Cyprus: Andrew Lambrou sings Andromache’s “Ela”!

A while ago, the representative of Cyprus in this year’s Eurovision, Andrew Lambrou, uploaded a short video on his personal Tik Tok account, on which he performs Ela of Andromache! Ela, despite failing to qualify for the Eurovision 2022 Final, seems to remain beloved by the fans.

You can listen to Andrew Lambrou’s beautiful version of Ela below:

Andrew Lambrou will represent Cyprus at the 67th Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool with the song “Break A Broken Heart”. You can listen to the entry below:

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Cyprus: Lowest audience in over a decade for Eurovision 2022

RIK saw a “record” of low viewing figures in Cyprus for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, with the lowest numbers in over a decade.

Less than 100,000 viewers tuned in to the second semifinal, in which Cyprus participated, but also to the Grand Final. Specifically, 81,080 viewers watched the second semifinal, from which Cyprus failed to qualify, 27.1% less than the corresponding semifinal last year. Similar numbers were recorded in the Final, with 80,430 viewers tuning in and with the huge 53.8% decrease from last year’s Final.

The previous lowest percentage of viewers for a Eurovision Grand Final was recorded in 2013, with 125,000 viewers.

Andromache with the song Ela represented Cyprus in Eurovision 2022, failing to qualify to Saturday’s Grand Final and finishing in the 12th place in the second semifinal.

Source: AGB Cyprus

Eurovision 2022: Cyprus’ Second Rehearsal!

Then on the stage of Pala Olimpico, we have Andromache from Cyprus goes up with Ela.

Who is Andromache?

Enthusiastic pop fans will know that Andromache is on the rise throughout Europe in recent years.

Born in Germany and raised in Greece, music has always been a huge part of her upbringing. Her whole family was involved in singing and dancing.

Andromachi became widely known when she competed in The Voice of Greece and later signed a record deal with Panik Records.

Her single, Na Sun Lie, became her biggest hit, both on the radio and on music platforms, consolidating her status as the pop star that everyone should follow.

The rehearsal

Cyprus definitely has one of the biggest props of today rehearsal day. On stage, there is a huge shell-shaped structure that houses Andromachi, the two dancers, but also the graphics. Andromache appears as the goddess Aphrodite, emerging from the waves, bringing elegance and energy. She is barefoot and dressed in a beige ensemble, while low lighting prevails on Andromache, in pink and purple colours. The scenery is beautiful!

Watch an excerpt of the second rehearsal through the cameras:


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Eurovision 2022: Cyprus’ First Rehearsal!

The last country to take the stage today for the first rehearsal is Cyprus, represented by Andromache and her song Ela.

Everything about Andromache

Keen pop fans will know that Andromache’s star has been in ascendancy across Europe for the past few years.

Born in Germany, and raised in Greece, music has always been a huge part of this participant’s upbringing; her entire family were passionate performers when it came to singing and dancing.

But Andromache first rose to widespread attention when she competed in The Voice of Greece, signing to Panik Records shortly after.

Her single, Na ‘Soun Psema, became the artist’s big breakthrough hit across radio and streaming platforms, cementing her status as a pop star to watch.

The Rehearsal

Cyprus definitely have one of the biggest props of the day – a huge shell-shaped structure that accommodates both dancers AND graphic projections. We love a multi-function prop.

Andromache appears like Aphrodite from the waves, and brings some elegance and energy to the final rehearsal of the day – it’s a really good mid-tempo pop song, and we’re having a little dance in the Green Room.

@eurovision @Andromache_dim can’t wait to get on stage and we can see why! Incredible first rehearsal for Cyprus 🇨🇾 #EurovisionTikTok #Eurovision2022 #Eurovision ♬ original sound – Eurovision



The second rehearsal of Cyprus will take place on Friday 6/5 and we will be able to have a better view of what Andromache will be presenting on stage.

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Cyprus: Andromache to be joined by two female dancers at Eurovision!

Through her stories on Instagram, the choreographer Nefeli Theodotou , revealed that she will join Andromache on the stage of PalaOlimpico, in May in Turin, with a choreography of her own. Also in the Eurovision stage we will see the dancer Despina Lagoudaki.

As Andromache herself has revealed, her appearance will contain elements from Greece, Cyprus and the Mediterranean, while the air element is expected to dominate the scene.

All the direction has been taken over by Marvin Dietmann , while Andromache will be dressed by the talented Cypriot designer,  Stelios Koudounaris.

Cyprus is competing in 9th place, in the second semi-final, on May 12th.

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The shooting of Live On Tapes has started in Sofia!

A big production has been set up in Sofia, as for the next few days the shooting of live on tapes of eight countries will take place there! We have already seen through social media that some artists are in Sofia, with the rest arriving soon, while creative directors Marvin Dietmann, Dan Shipton and Sacha Jean Baptiste are also in the Bulgarian capital for directing and supervising the shooting of the countries that they are in charge of.

Eight delegations, in order to reduce costs, will travel in the upcoming days in Sofia for the shooting of live on tape videos of their participations. We remind you that the live on tape video is the backup live performance of the entries and is required by all delegations. This video will be used by the event only if any of the delegations fails to reach Turin in May.

The eight countries that will shoot the live on tape video in Sofia in the upcoming days are the following:

  • Greece
  • Cyprus
  • United Kingdom
  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • Malta
  • Bulgaria
  • Armenia

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Cyprus: In Eurovision 2022 with Andromache and the song “Ela”!

Through the evening show from RIK1, “Ola ston Aera“, Cyprus’s entry for Eurovision 2022, named “Ela” (Come) by the talented artist Andromache, was shown for the first time.

In the first broadcast through the show, we had the opportunity to listen to the song that Andromache will sing at the upcoming Eurovision for the first time.

You can listen to the song  in the website of Panik Records.

Ela” will be available in all digital music platforms in Friday, March 11. On the same day, the music video will premiere in the official YouTube channel of Panik Records.

The Directors of the Song:

The song is written by the Greek-Swedish Alex P, known for his a lot of participations in the competition, Greece 2007, Azerbaijan 2009, Cyprus 2018, Cyprus 2019

The team is completed by Nikos Giouletzis, a well-known musician in Greece with many and great collaborations, but also Fatjon Miftari, a music producer from Albania.

The lyrics are written by the known Cypriot song writer George Papadopoulos.

The participation of George Papadopoulos in the whole project, comes to confirm everything that the leaders of RIK said in the past, that there will a strong Cypriot color, in this year’s song .

We remind you that RIK has already announced as artistic director of its participation in the next competition, Marvin Dietmann, from Austria, who was responsible for the staging of both Austria’s winning performance in Eurovision 2014 with Conchita Wurst, as well as the jury vote winner in Eurovision 2018 with Cesár Sampson from Austria.

Cyprus in Eurovision Song Contest:

This is the 38th participation of Cyprus in the competition, which is now the country with the most participations without a win. Debuted in 1981 with Monika and an impressive sixth place. Until the end of the 90’s, Cyprus managed to be in the top ten of the final score, on a regular basis. However, from 2004, when the semi-finals were introduced started and until 2014, it managed to cross the reef of the semifinals, in only three cases!

The above has changed drastically since 2015 and since then, Cyprus has qualified for every final. The peak of all this good course, was of course the second place in 2018 with Eleni Foureira and “Fuego”.

Last year Cyprus was represented by Elena Tsagkrinou and the song “El Diablo.

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