Eurovision 2022: 41 countries joining the 66th contest in Turin!

Public broadcasters from 41 countries will take part in the Eurovision Song Contest when it returns to our screens next May.

Fans of the Contest will welcome back ARMTV from Armenia and RTCG from Montenegro, both taking to the stage for the first time since Tel Aviv in 2019.

It’s also a special year for Norwegian broadcaster NRK as they will be celebrating the selection of their 60th Eurovision entry during the Melodi Grand Prix grand final on Saturday 19 February.

We will also witness the 300th ‘Big Five’ performance – that’s a song from one of either France, Germany, Italy, Spain or United Kingdom.

Martin Österdahl, Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest, shared his thoughts on the line-up:

‘We are so excited that we once again have over 40 broadcasters competing to win the iconic Eurovision trophy in Turin next May.

The team from Rai are working hard on preparations to welcome all the delegations to a new Host City and ensuring the Eurovision Song Contest will provide the excitement and state-of-the-art spectacle expected by nearly 200 million viewers.’

On the announcement of the 41 participants, Simona Martorelli and Claudio Fasulo from Italian broadcaster Rai added:

‘After 31 years, Italy is proud to host the Eurovision Song Contest again! As Executive Producers, we are incredibly excited to set up this amazing event and welcome delegations from 41 nations to Turin next year.

Above all, we strongly believe the Eurovision Song Contest will allow us to showcase and share the beauty of Italy with a global audience via the elements that unite us all: music and harmony.’

The Italian city of Turin won the race to become the Host City of the 66th Eurovision Song Contest, setting Saturday 14 May as the date of the Grand Final, which will be held in PalaOlimpico along with two Semi-Finals on 10 and 12 May.


Russia: Dima Bilan recalls his Eurovision past | Is he preparing for his third participation?

He is one of the most popular artists in his country and the only winner of Eurovision for Russia (2008 with Believe). We are talking, of course, about Dima Bilan, who at the age of 39 seems to have a strong desire to be on the stage of the contest for the third time.

With Dima Bilan, Russia in Eurovision 2022?

Earlier, through a video he posted on his social networks, Dima Bilan recalls his first entry in the competition in 2006 in Athens, where with Never Let You Go, he took second place. Commenting, Duma Bilan states:

Do you remember how Eurovision brings people together? What a strong spirit of support and integration? Wasn’t it nice? Should we repeat it…?


Δείτε αυτή τη δημοσίευση στο Instagram.


Η δημοσίευση κοινοποιήθηκε από το χρήστη Dima Bilan (@bilanofficial)

The video has garnered over 50,000 likes in four hours, and the responses to comments on Dima Bilan’s possible return to the Eurovision Song Contest are more than encouraging.

Russia at Eurovision 2022

As usual, Russia surprises us with its decisions for its respective participations in the competition, since little information sees the light of day, before the official announcements.

Responsible for Russia’s entry in Eurovision in 2022 is the Russia 1, with which Philipp Kirkorov has been collaborating with the Dream Team in recent years. Apart from the shocking unexpected, the Russia channel will trust the same team again this year, which has also brought them significant successes. This year’s ninth place of Manizha and Russian Woman, a song that was especially loved by fans, but found itself in relatively low positions for Russia, especially in the public voting, proved that no country alone has a guaranteed place in the top 5…

Although it is still early and the first processes have started in Russia, it is no coincidence that in the summer Dimitris Kontopoulos and Elias Kokotos were in Moscow, where they also had meetings with various artists. The fact is that we are far from any decisions, but the interest of Dima Bilan is also a given.

After this year’s mediocre position for the data of Russia, but also the low numbers in the television viewing, the channel Russia will want a popular artist, who will raise the numbers and the interest, hoping of course to win a very good position. In this equation, Dima Bilan can be the solution…

Below is the first entry of Dima Bilan in the competition:

Would you like to see Dima Bilan again at the Eurovision Song Contest?

