Eurovision 2024: Which rehearsal has the most views on TikTok?

Two days ago, the first rehearsals for all 37 entries officially concluded, and today the second rehearsals are expected to be completed, with the Big 5 and the host country Sweden taking the stage at the Malmö Arena for the second time! This means that we are getting closer to the Eurovision week, with the Dress and Jury Rehearsals for the first semi-final starting on Monday.

However, as we know on TikTok, all the first rehearsals are uploaded. Apart from their performances, we’ll also get a sneak peek backstage before they take the stage for the first time in a video of about one minute.

One of the many features of TikTok is the ability to add songs to each user’s video creation. However, the TikTok algorithm is usually able to detect the song used in the video, assign it to the correct track, and then include it in the total number of videos where that sound has been used. Based on this capability, the most popular songs before rehearsals were from the Netherlands and Italy. Will they receive the same promotion as before?

The ranking with all the entries (in brackets will be the day of the rehearsal) based on the increasing number of views after one week from the start of the first rehearsals on TikTok is as follows:

  1. NetherlandsJoost (fourth day) – Europapa 3.2 milion views
  2. Greece: Marina Satti (third day) – ZARI – 2.7 million views
  3. Poland: LUNA (first day)The Tower –1.5 million views
  4. Switzerland: Nemo (third day) – The Code – 1.2 million views
  5. Serbia: Teya Dora (first day) – Ramonda – 980.1 thousand views
  6. Ukraine: alyona alyona & Jerry Heil (first day) – Teressa & Maria – 971.2 thousand views
  7. Croatia: Baby Lasagna (first day) – Rim Tim Tagi Dim – 812.3 thousand views
  8. Georgia: Nutsa (fourth day) – FireFighter – 637.4 thousand views
  9. Israel: Eden Golan (fourth day) – Hurricane – 607.1 thousand views
  10. Belgium: Mustii (fourth day) – Before The Party Is Over – 585.7 thousand views
  11. United Kingdom: Olly Alexander (sixth day) – Dizzy – 567.4 thousand views
  12. Armenia: LADANIVA (third day)  – Jako – 528.6 thousand views
  13. Sweden: Marcus & Martinus (sixth day) Unforgettable – 515.6 thousand views
  14. Spain: Nebulossa (sixth day)Zorra – 448.5 thousand views
  15. Albania: Besa (third day) – TiTan – 413.5 thousand views
  16. France: Slimane (sixth day) Mon Amour – 412.5 thousand views
  17. Ireland: Bambie Thug (first day) – Doomsday Blue – 388.2 thousand views
  18. Latvia: Dons (fourth day) – Hollow – 383.2 thousand viewsc
  19. Austria: Kaleen (third day)  – We Will Rave – 366.2 thousand views
  20. Azerbaijan: FAHREE feat. Ilkin Dovlatov (second day) – Özünlə Apar – 363.5 thousand views
  21. Cyrpus: Silia Kapsis (first day) – Liar – 324.8 thousand views
  22. Lithuania: Silvester Belt (first day) – Luktelk – 306.2 thousand views
  23. Luxembourg: TALI (second day) – Fighter – 304.3 thousand views
  24. Estonia: 5MIINUST x Puuluup (fourth day) – (Nendest) narkootikumidest ei tea me (küll) midagi – 292.0 thousand views
  25. Malta: Sarah Bonnici (third day) – Loop –  291.7 thousand views
  26. Czechia: Aiko (third day) – Pedestal – 284.9 thousand views
  27. Denmark: SABA (third day) – SAND – 262.0 thousand views
  28. Norway: Gåte (fourth day) – Ulveham – 255.4 thousand views
  29. San Marino: Megara (fourth day) – 11:11 – 238.2 thousand views
  30. Australia: Electric Fields (sexond day) – One Milkali (One Blood) – 229.9 thousand views
  31. Moldova: Natalia Barbu (second day) – In The Middle – 211.0 thousand views
  32. Germany: Isaak (sixth day)Always On The Run – 210.2 thousand views
  33. Portugal: iolanda (second day) – Grito – 192.3 thousand views
  34. Italy: Angelina Mango (sixth day) La Noia – 186.0 thousand views
  35. Iceland: Hera Bjork (second day) – Scared of Heights –  180.3 thousand views
  36. Finland: Windows95man (second day) – No Rules – 172.2 thousand views
  37. Slovenia: Raiven (second day) – Veronika – 162.4 thousand views

The views were counted at 17:45 CET.

