Anxhela Peristeri: “I want to represent Greece in Eurovision next time”!

Invited to the show “Night with Avlona”, Anxhela Peristeri, who represented Albania at Eurovision 2021, spoke about her personal life, but also the Eurovision song contest.

The popular singer who made a career in Greece and whose father is of Greek origin, as she mentioned in an exclusive interview she gave us last year, said that next time in the Eurovision contest she would like to represent Greece.

I would represent Greece because I know the culture and I lived there. Although my song was orchestrated by a Greek composer, Dimitris Kontopoulos, this was not discussed. But I would like (to represent Greece).

We remind you that Anxhela Peristeri’s song was orchestrated in the studio of Dimitris Kontopoulos in Athens.

We who had the good fortune to meet Anxhela Peristeri last year in Rotterdam, wish from the bottom of our hearts that she claim her dream and why not see her on the stage of the contest with the Greek colours. She is one of the best female voices to hit the Eurovision stage in recent years.


Albania: “My grand father was Greek, that’s why my name is Greek” | Anxhela Peristeri speaks at ERT!

In the news bulletin of ERT, the representative of Albania in Eurovision 2021, Anxhela Peristeri, was hosted. Among other things, she mentioned her Greek origin.

As she stated, in fluently Greek, the contest was for quite years one of her dreams and goals:

What you give you take. So we must do good to others in order to get something good. My composer and I thought every year to take part in FiK but we were always busy. This year, due to the pandemic, we had time to deal with and find a nice song between two or three that we wrote and went to the competition.

She even mentioned her origin and her relationship with Greece:

My grandfather was Greek, so my last name, Peristeri, is also Greek. I worked in Greece, I have collaborated with Paola, Antonis Remos, Valantis and Lena Papadopoulou. Albania is my homeland, I was born and raised here, I became famous here and people supported me and they still support me. Greece is a beautiful country that I adore, there I have most of my friends and I spent my best years.

You can watch all the interview in the video below:

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After her victory at Albania’s national final, Festivali i Këngës, Anxhela Peristeri gave her first short interview to the reporter of the public broadcaster RTSH.

Among others she mentioned how happy and emotional feels and that representing Albania in the Eurovision Song Contest was one of her dreams.

As far as the final form of her entry is concerned, Anxhela Peristeri commented that they haven’t made their minds up regarding the language yet (whether it is going to be in English or in Albanian) since her team was focused on the Festivali i Këngës. Moreover, she left open the possibility that there might be some changes at the lyrics.

Below you can watch the video of her firsts statements after her victory

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