Russia: Philipp Kirkorov is not included in Ukraine’s “Black List” anymore

Five days ago, Ukraine’s goverment has decided to include the Russian Pop Star Philipp Kirkorov in the “Black List” and ban him from entering the country, among other 200 Russian artists.

However, the Russian artist has made an instagram post to reasure his fans and followers that his name is not included in the list anymore and his fans will be able to keep on listening to his music.

I’m sending a piece of my heart and soul to every fan I have in Ukraine. I’m feeling very happy and proud with with the unexpected announcement from government authorities.

At the weekend, Ukraine’s government authorities, has removed my name from “Black List”. Thank you all for your support and your love.

We all have the right to decide what to watch or what to listen to, all by ourselves. And you proved that music and politics shouldn’t be related.

You proved to the whole world that your voice, the voice of the people, is much more powerful than every goverment agency. You showed a friendly face to Russia and I’m really hoping that the two countries will be friendly and show respect to each other. Maybe, there is still hope that the whole situation between us will be improved

Philipp Kirkorov

The Russian artist represented the country in Eurovision 1995 and has been part of the “Dream Team” ,as a co-writer , the last 15 years.



Russia: Philipp Kirkorov in the spotlight – Zivert’s chances for Eurovision are reduced!

A big controversy broke out yesterday in the Russian showbiz with Russian pop singer and member of the Dream Team, Philipp Kirkorov and the producer of the singer Svetlana Loboda, Natella Krapivina, as the main actors.

The occasion was the appearance of Philipp Kirkorov with the influencer-rapper Dava Manukyan on the red carpet of the Muz Tv awards and the photo they uploaded, in which they are surrounded by half-naked men.

The specific post on Instagram was commented by Natella Krapivina, producer and director of Svetlana Loboda, writing “Horror show in every way. “In the old days in the Caucasus, such people were cut up and made into kebabs.”

Krapivina’s comment was answered by Phillip Kirkorov, posting a video on Instagram, in which he directly accused her of arrogance, toxicity and hypocrisy, as she claims that she is progressive, while at the same time she wishes people to die. In the same post he blamed her for the fact that a Loboda appearance had strong similarities with an older Beyonce appearance.

Philipp Kirkorov has received rave reviews from celebrities such as Little Big Sonya, Melovin and Natalia Gordienko.

The famous Russian singer Zivert, however, seems to have liked Krapivina’s initial comment, something that Dava Manukyan also noticed, accusing her on Instagram of hypocrisy, since she has collaborated with Kirkorov. At the same time, Dava asked Kirkorov “not to cooperate in the future with people who smile at them but want to send them to the barbecue.”

Therefore, although it was one of the most rumored names, Zivert’s chances of representing Russia at Eurovision 2022 in collaboration with the Dream Team seem to be significantly reduced.

Meanwhile, Krapivina announced the end of its cooperation with Loboda and its departure from Russian showbiz.

In a video she posted, she admitted that her comment was harsh, explaining that she was not addressing all members of the LGBT community but the “atalants promoted by Kirkorov” and the “circus of Russian showbiz”. In addition, she stated that she proves her tolerance every day and accused Philipp Kirkorov of distorting her comment, while he has not actively supported members of the LGBT community in Russia. He also referred to previous incidents with Kirkorov, the fact that Loboda is the producer of a great success and claimed that Kirkorov repeatedly asked Loboda to cooperate in recent months, but she refused.

Svetlana Loboda on the other hand stated that her views do not coincide with those of her (former) producer and apologized to anyone who was offended or hurt.

Meanwhile, Roskomnadzor (Russia’s Communications, Information and Media Supervision Service) said it would investigate Muz Tv Awards material for violations of a law banning the promotion of “non-traditional sex with minors”. during the day and without the sign 18+. It is the law that was passed in Russia in 2013, became known as the “law of gay propaganda” and was condemned by the international community.

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Russia: Dream Team in Moscow | Preparations for Eurovision 2022 have begun!

Immediately after the end of this year’s contest, Philipp Kirkorov stated that in 2022 he will return to Eurovision for Russia. Dream Team does not seem to lose any time, since Dimitris Kontopoulos and Elias Kokotos are in Moscow, as according to our information, the trip for Eurovision 2022 has just begun!

