INFE Poll 2023: The results from Belarus!

For the seventh consecutive year, the second fan network of the Eurovision Song Contest, the INFE Network, in collaboration with the website EscToday, is conducting the INFE Poll.

Network members in the 21 local fan clubs have already voted for their favorite songs from Eurovision 2023 and via ESCToday, they are announcing their scores.

Here are the results of INFE Belarus:

  • Poland – 1 point
  • Denmark – 2 points
  • Armenia – 3 points
  • Israel – 4 points
  • Austria – 5 points
  • Ukraine – 6 points
  • Italy – 7 points
  • Czechia – 8 points
  • Sweden – 10 points
  • Norway – 12 points

After adding the votes from Belarus, our updated scoreboard reads as follows:

  1. Sweden – 153 points
  2. Norway – 115 points
  3. Finland – 113 points
  4. Italy – 76 points
  5. France – 68 points
  6. Austria – 61 points
  7. Czechia – 50 points
  8. Israel – 49 points
  9. Spain – 48 points
  10. Moldova – 32 points
  11. Armenia – 22 points
  12. United Kingdom – 20 points
  13. Slovenia – 17 points
  14. Croatia – 12 points
  15. Germany – 10 points
  16. Georgia – 10 points
  17. Cyprus – 9 points
  18. Serbia – 8 points
  19. Greece – 8 points
  20. Switzerland – 7 points
  21. Albania – 7 points
  22. Ukraine – 6 points
  23. Iceland – 5 points
  24. Romania – 4 points
  25. Denmark – 4 points
  26. Latvia – 3 points
  27. Netherlands – 2 points
  28. Estonia – 2 points
  29. Australia – 2 points
  30. Malta – 1 points
  31. San Marino – 1 points
  32. Portugal – 1 points
  33. Belgium – 1 points
  34. Poland – 1 points

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Belarus EBU suspension to expire in three years

BTRC, the public Belarusian broadcaster will be suspended from the EBU until 2024.  According to BTRC Director General Ivan Eismont, Belarus received a three year suspension from its EBU membership.  This is the highest suspension a country can get from the organization.

The EBU can of course, review its sanction and reduce its term.  However, the chances of this happening at this point are slim.  The European Broadcaster Union suspended BTRC because of the use of the Lukashenko government to the public channel as a propaganda tool.  Belarus has received international condemnation from different countries and organizations including the European Union for its response to civil protests and the deterioration of press freedom and civil liberties.

In this sense, BTRC will not return as a full member of the European Broadcasting Union until July 1, 2024.  However, if the human rights and rule of law situation in the country does not improve it cannot be excluded that the current sanctions will get extended.  As of now, Belarus will miss the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, 2023 and 2024.  Belarus would have the chance to return to the 2024 Junior Eurovision and to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest 2025.

Will you miss Belarus participation in Eurovision?  Stay tuned for more updates about Belarus in Eurovision!


Belarus: Lukashenko goes after Eurovision/Junior Eurovision stars

The Lukashenko regime has been in the news recently for its rapid drift towards authoritarianism.  Belarusian athlete, Kristina Tsimanuskaya was the center of an international scandal during the Tokyo summer Olympics.  The Belarus delegation tried to deport her by force to her country after she criticized the Belarus coaching staff.  Furthermore, Tsimanuskaya stated that she was in danger if she returned to Belarus.

Sadly, the ongoing political situation in Belarus is also affecting musicians in this country.  There is a “blacklist” of athletes, artists and personalities who are labeled as ‘enemies’ of the Lukashenko regime.  This blacklist includes former Eurovision and Junior Eurovision representatives.  In addition, Evgeniy Perlin who host the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Minsk is targeted in this list.

The disturbing list of public enemies of the regime include among others:

Volha Satsiuk (4th place JESC 2003)

Ksenia Sitnik (1st place JESC 2005)

Alexey Zhigalkovich (1st place JESC 2007)

Angelica Agurbash (13th place in the ESC 2005 Semifinals)

Polina Smolova (22nd place in the ESC Semifinals 2006)

Dmitriy Koldun (6th place ESC 2007)

Litesound (16th place in the 2nd Semifinal ESC 2012)

Uzari (12th place in the 1st Semifinal ESC 2015)

Naviband (17th place ESC 2017)

VAL (selected representatives in the canceled ESC 2020)

We will continue reporting about any updates on these concerning news developments.