Netherlands: Song submissions open for Eurovision 2023

AVROTROS has commenced its search for the Netherlands entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023.

The Netherlands has today opened the song submissions window for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, as the Netherlands looks for its next entry. The Dutch entry will once again be selected by a selection committee, the same method the Netherlands has used since 2014. AVROTROS is looking for:

“An entry with preferably a contemporary, but in any case authentic sound. A song that is able to survive in a competition. By a Dutch artist who can and wants to present a personal song in a distinctive way, in any genre, and if possible a personal story.”

The rules that submissions must meet are:

  • The song is convincingly distinctive and meets the above description
  • A maximum of three songs can be submitted
  • The song cannot have been commercially released before 1 September 2022
  • The song cannot exceed 3 minutes in length

To submit your song to the Dutch selection process email: The last day for songs to be submitted to AVROTROS is August 31.

S10 represented the Netherlands at Eurovision 2022 with “De diepte”, the first Dutch-language song in the contest since 2010. She finished 11th in the Grand Final scoring 171 points.

Below you can watch the performance of Τhe Netherlands on the Grand Final:

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Eurovision 2022: After Sweden, four more countries take a stance against Russia’s participation in Turin!

The EBU‘s response about Russia’s participation in Eurovision 2022 did not satisfy Norway, Denmark, Lithuania and the Netherlands which, after Sweden, ask the EBU to reconsider its decision and not allow Russia to participate in the competition.

Following the request of the Ukrainian public television for expulsion of the corresponding Russian from the EBU, the latter in a statement underlined the apolitical nature of the competition and that it has no authority to punish its members (public radio and television), for acts committed by governments of their countries.

The Eurovision Song Contest is a non-political – cultural event that unites countries and celebrates differences through music. EBU members in both Russia and Ukraine have pledged to attend this year’s event in Turin and we intend to welcome them and let artists from both countries participate in May. Of course, we continue to monitor developments closely.


However, this response did not satisfy Sweden, which, through SVT CEO Hanna Stjärne, asked the EBU to reconsider its decision on Russia. Today, four more broadcasters have been added to the list, those of Lithuania, Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands.

Lithuania‘s general director of public television, Monika Garbaciauskaite, said in a statement today that she would soon raise the issue of Russia’s participation with the EBU. Norwegian public broadcaster has also just released a statement taking a clear stance. In a similar climate, the Danish public television informed the EBU that it is opposed to Russia’s participation in Eurovision 2022 and so did the dutch one AVROTROS a few minutes ago.

However, we have also had statements from the television of Finland, which, although they state that it is the responsibility of the EBU to make any decision regarding Russia’s participation, emphasize that they are closely monitoring the issue and will take a position on it soon.

Eurovision 2022 artists have also started taking a stance against Russia’s participation in Eurovision 2022, as this year’s representatives of Latvia, Citi Zēni, have also personally asked the EBU not to allow the country that started a war in Europe to take part in the competition.

We are awaiting with interest the reactions from the other members of the EBU, but also for the final decision regarding Russia’s participation in Eurovision 2022.

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The Netherlands: S10’s song to be released on March 3rd!

The Netherlands have since very early, specifically December, revealed that the country will be represented by S10 (Stien den Hollander) in this year’s Eurovision in Turin.

S10 is an emerging artist of the indie/alternative music scene. We also know that her participation will be entirely in the Dutch language, which makes her the first since 2010 to represent the country in their native language, after Sieneke and her song Ik ben verlierf (Sha-la-lie).

The last few days there were rumors by local media of the country about the song’s release date being Thursday, March 3rd!

Today, both the Dutch broadcaster AVROTROS and S10 herself, officially announced that the rumors were true, placing the release of the song on Thursday, March 3rd.

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The Netherlands: New creative team for Turin and S10!

The Dutch broadcaster AVROTROS have just announced a new creative team for the performance of dutch representative S10 in Turin.

This new team consists of Wouter van Ransbeek, Marnix Kaart and Henk Jan van de Beek. All three have a big experience in their respective fields, as well as in the Eurovision Song Contest itself.