Russia 1 channel will select the representative of the country for the next competition, so it is easy to understand that in all probability in the project for the next entry of Russia we will see the Dream Team involved. Philipp Kirkorov and Dimitris Kontopoulos will be the creators of the song, Fokas Evangelinos will be the artistic director, while Elias Kokotos will be the project manager.

Two third and one seventh place are the last places of Dream Team with the colors of Russia in the contest and they want this good series to continue.

Dimitris Kontopoulos and Elias Kokotos are in Moscow, for the first processes related to Eurovision 2022. Clearly what matters is the choice of the artist, but also of the song. The Russia 1 channel has proved that they are primarily interested in the television viewing of the competition in the country, so we should not rule out the choice of a big name for Russia next year.

Russia was represented this year by Manizha with the Russian Woman, occupying the ninth place in the grand final:

Who do you like to see representing Russia next year in Italy?

Russia: Reactions to Manizha and her song for Eurovision 2021 continue!

Problems with the song selected at Eurovision have not only been in Cyprus, as you have understood. In Russia, the song chosen for the contest seems to be divisive, while the country’s Orthodox Church is also critical of Manizha’s Russian Woman.

The Russian Orthodox Church has commented to RIA Novosti on the country’s entry in the contest, saying that songs that infuriate “female compatriots” and humiliate women’s dignity should not be chosen.

On Wednesday, the representative of the Council of the Russian Federation, Valentina Matvienko, as we informed you in our relevant article, expressed surprise at the content of Manizha’s song, asking for information from Channel 1 about the process of selecting a singer and song that followed .

In turn, Senator Elena Afanasieva noted that “many Russians were surprised by this choice: surprised by the appearance, surprised by the song.” According to Afanasieva: “there is no meaning in the song, it is not understood what kind of African-American dance it is!”. The senator believes that it is necessary to understand what values ​​the performer representing Russia preserves or not.

“A significant part of the Russian public is outraged by this piece. “I have heard of a negative reaction both from the Orthodox community, specifically from women (the Orthodox Women’s Union protested), and that many Russian women are outraged by this song,” said the deputy head of the synodal department of the Moscow Patriarchate. Church – Society and Media relations.

In fact, he stressed that “any creation that has to do with Russia and has female issues in its content should not provoke anger among the women of our country.”

“We proceed from the fact that the protection of traditional values ​​is enshrined in the constitution of the country and one of them is the value of motherhood, which presupposes unconditional respect for women. “Anything that demeans a woman’s dignity is not worth spreading internationally, including the Eurovision Song Contest,” said a spokesman for the Russian Orthodox Church.

Manizha has its origins in Tajikistan, which became known through social media. In December 2020, she became the first UN goodwill ambassador for refugees from Russia.

The song has so far been characterized as: a challenge for the Russians, a parody of them, which leaves a bad taste “.

The Orthodox Women’s Union insists it cannot go to Eurovision, as the image of Russia is being publicly insulted. The song in it talks about children who grow up without a father, about broken families, about women who are considered older after 30 and are pressured to have children, about women who “must” lose weight and about the fact that Russian women always want to leave country and seek their fortune elsewhere;

As you understand the drama does not end…

Source: Tass

Russia: These are the candidates for the national final!

After yesterday’s article about the really high probability of not seeing the Little Big compete in the national final of Russia, we will now bring you the first information we have about the three artists we will see claiming the Russian representation in Eurovision 2021. Read more

Russia: Little Big will NOT take part in the national final for Eurovision 2021! UPDATED

Unfortunately and according to our exclusive and secure information, Little Big, the band that would represent Russia in last year’s Eurovision Song Contest, will not be candindates in the national final on March 8, organized by the country’s public television, for artist and song selection for this year’s competition.

It is still unknown who the candidates will be, although given that this national final will last only 1 hour, it is easy to understand that there will be no more than five candidates.

