Junior Eurovision 2024: The United Kingdom pulls out of the competition, yet another country will make its return!

In less than five months from today, the 22nd Junior Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Madrid. According to a BBC journalist, Adrian Bradley, the United Kingdom will withdraw from the Junior Eurovision contest due to low viewership. But another country will fill the void, and according to our exclusive information it will be ready to announce its grand return in a few days!

The United Kingdom will not make an appearance in Madrid

Following sixteen years of absence from the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, BBC made its return two years ago and continued the same success it had during the early years of the contest with two consecutive top five placements and an online vote win. However, the low viewership the national broadcast of the competition received, made UK’s public television to decide to pull out of the upcoming edition, which is scheduled to take place in Madrid on November 16.

Another country ready to announce its return

While all of this is going on in London, officials in another European capital are preparing to announce their nation’s return to Junior Eurovision in 2024.

Since everything has been finalized and only a few formal details need to be completed, they are ready to officially announce their return and even their representative, which is great news for all Junior Eurovision fans.

In fact, based on our exclusive information, the hopes are high about their return as the young participant selected for the nation’s representation is a gifted singer, and they anticipate that they will provide us with an excellent performance.

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United Kingdom: Listen to the acoustic version of “Dizzy” by Olly Alexander!

Olly Alexnader, one of the most well-knowned artists of Eurovision 2024,represents the United Kingdom this year with his song “Dizzy”.
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The BBC will re-broadcast Eurovision 1974 on April 7!

The BBC, the public broadcaster of the United Kingdom, hosted the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, on behalf of Ukraine, as the winner, was not able to host on home soil. However this was not the first time that the United Kingdom has done so.

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United Kingdom: Listen to “Dizzy” by Olly Alexander!

The wait is over! “Dizzy“, the British entry for Eurovision 2024, is finally out.

Less than a month ago, it was unveiled that “Dizzy” would be the title of Olly Alexander’s bid for Eurovision 2024, while he also shared a snippet of his entry on social media. Today, March 1st, and on just midnight (GMT), “Dizzy” was released on all streaming platforms.

Listen to “Dizzy” by Olly Alexander, below:


The team behind “Dizzy”

Olly Alexander has a powerful ally on his side for his Eurovision bid. Danny L. Harle, Dua Lipa’s producer, has put together Olly Alexander’s bid. Danny is the brains behind Dua’s latest smash hit “Houdini” and will probably serve as the executive producer on her upcoming third studio album. Moreover, “Dizzy” is also signed by Olly Alexander himself and along with Danny H. Harle, it was co-produced by Finn Keane.

Who is Olly Alexander?

The 33 year-old Olly Alexander is a singer and actor from England. He is best known for his work as the lead singer of Years & Years, one of the UK’s most successful groups and as Ritchie Tozer in the Channel 4 drama series “It’s a Sin”. Alexander has been multi-nominee in the Brit Awards as well as several other awards within the United Kingdom.

Olly Alexander was selected by BBC as the British entrant for Eurovision 2024 and his participation was announced by himself during the Grand Final of BBC One’s Strictly Come Dancing on December 16. Soon after his announcement, the United Kingdom has climbed to the top of the odds, where it still remains today, on “Dizzy’s” release date.

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United Kingdom: Olly Alexander will film his music video in Tbilisi| Meeting with Nutsa Buzaladze!

The representative of the United Kingdom, Olly Alexander, is currently in Tbilisi, and according to GPB the Georgian public broadcaster, he is about to film the music video of his Eurovision song, “Dizzy”.

A meeting with the Georgian representative, Nutsa Buzaladze was of course in his program, and they even sang together, Olly’s song “King” in the piano.

Olly Alexander spoke to the public broadcaster, and stated the following:

“I love this European contest since I was a kid, when we watched it every year with my family and I think that taking part in the contest is a great opportunity for every artist. In London, I often go to a Georgian restaurant.”

Also, Nutsa Buzaladze was really happy to meet Olly, both having work with Kylie Minogue:

“It was really nice to finally meet him in person. I’m really happy Olly chose Georgia as the first country to visit, and he is also a really nice guy, very friendly, very talented and we had a lot of fun.”

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SourceEurovision Georgia – 

United Kingdom: A new teaser video of Olly Alexander’s song for Eurovision was released!

