Andorra: Government wants the country to return to Eurovision

Good news from Andorra, which this year marks 10 years of absence from the contest. Elnacional hosts statements by representatives of the tri-partite government of the state, expressing a desire to bring their country back to Eurovision.

Financial reasons, as well as the fact that its six entries failed to qualify for the Final, were the reasons that led Andorra’s public broadcaster to quit Eurovision 2010 and never come back since then. A spokesman for the ruling party, Blau told elnacional:

“Andorra’s public television will return to the Eurovision Song Contest after re-evaluating its costs”

Also, another representative of the Democratic Party, also one of the three ruling parties, went further, saying:

“Eurovision is a great television show that will allow us to put our country on the map”

It is not clear whether Andorra will return in 2020 (something very difficult after the list of countries already announced) or next year.

The only time Andorra came close to qualifying was in 2007 when Anonymous with “Salvem El Món” finished 12th, the toughest semifinal ever to be played with 28 countries!