Eurovision 2022: See the results of the third day of Press Poll!

As we informed you in our article, Press Poll 2022 has begun. After all countries have had their three technical rehearsals, it is now time for the accredited to vote for the countries that will advance to the two semifinals, as well as the country that believes she will be the winner of the 66th Eurovision Song Contest.

Below are the results of the semifinals and finals of today’s 11/5 at 21:00:
First Semifinal

Second Semifinal

Grand Final

In the vote for the winner, UK leads, Greece is second, and Spain is third! Greece is ranked first among the accredited journalists here in Turin.

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Source: Ogae International

Philipp Kirkorov in Turin for Eurovision 2022!

As we see through the social media of Philipp Kirkorov, the Russian superstar Philipp Kirkorov has arrived in Turin, to support the Dream Team.

Philipp Kirkorov arrived in Turin by helicopter from Monaco, wanting to attend once again his great love, which is none other than the Eurovision song contest.

After the exclusion of Russia from all EBU events, but also the voluntary withdrawal of Russian public service broadcasters from the television union, many said that Philipp Kirkorov would not be present at this year’s competition.

But this apparently was not in the plans of Philipp Kirkorov, who came to support the Dream Team.

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OGAE Poll 2022: The results from OGAE Finland, Ireland, Russia and Luxembourg!

The results for the OGAE Poll 2022 continue today, with OGAE Finland,OGAE Ireland,OGAE Russia and OGAE Luxembourg being the next fan clubs to reveal the results of their members.

First we have the results from OGAE Finland:

  • 1 point goes to the Netherlands
  • 2 points go to the United Kingdom
  • 3 points go to Estonia
  • 4 points go to Poland
  • 5 points go to Austria
  • 6 points go to Ukraine
  • 7 points go to Norway
  • 8 points go to Italy
  • 10 points go to France and…
  • 12 points go to Sweden 

The first 12 points of the day go to Sweden and Hold me Closer and that brings Sweden in the top of the scoreboard.

The second fan club to reveal its points is OGAE Ireland:

  • 1 point goes to Austria
  • 2 points go to France
  • 3 points go to Czech Republic
  • 4 points go to Norway
  • 5 points go to Poland
  • 6 points go to Spain
  • 7 points go to the United Kingdom
  • 8 points go to the Netherlands
  • 10 points go to Italy and…
  • 12 points go to Sweden

Sweden receives the second 12 points of the day and they increase the difference from the second,Italy.

The third fan club to reveal its points is OGAE Russia:

  • 1 point goes to France
  • 2 points go to Italy
  • 3 points go to Austria
  • 4 points go to Norway
  • 5 points go to Finland
  • 6 points go to the United Kingdom
  • 7 points go to Latvia
  • 8 points go to Spain
  • 10 points go to Lithuania and…
  • 12 points go to Serbia

Serbia celebrates the first 12 points,as Russia gives 10 points to their neighbors,Lithuania. Latvia receive their first seven points.

The last fan club for today to reveal their results is OGAE Luxembourg:

  • 1 point goes to Poland
  • 2 points go to Norway
  • 3 points go to Portugal
  • 4 points go to the Netherlands
  • 5 points go to Spain
  • 6 points go to France
  • 7 points go to Finland
  • 8 points go to the United Kingdom
  • 10 points go to Italy and…
  • 12 points go to Sweden 

The last 12 points of the day go to Sweden from Luxembourg.

The total scoreboard after the votes of 42 to 43 fan clubs is as follows:

With only the votes of OGAE Ukraine remaining to reveal,Sweden is now leading with five points against Italy.

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Soure: OGAE International

Russia has banned Jamala, Verka Serduchka and more other eurostars from entering the country for 50 years!

Several Kremlin-linked media outlets reported that 31 Ukrainian celebrities, TV presenters, and influencers are now banned from entering Russia for 50 years. The list includes some eurostars like Jamala, Andrey Danylko (Verka Serduchka), Svetlana Loboda, Tina Karol, Alekseev and Alina Pash. All of them called out Russia for its war against Ukraine.

Other popular Ukrainian artists that their names are in this list are Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, Ivan Dorm, Nadya Dorofeeva, Dmytro Monatik, the lead singer of the rock band Okean Elzy Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, and more.

The ban reportedly took effect on April 16. Many of the artists on the list are humorous about the Kremlin’s decision, saying they do not want to visit Russia under Putin’s control.

