NDR confirmed that Iveta Mukuchyan was among the candidates, but she wasn’t rejected because of Nagorno Karabah

The announcement of Iveta Mukuchyan, the representative of Armenia in 2016, that she was among the bidding candidates for the German representation, but eventually she was rejected, caused great sensation. NDR spoke to esc-kompakt and confirmed that Iveta was among the artists the panel of 100 experts had chosen. Of course, the reason given by the German public television for the “cut” of Iveta, is that its inclusion in the list of candidates was inadvertent, since they do not want artists who have participated again in the competition with other countries. This contradicts what Iveta claims, since according to her, the reason for its exclusion was its action to raise the flag of the Republic of Artsakh( formerly known as the Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh) in the semifinals of Eurovision 2016.

Just yesterday, Iveta Mukuchyan, who successfully represented Armenia at Eurovision 2016 with LoveWave and ended up in seventh place, revealed through her social networks that while she was one of the candidates to represent Germany at Eurovision 2021, NDR finally informed her that it is not possible, as they do not want an artist who has participated in the competition again.

Iveta went even further, saying that she considered this a pretext, as the real reason is her act of raising the flag of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) at Eurovision 2016 and the reactions that would have taken place in Germany from the large Muslim community living there.

Talking to esc-kompakt about the issue, NDR confirmed that Iveta Mukuchyan was one of the artists who chose the 100-member panel of experts to represent Germany at Eurovision 2021, but insisted on what Iveta herself says on her post.

For the selection process, digame and the NDR have agreed that Germany should not be represented at the ESC by artists who have already participated in the international competition for another country. Iveta Mukuchyan was mistakenly included in the first selection for 2021 and contacted by digame. With the sole reason that she had already participated in the ESC for Armenia, she was then canceled by digame for the further course of the selection. There was no other reason or a separate agreement with the NDR. Political statements didn’t matter.

What is certain is that we will not see Iveta in the next competition, at least for Germany. But let us once again enjoy LoveWave and its stunning performance at the Globen Arena in Stockholm:

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Iveta Mukuchyan: “I was invited to represent Germany in Eurovision 2021, but got rejected because I raised the flag of Nagorno Karabakh

One of the events that stigmatised the Eurovision 2016 was the flag of the Republic of Artsakh ( formerly known as the Republic of Nagorno Karabakh), raised by the Armenian representative Iveta Mukuchyan, while in the green room during the 1st Semi Final. Through a post on her social media, Iveta reminded us the incident, and revealed that, due to this, she was rejected by the German national broadcaster for the representation of Germany in Eurovision 2021, despite the fact that she received invitation by the panel of 200 individuals who will choose the next German representative.

There were not a few those who believe that Iveta’s stance in the semi final cost her several points in the Grand Final, since she ended up in 7th place even though her entry, LoveWave, was one of the hot favourites to win the contest. In fact, the public broadcaster of Armenia was fined by the EBU for their representative’s action in Eurovision 2016.


Iveta, who lives in Germany, made a reference to the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan for the quarrelsome region of Nagorno Karabakh, citing that the war has nothing to do with these two peoples, since both Armenians and Azeris have a lot in common, but instead this was is triggered by Erdogan and Aliyev against Armenians and Armenia.

I know how unpleasant it is to read about a war that is happening far away from where you are right now.I knew how unpleasant it was for millions of viewers at the Eurovision back in 2016 to engage a few minutes into the discussion about why I put up the Kharabagh flag in a contest that doesn’t want to be involved in politics. What many people don’t know is that this year I got an excited call from Germany that 200 experts voted, without me knowing about it, to discuss me representing Germany at the Eurovision 2021. Everybody was excited, me as well. Then I got a call that the press-department said unfortunately they decided last minute that they couldn’t take me, explaining that I already participated and that wouldn’t make sense for Germany. I knew from the first second that this explanation was nonsense but the real reason could only be, that I put up the Kharabagh flag up and Germany does not appreciate political involvement in the Eurovision and would get a shitstorm if they would choose me representing them since there are many Muslims living in Germany. Which I completely understand. I want to make everyone understand that this is not a war between Azerbaijan/Turkey and Armenia but a war against Alliyev and Erdogan. When Artsakh shoots back they warn the population of Azerbaijan to evacuate, while Azerbaijan is targeting peaceful civilians, not even telling their own people to hide in bunkers. After they told me kindly that even though they would like me to participate they decided not to, I was mad at myself…regretting that my past act of patriotism would influence my career once again…

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Junior Eurovision 2019: What are the favorites to win?

