United Kingdom: BBC wants Jessie J for Eurovision 2022!

The last place in this year’s contest, with zeros in both the public vote and the juries, seems to have shaken the BBC, which desperately wants a good result in Eurovision 2022. So according to the British press, Jessie J is the artist that the country’s public television wants to represent the United Kingdom, next May in Italy!

They want to put a brake on the bad results in the BBC

The Sun, citing a source from the BBC, states that the processes for Eurovision 2022 have already begun. The BBC has already compiled a list of artists it would like for the next competition. At the top of this list is Jessie J.

The production team is desperate to make a fresh start after this year’s failure and is trying to lure top talent with promises of lucrative record sales and an international exposure.

They are determined to get back in the fight and believe that Jessie would be a perfect choice. She is very successful in Europe.

But Jessie is demanding, so accepting the offer can be more difficult than they think.

Who is Jessie J

Jessie J is 33 years old. She was born and raised in London, where she still lives today. She began her career at the age of 11, appearing in the West End musical Whistle Down the Wind. She studied at BRIT Music School before signing with Gut Records. Shortly afterwards he reached a songwriting agreement with Sony / ATV Music Publishing.

She immediately stood out with her first single, and with her next release, Price Tag, she topped the charts in nineteen countries, including the United Kingdom, followed by the release of her debut album, Who You Are in 2011, which reached number two. in the UK.

Many successes followed both at home and abroad, gaining international recognition. In 2012, Jessie J appeared outside Buckingham Palace in June, as well as at the closing ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics on 12 August.

She coached The Voice UK, The Voice Kids UK, and The Voice Australia. The whole planet bowed to her talent after her appearance on Hunan TV, in the musical reality Singer.

The United Kingdom was represented at Eurovision 2021 by James Newman with the song Embers, occupying the last 26th place in the grand final, receiving absolute zero, both from the audience and the juries.


Would you like to see Jessie J represent the United Kingdom at Eurovision 2022?

Source: The Sun.

United Kingdom: Eurofans calling for the Steps!

And may the Steps answer!

It is true that if you are a Eurovision fan and you have heard at least one song from the Steps you must have thought “They would do great in Eurovision”.

The Steps is a UK dance-pop group, consisting of five members, that was formed in 1997. The group has been around for 25 years (though between 2001 and 2011 when they were on a break). They have six studio albums and 23 singles! Trust me, you need to give a good listen to Steps.

Eurovision 2021 was a shock for the UK and the BBC. The county received a set of zero points (both from the audience and the international juries) and was placed last on the contest’s scoreboard for the second consecutive year.

But, we, Eurofans never give up (!) and this time we want Steps to represent the UK in Eurovision! (Is there a petition? where do I sign for this?)

According to one of the vocalists, Claire Richards, The pop group has already given a thought to Eurovision, but the singer didn’t give us more hints on whether they think about participating next year or not.

The singer said that we will not be able to know whether the UK will win the Eurovision for sure unless someone like Ed Sheeran or Adele enters. At the same time, the group is collaborating with international stars, like Michelle Visage, getting prepared for a massive UK tour and the release of their next album this September. Why wait for anyone else to snatch the trophy? Aren’t the Steps a good chance for the UK to get back in the competition and “Bring it home” for the first time since 1997?

Even though the Steps have been considered cheesy and bubblegum pop in the past, their 25-year-presence has proven their worth. The audience loves them, and we can’t wait for more of their music.

As Claire says, “I think Steps are timeless”.

C’mon BBC, make the right ‘Steps’.

Source: Dailyrecord

United Kingdom: London Eurovision Party 2021 is canceled

The 2021 London Eurovision Party is canceled. This years London ESC party will not take place because of the CVID-19 pandemic. The event’s cancelation, which takes place annually for a decade, was confirmed today by the organisers.

Below you can read the cancelation announcement from the official facebook page of the London Eurovision Party

Editorial: How fair will the “live on tape video” be for Eurovision 2021?

The announcement of the EBU and the Dutch organizers for the live on tape video that will be made by the 41 participants of Eurovision 2021, although it ensures that the contest will take place even in the worst case scenario regarding the course of the pandemic, but leaves many questions in the part of justice and equal conditions that should govern the competition.

What exactly is live on tape video?

