Eurovision 2022: Watch the Live-on-Tape videos of Denmark, Austria and Iceland!

The live-on-tape of the countries that participated in the 66th Eurovision Song Contest in May in Turin will be shown this year through the official Eurovision channel on YouTube.

From June 14 to 23, Eurofans will have the opportunity to watch the live-on-tape appearances of about thirty of the forty countries that took part in this year’s contest.

Today, it is the turn of three other countries of the first semi-final. Since the EBU decided to show the live-on-tapes based on the running order of the first semifinal, this means that today it is the turn of Denmark, Austria and Iceland.

🇩🇰 Watch the Live-on-Tape performance of “The Show” by REDDI:

🇦🇹 Watch the Live-on-Tape performance of “Halo” by LUM!X and Pia Maria:

🇮🇸 Watch the Live-on-Tape performance of “Með Hækkandi Sòl” by Systur:

What do you think about the first Live-on-Tape videos of Eurovision 2022? Do you like them or do you prefer the live performances?

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Austria: ORF will decide their selection method for Eurovision 2023 during June!

A few days after Austria’s non-qualification with Lumix and Pia Maria at Eurovision 2022, the head of the Austrian delegation, Stefan Zecher spoke about the possible ways of selecting the Austrian entry from Eurovision 2023 and on!

The head of the Austrian delegation from 2011, Stefan Zechner said:

The disappointment is huge, of course, because it’s the third time in a row that we haven’t reached the final. We just have to analyze how it is possible that a song that has done extremely well on YouTube and Spotify doesn’t get enough votes to make it to the final.

When asked why other countries always have a guaranteed ticket to the final while Austria always has to “fight”, he gave the following answer:

Countries like Sweden, for example, which usually always reach the final, are more positive about the competition. In Italy, the country’s best-known artists try to take part in Eurovision. In our country, on the other hand, people continue mocking Eurovision, even though the quality of the music has clearly improved.

When asked if the country’s representative could be chosen from a music show like Starmania, Zechner said:

This could be one of the many possibilities. “Starmania” could be won by someone who wouldn’t actually be suitable for Eurovision. If, on the other hand, we have our own national final, there’s the problem of finding artists who are willing to be exposed to the antagonism. Many established musicians don’t want to do that.

Right now we have a new program director, Stefanie Groiss-Horowitz. We will jointly consider how to approach the Song Contest. I think we need to ask ourselves what needs to change, what new approaches there are.

A decision on our selection method should be made in June, because if a new system is implemented, we will have to prepare it during the summer.

Lumix and Pia Maria represented Austria at Eurovision 2022 with “Halo”, you can watch their performance from the first semi-final here:

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Eurovision 2022: The Dress Rehearsal of the First Semi Final! (Live)

Today is the first day of the Eurovision week! We can already hear the “Sound of Music” echoing from Pala Olimpico in Turin and it’s just a few days before we finally know who is actually going to win the 66th Eurovision Song Contest!

The dress rehearsal of the Eurovision 2022 First Semi Final has just started. EurovisionFun will be watching all the shows live at both the on-site press centre in Turin and at the online press centre and we will be covering this rehearsal, commenting on all the performances and describing in detail what is happening during the show.

You will be able to to follow the entire process and get the feeling that you are right at the heart of the contest! This article gets updated in nearly real-time, all you need to do is hit the refresh button on your browser and all the rest is on us!

We will keep you up to date with all the latest details about this dress rehearsal for the First Semi Final show, allowing you to get a glimpse of what you will get to see tomorrow May 10th, at 21:00 CEST when the actual semi-final show takes place.

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Bulgaria – Austria: Janan Dural and Philipp Hansa revealed as Eurovision 2022 spokespersons!

Today BNT and ÖRF revealed who will announce the 12 points for Bulgaria and Austria. The Bulgarian jury’s results will be announced by Janan Dural, while the Austrian jury’s results will be announced by Philipp Hansa.