Based on the views from the first semi-final, the following countries will qualify (in ascending order): Poland, Serbia, Ukraine, Croatia, Ireland, Azerbaijan, Cyprus (seventh), Lithuania, Luxembourg, and Australia.

Similarly, from the second semi-final, the following countries will qualify: Netherlands, Greece, Switzerland, Georgia, Israel, Belgium, Armenia, Albania, Latvia, and Austria.

TikTok has played a significant role in the success of Eurovision songs in recent years. For example, Duncan Laurence’s winning entry “Arcade” became a global hit a year after winning the competition when it was used in over a million videos on TikTok. One of the earliest TikTok successes from Eurovision was Getter Jaani’s “Rockefeller Street”, which went viral on the platform in 2018 and has since been used in over two million videos. Let’s not forget that Armenia’s entry in 2022 by Rosa Linn with “Snap” gained over a billion views on the platform. Finally, Norway’s entry last year gained significant worldwide publicity months before the competition week, where it secured fifth place.

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Ukraine: Watch the official music video of “Teresa & Maria” by alyona alyona and Jerry Heil!

Just a few days before the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 commences, the Ukrainian represenatives, alyona alyona and Jerry Heil, present the official music video of the Ukrainian entry for this year’s contest.

In the music video we can see tha faces of “Ukrainian women who walk a thorny path every day (…) through pain, joy, tears, laugh, disappointment”. The artists also rub an online campaign with the hashtag #WorldOnHerShoulder (in English and Ukrainian) wanting to talk about “the women who inspire you and make you believe in tomorrow, even when it seems like tomorrow will never come”.

Watch the official music video of “Teresa & Maria” by alyona alyona and Jerry Heil in the video below:

Ukraine takes part in the first semi-final of Eurovision 2024 on May 7.

Stay tuned on Eurovisionfun for all the news regarding the Ukrainian participation at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024, in Malmö!

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The Model: Switzerland Tipped for Victory with One Week Remaining

With the Grand Final of Eurovision 2024 just around the corner, The Model, Eurovoix’s data-driven simulation of the contest, is favoring Switzerland as the potential winner.

Drawing from diverse data sources including current betting odds, community rankings, and polls, The Model maintains that Nemo and their song ‘The Code‘ are the frontrunners to clinch victory in this year’s competition.

As per the latest simulation, Switzerland is anticipated to accumulate a total of 454 points, potentially marking the lowest winning total since the inception of the new voting system in 2016. Trailing closely behind are Ukraine and Italy, both projected to score 422 points and sharing the second position.

Utilizing data from bookmakers’ odds, community rankings, and more, The Model endeavors to provide accurate Eurovision predictions. For a deeper understanding of its methodology, check out a brief explanation here:

As the contest draws nearer, The Model adjusts its projections to reflect evolving dynamics, considering factors such as show running orders, political biases, and tactical voting. This meticulous approach aims to generate realistic forecasts of the final outcome.

So, if The Model were to be entirely accurate, what scenarios does it predict for Eurovision 2024?

Semi-Final One

With rehearsals underway, fans and bookmakers gain insights into each country’s staging plans, influencing the shifting landscape of winning probabilities. Today’s updated projections from The Model reflect these changes, presenting a significantly altered picture from previous assessments.

Ukraine retains its lead in the first semi-final, with Alyona Alyona and Jerry Heil‘s song “Teresa & Maria” receiving a significant boost in odds following the reveal of their staging. Following closely behind is Baby Lasagna and Croatia, securing the second spot despite climbing to first place in the overall odds.

Noteworthy is Ireland, rapidly climbing in the rankings following the unveiling of Bambie Thug‘s rehearsal clip for “Doomsday Blue“. With shortened odds, The Model now predicts Ireland to comfortably secure 135 points in the first semi-final, marking a return to the final stage.

Silvester Belt‘s “Luktelk” for Lithuania follows closely with 115 points, while Finland and Cyprus tie at 94 points in fifth and sixth places. Despite being high-energy songs, both “No Rules” and “Liar” benefit from the removal of juries this year, enhancing their chances of garnering public support.

Semi-Final Two

In the second semi-final, although there have been fewer changes, The Model adapts its projection to align with evolving odds, polls, and other factors. Notably, bookmakers display higher confidence in the outcome of Semi-Final Two compared to Semi-Final One, a sentiment echoed by The Model.

