Eurovision 2022: The running order of the Big 5 in the Final!

The Big 5 had their second rehearsals today, while immediately after during the press conference, the draw was held for their appearance in the Grand Final on Saturday (14/5). First in line was France and the draws ended with Germany.

The article is been updated

  •  Italy, with Mahmood and Blanco and Brividi, have already been drawn to appear in ninth place in the grand final.
  • France, with Alvan and Ahez and Fulenn, will appear in the first half.
  • The United Kingdom with Sam Rayder and Space Man, will appear in the second half.
  • Spain with Chanel and SloMo, will appear in the first half.
  • And Germany with Malik Harris and Rockstars, will appear in the first half.

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We remind you that the qualifying countries from the semifinals will find out the order of their appearance in the press conference after the end of each semifinal.