Norway: Is Raylee’s “Hero” the answer to “Holding Out For A Hero”? (Editorial)

Since last night, Eurovision Bubble has been dealing with the impressive performance of Raylee in the second semifinal of MGP 2021, with Hero. A song with a clear 80s sound and an appearance that referred to this decade, but also with lyrics that many commented on social media, right in my opinion, that it is essentially the “answer” to Holding Out For A Hero by Bonnie Tyler.

Bonnie Tyler may feel weak and wait for her hero to save her from the difficulties she faces, but Raylee does not need anyone! As she mentions in her song, she feels quite strong and does not need any heroes, since she has enough self-confidence to fight any obstacles in her life!

This time a different story
You’re not gonna steal my glory
Some things you can’t do for me
Won’t let you come to my rescue

Oh-oh, I don’t need a hero, I don’t need a hero
Oh-oh, baby, look at me go, I don’t need a hero
Don’t need a hero
I don’t need a hero, no
Sorry ’bout your ego
I don’t, I don’t, I don’t need a hero

So beyond the costume, stage, musical reference of the whole act in the 80s and the lyrics with this clever contrast in one of the most famous songs of the decade, travels us back in time in a very beautiful way. Of course, the most iconic moment is at the end, when Raylee represents a scene from the 1983 film, Flashdance, also one of the most iconic films of the decade.

Those who loved this decade, it was normal to love Raylee’s Hero, for all the reasons mentioned above. After all, the 80s are in fashion and are everywhere, not just in music. Of course, there were also negative reactions, since for some it all reminded of carnivals. However, Raylee certainly achieved her goal, as Hero is the topic of discussion throughout the fandom and besides, it brought interest in a national final that many had predicted last week that KEiiNO would win easily. Norway after the end of yesterday’s semifinal, went up three places in the bets; maybe this is indicative…