Greece: National final and new commentators for ERT?

Given ERT‘s openness to modifications, enthusiasm arose when Marina Satti was named the Greek representative for Eurovision 2024. Typologies reports that although the method of choosing the song that Marina Satti will perform in Malmö is still up in the air, a national final is not out of the question. Furthermore, the same article suggests that the Greek national proadcaster considers changing the show’s commentators.

Typologies reports in an article on the most recent events around Greece’s Eurovision 2024 participation that ERT is preparing a number of adjustments in light of this year’s 50th anniversary of Greece’s debut participation in the competition, which took place in 1974.

The article also disclosed that ERT is considering the possibility of switching up the show’s commentators. If this decision is carried out, it is not surprising because ERT has already made actions along these lines in the past. Specifically, when ERT chose its Eurovision representative internally the majority of the time, broad adjustments were made to the contest’s approach to revitalize the brand.

Will ERT’s approach to Eurovision be restarted given the selection of Marina Satti and the 50th anniversary of Greece’s participation?

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Source: Typologies 

Greece: ERT has confirmed its participation in Eurovision 2024 | EXCLUSIVE

Since today, September 15, is the final day for countries to confirm their participation in Eurovision 2024, all supporters of the contest in Greece have been wondering if their nation has done so. Eurovisionfun can announce that Greece will participate in Malmö, marking 50 years of participation in the music competition!

Greece is the 32nd country to confirm for Eurovision 2024

Therefore, in accordance with information we obtained exclusively from ERT, the national broadcaster recently sent the necessary documentation to the EBU to confirm Greece’s participation in the 68th Eurovision Song Contest. There is currently no certainty about the selection procudure, but further information is anticipated to be disclosed in the near future.

Greece is the 32nd country to confirm its participation in Eurovision 2024. Therefore, the following nations have thus far indicated in some form that they will compete in Malmö on May 7, 9, and 11:

  • Greece
  • Albania
  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Azerbaijan
  • Belgium
  • Croatia
  • Cyprus
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Iceland
  • Ireland
  • Israel
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • Moldova
  • The Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Portugal
  • San Marino
  • Serbia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Ukraine
  • United Kingdom

Which countries are yet to confirm?

The Eurovision 2024 entry puzzle still has a few gaps to be filled in. The biggest question mark among the nations that competed in Liverpool but have not yet publicly announced their participation for next year is Romania, which is very likely to withdraw due to the serious financial difficulties the nation’s public broadcaster is currently experiencing.

While Bulgaria, Montenegro, and North Macedonia are anticipated to make a comeback to the competition after their absence this year, Czechia, Armenia, Poland, and Georgia are expected to take part in 2024.

A special case is that of Monaco, as it recently established a new television station and is a member of the EBU, has the ability to participate, and has not yet made clear its plans.

The ultimate number is expected to be relatively similar to this year’s total of 37 participants.

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Greece: Klavdia submitted her proposal to ERT | EXCLUSIVE

Klavdia submitted her complete proposal to ERT, in order to claim the Greek representation in the 67th Eurovision Song Contest, confirming what we exclusively revealed back in the summer.

What does Klavdia’s proposal include?

Klavdia’s proposal includes a melodic, slow ballad, with fluctuations and modulations. The song showcases the young singer’s powerful vocals, in a ballad scattered with emotional outbursts.

The song is written by ARCADE (Greece 2020 and 2021), and it has strong religious elements.

Who is Klavdia?

The 20-year-old  Klavdia rose to fame through her participation in The Voice of Greece in 2018. Klavdia is a special artist with an ethereal voice. She very recently made her record debut, with the song “Lonely Heart” (released, together with a music video by Arcade Music and Panik Records).

She was introduced to the general public four years ago, as a contestant in “The Voice“, where she reached the show’s final, with Elena Paparizou being her coach. Klavdia impressed the judges and the audience with her amazing vocals. In the following years, she continues to “enchant” with her live performances.

Among other things, she appeared alongside the great Dionysis Savvopoulos, as well as Good Job Nicky at the “Summer Nostos Festival”.Lonely Heart” is an ethnic pop dance track, which stands out from the first listen. The music was written by the creative team of Arcade, which is behind many great hits and Pantelis Loupasakis (Pade). The lyrics of the song were written by Arcade.

Listen to her first single below:

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Foals-Yannis Filippakis: I received an email from someone related with Eurovision in Greece!

As we previously wrote, preparations for Eurovision 2023 have already started. Among our -legendary- recommendations on who should represent Greece next year, is the UK based band Foals and their frontman, Yannis Filippakis.

