Norway: The speculations just before the reveal of the MGP 2024 candidates!

The artists’ along with their songs for MGP 2024 reveal is set to take place on this Friday, January 5.

Every year, shortly before the artists are revealed, rumors are circulating both the national and the international media about who the MGP 2024 contenders will be, based on data and information released by the artists themselves.

A notable difference from previous years is that the songs that will compete in this year’s Melodi Grand Prix may have been released at any time after September 1, which means that songs released on the day of the entry reveal may be possible entries.

Who are expected to release new singles on Friday, January 5?

Up to this date, three familiar with the national selection names have announced the release of their new singles on January 5, the same day MGP 2024 entries will be revealed:

  • Alessandra – “Narcissist” (Norway 2023)
  • KEiiNO – “Damdiggida” (Norway 2019, MGP 2021)
  • Raylee – “Charade” (MGP 2020, 2021)

Other artists expected to participate at MGP 2024

In addition, some potential candidates, which have been circulating all this time, for MGP 2024 are the following:

  • Adele (MGP 2013)
  • Vidar Villa (MGP 2018)
  • Emmy (MGP 2021)
  • Farida (MGP 2022)
  • Jørgen Dahl Moe (Winner MGPJR 2009)
  • Leonardo Amor
  • Lembo
  • Sval (Winner MGPJR 2011)
  • Mathilde SPZ
  • Nattsvermer
  • Mistra 
  • Ballinciaga
  • Daniel Kvammen
  • Emelie Hollow
  • Erika Norwich
  • Frederick Amadeus
  • Hagle
  • Julie Bergan

Moreover, it was also announced that MGP 2024 performers this year will once again get the chance to have flawless vocals using the so-called Auto-Tune, a digital tool that adjusts “sour” tones to ensure proper pitch.

Melodi Grand Prix 2024

On January 5, the songs that will be nominated to represent the country are set to be released. Melodi Grand Prix 2024 will feature 18 contestants over the course of four weekly shows:

  • January 13 – First Semi Final
  • January 20 – Second Semi Final
  • January 27 – Third Semi Final
  • February 3– Grand Final

Last year’s MGP winner and therefore Norway’s representative in Liverpool was Alessandra with the song “Queen of Kings”. With a total of 268 points, Alessandra came in fifth place overall and third in the public voting.

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