Bulgaria: Intelligent Music Project will present a classic modern rock show in Turin!

Intelligent Music Project revealed what they have prepared for their stage presentation on the stage of Eurovision 2022!

Before leaving for Turin, Intelligent Music Project spoke to BNT about their expectations and plans for the contest. Slavin Slavchev, a band’s singer, said:

The song has its advantages and mainly stands out from the rest. Most of the participants have chosen electronic dance type sound. There is something for true rock’n’roll lovers on the song palette this year. We hope to be able to touch the hearts of rock fans in some way and I call on all who identify in some way to support us.

Discussing their stage appearance, they revealed:

we made a classic modern rock show on stage with effects, lights and LED screens.

Intelligent Music Project will appear seventh in the first Semifinal on May 10.

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Bulgaria: “A fan created this whole story”, BNT answers | EXCLUSIVE

The whole Eurovision community, of course, has been dealing with Bulgaria since the morning and what is finally going to happen on 15/3, which also has to do with Kristian Kostov. Eurovisionfun addressed the Intelligent Music Project, who were also surprised to see the developments from the morning. According to the answer given to them by the country’s public television, the confusion was created by a fan of the contest who had access to the BNT account. The tweets have been deleted and now the topic is considered over!

What happened

For everything that happened in the morning, you can read our relevant article. In short, two of today’s tweets were enough to trigger literally countless scenarios, regarding the country’s participation in this year’s competition and Kristian Kostov’s involvement in it.

All this resulted in a rise in Bulgaria in betting, which reached the third place, from 39th in the morning.

Eurovisionfun contacted a representative of the Intelligent Music Project to clarify the situation, who told us the following:

BNT’s respond is that the author of these posts is a fan and now the posts have been deleted.

Kristian Kostov’s answer

Kristian Kostov also had no knowledge on the subject, who recently tweeted, thanked all the fans of the contest for the love he received today with their messages and comments and expressed his desire to return to the stage of the contest, sometime in the future.

This is how the today’s drama in Eurovision world ended!

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Bulgaria: Enigmatic tweet from public television with Kristian Kostov!

A tweet on the official account of Bulgarian public television for the Eurovision Song Contest has sparked scenarios and rumors.

This tweet mentions some lyrics of Intention, the song with which the Intelligent Music Project will represent Bulgaria at Eurovision 2022, there is a photo of Kristian Kostov and writes soon…

BNT then posted another tweet. Probably a date: 15/03, ie March 15. Obviously then they will reveal this surprise. By the way, on March 15, Kristian Kostov has his birthday!

What makes the story more interesting is that they have deleted all the tweets related to the Intelligent Music Project, even the retweet for the band’s participation in the Eurovision pre party in Amsterdam!

We remind you that Kristian Kostov represented Bulgaria at Eurovision 2017, occupying the second place, the best place the country has ever taken in the competition.

What can the above mean? Is it just a collaboration of the Intelligent Music Project with Kristian Kostov? Will they do a cover of Intention together or is it something bigger?

We will find out soon…

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