According to what was announced, all participating broadcasters were asked to record a live performance of their entry in their country. This recording will be delivered before the contest and will take place in a studio. The recording will take place in real time (as it would in the Contest) without making changes to the vocals or any part of the show itself after the recording.

There will be freedom in the delegations, to present as they consider their entries better, but instructions will be given which will ensure the fairness and integrity of the competition. There will be no audience and the recording should be unique and not be published before the event in May.

Delegations are allowed to use similar technical capabilities and dimensions that would be available on stage in Rotterdam, but are also free to choose a more limited production facility. Video recordings must not contain augmented or virtual reality, overlays, confetti, drone shots, water, color use or green screen.

How to ensure meritocracy and fairness in the contest?

In addition to the above, the EBU also announced a series of safety valves, which will ensure that the 41 live video tapes will have been made under the same conditions. Indicatively, we mention that those present in the video recording will be a representative of the Dutch public broadcaster, while the shooting will be watched by the executive supervisor of the contest, as well as a representative from an independent voting observer (E&Y). The duration of the shooting will be one hour and at this time the participants will be able to videotape up to three times their appearance. The selection of the shot will be made by the Head of Delegation and another authorized representative.

Our doubts about live on tape video

First of all, let’s say that even under normal conditions, not everyone competes on equal terms. What do we mean by that? We see in recent years on the eurovision stage, impressive appearances, with the help of the use of technology. Technology that not all broadcasters can use. Fro example Serbian public broadcaster cannot spend the money that Swedish public broadcaster spends. Albanian television cannot spend the money spent by Russian or Azerbaijani television and so on.

So, many times the countries participating in the contest can start from different points of view, but what mitigates the above a bit is that they share the same stage and it is ensured that everyone sings live. With the advancement of technology, and given that each country can use any studio it wants, even that is in question.

We read that Russia uses virtual reality in its appearance for Junior Eurovision 2020, where the contest will take place via live on tape video. An effect that other countries probably will not have at their disposal, for economic and technical reasons.

Of course for the live on tape videos of Eurovision 2021 the EBU has banned such special effects. However, LEDs are not prohibited and it is possible for different sized scenes, something that, as you understand, will differentiate the final result.

What we all hope is that everything you read remains on a theoretical level only. The situation with the pandemic to improve and to have a Eurovision as close to normal as possible, with the 41 artists performing their songs on the stage of the Ahoy Arena!

What is your opinion about the live on tape video? Are equal conditions guaranteed for all?

Eurovision 2021: Participants will record their songs “live-on-tape” to ensure Contest will happen!

The EBU recently revealed how to ensure that Eurovision 2021 will happen, even in the worst case scenario with the course of the coronary pandemic.

Eurovision 2021 will take place in every way

After yesterday’s announcement that the distribution of countries in the two semifinals remains the same as that of Eurovision 2020, but also the presentation of the four possible scenarios for the conduct of Eurovision 2021, now another detail is given, concerning scenario D. In the new announcement of the EBU, concern the case in which in May the situation with the pandemic will be such that it will not allow air travel and reconnaissance, having a contest as Junior Eurovision 2020 will happen in a few days . With video appearances of the participants!

What is the process

All participating broadcasters were asked to record a live performance of their entries in their country. This recording will be delivered before the contest and will take place in a studio. The recording will take place in real time (as it would in the contest) without making changes to the vocals or any part of the show itself after the recording.

There will be freedom in the delegations, to present as they consider their participations better, but instructions will be given which will ensure the fairness and integrity of the competition. There will be no audience and the recording should be unique and not be published before the event in May.

Delegations are allowed to use similar technical capabilities and dimensions that would be available on stage in Rotterdam, but are also free to choose a more limited production facility. Video recordings must not contain augmented or virtual reality, overlays, confetti, drone shots, water, color use or green screen.

How will it be fair?

Normally in the Eurovision Song Contest all the artists would appear on the same stage under the same conditions giving everyone the same opportunity to shine. For the live recordings, the Reference Group of the Eurovision Song Contest approved additional measures to guarantee the fairness of the contest.

Prior to the recording, each participating broadcaster will meet with a representative from Host Broadcasters and submit a recording session schedule, studio setup and camera schedule.

The Head of Delegation will be on site during the registration period of 60 minutes and up to three authorized expirations, either alone or with an appropriate mandate, to make the final decision on the selection of the final receipt (from three).