The dancer who participates in the commercial trailer of the national final and also participated in the video clip of Little Big Uno, is not a member of the band, he just collaborated with them last year.

What we also know about Monday is the appearance of Natalia Gordienko who will perform “Sugar”, this year’s entry of Moldova. It is also known that both Phillip Kirkorov and Yulia Savicheva, Russia’s representative in 2004, will appear.

We remind you that Little Big was one of the big favorites in last year’s canceled contest, with the song Uno, which broke all records of views on the Eurovision YouTube channel.


Apparently the thriller will last until Monday, as newer information contradicts what we learned earlier. We apologize for the inconvenience, but at the moment nothing can be guaranteed with 100% certainty.

Little Big are thus added to the list of artists who would represent their country in last year’s contest, but do not return to Eurovision 2021!

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Philipp Kirkorov appeals to the European Court of Human Rights!

Philipp Kirkorov has decided to react strongly after the announcement of the Lithuanian Immigration Department a few days ago, that his name was added to a list of unwanted citizens who were banned from entering the Baltic country for the next five years. According to what was conveyed to us from the environment of the biggest pop star of Russia, he has already started the proceedings with his lawyers, to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights. Read more

Editorial: How fair will the “live on tape video” be for Eurovision 2021?

The announcement of the EBU and the Dutch organizers for the live on tape video that will be made by the 41 participants of Eurovision 2021, although it ensures that the contest will take place even in the worst case scenario regarding the course of the pandemic, but leaves many questions in the part of justice and equal conditions that should govern the competition.

What exactly is live on tape video?

According to what was announced, all participating broadcasters were asked to record a live performance of their entry in their country. This recording will be delivered before the contest and will take place in a studio. The recording will take place in real time (as it would in the Contest) without making changes to the vocals or any part of the show itself after the recording.

There will be freedom in the delegations, to present as they consider their entries better, but instructions will be given which will ensure the fairness and integrity of the competition. There will be no audience and the recording should be unique and not be published before the event in May.

Delegations are allowed to use similar technical capabilities and dimensions that would be available on stage in Rotterdam, but are also free to choose a more limited production facility. Video recordings must not contain augmented or virtual reality, overlays, confetti, drone shots, water, color use or green screen.

How to ensure meritocracy and fairness in the contest?

In addition to the above, the EBU also announced a series of safety valves, which will ensure that the 41 live video tapes will have been made under the same conditions. Indicatively, we mention that those present in the video recording will be a representative of the Dutch public broadcaster, while the shooting will be watched by the executive supervisor of the contest, as well as a representative from an independent voting observer (E&Y). The duration of the shooting will be one hour and at this time the participants will be able to videotape up to three times their appearance. The selection of the shot will be made by the Head of Delegation and another authorized representative.

Our doubts about live on tape video

First of all, let’s say that even under normal conditions, not everyone competes on equal terms. What do we mean by that? We see in recent years on the eurovision stage, impressive appearances, with the help of the use of technology. Technology that not all broadcasters can use. Fro example Serbian public broadcaster cannot spend the money that Swedish public broadcaster spends. Albanian television cannot spend the money spent by Russian or Azerbaijani television and so on.

So, many times the countries participating in the contest can start from different points of view, but what mitigates the above a bit is that they share the same stage and it is ensured that everyone sings live. With the advancement of technology, and given that each country can use any studio it wants, even that is in question.

We read that Russia uses virtual reality in its appearance for Junior Eurovision 2020, where the contest will take place via live on tape video. An effect that other countries probably will not have at their disposal, for economic and technical reasons.

Of course for the live on tape videos of Eurovision 2021 the EBU has banned such special effects. However, LEDs are not prohibited and it is possible for different sized scenes, something that, as you understand, will differentiate the final result.

What we all hope is that everything you read remains on a theoretical level only. The situation with the pandemic to improve and to have a Eurovision as close to normal as possible, with the 41 artists performing their songs on the stage of the Ahoy Arena!

What is your opinion about the live on tape video? Are equal conditions guaranteed for all?