Ireland: Eurovision 2019 exceeded €300,000

In a yesterday’s article in Irish Mirror, the cost of the Irish participation in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest was listed. Specifically, RTE spent more than 300,000 euros to participate in this year’s event. The total cost of € 336,617 was increased by 10% from last year’s € 304,088. RTE said the cost increase can […]

Switzerland: Directly assign for the Eurovision 2020

Following Luca Hänni’s successful tour at Tel Aviv, Switzerland’s broadcaster SRF confirmed the country’s presence in the upcoming event in May 2020 in the Netherlands. After this year’s great result that brought Switzerland to 4th place, the best that has been achieved since 2005, SRF,  decided to follow the same recipe, choosing internally, for the […]

5 Dutch cities trying to become Eurovision 2020 host city!

The “Host City” contest has officially stared! 5 Dutch cities have submitted their bid book to Dutch national broadcast in order to host Eurovision 2020. The 10th of July was the deadline and despite the fact that 9 cities had expressed their desire to host the contest, finally only 5 of them officially submitted for […]

Bosnia-Herzegovina: Abstain from the Contest for another year

BHRT,Bosnia-Herzegovina‘s  national broadcaster confirmed on the website that the country will not return to the 65th Eurovision Song Contest. The reason for abstaining, as in previous years, is the large debt of BHRT to the EBU. The country of the former Yugoslavia completes the list of countries, together with Slovakia and Andorra, who have […]

Croatia: the participation in Eurovision 2020 still uncertain

Croatia‘s participation in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in May 2020 in the Netherlands is unclear. Croatian public broadcaster HRT, speaking on the ESCXTRA website, said they still can not confirm their presence in the next contest. More information was not provided, which suggests the country’s withdrawal from the upcoming event, as a possible scenario, […]

Australia: Diana Rouvas wins The Voice All Star!

Diana Rouvas was crowned winner of 8th season’s Australian “The Voice”! The 35-year-old Greek singer from Sidney is also the first woman to win the talent show in the last three years and the one who gave Boy George (her coach) his first victory! This year took part again some previous contestants of this show […]

Eurovision 2020: “Come closer” the Maastricht slogan for the event. Watch the promo trailer

After the Dutch publication, which wants Maastricht to be the city that the EBU prefers to host Eurovision 2020, the European Union’s city -symbol now shows that it has the most dynamic and full-fledged candidacy than the remaining ones.The city presented,in social networks,the slogan, as well as the promotional video of its candidacy. “Come closer” […]

News from Russia: 4 new hits!

Summer is already here and 4 of the most known and beloved Russian stars have already released their new songs! We are talking about Sergey Lazarev, Dima Bilan, Elena Temnikova and Philipp Kirkorov. Sergey Lazarev – “Lovi” (Catch)   After his 3rd place at Eurovision, Sergey’s back in Russian charts with a song that is […]

Kosovo reacts to the negative outcome of the EBU general assembly

Kosovo’s public broadcaster failed to become a full member of the EBU, as the union’s general assembly did not approve the required changes to the statute. The “country’s” public broadcaster, as expected through its CEO, Ngadhnjim Kastrati, has reacted to this negative development, which will not allow Kosovo to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest […]

Changes in the EBU statutes have not been aprooved – Kosovo can’t apply for full membership of EBU

The vote at the EBU General Assembly, held in Oslo, was just completed. Changes in the statute that would help Kosovo joining the union have not been accepted, and so they will have to wait more time to make their debut in the Eurovision Song Contest.