Slovenia: 191 songs submitted for EMA 2021 and Ana Soklič!

The process of submitting songs was completed, and thus, the Slovenian public broadcaster, RTVSLO, announced that a total of 191 tracks were submitted, a record number in Slovenian Eurovision history!

Slovenian public broadcasters is one of the 20 televisions that have confirmed the same artist for Eurovision 2021. Thus, Ana Soklič, the winner of EMA 2020, will have the opportunity to represent her country in the Eurovision 2021.

With this number being a record, all songs will be evaluated by a specialized committee consisting of at least three members, while the final number of songs for EMA 2021 as well as the selection rules will be announced at a later time.

The final list of songs will be posted on the website of public television until December 31 with EMA 2021 taking place no later than March 9, 2021.

Slovenia: With the Budapest Artistic Orchestra the revamp of “Voda”

The Budapest Artistic Orchestra was used to revamp the final version of Voda, Slovenia’s participation in Eurovision 2020, as revealed by Ana Soklič.

Immediately after her win at EMMA 2020, Ana Soklič announced that she would revamp Voda, even thinking of changing the language of the lyrics, which were originally in Slovenian. You can get a sample of the revamp in the video below:

Peter Pejtsik, a famous Hungarian musician and not only, is the conductor of the Budapest Artistic Orchestra. The release date of the revamp has not been announced yet, but Ana Soklič hopes to continue the tradition of recent years, which wants Slovenia to qualify for the Grand Final.