Australia: Sheldon Riley wins the brand new “You’re a Vision” award!

Australia wins the new You’re A Vision Award! According to the Eurovision fans, participant Sheldon Riley wore the most remarkable outfit on the 2022 Eurovision stage. The You’re A Vision Award aims to celebrate the creativity and diversity that embody the Eurovision spirit.

Sheldon Riley finished 15th in the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin. In his striking and remarkable white gown, which weighs 40 kgs, he performed his song “Not the Same”. According to the fans who voted, that was enough to win the new and positively spirited You’re A Vision Award. Australia had a big lead over numbers 2 and 3, Spain and Norway. San Marino just missed out on a place in the top 3.

The top 3:

  1. Australia
  2. Spain
  3. Norway

The new You’re A Vision Award was announced on April 29. Striking pantsuits, dresses, costumes and other creations will forever play a crucial part of the magic of Eurovision. As a participating artist, this occasionally means taking risks and standing out involuntarily, or standing in the spotlights with a dashing fashion choice. The You’re a Vision Award celebrates this inspiring diversity and creativity. Of course it is up to the real Eurovision fans to determine whose outfit was the most notable of them all.

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Vote for the new name of the Barbara Dex Award!

The Barbara Dex Awards was an annual award given to the artist with the “most striking look” in the Eurovision Song Contest, voted by its fans. It is named after Barbara Dex, Belgium’s representative in Eurovision 1993, taken by her very particular dress that she wore in the night of the contest.

The organizational committee had decided on the discontinuation of the (in)famous award. However, due to the mixed reactions, they changed their decision, and kept it as is, with a slight change to its name. Fans sent in a huge number of suggestions for a name for the new award and the organizers have now reduced them to ten possible names for fans to choose from.

They want the artists that receive the award to take it as gift and not as an insult, and they truly believe they can achieve that with one of the options below.

The ten possible names for the new award are:

You can vote for the name you would like for the new award in the poll below:

What do you think about the changing of the name of the award? Write us in the comments below!

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