Joost Klein is forecasted to triumph in this semi-final with his hardstyle anthem “Europapa“, closing the show with a bang. Despite some critique of the staging, The Model anticipates overwhelming support for the song translating into substantial points on Thursday.

Trailing behind Joost Klein is Nemo with “The Code“, securing a robust 165 points. While Switzerland‘s position as a favorite to win the overall contest remains unchanged, Nemo‘s projection reflects the advantageous impact of their later performance slot in the running order.

Grand Final

In the absence of the running order for the final, The Model treats each song as if performing in the same position, except for Sweden, who has already drawn the first slot. Despite this limitation, The Model projects a compelling showdown in the Grand Final.

In this simulation, Israel leads the pack in the jury vote with their poignant ballad “Hurricane“, narrowly surpassing Switzerland. However, the public vote paints a different picture, with Ukraine emerging victorious, closely trailed by Switzerland and Italy.

Ultimately, Switzerland secures victory with 454 points, leveraging its strong performances in both the jury and public votes. While surprises abound in The Model’s projections, only the final show will reveal whether these predictions materialize into reality.

With just one week left until Eurovision 2024, The Model continues to refine its projections. Stay tuned for predictions for each show next week, and after the events, we’ll compare The Model’s forecasts with the actual results, offering insights into its accuracy.

As the excitement builds, all eyes are on Switzerland as the projected favorite to emerge victorious. The countdown to Eurovision 2024 is on, and anticipation is at an all-time high as fans eagerly await the grand finale.

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for all the latest developments regarding the 68th Eurovision Song Contest!

Source: Eurovoix

Ukraine: Tanu Muiño appointed as Creative Director for “Teresa & Maria”!

Suspiline, the Ukrainian broadcaster, has announced that the creative director for their Eurovision 2024 entry “Teresa & Maria” is Tanu Muiño.

The artists behind the song, alyona alyona & Jerry Heil, had decided to keep Tanu’s involvement with their entry a secret until now. However, the appointment of Tanu as Ukraine’s creative director is a major coup considering her wide experience in staging music videos and performances.

Described as “the most famous Ukrainian director in the world” by Suspiline in a press release, Tanu has worked with some of the biggest names in music. The list of her collaborators includes Harry Styles, Dua Lipa, The Weeknd and many others, meaning she’s behind some of the world’s biggest music videos.

Now, Tanu has teamed up with alyona alyona & Jerry Heil, who say they “are grateful to fate for the opportunity to team up with Tanu Muiño”.

We are thrilled Tanu became the creative director of our performance. She created so many powerful and incredibly beautiful works, and now she is staging the whole performance –  from development to implementation – that will probably be the most important in our lives. We are grateful Tanu felt the performance exactly as you will see it on May 7 during the first Semi-final at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 in Malmö. We managed to bring to life what we had been planning and creating for so long. We have a song that is engraved in the heart of every Ukrainian, a great director who created the best performance for us, so we are ready to represent our country in the best possible way.

We have also now seen what staging Tanu Muiño has worked on for Ukraine’s Eurovision entry this year. After two rehearsals, a clip has been released by The Council showcasing the staging, which involves Jerry Heil climbing a large rock-like structure as shooting stars fall behind her on the LED wall.

Ukraine Eurovision 2024


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Bets: Croatia back on top – The latest odds shake-ups!

Croatia‘s rise to the top of the betting tables was only a matter of time, which is exactly what happened. So, after more than a month since Switzerland rose to the top of the betting tables, the big moment of Croatia‘s return to the position they have been in for much of this year’s Eurovision season has arrived.

We had already reported in last night’s Editorial that Baby Lasagna and “Rim Tim Tagi Dim” were rapidly closing the gap between them and the leading Switzerland. A few hours later the expected “change of baton” took place, with Croatia now in pole position to win the 68th Eurovision Song Contest.

Taking a closer look at the odds, we see significant changes in a few hours since last night’s release of the recap of the countries participating in the first semi-final. As a result, the top spot is now occupied by Croatia, with bookers offering the Croats‘ maiden win at odds between 3 and 3.5 (3.75 – 4.5 last night).

As a consequence, Switzerland dropped out of the top spot for the first time since the end of March. Switzerland and Nemo‘s win is now being bet at odds between 3 and 4, whereas until last night it was between 2.63 and 3.

Italy is also losing ground, with Ukraine threatening to overtake them within a short time. Between 5 and 6.5 is on offer for those who believe in Angelina Mango‘s potential (5-6 last night), while Ukraine‘s counterpart is now being played at odds between 5.5 and 7, clearly lower than before the recap was released when Alyona Alyona & Jerry Heil won impressions (7.5 – 10).

