France: Submissions are open for National Final 2022!

France has raised the bar after achieving their first top 5 result since 2002 with the amazing Barbara Pravi and her song “Voila”. Therefore, the French national TV has announced that they will keep the same concept hoping for a win this time in 2022.

Consequently, from today until the 24th of October, all French citizens are alloud to send their own proposal to a submission window that has been made. There is a set rule though: Every song needs to be in French language or other dialects that has been recognized in the country.

The participant of Eurovision 2022 is going to be selected via a TV show, just like in 2021, with both public and jury voting. You can see more details about the rules, here.

Watch the stand in rehearsal of Voila:

Should we book a flight already for France 2023?

France: Barbara Pravi would not accept victory if Maneskin were canceled!

An interesting interview was given by the runner-up of this year’s Eurovision, Barbara Pravi, to the Belgian newspaper Sudinfo. Among the things she mentioned, she stated that in no case would she accept the victory in the contest, if the Maneskin were canceled due to the alleged incident with the drugs in the green room.

Following a video that quickly circulated on social media, Damiano, the Maneskin lead singer, was accused of crouching while he was in the green room. What was said was that he was currently using drugs. This question was asked at the press conference following their victory at the Ahoy Arena. As soon as the band returned to Italy, they tested for toxicological substances, which turned out to be negative, so the EBU considered the matter over, after its own research in the area, but also through the cameras that were there.

Of course, if the allegations were substantiated then Maneskin’s victory would automatically be called into question. Barbara Pravi, who was second behind the Italian band, clarified that there was no way to accept such a victory, even if the entry of Italy was canceled.

If they were eliminated, I would never accept first place. The Måneskin were chosen by the public, they are well known and that what they do is very nice, so it is normal in my opinion that they won. I learned about what they were accused of and I was really sorry. The Italians never asked us for anything!

Barbara Pravi

In the interview, Pravi also talks about her experience at Eurovision, her ambitions and her upcoming album, which will be released on August 18. You can read the whole interview here.

Barbara Pravi with Voila took second place with 499 points at Eurovision 2021. This was the first time since 2002 that France was in the top 5.

Source: Sudinfo

France: Barbara Pravi’s “Voila” exceeded 1 million views in 24 hours!

In 24 hours, Barbara Pravi’s appearance at Eurovision France, c’est vous qui décidez, exceeded 1 million views!

No1 in the trends of the French YouTube is from yesterday the video of the performance of Barbara Pravi, while in the iTunes Charts of France it is in the first place of the downloads. Voila may have lost first place in the betting, but it continues its frantic course. It recently surpassed 1 million views, having at the same time 16,000 likes and 1,600 dislikes.

The French press makes extensive references to Barbara Pravi and it seems that the French interest in the competition returns, after the country’s victory in Junior Eurovision.

France: What does the first place of “Voila” in odds mean?

The truth is that we waited a few hours to see if the first place of France and “Voila” in betting, was not something temporary and opportune because of the really beautiful stage appearance of Barbara Pravi in ​​yesterday’s national final for Eurovision, which conducted by TV France. Finally, it seems that Voila has come to stay and will keep us busy on the way to the 65th Eurovision Song Contest!

France was launched after the appearance of Barbara

Despite the fact that all the songs of the national final were known as early as mid-December, France remained in tenth place in the bets. Immediately after the live appearance of Barbara Pravi, the odds started to fall rapidly. A few minutes after the announcement of the final results and the great victory of Voila, France dropped Lithuania to the second place and moved to the first place of the bets.

The above has its significance. It proves how important the live show is and how the stage presentation can turn the data upside down. We have seen it happen many times in the past in the contest. That is, songs that we did not consider a favorite, to reverse the situation and raise their shares on stage and vice versa of course.

This is the significance and perhaps the only safe conclusion we can draw from the first place of France in betting. Yes, it is still too early to talk about victory, but that does not overlook the fact that there is a dynamic. A dynamic that we did not see in Israel and Albania, who have also announced their songs.

2.37 million watched Eurovision France: c’est vous qui decidez

TV France is also completely satisfied, since the comments of the users yesterday on the internet about the new format of the national final were more than positive. #EurovisionFrance was throughout the live broadcast of the trends in France, but also in Germany and Switzerland!

Viewership ranged at 12.3% or 2.37 million French on average. attended Eurovision France: c’est vous qui decidez. Higher numbers than the last national final held by France in 2019, when 2.14 million were tuned to their receivers to watch Bilal win with Roi.

We would say that both presenters received rave reviews, with Laurence Boccolini stealing the show, especially with her dancing figures. There are many who claim that it would be a perfect and at the same time different choice of presenter, if France wins and hosts the contest!

However, the video of Barbara Pravi’s live appearance has already exceeded 350,000 views in a few hours!

Will Barbara Pravi manage to bring victory to France, 44 years after country’s last victory in the contest?

Source: Eurovisionworld, eurovoix, twitter

France: Barbara Pravi speaks exclusively at Eurovision Fun!

She is one of the big favorites to represent France at Eurovision 2021. The talented Barbara Pravi with Voila, hopes to be the winner of “Eurovision: C’est vous qui décidez!” and then travel to Rotterdam. Barbara Pravi speaks for the first time after the announcement of the candidates for the French national final at Eurovision Fun and we are really very happy to host her!

Barbara, welcome to Eurovision Fun and thank you very much for this interview! First we would like you to tell us some things about you, so that our readers can get to know you better.

My name is Barbara, I’m an author, composer and singer. I write for me, and also for other French artist (i wrote Bim Bam Toi for example or J’imagine who won Eurovision Junior this year !! So happy).  Also, I’m very engaged for the woman’s rights in my country. I often make songs about violence against woman, or abortion… 

PARIS, FRANCE – NOVEMBER 08: Barbara Pravi poses for Photo session at Le Reservoir on November 8, 2017 in Paris, France. (Photo by David Wolff – Patrick/Redferns)

How did you decide to participate in Eurovision: C’est vous qui décidez !?

I already compose 2 songs for the contest (Junior), so this year I was saying to myself « Wait. Why are you always hiding behind other people ? Why don’t you go on stage and say to the world : this is what I am, this is all I have. My eyes, my hands, my voice, and this is the only reason I live ». 

What is the message you want to convey with Voila?

My song says « This is what I am. This is all I have. It is not much, but it is my truth ». I think it’s like when you meet someone : you have the choice to « appreciate » him/her, or not. But this is what the person are !! So …  It is a message of affirmation. I am a woman, and I say to all my sisters « We dont have to hide. Go, lets affirm who we are, without culpability, without fear ». 

Are you a fan of the contest? Which is your favorite French entry?

Of course i am! I’m in love with Bilal Hassani because I love his message, and I’m very admirative of his courage. I also adore Madame Monsieur, they are friends and they really are wonderful people. 

What should we expect from you on the stage?

I’m not a « show girl », with lights everywhere, and lots of dancers, video projections and everything. When I sing, I tried to be very simple, very authentic, so you can expect truth, you can expect emotions and real feelings. 

Was there a role model in your artistic career in general?

Actually, not really. I love music, but I dont have a « role model ». I couldn’t « admire » someone I don’t personally know. Thats the reason why I truly love some artists (like Jacques Brel, Edith Piaf, more recently Pomme for example), but my real role model are the people I know  : My mother, my sister, who are two wonderful and brilliant woman, my friends etc… 

Let’s go to Junior Eurovision now. What was your inspiration for J ’Imagine and what does winning the contest mean to you?

With my partner – Igit- we would like to make a song which brings hope and light to people. That’s why we wrote « J’imagine ». The song says « I dream », I dream about a world where we are all united, I dream about joy and faith. I think we all need good mood song during this strange period of covid. 

Have you ever visited Greece?

I’ve been to Greece last summer with my best friend ! In Thessaloniki. It was a crazy crazy trip, but only last 1 week so I really wish I could come back, stay longer and visit your country. Also, I LOVE greek’s wine and actually know it pretty well… voila ! 

Barbara thank you very much! Good luck to you and Voila.

It was my pleasure!

We remind you that the song that will be selected for Eurovision 2021, will be chosen by 50% of the television audience and by 50% by a professional jury of 10 people. There will be two voting phases, but the public will be in control of both. The jury will consist of 10 people, 5 French and 5 from other countries. According to Le Parisien, presenters of Eurovision: C’est vous qui décidez! will be Stéphane Bern and Laurence Boccolini. “Eurovision: C’est vous qui décidez!” is expected to take place in late January, in a regional city of France.

Interview was taken by Stella Gialetzi

France: Barbara Pravi performs “Voila” live and impresses us!

One day after the announcement of the candidates at “Eurovision: C’est vous qui décidez!”, but also their songs, Barbara Pravi who is considered by many as one of the favorites to win the national final and represent France in Eurovision 2021, published the live interpretation of her entry- Voila and the result is really impressive!

Barbara Pravi, is also one of the composers of this year’s winning French participation in Junior Eurovision, J’Imagine, sings Voila from the living room of her house and proves that sometimes live is better than a studio material!

The song that will be selected for Eurovision 2021, will be selected by 50% by the television audience and by 50% by a professional jury of 10 people. There will be two voting phases, but the public will be in control of both. The jury will consist of 10 people, 5 French and 5 from other countries.

According to Le Parisien, presenters of Eurovision: C’est vous qui décidez! will be Stéphane Bern and Laurence Boccolini.Eurovision: C’est vous qui décidez!” is expected to take place at the end of January!

Do you think Barbara can be the winner of the French national final for Eurovision 2021?

France: Listen to the songs of the national final for Eurovision 2021!

France Télévisions recently announced the 12 artists and the titles of their songs, which will compete in the national final of the country, “Eurovision: C’est vous qui décidez!”. The winner will represent France in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam!

Following a process the 12 artists and their songs that will compete for the ticket to Rotterdam are:

You can listen all the songs below. If there isn’t a video from YouTube click the tittle of the song only via your mobile, because its geoblocked in pc.

LMK – Magique

Ali – Paris Me Dit

Casanova – Tutti

Barbara Pravi – Voilà

Cephaz – On A Mangé Le Soleil

Amui – Maeva

Andriamad – Alléluia

Philippine – Bah Non

Juliette Moraine – Pourvu Qu’on M’Aime

21 Juin Le Duo – Peux-Tu Me Dire;

Terence James – Je T’Emmènerai Danser

Poney X – Amour Fou

The song that will be selected for Eurovision 2021, will be selected by 50% of the television audience and 50% by a professional jury of 10 people. There will be two voting phases, but the public will be in control of both. The jury will consist of 10 people, 5 French and 5 from other countries.

According to Le Parisien, presenters of Eurovision: C’est vous qui décidez! will be Stéphane Bern and Laurence Boccolini.