Albania: Breaking News: the presenter of FiK58 strongly blames the jury panel for results

Through her Instagram profile, Alketa Vejsiu, presenter of Festivali i Kenges 58, regrets that Elvana was not the winner of the festival, but also that the public opinion was not heard.

“I would like to express Arilena my congratulations on her victory! I hope her to do the best she can at Eurovision for Albania. But I can’t but thank Elvana Gjaten! Within 2 weeks she had more views (on YouTube) than everyone else, 3 and a half million! I can’t deny that her song was the celebration of this Festival! That Elvana was the news of this release, the voice and energy of the youth who danced together in the hall, bringing Albania, Kosovo and the Diaspora together! The matches announce the winners but not the losers. because successes never die.

After this Festival that I have done with my soul, I can say that I am poor and will never be on any jury, for any reason!
I believe in meritocracy and I deeply regret that I could not give voice to the public on this Festival’s platform! Excuse me if I disappointed you! I understand and respect your sensitivity! But keep your categories please! I was not on the jury and I did not choose the jury!

Elvana thank you! You came to this festival because you believed in my vision! You do not need the competition to confirm who you are, because you are who you are! And you have to feel victorious today, because all three members of the Eurovision International Jury gave you 18 points. These 2 points of Albania …. I’m speechless!”

See Alketa Vejsiu’s post here (it’s in Albanian),

Alketa Vejsiu, considered one of the most important television figures in Albania, normally empties the two women from Albania, who were members of the committee and essentially gave Arilena the low rating they gave Elvana.

Neither more or less, the festival’s winner is Elvana, and she apologizes to the audience for failing to make her voice heard.

Apparently, as she puts it, her arrows are directed at the Albanian public television, which chose this voting system and put the two specific ladies on the jury.

Recall that Arilena scored 67 points, with Elvana scoring just three points lower. See our related article for detailed results.

Below see Elvana’s appearance in the final: