Greece: Amanda’s message to Marina Satti!

Marina Satti will represent Greece in the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest, which will take place in May in Malmö, Sweden, as was previously revealed by ERT through its television show “Studio 4”.

Following the announcement, there were various supportive comments, and most people appeared to be pleased with ERT’s choice. Amanda Tenfjord, who represented Greece at Eurovision 2022 with the song “Die Together” and placed eighth, was one of the artists that gave her wishes.

More specifically, Amanda made the following comment, in a post by Marina Satti on Instagram:

❤️❤️LET’S GO🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷

It is worth noting that Amanda has frequently stated her respect for Marina Satti as an artist and her interest in collaborating with her.

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Greece: Victor Vernicos covers Alexander Rybak and Amanda Tenfjord!

Last Thursday, the Greek national broadcaster ERT hosted a meet-and-greet event where we got the chance to meet Victor Vernicos. Victor performed “What They Say“ live for the first time in front of an audience but also performed two of his all-time favourite Eurovision entries! You can watch his versions of “Die Together” and “Fairytale” at the videos below:

Die Together – Amanda Tenfjord

Fairytale – Alexander Rybak

Watch Victor perform “What They Say” live, for the first time in front of audience down on the video below:

Victor is competing eighth at Second Semi-Final of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, in May 11, 2023.

You can watch the reaction of the editors of Eurovisionfun, reacting and commenting on the Greek entry for Eurovision 2023 below:

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Amanda Tenfjord and Maro are discussing a collaboration!

Earlier today, Maro, the Portuguese representative revealed during the Meet and Greet that she has been in contact with Amanda Tenfjord and they are discussing a possible future collaboration. She also added that she is open to work with any representative of this year’s Eurovision.

At the press conference, when asked by a journalist about a collaboration with Maro, Amanda replied:

I love Maro and I’ve actually been listening to her music for years so it’s a very big compliment and I would love to do (a collaboration). We talked in Instagram and I can’t wait to meet her. She’s amazing and I love her music.

Watch Amanda’s first press conference below:

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Interesting information about the stage presentation of some participations?

A number of interesting information is given by a user on Wiwibloggs. Of course, we are not able to know if everything that user says is true. However, because everything he supports about the Greek participation and the direction of Fokas Evangelinos are based, we decided to publish this information, telling you to always read carefully what follows, as they are not fully confirmed.

Initially, this user refers to the participation of the United Kingdom, saying that although he believes that this year the country will do much better than we are used to, Sam Ryder will not win, since the stage presentation of Space Man is not a winning one. He also gives a forecast saying that UK will be from the 7th to the 12th place.

As was reasonable the above raised questions to users, who ask Who am i? how he is so sure of what he mentions. Who am i? then claims that he had the opportunity to see and know some things about the stage presentation of about ten countries.

What is of particular importance for Greece is the following:

So according to what he reveals, a country that will hold its first rehearsal on May 1 and is currently in the top ten of bets, will do much better than is now expected. In addition, he advises us to be patient, since a lot will change during the rehearsals.

The countries that have rehearsals on May 1 and are in the top ten of bets are Greece and Norway. However, knowing that Norway will perform on the stage of the contest almost the same that Subwoolfer performed in the final of MGP 2022, our mind automatically goes to the Greek participation. In his next comment he makes it even more obvious that he is referring to Greece.

Finally, Who am i? says some things about Poland as well. On the one hand, he does not think that it will go as well as most people think, but also that the stage presentation is not so different from the national final.

Who am i? gives his own prediction of the final winner of the competition, which he considers to be one of the women’s ballads, without specifying here which one he has in mind.

Are they just speculations? Are opinions based on data he knows? In very few days we will know. However, the truth in his words that we can also confirm, is that the stage presentation of the Greek participation is the telling of a story that will really move.

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Greece: Amanda in O.A.C.A. for the 50 days until Eurovision 2022!

Today the representative of Greece in the 66th Eurovision Song Contest, Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord visited the Nikos Galis Olympic Indoor Hall of OACA sport complex, on the day of the 201st anniversary of the country’s independence.

The reason for her visit in the venue that hosted the only, until today, Eurovision Song Contest of 2006, was to film her own video (as all the representatives of the 40 nations of this year’s contest have done today) for the 50 days countdown until the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin, Italy.

Below you can watch the video that was posted on the official account of Eurovision on TikTok

@eurovision Let’s go @Amanda Georgiadis Tenfjord! We’re soooo looking forward to seeing you on stage in Turin! 🇬🇷😍🤩 #Eurovision2022 #Eurovision #ESC2022 ♬ original sound – Eurovision

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The shooting of Live On Tapes has started in Sofia!

A big production has been set up in Sofia, as for the next few days the shooting of live on tapes of eight countries will take place there! We have already seen through social media that some artists are in Sofia, with the rest arriving soon, while creative directors Marvin Dietmann, Dan Shipton and Sacha Jean Baptiste are also in the Bulgarian capital for directing and supervising the shooting of the countries that they are in charge of.

Eight delegations, in order to reduce costs, will travel in the upcoming days in Sofia for the shooting of live on tape videos of their participations. We remind you that the live on tape video is the backup live performance of the entries and is required by all delegations. This video will be used by the event only if any of the delegations fails to reach Turin in May.

The eight countries that will shoot the live on tape video in Sofia in the upcoming days are the following:

  • Greece
  • Cyprus
  • United Kingdom
  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • Malta
  • Bulgaria
  • Armenia

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Greece: The first information about Amanda’s stage presentation in Turin!

The first information about the stage appearance prepared by Fokas Evangelinos, for the entry of Greece in Eurovision 2022, saw the light of day.

Amanda’s appearance in Turin with an artistic look

According to what Amanda Georgiadi said in the interview she gave to OK magazine, the approach they have chosen for the Turin scene is something more artistic.

From the first moment I saw Fokas Evangelinos I loved him! He is such a warm person. All I can say is that what you will see is something very beautiful. We have taken a more artistic approach!

Amanda Georgiadis for Fokas Evangelinos and stage presentation

The above is also confirmed by our information. What Fokas Evangelinos and the Greek artistic team plan very carefully and in every detail, is something very classy and elegant, which will match the atmosphere of the song.

Amanda will return to Greece the next week for the shooting of the live on tape video.

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Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord: “If I had only one year of life, I would like to represent Greece at Eurovision”!

The Greek representative of Eurovision 2022 was photographed for the OK magazine, giving at the same time a very interesting interview. Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord spoke of course about Die Together which has already made an impression, the story behind the song, her aspirations in view of the upcoming Eurovision, but also the way she manages to be both an artist and a medical student.

For her decision to participate in Eurovision and not with Norway, Amanda, once again clearly states that she is Greek, who just works and lives in Norway.

…other than that, I like that in Greece there is a competition where the candidates can send their songs and the committee decides which one will go to Eurovision. In Norway the competition is more open and I confess that I do not like this type of publicity.

Amanda still can not believe that the ERT committee chose her to represent Greece in Turin, while she reveals that the first people to whom she announced her happiness were her parents, but also her grandmother (101 years old), who lives in Ioannina, Greece.

As also Stefania, Amanda grew up with the dream to represent one day Greece in the competition.

Even though I was dreaming of it, I never thought I would live it. Last year, when I saw Stefania singing for Greece, I thought: “If I had only one year of life, I would like to represent Greece in the competition”!

Nothing worries Amanda, except for doing anything wrong and disappointing for the Greeks who gave her this opportunity and the honor to represent them in such a big competition as Eurovision.

Image text: ”I want to make Greeks proud. It is such a honor to represent my country at this competition”

It was difficult of course not to be asked about the bets that want Greece in such a high position. Amanda prefers not to look at them, as she knows that they change easily. She is currently focused on preparing for her perfomance at the competition. As for what to expect from Fokas now, Amanda simply states that there will be an artistic approach.

For the story of Die Together, Amanda calls the song the expression of absolute love. After the pain she experienced from the breaking up with her previous relationship, the idea of ​​this song was born.

The title of the song may have a negative connotation, but if you listen carefully to the lyrics of the song you will realise that it is the anthem of absolute love.

In the end, Amanda also referred to the special show of ERT, with the former eurostars that we will be broadcasted to the Greek public television.

It is my great pleasure and honor to meet eight Greek eurostars up close. They will give me tips for Eurovision but they will also bring me the atmosphere and the background from their own participations.

More from the full interview of Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord are available in OK magazine, which is released today, Saturday, March 12, together with NEA, a Greek daily newspaper.

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Source: OK / Photos: Giannis Bastardis

Greece: “Die Together” is the cover for Spotify Music Friday!

“Die Together” started its journey for Turin, with great dynamism. The Greek song for Eurovision is now the cover of Spotify Music Friday in Greece, alongside being part of the same list for other countries.

Other than being the cover of Greece’s Spotify Music Friday, “Die Together” is part of the same list in Italy, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Romania, Portugal, Czechia, Slovakia, Turkey, Hungary and of course Norway! Spotify Music Friday is the greatest playlist of the music platform and for a song to be part of it, is a great boost for increasing its stream.

The music video of “Die Together” is in YouTube Trends, no.9 in Cyprus and no. 14 in Norway

A great start for Greece’s song.

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Greece: Amanda will be a guest in the final of MGP 2022!

As she revealed with a tweet a few minutes ago, the greek representative at Eurovision 2022, Amanda Georgiadis Tenfjord, will be a guest at MGP 2022, the national final of Norway, which takes place tonight.

Amanda will be the only guest in the Norwegian national final, which goes to show that she and her work are well respected in the country where she grew up and took her first steps as an artist. The greek team of course hopes that this will translate to some points as well in May, like it happened last year with Stefania and the Netherlands.

You can watch the final of MGP 2022 tonight at 19.55 (CET) clicking here.

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