CASANOVA: I want people to dance and sing together ! Let them forget their problems for a few minutes!

Eurovision Fun had the honor to host an other exclusive interview with one more candidate of the French national Final Eurovision France, c’est vous qui décidez!. His stage name is Casanova (real name Yoann Casanova), his entry is called Tutti  and he is going to perform it in French and Corsican. He is 27 years old and before he enters the music industry he used to work as a fireman. The French national final is expected to take place in January 2021.


Interview with Casanova


What’s your favorite French entry in the history of Eurovision ?

For the song and for the artist he is, I choose Patrick Fiori with “Mama Corsica” in 1993!
He represented France as I would like to represent it! He is very authentic, and a true French with all his cultural values !

Why did you wanna compete at the Eurovision concept ?

I have loved Eurovision since I was little! This big and spectacular show has always attracted me and intrigued me! I like to see how each country feels music. And discover different styles, and sounds of the world.

What is the message of your song ?

I want people to dance and sing together ! Let them forget their problems for a few minutes! Especially during this time of global pandemic…
In today’s society I find that we have become increasingly individualistic, social networks make us believe that we are connected but really, we are far away from each other…
In my song, I want to tell that whatever happens , together we are stronger and we can overcome everything !
Through it, I would like to be the face of culture and values of each French region

What can we expect from your stage presence ?

My team and I will give everything to prepare you the best possible performance on stage ! I really want you to come and party with me ! I’m so excited !

Can you tell us more about yourself so we and your fans can know you better ?

My real name is Yoann CASANOVA, I live in Bastia, Corsica and I’m 27 years old ! I was Fireman before. I left everything for music !
I was lucky to be able to participate in The Voice France and reach to the Final !
I love SPORT !!! Running in the mountains and Football !

I wanna ask you if there was someone from the music industry that was your idol or role model ?

I don’t really have an idol but a lot artists inspire me! In France I admire for Jacques Brel forhis texts and his interpretation… Johnny Hallyday remains the way to be on stage, a real showman! More recently I’m listening to Stromae, Ed Sheeran and John Mayer !

How was your experience in The Voice ?

It was a great adventure about people, friendships and art… I learned a lot about myself and my emotions during this period when we were performing ! I have incredible memories of it !

Have you ever visited Greece ?

I have never been to Greece… I’ve seen so many wonderful pictures, I have friends who told me so beautiful things about it! I hope to get there as soon as I can !

*At the end of the interview Casanova thanked us for the support*

In closing, we would like to thank Casanova for his time and we would like to wish him the best of luck to his attempt to raise the Tricolour in Rotterdam 2021.

France: Listen to the songs of the national final for Eurovision 2021!

France Télévisions recently announced the 12 artists and the titles of their songs, which will compete in the national final of the country, “Eurovision: C’est vous qui décidez!”. The winner will represent France in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam!

Following a process the 12 artists and their songs that will compete for the ticket to Rotterdam are:

You can listen all the songs below. If there isn’t a video from YouTube click the tittle of the song only via your mobile, because its geoblocked in pc.

LMK – Magique

Ali – Paris Me Dit

Casanova – Tutti

Barbara Pravi – Voilà

Cephaz – On A Mangé Le Soleil

Amui – Maeva

Andriamad – Alléluia

Philippine – Bah Non

Juliette Moraine – Pourvu Qu’on M’Aime

21 Juin Le Duo – Peux-Tu Me Dire;

Terence James – Je T’Emmènerai Danser

Poney X – Amour Fou

The song that will be selected for Eurovision 2021, will be selected by 50% of the television audience and 50% by a professional jury of 10 people. There will be two voting phases, but the public will be in control of both. The jury will consist of 10 people, 5 French and 5 from other countries.

According to Le Parisien, presenters of Eurovision: C’est vous qui décidez! will be Stéphane Bern and Laurence Boccolini.