An artist that has definetely made sense, months before Eurovision 2024, is Olly Alexander, who is going to represent the United Kingdom. His song, which has managed to bring the country in the second place of the betting odds, is still a secret but Olly Alexander posted a teaser video, with some hints about his song.

In the video posted by the singer and the BBC, both on Instagram and X, we can see Olly as trainee weather presenter, explaining that the United Kingdom, will be struck by “Dizzy” spells in the coming weeks:

Just before the ending of the video, four numbers appear on screen: 1, 7, 11 and 29. Like Olly ‘s previous teasers, many believe that the numbers are hints about his song.

Olly also published a story on Instagram, in which he advertised a fantastic medicine, with the title “Dizzigon”. In the story there is a link, which leads to a website to pre-save his new song, which will probably be for Eurovision.

What do you think of Olly Alexander’s teaser video? Did you find something in it?

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United Kingdom: Olly Alexander’s song release date still unknown!

No release date has yet been set for the song Olly Alexander will represent the UK with, according to BBC Studio executive producer Lee Smithurst.

BBC Studio executive producer Lee Smithurst exclusively told The Euro Trip podcast that they are looking for the most appropriate way to release this year’s UK entry, with ambitions being high.

We’re keeping our options open. We’ve got a few pointers, but we’re just trying to figure out which is the best one to go with.

Expectations following Olly Alexander’s announcement are very high, with the UK already leading the odds to win.

Our ambition is to win and for the single to reach number one and be another landmark moment for Eurovision in the UK.

So far no release date has been decided, with the discussion currently in the spotlight and soon to be concluded.

There is so much interest in Olly, but we want to make sure we are doing the right things and have so much exposure for the song. We want to do things a little bit differently.

This will be the lead single from the upcoming first solo album for Olly Alexander.

Source: Eurovoix

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United Kingdom: “We are going to win with an incredibly commercially successful single”!

We can undoubtedly say that a country that everyone is talking about since the representative’s announcement, is the United Kingdom!

The 33-year-old Olly Alexander is the representative of the United Kingdom, for about a month now. He is most commonly known as the singer of Year & Years, one of the most successful groups of Engand! After that announcement, the United Kingdom, is in the first places in the betting odds, and has raised high expectations even about winning the contest.

He has recently interested the media, with another cause, with his statements about Israel, by signing a letter, calling Israel an “apartheid regime”. There were many enraged comments and people even asked for the BBC to withdraw Olly Alexander from the contest. The public broadcaster, responded that they will allow Olly to express his political views freely. They surely, fully support their representative, who is the greatest name they have sent in recent years.

There are some new statements by the BBC, in “The EuroTrip Podcast”, to set the bar even higher for the 33-year-old singer:

“We are going there to win it with a single that is an incredibly commercially successful single”

BBC seems sure about the song Olly will sing in Malmö, and everyone’s expectations are high, so it’s just a matter of time to see whether they will come true! The only sure thing is that we will have our eyes on the United Kingdom this year!

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Source: Eurotrippodcast

United Kingdom: BBC is asked to drop its entrant, Olly Alexander, after calling Israel an “apartheid regime”!

We have not yet entered 2024 and the controversies have already started and are widely spreading. Following the request of the Icelandic Association of Composers to RÚV to withdraw from Eurovision 2024 due to the Israeli participation and the petition RTÉ received for the same reason, issues caused by the ongoing war in Israel have now spread to the United Kingdom.

A few days ago, it was revealed that Olly Alexander will fly the British flag to Malmö. His reveal has received positive feedback, as he is undoubtedly the most popular singer the United Kingdom has sent to the contest for year, but now his past actions have been causing controversy, while the BBC is urged by many to cut ties with him and replace him.

A letter Olly Alexander signed calling Israel and “apartheid regime”

Back in October 20, two weeks after Hamas’ attack in Israel, a statement was published by an LGBT charity, namely Voices4London. According to this statement, for 75 years the Israeli state has been terrorizing Palestinians and no queer person can stay silent while a genocide is taking place. Moreover, the same letter accuses Israel for pinkwashing as a part of Zionist propaganda, namely promoting a false LGBT- friendly attitude and calls every person interested in liberation, not to be afraid of being called an antisemitist and criticize the ongoing genocide.

The aforementioned statement was signed by Olly Alexander, an open member of the LGBTQ community.

