Norway: Big public response to the Monument of KEiiNO!

KEiiNO say they are delighted with the public reception of the Monument, their song for MGP 2021, with which they hope to once again represent Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Within 24 hours, the Monument was watched by 68,000 on YouTube, while it was also found in the iTunes charts of many countries. In particular, it was first in Norway and Israel, 13th in Denmark, 20th in Sweden and 45th in the United Kingdom.

Thank you SO SO much!! This is crazy!! We are so thankful!! 🖤

Δημοσιεύτηκε από Keiino στις Σάββατο, 16 Ιανουαρίου 2021

Tonight, during the first semifinal of MGP 2021, we will have the opportunity to watch the live performance of Monument by KEiiNO and we will have a better picture. Watch the acoustic version of Monument below:

Italy: Jalisse complains for the 24th rejection in the Sanremo Festival!

Jalisse, the duo that won Sanremo in 1997, then representing Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest with Fiumi Di Parole winning fourth place, publicly expressed their protest and displeasure that they were once again not selected among the competing artists in the upcoming festival.

Jalisse, which consists of Alessandra Drusian and Fabio Ricci, and is a couple in life, are constantly trying since their victory at Sanremo 1997, to be back on the Ariston stage, without success.

Fabio Ricci wonders in his long post on the official page of Jalisse, if in the end the reason for their rejection is that they do not have the right acquaintances. Nevertheless, as he characteristically states, they will insist, because they remain romantic.

Every year, with fearless hearts, for 24 years, we hang on to television, hand in hand like two dreamy lovers, like when you wait until Santa Claus arrives late or when you are the last in a long line and you hope it’s your turn and instead they close your door. We hope that Jalisse will be among those names that will be announced, with the new song that we submit to the jury, every year.

Jalisse a Sanremo? 24 volte no!

Anche stasera, come da 24 anni, Alessandra e Fabio hanno seguito la tv per scoprire i…

Δημοσιεύτηκε από Jalisse στις Πέμπτη, 17 Δεκεμβρίου 2020

Jalisse wonder why they are cut every year, saying that they do not want to believe the rumors that everyone who is selected has friendly relations with people on the jury, etc. Fabio Ricci also reveals the song they sent to last year’s festival, saying that they will definitely release the song they have submitted this year as well.

Eurovision 2021: The prevailing scenario for the contest | Only vaccinated audience at the Ahoy Arena?

Many interesting things were said by the executive supervisor of the Eurovision song contest, Martin Österdahl, about the course of the preparation of the next contest, even under the special conditions imposed by the pandemic all over the world.

As of September, the EBU has announced four possible scenarios for Eurovision 2021. Four scenarios that depend on the course of the pandemic and the prevailing epidemiological data.

Most likely are B and C scenario

Martin Österdahl reveals that the most likely scenarios for the 65th Eurovision Song Contest are B and C. That is, a contest with social distancing, masks, rapid tests and fewer fans in the arena and journalists at the press center. Unfortunately, he is not able to rule out scenario D at this time, although he considers it less likely.

We can not predict with the crystal ball, the situation with the pandemic is difficult. What we can say at the moment is that scenario A, ie a regular Eurovision Song Contest, is not possible. However, Scenario B or C is more likely, ie a contest with more or less social distance and some artists may need to make use of the videotape. In the worst case, we will be forced to do the show as in Junior Eurovision, with all delegations competing with videotaped appearances.

The presence of the audience is uncertain

The presence of the fans on the stands of the Ahoy Arena should not be taken for granted. Martin Österdahl emphasizes that the presence of the audience will depend on the decisions of the Dutch government and the measures that will apply during the competition period.

The situation is dynamic and constantly changing. We are not entirely sure how things will be in May, but it seems that the space that will be available in the arena will be limited. Fans are very important for Eurovision, but let’s not forget that the contest is primarily a TV show. It is possible to make a show even without an audience and we will do it if necessary, but we would definitely like to have the audience inside.

Is vaccination mandatory for those in Ahoy?

Another topical issue is the mandatory vaccine, for those who wish to take part in such big events as Eurovision.

We are following developments regarding vaccines. There is no such thing in our regulations at the moment, but it is something we are seeing up close.

When will the final decisions be made?

As announced from the beginning, the final decisions on the scenario that will eventually be used in the conduct of Eurovision 2021 will be taken at the beginning of the year, most likely by February.

It seems that at the beginning of the new year, critical decisions will be made for our preparations.

How do you judge all the above? Which scenario do you think the EBU will follow in the run-up to Eurovision 2021?

Estonia: Interview with Hans Nayna, candidate for Eesti Laul 2021!