A drop of course for the Netherlands, which has been the big loser in the top five since the start of the rehearsals, with a potential win for Joost Klein and “Europapa” returning up to ten times the stakes.

As for the rest of the Top 10, Israel has moved up to sixth place in the last few hours. Israel‘s victory is offered at odds between 17 and 23, slightly higher compared to last night (15-21). A one place drop for France, in a development that was largely expected, as we reported in our betting analysis last night. Up to 26 times the stake is returned by “Mon Amour” and Slimane.

Greece remains stable for now, in eighth place. A possible win for “ZARI” and Marina Satti is still being played at the moment at odds between 21 and 34, just like last night.

Slightly behind Greece is Ireland who remain ninth, but are seeing their odds of victory diminish by the hour. Performing one of the best rehearsals of the first semi-final, it’s only natural that bookies are dropping Ireland’s odds to win, a possibility that is currently being played at odds between 23 and 41, when just a few hours ago it was returning up to 67 times the stakes.

Finally, absolutely stagnant in tenth place remains Norway. Should Gåte win this year’s Eurovision with “Ulveham“, people who bet on them will get up to 101 times their money back.

Will the bookers’ predictions come true and will Croatia achieve its maiden victory in the Eurovision Song Contest? Tell us in the comments!

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Eurovision 2024: Watch the exclusive TV footage from today’s second rehearsals!

The fifth day of technical rehearsals for the 68th Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö is now over, and the preparations are heating up. Following their first technical rehearsals, the 15 countries competing in the first semi-final took the stage of Malmö Arena for their second round of rehearsals.

The second rehearsals allowed the delegations to iron out any issues from the first round of rehearsals and gave the artists a greater sense of security and comfort on the Eurovision main stage.

We know very little about what this year’s artists have prepared for the Eurovision stage because accredited journalists are not permitted to watch both the first and second rehearsals. The EBU has just posted a recap of today’s rehearsals on YouTube via the official Eurovision channel. More precisely, we’ll get to see the exclusive TV footage of today’s rehearsals.

The countries that had their second rehearsals today were the following:

  1. Cyprus
  2. Serbia
  3. Lithuania
  4. Ireland
  5. Ukraine
  6. Poland
  7. Croatia
  8. Iceland
  9. Slovenia
  10. Finland
  11. Moldova
  12. Azerbaijan
  13. Australia
  14. Portugal
  15. Luxembourg

You can watch the recap of today’s rehearsals below:

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Eurovision 2024: Watch exclusive TV footage from Serbia, Moldova, Ukraine and Slovenia!

Today, the artists from the first semifinal stepped on the stage of Malmö Arena for their second technical rehearsal.  After all today’s second rehearsals a recap video will be published on the official Youtube channel, but some videos showing the TV footage of the second rehearsals have already been released.

Below you can see the TV footage from Serbia and Teya Dora singing her song “Ramonda“:

Beneath, Natalia Barbu is performing “In the Middle” representing Moldova:

Following, Alyona Alyona & Jerry Heil from Ukraine are performing their song “Teresa & Maria“:

Last but not least Raiven is singing her song “Veronika” representing Slovenia:

After all today’s second rehearsals a recap video will be published on the official Youtube channel! Stay tuned!

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Eurovision 2024: The odds after the completion of the first rehearsals!

The favourite column of many of you returns, as the betting analyses for the 68th Eurovision Song Contest are back again.

With less than a week to go until the first Eurovision 2024 semi-final and after the fourth day of rehearsals, we take a look at the betting companies’ odds regarding each country’s chances of winning this year’s contest.

Top 5

Largely unchanged is the situation at the top of the betting tables, with Nemo and Switzerland seen as the heavy favourites to win the 68th Eurovision Song Contest. Switzerland‘s victory is now being bet at odds of between 2.63 and 3, with the odds remaining largely stable.

In second place, with more or less the same odds compared to our last analysis a week ago, is Croatia. Baby Lasagna and ‘Rim Tim Tagi Dim‘ will go all the way for the Croats’ maiden win, with bookies offering odds of between 3.75 and 4.5.

A short distance behind Croatia is Italy, who have moved back up to third place. A day before the Italian team’s first rehearsal in Malmö, the competition’s performance so far has boosted Angelina Mango‘s chances with “La Noia“, as now at almost all bookmakers the odds of an Italian victory have dropped significantly. Between 5 and 6 is offered for the Italian victory for those who believe in the potential of the talented young performer.