A live link will be created during the recording to allow the Eurovision Executive Supervisor and a representative from an independent voting observer (E&Y) and Host Broadcaster to monitor the recording, provide assistance and support, and ensure the integrity and fairness of the contest.

No videos of the appearances from the national finals can be submitted, but each country can record on the same stage. The “live-on-tape” recordings must be delivered by the end of March.

Of course, as we mentioned at the beginning of the article, all of the above will apply in the case of contestants who will not be able to attend Rotterdam in May. The 65th Eurovision Song Contest will take place anyway!

Source: Eurovision.tv

Eurovision 2021: Allocation draw in semi-finals remains the same as in 2020!

A little while ago through the official social networks of the contest, it was announced that the draw of the semi-finals of this year’s contest will also apply to Eurovision 2021. Read more

Eurovision 2021: 41 countries to participate!!

A few moments ago, the EBU revealed the list of the participating countries at the upcoming contest of Eurovision 2021, on 18th, 20th and 22nd of May in Rotterdam the Netherlands. Actually they are the same 41 nations that were about to take part in the 2020 contest that was canceled due to the COVID19 pandemic.

EBU and the Dutch host broadcasters NPO, NOS and AVROTROS have already revealed the 4 scenarios which their are focused on, and they abide by the restrictions and the facts of the pandemic and according to which the Eurovision 2021 will take place. The scenario, which will be chosen, will be announced in due time.

Martin Österdahl, Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest, said:

“We are grateful for the commitment of the 41 participating broadcasters in helping us bring the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2021.”

“We have the exact same line up of countries that would have competed in 2020 and we are thrilled that they will all return next year. Together with our host broadcasters we are continuing to develop the 4 different scenarios and maintaining a dialogue with all participants. The team from NPO, NOS and AVROTROS are working hard on ensuring the Eurovision Song Contest will provide the excitement and innovation expected by over 180 million viewers, despite the challenging circumstances.”


Of the 41 nations taking part, 35 will compete in two Semi-Finals with 10 successful acts from each Semi-Final joining the Big 5 (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom) and hosts the Netherlands in the Grand Final.

Sietse Bakker, Executive Producer of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, said:

“It is fantastic that the same 41 countries that would have taken part this year still want to come to the Netherlands in May 2021. This demonstrates their confidence in our country still being able to organize a successful Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam next year, after the cancellation of the 2020 edition.”

“We have set the bar high to create 3 amazing live shows for an audience of 180 million people, even in these challenging times. To achieve this, we are working on an extensive protocol that guarantees the health of employees, participants, the press and visitors as much as possible.”


Participating broadcasters
The following countries (and EBU Member broadcasters) will participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 in Rotterdam:

Albania (RTSH)

Armenia (AMPTV)

Australia (SBS)*

Austria (ORF)

Azerbaijan (Ictimai TV)

Belarus (BTRC)

Belgium (VRT)

Bulgaria (BNT)

Croatia (HRT)

Cyprus (CyBC)

Czech Republic (CT)

Denmark (DR)

Estonia (ERR)

Finland (YLE)

France (FT)

Germany (ARD/NDR)

Georgia (GPB)

Greece (ERT)

Iceland (RUV)

Ireland (RTE)

Israel (KAN)

Italy (RAI)

Latvia (LTV)

Lithuania (LRT)

Malta (PBS)

Moldova (TRM)

The Netherlands (AVROTROS)

North Macedonia (MKRTV)

Norway (NRK)

Poland (TVP)

Portugal (RTP)

Romania (TVR)

Russia (Channel One)

San Marino (RTV)

Serbia (RTS)

Slovenia (RTVSLO)

Spain (TVE)

Sweden (SVT)

Switzerland (SRG SSR)

Ukraine (UA:PBC)

United Kingdom (BBC)

*EBU Associate


It is worth to be mentioned this is the first time since 1990 that we have the same amount of participating countries in two consecutive years.

Source: Eurovision.tv

UK: Katrina believes James Newman’s song was one of the strongest, BBC have sent since 1997!

In an interview with escbubble, the UK’s last winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, Katrina, claims that this year’s entry of the UK with James Newman, was one of the strongest songs BBC have sent since 1997.

