The Netherlands: Cornald Maas thinks he will know the Dutch entry by mid-December!

Cornald Maas, who is Dutch Eurovision commentator and selection procedure committee member and almost stepped down hist role due to the controversy that revolved around the Netherlands’ choice of Mia Nicolai and Dion Cooper, had a short interview with Shownieuws on Monday and shared a few details regarding the act that will travel to the Eurovision Song Contest held in Malmö, Sweden for the Netherlands in 2024:

“We are dropping more and more songs and then I hope – but that is quite a rich and varied range, also in terms of genres – that we will have it out by mid-December.”

Cornald also coments on the sessions that will take place in the selection process, where the committee will be larger than it used to:

“But we still have a series of sessions to go with a larger committee than before.”

Maas also confirms a few artist names that have submitted songs from the Dutch selection process of 2024:

Numidia, Joost Klein, April Darby, Caro Emerald – or her name is The Jordan now – they have all said in the media that they want to. They have all submitted songs and I won’t say anything else about it, haha.”

Last year, Mia Nicolai and Dion Cooper represented the Netherlands with the song “Burning Daylight”. The entry placed 13th in the semifinals, marking the country’s first elimination since 2015.

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Source: Shownieuws
Photo: Corinne Cumming / EBU

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Netherlands: Caro Emerald’s lead singer wants to participate in Eurovision!

Dutch Singer Caroline van der Leeuw has expressed interest in competing in the Eurovision Song Contest. The singer currently goes as “The Jordan” and rose to fame in Europe while playing with the band Caro Emerald. One of her greatest hits to date is “A Night Like This”, which she released in 2009.

In an interview with NPO Radio 5’s Volgspot she stated that when the appropriate song is found that best represents her as an artist, she would like to enter the competition.

More precisely, she stated:

“I have no intention of writing a song specifically for Eurovision. I don’t think it works that way. Artists ought to produce work that speaks to them and, if appropriate, submit it”.

Van der Leeuw has previously collaborated with Wouter Hardy, who has so far participated, successfully, three times in the contest. To be more precise, he has signed the following participations: “Bridges” (Estonia 2023), “Tout l’univers” (Switzerland 2021), and “Arcade” (Netherlands 2019). The singer was asked if she would be open to working with Hardy to compete in Eurovision. But in her opinion, at least not in the near future, such a thing is not achievable.

“I must say that it went through my head, but we haven’t talked about it and Wouter doesn’t have any time”.

The deadline for the submission of entries for the internal selection of the Netherlands expired on 30 September and the evaluation of the proposals is currently under way. Among the names likely to be considered for the Dutch representation are Douwe Bob, Tim Douwsma, Numidia, Joost & Donnie and  Stefania.

Last year, Mia Nicolai and Dion Cooper represented the Netherlands with the song “Burning Daylight”. The entry placed 13th in the semifinals, marking the country’s first elimination since 2015.

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