Journalist and presenter Janan Dural is best known for her work on BNT News.

In addition to hosting Hitradio O3, Philipp Hansa has appeared in numerous independent films. Spokesperson Austria has released the 2019 and 2021 ratings.

Also, Eurovision 2022 spokespersons have been announced for the following countries:
  • Austria – Philipp Hansa
  • Belgium – David Jeanmotte
  • Bulgaria – Janan Dural
  • Croatia – Monika Lelas Halambek
  • France – Élodie Gossuin
  • Georgia – Helen Kalandadze
  • Greece – Stefania
  • Italy – Carolina Di Domenico
  • Iceland – Árný Fjóla Ásmundsdóttir
  • Lithuania – Vaidotas Valiukevičius
  • Montenegro – Zombijana Bones
  • Netherlands – Jeangu Macrooy
  • Slovenia – Lorella Flego
  • Spain – Nieves Álvarez
  • Sweden – Dotter
  • Ukraine – Kateryna Pavlenko
  • United Kingdom – AJ Odudu

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Source: eurovoix

Eurovision 2022: Austria’s Second Rehearsal!

Coming up is Austria with LUM!X and Pia Maria singing their song ‘Halo’. Their first rehearsal included a huge circular neon lighting rig that surrounds the two austrian artists and huge dance energy from inside their own personal halo. The staging also features flames and smoke jets. The lead singer had some singing difficulties during the pre-parties. Will they convince with their second rehearsal?

The Second Rehearsal

Austria’s rehearsal is done with the help of a huge ring that consists of smaller rings, which have perimeters with lights. These lights turn on and off based on the viewing result the austrian delegation wants. Both artists are inside this ring and stay in it. The performance starts with LUM!X cheering up the crowd. There are enough shots in the crowd as well. LUM!X stays in the center of the ring doing dj moves and he his role in the performance is to cheer the audience. There are many close camera angles to Pia Maria, who dances and enjoys the song. In the bridge they clap, as in the official video clip. The performance ends with both artists looking at the camera. There is wide use of prerecorded vocals. Pia Maria has great make up with much glitter in the eyes. Her hair is pigtails. Both artists are wearing black and the backround is mostly red and black, but during the bridge turns into blue. Pia Maria is giving a high note in the bridge, but in general is vocally weak. The audience is going to love this act.

Smoke during the first second chorus is added on the third run.

Pyro is also added in the bridge and the last chorus of the third run.

Below you can watch an exclusive preview clip of Austria’s second rehearsal:



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Austria: The representative to be announced tomorrow!

Austria’s national broadcaster, ORF, confirmed just a bit ago via its website that the announcement of the artist who will represent the country in Turin will be made tomorrow during the Ö3-Wecker radio show on Hitradio Ö3, which will be broadcast from 5am to 9am (CET).

Ö3-Wecker has been presenting the country’s representative or entry in the Eurovision Song Contest every year since 2017. Because of this, many suspect that the announcement of the representative will be made around 7:40 (CET) as this has been the scheduled flow of the show in previous years, although this is not officially confirmed.

As we have already informed you, there are now only 2 contenders in the chase for the Austrian ticket to Turin.

DJ Lumix, who became famous with his smash hit “Monster” and is gradually becoming one of the most successful artists in terms of online downloads and has more than a billion streams. And the duo Anger, consisting of Julian Angerer and Nora Pider, who are based in the Austrian capital, Vienna.

2021 was the second consecutive year that Austria failed to qualify for the Grand Final. Will one of the two candidates manage to make Austria a contendable force again?

SourceHitradio Ö3 

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Austria: The representative for Eurovision 2022 will be announced next week!

A few hours ago, the “talent detector” of the austrian public broadcaster, Eberhard Forcher revealed that the artist who will represent Austria in Turin will be announced next week!

