Alexander Rybak mixes Amanda Tenfjord’s “Die Together” with “Fairytale”!

Alexander Rybak posted a TikTok video, with “Die Together” while on the same time he plays in his violin his song “Fairytale”,  with which he won Eurovision 2009.

@alexrybakofficial @Amanda Georgiadis Tenfjord🌟 one of my favorite Eurovision songs!🥰 Who will you vote for?🤓 #eurovision #fairytale #dietogether #alexanderrybak ♬ original sound – Alexander Rybak

Amanda Tenfjord’s support from Norway is really impressive. Watch what an interviewer of their public TV says about her:

Subwoolfer, Norway’s representative for Eurovision 2022, uploaded a video parody of the Greek music video, promoting “Die Together” from their perspective:

@subwoolfer We were born together. We will die together. But not for a few more million years at least. @Eurovision #greece #amandatenfjord #subwoolfer #subcubs #crouchinggreekhiddennorwegian ♬ original sound – Subwoolfer

Watch all the interviews of the Turquoise Carpet HERE.

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Eurovision 2022: Greece’s First Rehearsal!

The second day of rehearsals continues with Greece and Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord entering the stage of PalaOlimpico for her first technical rehearsal with the song “Die Together”.

Who is Amanda?

Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord is a critically acclaimed international singer and songwriter. Tenfjord spent the early years of her life living in Greece, before later relocating to Norway with her family, where she found herself in the same school class as Nordic popstress Sigrid.

She released her first EP, “First impression” under the stage name Amanda Tenfjord, from the city from which she grew up and received excellent reviews. Her second EP includes the song “Then I fell in love” which is a great radio success, remaining for over 20 weeks in the official top 10 radio chart of Norway. In 2020 Netflix includes the song “Troubled Water” in the series “Spinning out”.

When she’s not making music, Amanda studies medicine and has been doing her placement in a hospital for COVID-19 patients.

Τhe Rehearsal

Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord is up next, singing her ballad “Die Together”. The staging for Greece’s entry is really interesting – just Amanda on the stage in a long, silvery-white dress, surrounded by fallen-over, empty chairs against a blue backdrop. There’s an echo on the vocal that feels quite haunting – it’s impossible not to watch. VERY dramatic.





Below you can watch a small preview of the first rehearsal of Greece:

@eurovision Stunning performance from @Amanda Georgiadis Tenfjord elegantly taking the stage for Greece! 🇬🇷 #Eurovision2022 #EurovisionTikTok #Eurovision ♬ original sound – Eurovision

The Second Rehearsal of Greece will be held on Wednesday 4/5, so we will know more details of Amanda’s performance on the stage in Turin.


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Norway: Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord Wins Adresse Torino Show Two!

Greece was the winner of the second show of the Norwegian TV show about Eurovision, Adresse Torino.

The points of this evening were determined by a celebrity panel of juries and a public panel of juries. On the celebrity panel for the show consisted of Sandeep Singh, Ingeborg Heldal, Staysman and Kevin Vågenes. The public jury consisted of Jim Ødegård Pedersen, Fredrik Holth, Linn Seime Thistel, Frøya Fluge.

The results were as follows:

  1. Greece – 83 points
  2. Sweden – 82 points
  3. Albania – 71 points
  4. Lithuania – 71 points
  5. Portugal – 62 points
  6. Poland – 46 points
  7. North Macedonia – 38 points
  8. Georgia – 27 points
  9. Bulgaria – 16 points

Adresse Torino’s next episode is on Friday at 20:05 CET with the panel assessing the songs from Israel, Netherlands, San Marino, Azerbaijan, Romania, Montenegro, Cyprus, Iceland, Austria and the United Kingdom.

You can watch the show on the NRK Player here.


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Greece: “Everything on stage will be captured though Amanda’s eyes”

Fokas Evangelinos, the Greek stage director for this year’s delegation, has spoken to “Στουντιο 4“, a greek show in ERT, about Amanda and her perfomance in Turin.

Just a day before the Greek delegation leaves for Turin, the Greek choreographer and director, talked about his cooperation with Amanda and her show in the stage of PalaOlimpico.

The last rehearsals were done today:

Today was our last rehearsal at ERT. It was the final one, with sound and everything and we are ready.

What are your feeling about Amanda and “Die Together”:

I have fell in love with this song. I got crazy both with “Die Together” and Amanda herself. I love the pauses and the empty sound of the song. It is a very powerfull element in the track. Amanda is exotic, she may look very serious but she has a great sense of humor. We had a wonderful cooperation.