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Latvia: Polina Gagarina and Natalya Podolskaya banned from entering the country over their support of Russia’s war in Ukraine!

Latvia’s message is clear: Polina Gagarina and Natalya Podolskaya are not welcome in the country.

On Thursday, Latvia’s Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkēvičs included the two Russian representatives in Eurovision, on a list of 25 Russian entertainers and artists deemed “undesirable people” for “expressing active support for the long-running aggression of the Russian authorities against Ukraine”.

As Latvian public media LSV reports, the list includes 20 people who took part in a highly criticized event in Moscow on 18 March. Artists, including Polina Gagarina, performed at the Luzhniki Stadium to mark the eighth anniversary of Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea and to support the country’s ongoing war in Ukraine.

President Putin appeared, stating that Russians “have not had such unity for a long time”.

But, as the BBC reports, not everyone in the audience actually wanted to be there. Many told the BBC they worked in the public sector, and that they had been pressured into attending by their employers. Students told that they had been given the option of a day off from lectures if they attended ‘a concert’. Some of the students we spoke to didn’t even know that the event was dedicated, in part, to support the war in Ukraine.

The list of undesirable persons in Latvia includes: Maria Sitela, Dmitry Guberniev, Vladimir Mashkov, Artyom Fence, Tina Candelaki, Viktor Polakov, Polina Gagarina, Nikolai Rastorgujev, Vitaly Loktev, Alexander Jerohin, Sergei Pereguda, Vasily Peguda, Vasily Denis Macujev, Nikita Mikhalkov, Valery Gergiev, Dmitry Streltsov, Alexei Tarasov, Pavel Suchkov, Alexei Kantur, Sergei Polunin, Victoria Ciganova, Stanislav Mikhailov.

Polina’s public support of the war created a negative impression Eurovision fans. Her 2015 entry — the peace anthemA Million Voices” — is completely at odds with the brutal war Russia started in the name of Putin.

Latvia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs explained that “those included in the list of undesirable persons for Latvia clearly justify and propagate the unprovoked and unjustifiable Russian invasion and war in Ukraine. Latvia strongly condemns Russia’s unprovoked and unjustifiable war in Ukraine, which has lasted for almost a month and where Ukrainian civilians and soldiers are losing their lives every day as a result of the brutal actions of the Russian armed forces. Entry into Latvia is not allowed.”


Russia: Polina Gagarina sang at Putin’s fiesta!

In addition to the letter “Z” and a banner with slogans in favor of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Polina Gagarina, took part in the pro-war fiesta organized by Vladimir Putin in Moscow on the anniversary of the annexation of Crimea.

Just behind the point where Vl. Putin at Moscow’s Luzinski Stadium for Crimea, there were two banners reading “ZA ROSSIA” and “ZA MIR WITHOUT NATIONALISM” in Russian, while on the giant screens it read “SVOIH NE BROSAEM”, “KOSB” and “ZA ПРЕЗИДЕНТА”.

The “Z” is the symbol of the Russians for the invasion of Ukraine. It is written on the tanks, armor and all motor vehicles used by the Russians in the invasion operations in Ukraine. However, the letter “Z” does not exist in the Cyrillic alphabet! The rest, that is, “ZA ROSSIA” translates (ZA) “Russia”, while “ZA MIR WITHOUT NAZISM” translates (ZA) “world without Nazism”. Essentially, the second is the main argument of Putin and the Russians for the invasion of the territory of Ukraine – the de-Nazification of the country.

Of course, the participation of Polina Gagarina in this fiesta of the Russian president caused a negative impression. Despite the fact that the Russian singer won second place at Eurovision 2015 with a song that praises peace and the solidarity of peoples, her subsequent behavior proves that she was not at all influenced by the message of her song.

You can see the appearance of Polina Gagarina in the concert, at 08.50:

We remind you that due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the EBU decided to exclude Russia from the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. In response, Russia announced its withdrawal from the EBU.

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EBU: Russia’s representatives suspended from the European Broadcasting Union!

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has decided to suspend the three main Russian members that were until yesterday members of the union. Three days ago the Russian stations had unofficially announced, as it seems, their membership of the Broadcasting Union.

EBU’s statement on Russian members:

The EBU Executive Board, in light of ongoing events in Ukraine, has decided to suspend representatives from its three Russian Members (RTR, Channel One and RDO) from serving in its governance groups, including the Executive Board and all Statutory Committees. This follows the decision taken last week to exclude Russia from the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest.

