian national final or vice versa, depending on who will be ahead of time.

Not long ago we confirmed that Natalia Gordienko would indeed be in Buzau and interpret “Prison” for her Romanian fans.

Along with Natalia Gordienko will be Loreen, Ulrikke representing Norway in this year’s contest, as well as Cypriot representative  Sandro, who will present a new version of Fuego and Replay, specially prepared for this!

You can watch the Romanian national final at 20.00 CET time. by clicking HERE.