The negative response

Since it emerged that Olly Alexander signed the letter, numerous voices inside the United Kingdom have been asking BBC to drop Alexander from the British representation.

First, the Embassy of Israel in London has officially responded to Olly Alexander’s allegations, stating that:

Clearly, Olly Alexander graduated from the Middle Eastern School of TikTok.

We would be happy to arrange a trip for you to visit the Oct 7 massacre sites in Israel, where the rights of LGBTQ+ [people] are celebrated, protected and cherished. Unfortunately, our neighbours can’t guarantee the same.

The Israeli government has joined the conversation mentioning that Olly Alexander’s arguments are “absurd” and those who signed the letter have bias against Israel. Moreover, Israeli spokesmen accuse BBC telling that:

Yet again, the BBC has fallen well short of its moral responsibility to adhere to the standard of due impartiality.

Particularly at this time, the decision of the BBC to send an entrant to Eurovision who espouses such partial views of Israel and promotes such dehumanising language of Israelis is a major cause for concern.

Hence, the criticism extends to the BBC itself and its attitude towards the ongoing war in general. BBC has faced heavy criticism of its coverage of fighting between Israeli troops and Hamas, avoiding to call the latter as terrorists.

At last, the topic has also caused controversy in the political scene of the country too, with Conservatives stating that:

Letting an openly anti-Israel singer compete on the same stage as Israel is either a massive oversight or sheer brass neck from the BBC.

BBC has yet to reply to any of the comments regarding its Eurovision artist’s choice. In fact, BBC declined to comment, while neither Alexander nor his team have.

Who is Olly Alexander?

The 33 year-old Olly Alexander is a singer and actor from England. He is best known for his work as the lead singer of Years & Years, one of the UK’s most successful groups and as Ritchie Tozer in the Channel 4 drama series “It’s a Sin”. Alexander has been multi-nominee in the Brit Awards as well as several other awards within the United Kingdom.

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Sources: The Telegraph, Daily MailUK

United Kingdom: Rylan Clark comments “Eurovision Song Contest UK 2025”! | January 4 the release of the song?

Last night, BBC announced that the Olly Alexander will represent the United Kingdom at the 68th Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö.

Specifically, Olly revealed the news during the Grand Final of BBC One’s Strictly Come Dancing on Saturday 16 December to a delighted studio audience and to the millions of viewers watching at home.

A while ago Rylan Clark, who had provided the Eurovision Song Contest semi-finals commentary on BBC One with Scott Mills and hosted the grand final commentary on BBC Radio Two last May, took to X to comment on the selection of Olly Alexander as the UK representative at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 in Malmö, Sweden.

The song is co-written by Danny Harle, who has written with Charli XCX and Dua Lipa, and the artist himself.

This comment is really hyping the entire fandom up, to such an extent that they are hunting on Easter eggs on the video posted by Olly!

According to Lucy Percy and Wiwibloggs, there are a couple of Easter eggs to look out for:

Numbers one and four

These numbers aren’t immediately obvious, but the fact that one and four can be found more than once throughout the background might be a proof that these are a clue. Normally new releases are on a Friday in the UK and January 4 is a Thursday. Could it be something else important announced on that date?


A sticker on the London phone booth reads “La“. In the Channel 4 show called “It’s A Sin” where Olly starred, a large group of friends live together in a house and greet each other by saying “La!” to each other. Olly was nominated for a Critic’s Choice Award and a BAFTA Award (the British Emmy Awards, basically) for his portrayal of the young queer character living through late 80s Britain.

Olly hugging himself

X user @corr1e noticed something key hiding away. In the image, on the pathway Olly is seen to be hugging another one of him. Could this mean the song is about self-love, or self-acceptance?

Several emojis

There are plenty of mixed emotions emojis stuck on the phone box. Could it point to the song being about mixed emotions?

Could it be that Rylan has already listened to the song? Let’s be patient and we will see in the next few weeks.

The Eurovision Song Contest 2024 is organized in collaboration with the city of Malmö and will be broadcast from Malmö Arena on Tuesday 7 May (semi-final 1), Thursday 9 May (semi-final 2) and Saturday 11 May (final) after Loreen won for a second time in Liverpool with the song “Tattoo“.

Source: Wiwibloggs

What do you think about the speculations on the UK entry? Have you managed to spot any other Easter eggs on the photo?

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