In particular, Wouter will be the artistic director and has worked at the National Theater in Amsterdam. Marnix, director of Eurovision 2021, will be the stage director of the team. Finally, Henk will be in charge of the lighting. Henk was also part of the team of Eurovision 2021 in Rotterdam, again in charge of the lighting, as well as part of the dutch team for Eurovision 2017.

With this new team, S10 aims to continue the country’s qualification streak since 2016.

After the semifinals allocation draw, which was completed a couple of hours ago, we remind you that the Netherlands will appear in the first half of the first semifinal with S10. You can get a glimpse of the singer’s other work below:

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The Netherlands: AVROTROS announced participation at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, with alt-pop artist S10!

A few minutes ago, the Dutch national broadcaster AVROTROS announced that Stien den Hollander, known by the stage name S10, will represent The Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, with a Dutch song.

S10 appeared at a YouTube video, practically announcing her participation at the contest representing The Netherlands, to the masses of eurofans:

It gives me courage.
Music is for me the most important thing there is.
For anyone who’s experienced the lows,
or the highs.
For those who dance in front of the mirror,
or prefer to stay out of the light.
I am S10.
And I am performing on behalf of the Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest.

You can watch the video below:

Who is S10?

S10, 21 years old, is currently one of the leading alt-pop and rap artists in The Netherlands. She signed her first record deal with Noah’s Ark label at the age of 17. Subsequently, she released her debut album named “Snowsniper” in 2019, leading her to winning an “Edison Award”, the most prestigious Dutch award.

A second album release named “Vlinders” followed, the year after, in 2020 and also a sold-out tour and multiple chart-topping singles.

S10 shares with her fans her most personal stories by spoken word, rapping and singing. For her, it is important that personal feelings and stories are conveyed to the public in her mother tongue. That means that she will sing in Dutch, as also announced by the Dutch broadcaster.

She has collaborations with some of the biggest names in The Netherlands, reaching millions of streams on all major music streaming platforms and earning fabulous reviews, from music critics.

S10 said of her selection:

Music is everything to me. I hope my music can bring something to other people’s lives, simply because it has done so much for me. Which is why I could almost explode with joy at the idea that I’ll be taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest this year. In front of such a massive audience, being able to do something that’s such an honour while representing the Netherlands… I think it’s absolutely wonderful.

Eric van Stade, general manager of AVROTROS, added on behalf of the selection comeetee:

S10’s song displays guts and authenticity. While normally we don’t reveal anything at this stage beyond the artist’s name, this time I dare to make an exception. S10 remains true to herself and her unique style. This means that, having selected English-language entries for the last 11 years, we’re now sending a Dutch song to the Eurovision Song Contest. We’re sticking our necks out with this choice, which the selection committee is behind unanimously. It promises to be another very special edition for the Netherlands.

More details will be revealed soon.

Below, you can find some of her already released songs:

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Eurovision 2021: Which scenario does EBU prefer?

With just nine months to go until the first semi-final of Eurovision 2021, the EBU and the Dutch organizers have unveiled the four plans they are working on in order for the contest to run smoothly.

A Q&A article on the official website of Eurovision gives detailed explanations regarding the four plans that exist in the design of the organizing committee.

In particular, the desirable scenario is that of the normal conduct of Eurovision 2021, based on pre-coronavirus data. The Dutch really want to host one of the most impressive contests in the history of the event. The implementation of Plan A will largely depend on the course of Covid-19 in the coming months. Their intention in any case is to conduct an unforgettable show, in whatever form it takes.

The desirable scenario may be the first, but the EBU considers Plan B to be the most likely. If the second plan is implemented, fewer delegation members, fewer accredited people, fewer journalists and fewer fans will attend Ahoy Rotterdam.

The final decision will be made in the first months of 2021. The EBU, NPO / NOS / AVROTROS and the Rotterdam City Authority will co-decide, taking responsibility for the 65th Eurovision Song Contest.

In any case, Eurovision 2021 will take place, regardless of which of the four scenarios will be chosen. Details of the fortnightly shows, events and activities will be announced within the next six months.


The Netherlands: With Jeangu Macrooy at Eurovision 2021

It was not long before the official cancellation of Eurovision 2020 was announced and the Dutch public television had already announced that Jeangu Macrooy would represent the country in 2021 as well.

