Ireland: Linda Martin starring in the official video clip for Junior Eurovision 2019

Almost a month is left for the Junior Eurovision 2019 in Glivice, Poland. Ireland’s public broadcaster has recently released the video clip of “Banshee”, the Irish act in the contest. Surprisingly, we watched Eurovision 1992 winner, Linda Martin, in the lead!

Anna Kearney won the Irish National Junior Eurovision final “Éire 2019” and will represent Ireland at the Eurovision children’s competition. She will perform the song “Banshee”, hoping to bring Ireland its first victory in this institution.

Irish Public broadcaster thought a clever way to call attention to its entry. She put Linda Martin in the leading role in the video.

The video clip is full of Irish forests and seas. It goes back to the Middle Ages, so Anna Kearney’s relative ambivalence is justified. Throughout the video we see a mysterious woman who does not reveal her identity by wearing a cape, which also hides her face. Only at the end the mysterious woman revealed herself, and we see that she is Linda Martin.