In taking this action, the Executive Board took note of the public statement issued by the three Member organizations on 26 February announcing their intention to withdraw from the EBU. A decision taken as a direct result of Russia’s exclusion from the Song Contest. The Members have verbally confirmed to us their intent to leave and we are awaiting their formal confirmation.

The suspension will remain in effect until further notice has been given by the Executive Board.

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Source: EBU

Russia: Announces its withdrawal from the EBU!

All Russian state media that were members of the EBU (VGTRK, Channel One and Radiodom Ostankino) announced their withdrawal from the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) in response to Russia’s removal from Eurovision 2022.

The announcement of the Russian broadcasters states:

Broadcasters see Russia’s withdrawal from the competition as an “inappropriate political sacrifice” in a music forum that has always emphasized its non-political status.
Russia’s ouster is the latest, but it is far from the first of such Eurovision-related decisions. So in 2016 Ukraine won with the song “1944”, which is an open political manifesto. At the same time, a few years later, the organizers of the competition excluded Belarus, saying that their song had political messages.
These are just two examples of the many, where the organizers of the competition approached the interpretation of the term “politics” “biased and selective”. According to the All-Russian State Television and Radio Company, the EBU is fulfilling the will of the European Union, although half of the members of the European Broadcasting Union are television channels and radio stations from outside the EU.

In our previous article, we told you that Russia’s reaction to the EBU’s decision to expel the country from the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest was expected. The reaction came a while ago and is the most intense that could happen.

It remains to be seen whether Russia’s withdrawal will be permanent or only this year. Of course, the above development means that Russia will not be present at Junior Eurovision 2021 in Armenia either.

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Source: RIA

Russia: Slavia Simonova would represent the country at Eurovision 2022!

Now we can reveal it, after yesterday’s interview of Artur Gasparyan a well-known journalist in Russia, that 18-year-old Slavia Simonova would represent the country at Eurovision 2022!

As early as February 13, we had informed you with our Tweet that Russia this year would probably be represented by an artist who was not among the artists who had been heard in the previous period.

Russia 1 was chosen by 18-year-old Slavia Simonova, the winner of a talent show on the channel, a singer mainly of jazz music and with a vision problem.

Dream Team was opposed to this choice, which as it is known proposed Klava Koka, but also another male artist that unfortunately we can not reveal. The decision for Slavia Simonova was made several days before the Russian invasion and the reason for the delay in its announcement was that until the end there were negotiations with the Dream Team in order for Russia 1 to work with them this year as well. However, the fact that the Dream Team considered that the selection of Slavia would not bring the desired result, insisting until the end on its other two proposals, led the team to the decision not to cooperate with Russia this year.

It is worth noting that the song with which Yaroslava Simonova would represent Russia at Eurovision 2022, was her own composition and was ready. In fact, very soon we would have had the official announcements.

We remind you that Russia will not participate in Eurovision 2022 after a relevant decision of the EBU, due to the invasion of Ukraine. We are now waiting with interest for Russia’s reaction to this decision.

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EBU bans Russia from Eurovision 2022!

Officialy today EBU has decided to exclude Russia from Eurovision 2022 in Turin.

After the latest news been spread all over Europe and the world, among with the intention of many countries to withdraw from the contest, EBU has changed their initial desicion and announced that Russia is not able to compete in this year’s Eurovision.

The statement that has been published by the official page of Eurovision Song Contest and shared also in their social media reported:

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has announced that no Russian act will participate in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

The Executive Board of the EBU made the decision following a recommendation earlier today by the Eurovision Song Contest’s governing body, the Reference Group, based on the rules of the event and the values of the EBU.

The Reference Group recommendation was also supported by the EBU’s Television Committee.

The decision reflects concern that, in light of the unprecedented crisis in Ukraine, the inclusion of a Russian entry in this year’s Contest would bring the competition into disrepute.

Before making this decision the EBU took time to consult widely among its membership.

The EBU is an apolitical member organization of broadcasters committed to upholding the values of public service.

We remain dedicated to protecting the values of a cultural competition which promotes international exchange and understanding, brings audiences together, celebrates diversity through music and unites Europe on one stage.”

You can find the statement in the official page of Eurovision Song Contest.

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