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Het Eurovisie Songfestival, dat dit jaar plaats zou vinden in Rotterdam, is in verband met het Coronavirus afgelast. Natuurlijk is AVROTROS hierover erg teleurgesteld, helemaal omdat het Songfestival in 2020 juist voor Nederland een extra bijzonder jaar had moeten zijn. Uiteraard heeft AVROTROS het volste begrip voor de beslissing van de EBU, de gemeente Rotterdam en het projectteam bestaande uit NPO/NOS/AVROTROS. Dit is geen makkelijk besluit, maar helaas onvermijdelijk omdat de gezondheid te allen tijde voorop staat. Ook voor Jeangu Macrooy is dit een spannende periode geweest, maar hij begrijpt het besluit volledig. AVROTROS blijft achter onze Nederlandse inzending staan en zet graag in 2021 met nieuwe energie en veel passie de samenwerking met Jeangu voort. Samen staan we sterk! Verdere details over #TeamJeangu en het Eurovisie Songfestival 2021 zullen in een later stadium gedeeld worden. #ESC2020 #ESF2020 #Eurovision #Songfestival @omroep.avrotros @jeangu_macrooy Foto: @antoncorbijn4real

A post shared by Eurovisie Songfestival (@songfestival.avrotros) on

“The Eurovision Song Contest, to be held in Rotterdam this year, has been canceled because of the coronavirus. Of course, AVROTROS is very disappointed about this, especially since the Eurovision 2020 song contest would be a special event for the Netherlands. Of course, AVROTROS fully understands the decision of the EBU, the municipality of Rotterdam and the project team which also consists of NPO / NOS / AVROTROS representatives. This is not an easy decision, but unfortunately unavoidable because health is a top issue for everyone.
Eurovision 2020 would also be an exciting time for Jeangu Macrooy, but he also fully understands the decision. AVROTROS is pleased to continue working with Jeangu and Eurovision 2021 with renewed vigor and passion. Together we are strong!”

The above statement means that the Netherlands has already announced Jeangu Macrooy as its representative at Eurovision 2021, before the Reference Group decides what to do with the artists and the songs selected for this year’s competition. However, from Avrotros’s announcement, we conclude that only the artist is confident and not the song. Apparently, they are waiting for EBU announcements on this issue.

We remind you that the Netherlands would participate in Eurovision 2020 with the song “Grow”:

EBU: The announcement for the coronavirus and Eurovision 2020

EBU released an announcement a few minutes ago about the progress on Eurovision 2020 procedures! As is typically stated in the announcement, the work by the organizers continues as normal.

The EBU closely monitors the course of the coronavirus as well as the guidelines provided by the World Health Organization and local authorities. Therefore, the EBU and NOS-AVROTROS-NPO are working closely together at this time. The goal of all parties is to explore possible scenarios for Eurovision 2020!

However, with 2 months to 3 live shows and a rapidly changing situation in both the Netherlands and the countries of the participating broadcasters, it is still too early to make any final decisions.

As one can see, we are in the final line of developments with regard to this year’s Eurovision. Everything is fluid and will largely depend on how the virus spreads. The fact that almost all major events in Europe are on a deferred course is clearly a negative sign.

Eurovision 2020: The whole creative team of the contest just announced|No Swedish after years

Dutch Public Broadcaster, which has taken over Eurovision 2020, has announced the entire creative team for the contest. For the first time in many years there is no Swedish man, most notably the absence of Christer Bjorkman, who will next year be in the role of head of the Swedish delegation.

The only non-Dutch person on the creative team is set designer Florian Wieder, but he was selected by competition. The other members of the creative team are:

Sietse Bakker – Head of the show

As the show’s leader, Sietse Bakker is essentially and creatively responsible for the three live shows to be broadcasted from Rotterdam Ahoy. Together with the creative team, he is responsible for the content of all broadcasts. In addition, Bakker manages the presenters and writes the script and full execution instructions for the three shows. Previously, Bakker has led countless creative television shows.