How will “Die Together” come to life on stage?

It will be a simple perfomance. Amanda will be alone on stage. Everything will be captured though her eyes. There are three things that I want to highlight in the perfomance: Absence, Wear and the Sadness of a breakup. It is a very beautiful and lovely staging. There is of course an artistic intervention in the perfomance. We will se everything that’s going on though her eyes. The backdrop is designed in a way that it won’t overcome Amanda or the emotion of the song. Everything is connected in a way that the viewer will focus on her and not on the props or the lightning etc

How is the outfit that Celia Kritharioti designed for Amanda?

The outfit is wonderful. It’s made by a doric material. It’s beautiful and airy.

He has also mentioned his favorites perfomances he has directed and he has mentioned: Greece 2005, Azerbaijan 2013 and Russia 2016 and 2019.

Greece will perform 15th in the first semifinal with the song “Die Together”.

Will Greece manage to get a good result in Turin? Write your prediction on the comments below!

Greece: When will we listen to the live version of “Die Together”?

Amanda Georgiadis Tenfjord is for once again in Greece, of course, for her rehearsals with Fokas Evangelinos, the shooting of a show with former Eurostars, but also to take part in the Greek TV show “Dynata” hosted by Kostis Maraveyias. In the show, Amanda will perform “Die Together“, her song for Eurovision 2022, live for the first time.

Kostis Maraveyias, posted a story on his personal Instagram account, in which we can see Amanda in the studio of “Dynata“:


According to our information, this episode of the TV show, will be devoted to the Greek representative of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Amanda will sing “Die Together” live, something that we are all looking forward to. The Greek public broadcaster ERT, has designed a whole strategy until the Grand Final in May 14 and will broadcast this episode featuring Amanda in Friday, April 15.

Amanda impresses in every live performance and the same is expected to happen this time as well.

Be sure to be there on Friday, April 15 on 21:00 CET on ERT1!

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Greece: “Die Together” is the cover for Spotify Music Friday!

“Die Together” started its journey for Turin, with great dynamism. The Greek song for Eurovision is now the cover of Spotify Music Friday in Greece, alongside being part of the same list for other countries.

Other than being the cover of Greece’s Spotify Music Friday, “Die Together” is part of the same list in Italy, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Romania, Portugal, Czechia, Slovakia, Turkey, Hungary and of course Norway! Spotify Music Friday is the greatest playlist of the music platform and for a song to be part of it, is a great boost for increasing its stream.

The music video of “Die Together” is in YouTube Trends, no.9 in Cyprus and no. 14 in Norway

A great start for Greece’s song.

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Greece: Amanda to sing “Die Together” in Turin!

Today, hours before the official launch of the Greek entry, ERT, the Greek National Boradcaster, revealed the title of the song for Eurovision 2022.

Die Together, will be sung by Amanda Georgiadis Tenfjord, next May in Turin. It’s about a ballad, written by the singer herself, after a past separation that she had.

In a few hours, through the show Studio 4, the video clip of the Greek participation will be broadcastedd  for the first time, which  was directed by Costas Karydas, in the picturesque island of Symi. Eurovisionfun comes to answer all the crucial questions, concerning the Greek participation

  • As aforemementioned, the video clip will be broadcasted first in Studio 4, today Thursday. The show transmits from 16.00 until 18.00 (Local Time, GMT+2).
  • Immediately after its release in Studio 4, the video clip will be available exclusively on ERTflix.
  • Shortly afterwards and more specifically at 19.00, the song will be available on all music platforms, while the video clip will be available on Amanda’s YouTube channel.
  • We remind you that the song with which Amanda Georgiadi (Tenfjord) will represent us in the competition, is written in collaboration with Bjorn Helge, while Dimitris Kontopoulos had a decisive role in its production . The director of the participation is Fokas Evangelinos and the project manager of is Elias Kokotos. Head of delegation of  is going to be Sofia Dranidou, as in Rotterdam last year, and Dora Chiraki, director of corporate communication of ERT, is responsible for all the crucial decisions, being in charge of the general supervision by the Greek public television.

We remind you that Greece is taking part in the 1st Semi-Final, on May 10!

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Greece: What time and where will we listen to the Greek entry! EXCLUSIVE

Greece’s turn to reveal the respective entry for Eurovision 2022 is around the corner, as on Thursday March 10, according to the trailer released by ERT, we will see the official video clip and we will listen to the Greek entry of Eurovision 2022.


