Cyprus: “All Together Now” trailer is out | No mention of Eurovision!

The All Together Now trailer, through which Cyprus’ representative in Eurovision 2023 would have been selected, was aired yesterday, but without any reference to the Eurovision Song Contest.

As we informed you in our previous article, the things that came to light in Alpha’s show “Super Katerina”, as well as the surrounding circumstances, indicate that All Together Now will probably not be the medium whereby Cyprus’ Eurovision contestant will be selected for 2023.

This latest development is a further corroboration of the above conclusion. The trailer that already plays on Alpha channel and you can watch below, says nothing about the representation of Cyprus in Eurovision 2023. Is it possible that such an award really exists, but it is for some reason omitted in a trailer, where its main aim is to invite potential contestants to the talent show?

In the same context, Alpha channel’s website, where the trailer for All Together Now is also available, maintains radio silence on the issue.

So far, there has been no announcement from the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (“CYBC”) on the matter.

It seems that the most likely scenario is that the CYBC will continue with direct assignments, perhaps in collaboration with Panik Records, aiming this time for a better result than this year’s elimination.

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