Fourth is currently Ukraine, whose maximum odds of winning are exactly the same as those of the fifth-ranked country, the Netherlands. However, a closer look at the table reveals that almost all bookers agree that the Netherlands‘ rehearsal was probably the worst among the favourites in the contest, which is why they are now offering it at a higher yield.

On the contrary, the momentum is much more favourable for Ukraine, whose first rehearsal was one of the top of the 31 countries taking to the stage for the first time. Ukraine‘s fourth win in the Eurovision Song Contest is currently being bet at odds of between 7.5 and 10, while the Netherlands‘ win is currently being bet between 5 and 10.

Top 10

With the countries in the Top 5 having stood out in comparison to those below them in the betting tables, let’s take a look at the rest of the top ten. In sixth place is still France, who have consistently remained in or on the fringes of the top ten for most of this Eurovision season. Up to 21 times the stakes are returned by “Mon Amour” and Slimane.

In seventh place with a steady upward trend is Israel. Having, admittedly, one of the best rehearsals we have seen so far, Eden Golan and “Hurricane” are on the verge of sixth place and it may be a matter of a few hours before they overtake France. Israel‘s win is offered at odds between 15 and 21, down by almost half on our last analysis.

Eighth-placed Greece are among the winners in the early rehearsals. Marina Satti‘s very good rehearsal has brought down Greece’s odds of victory at most of the betting companies. Thus, now a possible victory of “ZARI” and Marina Satti is currently being played at odds between 21 and 34, slightly lower compared to our analysis before the first rehearsals.

The big winner in recent weeks has clearly been Ireland, who have remained firmly in ninth place over the last week. As many as 67 times the stakes are returned for Ireland’s win with Bambie Thug‘s “Doomsday Blue“, with bookers’ opinions divided over the fate of this entry more than any other Eurovision 2024 song.

A “new entry” in the top ten is now Norway, which took advantage of the fall of Belgium and Lithuania, climbing into the Top 10 after more than two months inside the Top 10. Should Gåte win this year’s Eurovision with “Ulveham“, people who bet on them will get up to 101 times their money back.

First semi-final

As part of this analysis, we will also take a first look at the odds of qualifying for the grand final. We start with the first semi-final, whose participating countries took to the stage of Malmö Arena for the second time today and will return on Monday for the rehearsals of the shows.

Four countries are considered a given to qualify, with Croatia, Ukraine, Lithuania and Finland offered by bookers at odds of under 1.10. It is telling that the odds on the top four countries in particular return almost nothing to those who bet on them. For example, in the event that someone bets ten euros on their qualification, they will only make a profit of fifty euro cents on the best one.

The countries following the top four countries also seem to have a very big chance of qualifying for the grand final. Luxembourg, Cyprus and Ireland have over 80% chances of qualifying, with their eventual qualification being bet at odds of close to 1.20-1.25.

Poland seem to be in a league of their own, seen as the eighth favourite to qualify for the grand final on May 11. Luna‘s qualification is offered at odds of around 1.30-1.36, with a clear distance between them and both the leading and trailing countries.

A battle is expected for the last two tickets to Saturday’s grand final, with four countries battling it out. Serbia have the edge over that group of four countries, with bookers offering any qualification for Teya Dora close to 1.5. Portugal and Australia are next, both being played at exactly the same odds, between 1.5 and 1.73, with bookmakers unable to give either country a qualification advantage.

Less likely compared to the aforementioned countries is Slovenia, whose eventual qualification, despite being seen as the 12th seed to qualify from this semi-final, returns less than 2 times the stake. One understands that the differences between them are marginal and, therefore, qualification will be decided on the margin.

The following countries, namely Azerbaijan, Moldova and Iceland, are considered less likely to qualify. More chances of qualification for the Azeris are being played between 2.38 and 3.25, with bookers not ruling out the surprise. Conversely, Moldova and Iceland are far and away in the bottom two spots having the least chance of qualification.

Second semi-final

Regarding the second semi-final, things seem to be clearer. Sixteen countries are involved in this semi-final, with ten of them being played at odds of less than 2. You can see how bookers seem to have easily settled on the top ten that will qualify for the final.

Switzerland, Netherlands, Greece, Greece, Norway, Armenia and Israel are seen by bookmakers as certain to qualify, with their qualification returning up to 1.1 times the stake. It is understandable that with six out of ten countries being taken for granted to qualify for Saturday’s grand final, things become more difficult for the remaining ten.