On a post in his Facebook profile, he wrote about the procedure of picking an Austrian artist as well as the artists that submitted a song to ORF:

Next week ORF will announce Austria’s representative for Eurovision in Turin. This year the selection process was really exciting and it was once again exciting to exchange ideas with a wide range of the local music scene. More than 30 artists submitted applications for the representation this time. The following artists passed through the first phase of the selection, but only ONE is going to perform at the Eurovision stage in front of 280 million viewers in May. Once more we want to thank everyone for your help: Sladek Rydell, Candlelight Ficus, Deladap, Benny König, Lumix, Anger, Matthias Nebel, Teodora Spirić, Selina Maria, Poxrucker Sisters, Serenity, Diego Federico, Slomo, Miblue, Popmaché, Gary Lux, Max the Sax, Freude, The Sad Gardener, Rian, Christl, Visions of Atlantis και Fred Owusu

In a previous post we said that the austrian selection had been reduces to two artists, DJ Lumix from Northern Austria and the duo Anger from North Tyrol of Italy.

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Source: Eberhard Forcher / ESC Discord



Austria: Two Acts claim the ticket for Turin!

The newspaper Kleine Zeitung reports that now only two acts are still in the process of the Austrian representation at the upcoming Eurovision 2022. The alleged two acts are DJ Lumix from Upper Austria and the duo Anger from South Tyrol, Italy.

DJ Lumix, who emerged with the hit “Monster” is becoming one of the most successful download artists with more than one billion streams.

The duo Anger consists of Julian Angerer and Nora Pider and have settled in the Austrian capital, Vienna.

ORF is expected to announce their final decision during next week. Programming director Stefanie Groiss-Horowitz and her team are going to choose the artist who will claim a ticket for the Grand Final, performing on 10th of May 2020 in the first semi-final.

In 2021, Vincent Bueno with his ballad “Amen” represented Austria in Rotterdam, but failed to reach the final since he finished 12th with 66 points in the second semi-final.

With the current available information, which of the two aforementioned artists could bring the nation of central Europe back to the final? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Eurovoix 

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Austria: Four candidates to represent the country in Eurovision 2022?

Firstly the Austrian broadcaster, ORF, was planning to reveal the country’s representer in December, however they decided to make the announcement at the end of January.

There are, yet, four possible candidate acts that seem really possible to get Austria‘s ticket to Turin.

These are the four acts:


DELADAP seem to be pretty known among eurofans. They tried to represent Austria again back in 2012 with the song “Crazy Swing” but due to it being performed earlier the song got banned so they ended up participating with “Don’t Turn Around“.

2. Candlelight Ficus

Candlelight Ficus are a quartet of boys from Styria. They have already released a few singles and EPs, some of which are “What’s Coming“, “Two Blond B******” and “Open The Door“.

3. LUM!X

LUM!X is an Austrian DJ who has collaborated with pretty big names. His biggest hit, “Monster” – a collaboration with the Italian DJ Gabry Ponte -, counts over 70 million views on Youtube and over 206 million streams on Spotify.


ANGER are a duet from South Tyrol, based in Vienna, which has lately received many awards for their music. They have also recently released some songs in German. Their music is described as a combination of auto-tune, electric guitar and technoid beats.

What do you think about these 4 candidates? Who is your favourite? Do you think Austria might actually pick someone else?

Source: Escbubble

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Austria: Decision was taken: Vincent Bueno at Eurovision 2020

Shortly before, through the ORF morning radio broadcast, the Austrian representative at the 65th Eurovision Song Contest was unveiled .

His name is Vincent Bueno, who has in recent days been the mainstay for traveling to Rotterdam.

Vincent is 34 years old, originally from the Philippines. He started his music career very early. At the age of 4 he began vocal and piano lessons. He has participated in various competitions and talent shows. Apart from his country of residence, Austria, he is well known and loved and in his country of origin the Philippines.

In 2016 he participated in the Austrian national final with the song you can see in the video below. In recent years he has been musically supporting R’n’B. His favorite artists are Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars.

The song that will travel to Rotterdam is titled “Alive “and will be released around the end of February or beginning of March.