Only some hours  left for the Junior Eurovision 2019 final. Tomorrow, November 24 in Glivice, Poland, 19 songs will compete for the victory. After defining the order of appearance of the songs, it’s time to take a look at the big favorites.

The final result of Junior Eurovision will also be determined this year by a 50% vote of the jury and 50% of the public vote. The public can continuing voting online till tomorrow at 15:59 CET time. Of the 19 songs the following 4 seem to have stood out:

  • Poland

Last year’s winner and host of this year’s Junior Eurovision has already garnered many views. The official video has 3.8 million views, and the first rehearsal video is already close to 200,000. The singer’s official channel reaches 1.3 million and TVP’s channel reaches 1.4 million! It is expected that there will be great interest in Poland for the contest, but it is a strong song anyway. If that is supported by the jury, it is possible to see a second victory in a row for Poland. In audience voting, it will probably be in the top three if not first.


  • France

The country that returned dynamically last year after winning the runner-up looks determined to continue the good run. The video on the singer’s official channel reached 1.3 million views, while JESC’s official channel is approaching 1 million. The first rehearsal also became quite popular with 120,000 views. France has not won the competition so far.

  • Spain

Spain have been abstaining from the competition for many years, but it seems that it wants to return dynamically this year. The video on the singer’s channel has 700,000 views, while the official JESC channel also reaches close to 700,000. The first rehearsal seems to stand out with nearly 120,000 views already. After Spain’s 2004 win, could we see its second win this year?

  • Armenia

With an uptempo song, Armenia reached 900,000 views on the official JESC channel, while its first rehearsal also went well with 80,000 views. After winning 2010, the country has been close to winning several times.

Who will the winner be?

The above countries are almost certain to be in the top ten (possibly in the top five) of the public vote. The unexpected factor is the vote of the jury. Bearing in mind the results of the last two years that the system has been the same this year, it seems that the committees pay great attention to the vocal abilities of the singers as well as to the final visual spectacle.

You can enjoy the Junior Eurovision 2019 contest through the official channel on Sunday, November 24 at 16:00CET time.

Armenia: Emmy Bejanyan to participate in Depi Evratesil?

A few days ago, Armenian Public Television announced its return to the concept it used in 2018 to select the song and artist to represent it in Rotterdam in May, namely through “Depi Evratesil”!

One potential participant seems to be Emmy Bejanyan. Emmy represented Armenia in Dusseldorf in 2011 with the song “Boom Boom”, succeeding Armenia’s first blockade of the Final.

Now, in a series of  posts on  her Instagram account, she asks her fans if they want her back at the Eurovision Contest, with most saying yes to this venture.

Depi Evratesil will take place in 2018’s format. This means that contestants will be participating with

original songs and will not be in a talent show style, which was held in 2017.

Interested creators and performers can submit their entries by December 31st, via the official website of Depi Evratesil.

Armenia: Through Depi Evratesil the artist and song for Eurovision 2020

Armenian public broadcaster is returning to the concept used in 2018 to select the entry and artist to represent it in May in Rotterdam. Armenia ‘s participation in Eurovision 2020 will be selected as announced recently, via Depi Evratesil!

Depi Evratesil will take place based on 2018 format. This means that contestants will be participating with original songs and will not be in the talent show style, which was held in 2017.

Interested creators and performers can submit their entries by December 31st, via the official website of Depi Evratesil.

More information will be announced at a later date.