Much the same is true of Belgium, Austria and Estonia, with bookies offering the possibility of them making the final of this year’s competition between 1.20 and 1.28.

Rounding out the top ten is tenth-placed Georgia, who are in a league of their own and it looks like it’s time to break their negative streak of exclusions since 2016. At odds of between 1.33 and 1.4, Georgia are on offer, with the possibility of qualification being the most prevalent.

And we move on to the other six semi-final countries, which are considered by bookies as underdogs for qualification. Clearly more likely are Denmark and Albania, who should be considered anything but out of the running, with their qualification odds at close to 2.40 and 2.75 respectively.

Finally, Latvia, San Marino, Malta and the Czech Republic seem to be “boiling in the same pot”, whose qualification quadruples, quintuples and sixfold the stakes.

Will Switzerland achieve its third victory in the Eurovision Song Contest with Nemo’s “The Code”? Tell us in the comments!

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for all the developments!

Eurovision 2024: Ukraine’s Second Rehearsal!

Next up gracing the stage, we have the female duo alyona alyona & Jerry Heil from Ukraine!

Who are alyona alyona & Jerry Heil?

Aliona Olehivna Savranenko better known by her stage name Alyona Alyona is a Ukrainian rapper and songwriter and she was born on 14 June 1991. Alyona started writing rap music in the middle of the 2000s, with multiple attempts to reach a wider audience. Her initial stage name was Alyona Al.kaida. Alyona is a very controversial figure to the ukrainian society as she was praised in the a Vogue issue as “Ukraine’s most unlikely rap star”. She also has been dubbed “the new rap star of Ukraine” and “the sensation of Ukrainian rap” by Ukrainian media and “The New York Times” likened her to the famous female raper Azealia Banks.

Yana Oleksandrivna Shemaieva, known as an artist by Jerry Heil, is a Ukrainian singer, songwriter and YouTuber. She was born on  21 October 1995 in a city outside Kyiv called Vasylkiv. She began her career after launching her YouTube channel in 2012, publishing vlogs and musical covers. Jerry began her professional music career in 2017, releasing her debut EP. Since starting her YouTube channel, she has accumulated more than 34.9 million views and 395 thousand subscribers.

Teresa & Maria is a self-described as a song about hope inspired by Roman Catholic saint Mother Teresa and the Virgin Mary, the song was written by Alyona, Heil, Anton Chilibi, and Ivan Klymenko. The song won Ukraine’s National Selection for Eurovision called Vidbir earlier this year.

The Rehearsal

After the first rehearsal that got a lot of great reviews, alyona alyona & Jerry Heil are back on the stage. We can see a whole new act compared to the one of the national final of Vidbir 2024, and for one more time they deliver a great performance.

The LED works great and the colour combinations seems impressive. Vocally they are on point and we can’t wait to see the televised performance of their entry.



After all today’s second rehearsals a recap video will be published on the official Youtube channel! Stay tuned!

The Dress Rehearsal for Ukraine and the rest of Semi Final 1 will be held on the 6th of May.

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Eurovision 2024: The schedule of the fifth day of rehearsals (Wednesday 1 May)!

With the first rehearsals for the participating countries of the two semi-finals completed, the action continues today with the countries that will take part in the first semi-final taking to the stage for the second time.

With no major changes expected this year, the rehearsals for Eurovision 2024 are expected to take place in the upcoming week. Rehearsals are divided into two phases, the first which will run for four days from today until Tuesday 30/04 and will include the initial first rehearsals of all countries taking part in the two semi-finals of the contest and the second which will run from Wednesday 01/05 until Saturday 04/05 and will include the second rehearsals of the countries in the two semi-finals as well as both rehearsals of the countries competing directly in the Final, namely the Big 5 and the host Sweden.

Last year’s changes in the way the rehearsals are covered are maintained this year, as the Press Centre opens on the Monday after the first and second rehearsals.

As a consequence, the information we will have for the first week of the contest will come exclusively from the material provided by the EBU to accredited journalists, as well as through the Live Blogs on Reddit and the short videos on TikTok.

Today’s Schedule

Fifteen countries are set to take to the stage at Malmö Arena for their second rehearsal, with Cyprus and Silia Kapsis “kicking off” on Saturday morning. The detailed schedule for the fifth day of rehearsals of the 68th Eurovision Song Contest is as follows (Mentioned in CET/Swedish Time):

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