In an interview for Life is Yours magazine which is out next Friday, among others he reveals that he received an email from someone in Greece related with Eurovision asking him if he is interested to represent Greece.

He managed to make a trip out to Karpathos, where his dad still lives, during the pandemic, and has started to delve deeper into his love of Greek folk music. His interest in visiting the country developed around the same time as his relationship with his dad – who makes Greek folk instruments himself – improved. “There’s some music there that I absolutely love, especially from the island my dad’s from, but I wonder how it’d land here,” he says. “Or do I do it for the Greeks?” I tell him he should do Eurovision, prompting him to recall a recent “weird email” from someone in Greece that was actually related to the annual song contest. He grins, seemingly envisioning himself among the sequins, glitter and general insanity of that world. “Can you imagine?”

While he doesn’t clearly responds on whether he is interest to represent Greece or not, we can’t help but spot similarities with how Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord was approached last year, through an email by someone related with the contest in Greece. For someone with the career of Filippakis, it’s definitely not an easy decision to apply for Eurovision; In 2019 with their album Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost – part 2, Foals reached the No. 1 on the British charts, while their tour just before the start of the pandemic was sold out. In 2020, the Grammy Award-nominated duo CamelPhat  released Hypercolour with the participation of Yannis Filippakis as a solo artist. The Liverpool duo declared themselves Foals fans and “were always on their list to work together” in an interview with Forbes magazine. You can watch the video clip below.


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Eleni Foureira reveals: Would she comeback to represent Greece or Cyprus at the Eurovision Song Contest?

Eleni Foureira was featured at a video on Greek YouTuber Fipster’s YouTube channel. Among others, she discussed the Eurovision Song Contest in 2018, when she came 2nd by representing Cyprus. She stated that she would love it if she won, but everything happens for a reason.

When she was asked, which country she would prefer to represent, would she come back at the contest, Eleni Foureira replied that she’d rather represent Greece.

Well, I would certainly represent Greece, because I have already represented Cyprus in the past and I am really glad that I’ve achieved all that, but in the end I’d go for Greece for the next time! 

She didn’t turn down the possibility to represent Albania at some point, where her roots are from, if she was invited to do so and she felt ready to go for it.

If she and the executives of ERT altogether had to choose the representatives of Greece for the following years of Eurovision Song Contest, she said that she would pick Evangelia, that is really unique, Konstantinos Argyros with a nice commercial greek folklore song and Josephine.

You can watch the whole YouTube show featuring Eleni Foureira, at Fipster’s YouTube channel:

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Greece: Stefania comes to Greece for the recording of her Eurovision entry!

After the recording for Uku Suviste and Natalia Gordienko is completed, it is Stefania’s turn. The Greek representative in Eurovision 2021, arrives in Athens tomorrow Saturday 3/10, to record the five candidate songs that her team will submit to ERT, for the selection of the Greek entry!

Stefania will have a full week, with recordings, TV appearances and interviews, in the first act of the project, Greek participation for Eurovision 2021.

Stefania returns to Greece after her summer vacation, but this time for purely professional reasons. Dimitris Kontopoulos, ARCADE and Sharon Vaughn have ready or almost ready, the five final candidate songs that they will submit to ERT, at a later time, in order to highlight the song with which the 18-year-old Stefania will represent Greece in Rotterdam.

Her first TV interview is expected to be on Nadia Kontogiorgi ‘s flERT, while appearances on private channels will follow. So far it has not been decided how ERT will choose the song that will represent Greece in the contest, with all the scripts remaining on the table. That is, an internal selection like the last two years or a TV night with a vote by the public.

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Greece: ERT revealed the cost of participation in Eurovision 2019

The cost of Greece’s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest has been revealed. ERT will pay 326.855 Euros for this year’s entry in the Eurovision Song Contest. Read more

Greece: Better Love to be released on 6th of March

In a meeting with the Greek eurovision community, ERT’s CEO, mr Ioannis Drosos, revealed that Better Love, the song which Katerine Duska will perform at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, will be released on 6th of March in a special event in the Music Hall of Athens. Read more

Greece: Listen to Natali’s rejected song for Eurovision 2019

Natali Thanou and her record label, Polymusic, proposed All AGAIN, to ERT in order to be the Greek entry at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. However, ERT has chosed Katerine Duska to represent the country in Tel Aviv. Natali Thanou has released her song, which you can listen below:


Greece: ERT announced Katerine Duska for Eurovision 2019

Moments ago ERT formalized what we had already informed you since January 14th. Katerine Duska will be the Greek representative at the 64th Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Tel Aviv next May. The song she will perform at EXPO Tel Aviv will be revealed in a later time, probably in March. Read more