Image result for Sietse Bakker

Twan van de Nieuwenhuijzen – Head of Contest

As the Head of Contest, Twan van de Nieuwenhuijzen is ultimately responsible for the competition between the 41 participating countries, which is being held in two semifinals and one final. Together with the directors and the contest team, it is his duty to present all entries in the best possible way on the big Eurovision stage in Ahoy. Since the beginning of the selection season, he has kept in touch with the various agencies and will process their creative wishes in live performances.

Image result for Twan van de Nieuwenhuijzen

Eric van Tijn – Music Director

Eric van Tijn has been recruited to compose the music for three live performances. It will not only make the single sound for the Eurovision 2020 song contest release, it will also give musical direction to the special actions created for the shows. Eric van Tijn is no stranger to the Eurovision song contest as he was the composer of the Dutch entry in 2007 with Edsilia Rombley.

Image result for Twan van de Nieuwenhuijzen eurovision

Gerald van Windt and Natasja Lammers – Choreographers

Gerald van Windt and Natasja Lammers have been hired as choreographers for the Eurovision 2020 song contest. They are both familiar with the Eurovision contest. Van Windt, for example, collaborated with Edsilia Rombley on the Eurovision stage and Lammers choreographed O’G3NE.

Image result for Gerald van Windt andImage result for Natasja Lammers

So,the whole creative team For Eurovision 2020 is formed as follows:

  • Eric van TijnMusical Director 
  • Gerald van WindtChoreographer
  • Natasja Lammers–  Choreographer
  • Gerben Bakker-Head of Show 
  • Twan van NieuwenhuijzenHead of Contest
  • Marnix Kaart–  Show Director
  • Marc PosShow Director

The Eurovision 2020 song contest is taking place in Rotterdam. The semifinals will take place on Tuesday, May 12 and Thursday, May 14, with the final taking place on Saturday, May 16, live in Ahoy. Ticket sales are expected to start before the Christmas holidays. The organization of the Eurovision 2020 Song Contest in the Netherlands is a collaboration between NPO, NOS and AVROTROS, in co-production with EBU.

Πηγή: NPO

Eurovision 2020: The Eurovision 2020 Committee also inspected Rotterdam

Following the visit to Maastricht, yesterday it was Rotterdam’s turn to welcome the Eurovision 2020 Committee, consisting of the three responsible broadcasters for the organization of Eurovision 2020 (NPO / NOS / AVROTROS), to examine the city’s potential  to host the event, according to what it has submitted  in its candidacy bid.

The committee was welcomed by Mr. Said Kasmi (Rotterdam City Council) and Ms. Jolanda Jansen (Rotterdam Ahoy Director). And of course, their first and foremost station was Rotterdam Ahoy, the proposed venue for the event, where the members of the committee observed the excellent work done by the staff  while they are already in contact with the relevant venues of other cities which had hosted Eurovision events  in order to be prepared better.

The officials, of course, Committee do not forget that Rotterdam and Rotterdam Ahoy specifically have hosted the 2007 Junior Eurovision , which will be taken into serious  account for the final decision  in mid-August.

Ms. Jolanda Jansen (Rotterdam Ahoy Director) said:
“The meeting was incredibly substantive. First we went through the bidbook in great detail, we presented ourselves as a city and toured the premises. We spent a few hours discussing various ideas about the different spaces and halls.We have been doing a lot of homework lately, for example we have been in touch with some of the former Eurovision venues and host cities that have organized the contest in recent years, such as Stockholm, Vienna and Lisbon.
It was very good to discuss all these things with each other. A very important lesson is that all of this is greater than anything I’ve ever experienced. ”

Mr. Said Kasmi (Rotterdam Councilor for Culture) stated:
“We could soon host the biggest music competition, I suppose there will be 246 million viewers worldwide watching the show. All eyes will be focused on Rotterdam and we will have lots of visitors landing in the city. We are working hard so that everything falls into place ».
Finally, Mr. Sietse Bakker (Eurovision 2020 Executive Producer) concluded:
“The EBU has had a very good experience with the 2007 Junior Song Contest here. I think that certainly counts. Ahoy is a very nice location for three very spectacular TV shows. There are many spaces and halls in close proximity to the main hall that can house the press, delegations, production and technical teams etc ».