Through the TV program ‘Studio 4’, the video clip of the Greek participation will be broadcast for the first time, which of course was directed by Costas Karydas in the beautiful Symi. But when will it be available on other platforms? Eurovisionfun comes to answer this question, which concerns all Greeks and foreign eurofans.

So, the video clip will be broadcast first in Studio 4, tomorrow Thursday March 10. The TV program is scheduled from 15.00 until 17.00 (CET)
Immediately after its broadcast in Studio 4, the video clip will be available exclusively on ERTflix.
Shortly afterwards and more specifically at 18.00 (CET), the song will be available on all music platforms, while the video clip will be available on Amanda’s YouTube channel.

Greece comes to Eurovision 2022 with demands and hopes, since despite the leak of an unfinished demo, remains stable in the top five of the bets for the victory in the music competition that will take place the upcoming May in Turin.

We remind you that the song with which Amanda Georgiadi (Tenfjord) will represent Greece in the competition was written by herself together with Bjorn Helge, while main role in the production had Dimitris Kontopoulos. The staging director of the Greek entry is Fokas Evangelinos and the project manager is Elias Kokotos. The head of the mission of the Greek delegation is Sofia Dranidou, with Dora Chiraki, director of corporate communication of ERT, to be the one who makes all the decisions, having the general supervision of the Greek public television.

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Greece: ERT releases trailer for the announcement of the Greek entry!

ERT, the Greek Broadcasting Corporation, confirmed a little while ago everything that we knew already, that the video clip of the song with which Amanda Georgiadis Tenfjord will represent Greece at Eurovision 2022, will be published on Thursday, March 10, from the TV program ”Studio 4” at 3 pm (CET)!

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EXCLUSIVE: Why did ERT not hold a national final for Eurovision 2022?

It was a keen desire of most of the fans that ERT would be holding a national final giving the public the opportunity to choose the Greek representative for Eurovision 2022. What did occur and a national final never happened? What stopped the Greek national broadcaster’s administration from fullfilling an intention they indeed had?

Procedure beggins with no chance of a national final

As you might remember we had already informed you about ERT having a national final out of their plans, at least for this year. That was the information we had at this very point and this is the reason we were so definite about it. But let’s start from the beggining.

At early September ERT initiates the call for participations, giving that way officialy the opportunity to any artist, creator, company, records label who is interested submitting their suggestion. At that time, a national final was not even a thought. The reason is simple. No one expected the interest people showed, that got translated into entries, NOR the  high quality of the songs submitted.

On October 10th the deadline for the submitions is over and ERT now has to choose between more than 40 songs. The procedure has already been announced by Dimitris Papadimitriou. The jury members would hear the songs, rate them individually and the top 5 would be moving onto the second and final phase of the selection.

Thoughts about a TV show

At this point the ERT administratives start thinking about a possible national final, as they think they have 5 songs that could fit such a concept and hold a decent show. For that reason the head of delegation gets the permission to ask all the finalists whether they would be interested in such a show. Keep in mind that this was essential as the earliest ERT’s proclamation did not refer to that at all.

After communicating with all the 5 finalists (still not publically known), the HoD received 3 negative answers, 1 positive and 1 “maybe”. The doubts of the artists, and their labels, did mostly refer to the on-screen result, the televoting transparency, and their personal style that could possibly not fit to such an event.

ERT, however, kept on trying by suggesting a national final in which the jury vote would be more powerful than televoting, as happens in Romania or Malta. They also suggested the national final taking place on Kostis Maravegias’ show (“Dynata“), which is closer to the 5 finalists musical profile but even then the objections were not avoided.

One-way decision

Under the fear of people suddenly withdrawing, ERT decided to go on with the internal selection publishing the top 5 artists. Still wanting to somehow keep the public involved, they suggested assuming the production of their tracks and releasing them through their radio in order to get a feedback from the public before the commitee gets their final decision. The finalists and their labels did not accept that either, as they insisted on keeping the songs and releasing them the way they wanted to.

More or less this was the background of the previous months and we can now, almost a month after Amanda has officialy been announced as the Greek representative, reveal it to you.

What about the future?

We, as Eurovisionfun, are wondering whether the artists this year would bother submitting their entries if they had been aware of a national final from the start. Based on the previous facts, probably not.

The decision ERT has to take for the future is exactly what type of entries do they want. This question is already being discussed in ERT’s offices, while their goal is keeping the quality high while also keeping the public and eurofans involved to the selection. However a national final is not the only way to do so, and this is exactly what the greek delegation is lately working on.

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