Bulgaria: Among six potential songs the internal selection for Eurovision 2021!

Up to six candidate songs will be considered for the internal selection of the Bulgarian Public Television (BNT) for Eurovision 2021, as revealed in an interview with Victoria.

Following the release of Ugly Cry, which has been announced as one of the six (at most) songs that will feature Bulgaria in Eurovision 2021, Victoria explained to BNT that she is currently working on two more candidate songs for contest.

The announcement of the song, which will be Bulgaria’s participation in Eurovision 2021, will be announced in March. The internal selection will be made between six candidate songs.

You can listen Ugly Cry below:

Would you like to see Ugly Cry as the Bulgarian entry in Eurovision Song Contest 2021?

Bulgaria: “Ugly Cry” is not Victoria’s song for Eurovision 2021!

We have received dozens of messages since this morning from many of our readers, asking us if Victoria’s new song, Ugly Cry, which will be released on November 20, is her entry for Eurovision 2021.

The confusion became even more intense as many websites covering the contest news rushed to reproduce these fake news.

The above news is not valid. According to the press release we received from the Bulgarian public broadcaster, Ugly Cry is the singer’s new single, which was simply recorded during the Eurovision Camp, which took place in London.

The song will premiere on Victoria’s Youtube channel, on Friday 20/11, while you can already pre-order it on all online platforms.

So be patient until March, when we will have the opportunity to listen to the real Victoria song at Eurovision 2021, as you read through Eurovision Fun!

Source: BNT

Bulgaria: Victoria’s song for Eurovision 2021 will be revealed in March!

The Bulgarian representative at Eurovision 2021, Victoria, was invited to a show on Bulgarian television, BNT.

Of course, among other things, the subject of the discussion was the country’s entry for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam. Victoria has revealed that the song with which she will compete in Eurovision 2021, will be ready at the beginning of the new year, while it is expected to be announced to the public in March.

Victoria’s song was selected at the Black Sea Eurovision Songwriting Camp, which took place from August 16 to 26 in Burgas and Primorsko, Bulgaria, and featured various artists and songwriters preparing for Eurovision 2021.

Among them was the representative of Switzerland, Gjon’s Tears, Ben Dolic who was the representative of Germany in Eurovision 2020 and will try to win the anointing of Germany again next year, as well as the Symphonix.

You can watch the whole interview in the following video:

Her participation in Eurovision 2020, “Tears Getting Sober”, may no longer be able to compete due to the cancellation of this year’s contest, Bulgarian Public Television soon announced Victoria as the country’s representative for 2021.

Below you can listen to “Tears Getting Sober”, Bulgaria’s participation in Eurovision 2020:

Source: BNT