Katrina supports James Newman

Katrina recently released her new album, which includes the song she suggested to the BBC for Eurovision 2020. The song is called I Want To Love Again and you can listen to it below:

Of course, in the interview she was also asked about this year’s participation of the United Kingdom and James Newman.

I think it was right on track. It was one of the strongest songs that we’ve entered since 1997… I think he’s a class writer and that’s exactly what we need to be doing and where we should be.

As for the BBC’s strategy in the contest, Katrina believes that the right recipe for 2020 has been followed and they must stick to it.

We’re on track. I think what James did is much better.. there’s no reason not to submit something really strong and really commercial.

With James Newman at Eurovision 2021?

The United Kingdom is one of the countries that has not yet announced its intentions in relation to the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. It is unknown at this time if James Newman will have another chance.

However, he does not seem to give up, after the previous days he revealed through his social networks that he is preparing new songs, together with the creators of One Last Breath, this year’s participation of the United Kingdom in the contest. It is possible that one of these songs will be suggested to the BBC.

James Newman would represent the UK at Eurovision 2020, with the song One Last Breath. You can listen it below:

Would you like to see James Newman representing the UK in Eurovision Song Contest 2021?

UK: Sarah Dawn Finer would love to represent the country at Eurovision 2021!

Although Sarah Dawn Finer has not been able to represent Sweden, in all the attempts she made at the Melodifestivalen, she has associated herself with the Eurovision Song Contest, as few artists in her country. Now, with a post on Twitter, she publicly expresses her interest in representing her father’s homeland at Eurovision 2021, the United Kingdom!

Sarah Dawn Finner, 39, has participated twice in the Melodifestivalen and has presented it three times. Eurovision fans literally adored her as Lynda Woodruff, at Eurovision 2013 and 2016 held in Sweden, with her humorous videos going viral.

In a Twitter post, Sarah Dawn Finner, who has a British father and an American mother, but was born and raised in Sweden, making a remarkable music and television career there, says she is now ready to represent the United Kingdom at Eurovision 2021.

At the same time, again on Twitter, she rules out participating in Melodifestivalen 2021, while she also denies the posts of the previous days that wanted her to participate, even as a composer.

So far BBC has not clarified how its representative will be selected in the next Eurovision song contest.

Below you can see Sarah Dawn Finner performing with Dotter, Bulletproof, at the night of the presentation of the video clips of this year’s participations, on Swedish public television:

Would you like to see Sarah Dawn Finer, representing the UK at Eurovision 2021?

Eurostars: Maruv: “I received a proposal from BBC to represent the United Kingdom at Eurovision 2020”

In a recent interview, Maruv, winner of this year’s Ukrainian national final Vidbir, but ultimately did not represent her country at the contest, revealed that she had accepted a BBC proposal to represent the United Kingdom at Eurovision 2020.

The time of withdrawal

Many of you may remember that Maruv with “Siren Song” won the national selection, Vidbir 2019, but did not travel to Tel Aviv as she did not agree to cancel her appearances in Russia, but to accept a number of other conditions set by the public Ukrainian broadcaster. Subsequently, the country’s public television began reaching out to the other Vidbir 2019 candidates in order to find the country’s representative, but without success.

Finally, Ukraine announced its withdrawal from Eurovision 2019 in Tel Aviv. UA CEO: PBC Zurab Alasania officially announced Ukraine’s withdrawal from Eurovision 2019 through its official Facebook account on February 27.

Is the UK calling on Maruv?

For Eurovision 2020, BBC has announced that BMG will select both the artist and the song to represent the UK, hoping to finally get out of the final standings.

According to what Maruv said in an interview on November 22, the United Kingdom has proposed her to represent the country at Eurovision 2020 either by hertself or simply by sending her own song to another performer.

In the following video after 13:20 (in Russian):

She herself, of course, at the MTV Awards, had rejected any possible new entry into the Eurovision competition. As she typically stated, she would only appear again in the competition as a guest!

“I wanted it too, but that is life. Now I have other desires and other dreams, and I wish one day to go to Eurovision, but only as a guest. I would love this. But not of the time”

Ukraine for 2020 has decided to include in its Vidbir regulations that artists who have performed in Russia or Crimea after the dramatic events of 2014 are banned.

Let’s remember Maruv’s performance at Vidbir 2019: