Eurovision 2020: 750 sq.m. LED on stage at Ahoy Arena!

It looks like we are making progress on the issue of the Eurovision 2020 Song Contest in Rotterdam, as a Dutch company announced that it will participate in the preparation of the event, even revealing that it will be responsible for the creation of a 750-square-foot LED wall.

HD Rent, an Amsterdam-based lighting, audio and events company, posted on its Instagram page that it has won a Eurovision 2020 contest and will work with another Dutch company, LED Screen Solutions, to build a wall 750m2 LED for the stage of next year’s competition, at the Ahoy Arena.

The company stated it was “honored to conclude this agreement with Dutch Public Television and look forward to the next steps in the process”. This post was subsequently deleted, apparently because the organizers did not want to provide any details about the stage now.

The Netherlands looks like it is getting ready for Eurovision 2020, which will take place on May 12, 14 and 16 in Rotterdam, with a wish to present something spectacular!


Eurovision 2020: The draw of Semi-finals on January 28

The City of Rotterdam has announced the important dates ahead of the 65th Eurovision Song Contest, which will take place on May 12, 14 and 16 at Ahoy Arena. Of course, what interests most fans is the date for the draw of semi-finals, which will take place on January 28.

Significant dates on the road to Eurovision 2020 are as follows:

-Reference Group meeting on 11 and 12 November, 27 January and 8 March
-Tel Aviv Delivery Ceremony in Rotterdam and Semifinal Draw on January 28
-Heads of Delegations Meeting on March 9th
-Red carpet on May 10
-Stand in rehearsals and dress rehearsals from April 27 to May 16

Based on the above, all songs should be submitted to the EBU by 9 March at the latest. The first meeting of the Reference Group will take place in Rotterdam next week, essentially marking the transition from Israel to the Netherlands. The formal transition will take place on January 28, when the Mayor of Tel Aviv will hand over the competition keys to the Mayor of Rotterdam.

Source: Rotterdam

Eurovision 2020: OG3NE want to join as an interval act in Rotterdam

OG3NE, who represented the Netherlands at Eurovision 2017 and Junior Eurovision 2007, both times winning the 11th place, spoke to the Dutch press, expressing a desire to participate in the 65th Eurovision Song Contest, not as contestants, but as an interval act.

The three sisters remain beloved, both by the Dutch and by foreign audiences, continuing their journey in the country’s music field. They are particularly fond of eurofans and would like to return to the contest stage, singing either alone or with other former Dutch representatives in an interval act.

“We would be very happy if we could show up at Ahoy, as we see that all the fans of the contest say they would have liked it, but we haven’t heard anything from the contest yet”

OG3NE considers it unlikely that the Netherlands will be able to achieve a second consecutive victory, believing that an unknown artist or someone who is now taking his first steps would be easier to accept to represent their country at the May competition. in Rotterdam, since he wouldn’t risk anything.

Eurovision 2020: It’s official: Rotterdam will host the 65th Eurovision Song Contest

Although rumors about the next Eurovision host city had been circulated since two days ago,actually today the official announcement from Dutch public broadcaster has come out.

The official announcement by the organizing committee

The announcement was made through the contest’s  official website, EBU social networks, and the Dutch public broadcaster .

When Duncan Laurence won the Eurovision Song Contest for the Netherlands earlier this year, a total of nine cities initially applied in the hope of hosting the contest.  But the battle proved difficult for many of them, after one withdrew its candidacy, starting with Leobarden, since the arena it had did not meet the height requirements set by the EBU.

Then Amsterdam, The Hague and Breda left the race on a variety of issues, with only five cities officially submitting their candidacy.  Eventually Rotterdam and Maastricht were left to arrive at today’s announcement that Rotterdam will be the city that will host the next Eurovision.

A city in the center of Europe

Rotterdam was the favorite to win the event and eventually it did it. It has easy accessibility and a wonderful arena, the Ahoy, where big music events take place every year, and it also hosted Junior Eurovision in 2007.

Rotterdam has Europe’s largest port and is well connected by ferry to the United Kingdom and France.  Travelers wishing to travel to Rotterdam from Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport can be reached in about 20 minutes by train.  The city is 23 km from The Hague and 61 km from Utrecht.  In addition to trains, Rotterdam has various modes of transport, such as trams, subways and buses as well as water buses.

This will be the fifth time the Netherlands hosts the Eurovision contest on its territory (1958, 1970, 1976 and 1980), but the first in Rotterdam!

The dates of the three shows

At the same time, the announcement of the hosting city came the dates of the three shows also locked.  Specifically, the two semifinals will take place on Tuesday May 12 and Thursday May 14, respectively, with the Grand Final scheduled for Saturday May 16, 2020.




Eurovision 2020: Rotterdam or Maastricht: The long-awaited date revealed

The two candidate cities, Maastricht and Rotterdam, had until yesterday  at 17.00 CET  the opportunity to send the latest details on the nominations for the Eurovision 2020 contest to the Dutch public broadcaster . As EBU announced yesterday, its final decision will be announced in Friday the 30th of August.

The anxiety for the two city staff and for all fans of the Eurovision is over.  After Rotterdam and Maastricht have submitted all the information they have requested, the Dutch public broadcaster(NOS, NPO and AVROTROS) having already visited both cities will come up with what they consider appropriate to host the next big event.  The decision will of course be made in co-operation with the EBU.

In the case  of a Maastricht win, the competition will be hosted at the 11,000-seat MECC Exhibition Center, while in the event of a Rotterdam victory then Ahoy’s 16,000-seat stadium will host the next Eurovision.

We’ll know in three weeks from now whether Maastricht or Rotterdam will host the 65th Eurovision Song Contest.

Stay tuned for the long-awaited announcement and all the details about out favorite contest.

Eurovision 2020: Rotterdam – Maastricht: the battle of the venues

The battle of Rotterdam and Maastricht to claim Eurovision 2020 hosting has been culminated, with the visit of the Dutch public broadcaster , the so-called ”Eurovision 2020 Committee”, in the two cities, to look closely at everything they propose for the next contest , in case ,of course, this takes place in their city.
The focus of interest for the the Eurovision 2020 Executive Producer, Sietse Bakker, was of course the venues  visit proposed to host the next event.
The questions that concern the people involved are of course the size, the location in the city center, its accessibility, the lights that can be supported by the roof, the existence of space for journalists, delegations, dressing rooms, press room etc .

MECC – Maastricht:
What do we know about the MECC in Maastricht?
* Capacity: about 11,000 – 12,000 people
* Floor area: 10.225 m2
* Ceiling height: about 16 meters

As the Maastricht’s  municipality has revealed, the city has been preparing its candidacy for hosting the contest for five years since the Netherlands came to a breath near to victory in 2014 with Common Linnets and ”Calm After The Storm”.

During the Committee’s visit to MECC, the officials had the opportunity to see in virtual reality how the venue will be set up to for the needs of the Event.

Ahoy – Rotterdam:
What do we know about Ahoy in Rotterdam?
* Capacity: about 11,000 – 12,000 people
* Floor area: 3.300 m2
* Ceiling height: about 23 meters

Ahoy of Rotterdam looks more ready for such a big event, since it hosts many important concerts each year.

The final decision on the city that will host the 65th Eurovision Song Contest will be announced in August.

Source: NOS