Hans Nayna, originally from Mauritius, is among the candidates for Eesti Laul 2021, to represent Estonia at Eurovision 2021. We spoke with him shortly after the announcement of his song, One By One!

Hello Hans! Shorty after the announcement of the candidate songs for Eesti Laul 2021, we would like to tell us which is your favorite among them?

Estonia surprised me for having such good songwriters and music producers. Actually when you listen to it, there’s one song that really comes out. Tartu – Redel. It kinds of reminds me of the Joker’s Why so serious?

Let’s suppose that you will be the winner and you go to Eurovision. How do you imagine yourself in Rotterdam?

I see myself in the semi finals of Esti Laul which is actually much of a blessing for my carreer.. I would first try and get my feet into the finals, then we’ll talk…

Eurovision is a dream for you?

Eurovision was a surprise. A nice one!

What is the message of your song?

There’s that one thing that fascinates me about people. It’s like how much some of them can be awesome in their own way of doing things, how much they can hold on when things go wrong and how much will power they can put in what they believe.. Let’s say it’s an ode to people.

Can you reveal us some things for your performance in Eesti Laul semi finals? What we can expect from you?

At this point, you can expect me to be me. Always have been much of a band guy with my guitar all around but this time I am going down into the song and focus on the singing performance. Stagewise, have you watched the video clip?

Have you ever visited Greece?

No. Thriving to 🙂

Something you think the fans should know about you?

They should know that i have releases available, two full albums produced in Mauritius. So for those who want to know more would also like to know how fan i am of Sia, Jacob Banks and Dermot Kennedy.

Thank you Hans. Good luck

The semifinals of Eesti Laul 2021 will be held on February 18 and 20, while the grand Final on March 6, 2021.

The interview was given by Stella Gialetzi

EBU: “All the contestants sang live at Junior Eurovision 2020”!

There is no Eurovision Song Contest without drama, the same of course could not be the case at Junior Eurovision 2020. The 18th Junior Eurovision Song Contest had France as the winner, but there were many who claimed that in Valentina’s live on tape video, she sang playback. The same accusations were leveled against the videos of Belarus and Russia.

In fact, on the occasion of the accusations that literally closed the internet after the end of the contest, the head of the entertainment program of the Spanish public television (TVE), Toñi Prieto, formally asked the EBU, if indeed all the contestants in the live on tape videos, they performed their songs live.

EBU responded immediately to TVE, saying that as it was in the rules of this year’s contest, all participants in the live on tape videos, sang live, with the backing vocals playback. EBU emphasizes that there were also the necessary control and safety valves, to confirm the above.

The winner Valentina also referred to the issue, rejecting all the accusations:

We remind you that in Junior Eurovision 2020 the contestants had to videotape a live interpretation of their song, at an earlier time than the contest. These 12 live on tape videos competed on Sunday, as due to the pandemic, the live presence of the artists in Warsaw was impossible.

Source: Eurofestivales


Russia: Little Big say that they will definitely submit songs for Eurovision 2021!

They were one of the big favorites to win this year’s canceled Eurovision Song Contest. Little Big, who are rumored to be re-selected by Russian public television (Channel 1) for the next contest, are essentially confirming their interest, but also that they will seek a new representation. Read more

American Song Contest: The format of the contest has been revealed. 10 TV networks claim the rights.

The producer of the American Song Contest, Ola Melzig, gave an informative interview to Jan Bors and his channel the Humans Of Eurovision. Ola Melzig gave more details regarding the format of the contest, and at the same time he revealed that very shortly we will have the announcement of the TV network that will secure the rights of the Song Contest.



The format

Even though the discussion for the final format of the American Song Contest is not over, Ola Melzig said that most of the details have been finalized.

  • There will be 5 preliminary rounds in which 10 US States will compete for the four tickets that lead to the two semifinals.
  • 20 US States that will advance to the two semifinals. 10 US States will compete in each semifinal. 5 US States from each semi final will be qualified for the Grand Final.
  • Only those 10 US States will compete in the Final.


The format of the preliminary rounds will be the same as of the Melodifestivalen, while the one of the Semis and the Final will be as of the Eurovision Song Contest.


Songs Selection

Just like in Eurovision, each US State will be free to decide their own selection method. The entry songs must be original, the vocals will be prerecorded while the lead vocals will be live.

We will work with the record labels of the United States to find the performers and the songs. We won’t have candidates such as Justin Timberlake… but we will focus on renowned artists that are not widely popular.


In the first years, the production team will help the States in finding the artists and the songs, but the goal is in the first three years of the competition, each State to undertake the process of selecting its participation.


Connection between the Eurovision and the American Song Contest

The EBU would like to be a connection between the two aforementioned contests, with the winner of the ESC appearing as the interval act of the ASC and vice versa.


We want the American Song Contest to be available in Europe. We want the Europeans to have access and- why not- the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest to be the interval act of the American one and our winner here to be the interval act in Eurovision.


Which TV network will have the rights?

Until August, 10 TV networks showed interest for the American Song Contest rights. Very soon and by the end of 2020, the TV network, that will have acquired the rights, will have been revealed. The inaugural American Song Contest is expected to take place in Spring 2022 the latest, but the most possible scenario is the Contest to take place during the 2021 Christmas holidays.


You can watch the entire interview below:




The Masked Singer: Eleni Foureira and Tamta in discussions for a place in the jury panel

Two beloved and very popular singers, who left their mark with their appearances on behalf of Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest in the previous two years, are discussing ,according to what has been published, a place in the jury of The Masked Singer, which is expected to be aired on SKAI, in the second half of the TV season.

Eleni Foureira and Tamta seem to be discussing for the jury of “The Masked Singer”. SKAI’s new show is expected to be aired during Easter and Nikos Moutsinas and Haris Varthakouris have already secured a place in the jury, while Sakis Rouvas will be the presenter.

However, SKAI has approached both Tamta and Eleni Foureira to be in the jury panel. According to the report of Giannis Poulopoulos, their record companies seem to have the opposite opinion and do not want them together in the music show, as they represent the same genre. All the same, the station wants them both. So which of those two will take a seat in the jury of The Masked Singer, which is a huge success in all the countries it has been broadcast ?




Eleni Foureira: Listen to the snippet of her new song, Light Up!

Eleni Foureira is about to release a new song and video clip with the title “Light Up” on 30th of October and exclusively presented a mini teaser and backstage photos from the shooting.

In the videoclip, Eleni Foureira turns into an explosive disco queen and does not hesitate to try once again a different music genre. It presents the disco sound in its own way, following one of the most current music trends in the world at this time.

Light Up is a new English single that is going to be released by Panic Records on the upcoming Friday, not only in Greece and Cyprus but also in Spain and the Scandinavian nations.

She composed the music with Arcade and Michalis Tsousopoulos and the lyrics with Arcade and Andy Nicolas.

“Light It Up” is the beginning of a complete project with disco influences that will be released in December.


Cyprus: Alexia |”I have rejected many proposals for Eurovision but I am thinking about it for next year”!

Alexia gave a shocking interview to Alpha Cyprus and specifically to the journalist Costas Karnakis. The great voice of Cyprus opens her house to Alpha’s camera and refers with pain and bitterness to the new challenge of Turkey to open the enclosed city of Famagusta and more specifically the beach of Varosia. However, Alexia also refers to the Eurovision Song Contest, throwing a literal bomb at any developments, since as she characteristically states, while for so many years she was not interested in the contest despite the proposals she accepted, for next year’s contest she is seriously considering the possibility of a new participation in it!

The great artist from Famagusta, with her unsurpassed collaborations and sales, talks for the first time about the new illegal action of Turkey, to open the enclosed city of Famagusta, the ghost town as everyone calls it, which for 46 years has been waiting for its legal inhabitants to return to their homes.

But apart from her personal experiences from the Turkish invasion of 1974, Alexia also refers to the Eurovision Song Contest. After first expressing her opinion, preferring local artists as representatives of the countries, she states that despite the fact that all previous years she rejected the proposals she accepted in order to return to the contest, this year she is thinking about it!

Every country should give a step through Eurovision to talented local musicians… Many times I was offered Eurovision but I stubbornly refused. But now to tell you the truth I’m thinking about it for this year!

Alexia for the Eurovision Song Contest.

In 1981, in the first participation of Cyprus in Eurovision, 17-year-old Alexia, together with the band Island, bring the sixth place for Cyprus, with the song Monica.

In 1987, as a soloist, Alexia represents Cyprus with the song Aspro Mavro, occupying the seventh place! The song is becoming a huge success in Greece and Cyprus, while it exceeds 250,000 sales in Scandinavia! Following is her first solo album in Greece, with composer Costas Charitodiplomenos and her long record career begins.

A return of the great Alexia to the Contest, with an appearance like the one made by Patricia Kaas in 2009 for France, would literally mean an artistic earthquake, which would transcend the narrow borders of Greece and Cyprus. We wish her interest to be real and why not see her again on the Eurovision stage!

Stay tuned to Eurovision Fun for all the news regarding to our favorite music contest!