MAD VMA 2023: Käärijä, Stefania, Kalomira and 3SUM, will perform Cha Cha Cha in new English version!

We can say that it is the biggest surprise of this year’s MAD VMA, the Greek music awards, that Käärijä, Stefania, Kalomira and the fresh girl band 3SUM, will perform “Cha Cha Cha”, the runner-up song to this year’s contest, in its first ever English version!

Through our previous articles, you may have speculated a possible appearance of Käärijä at the MAD VMA 2023. However, because of his full schedule, the Finnish singer won’t be able to perfrom live, but he will record a special performance in a green box for this different version of his song, which is directed by none other than, Dimitris Kontopoulos.

The song will be performed in Eglish for the first time ever, in an exciting performance!

“Cha Cha Cha” will be performed live by Stefania, Greece’s first top 10 result in eight years in Eurovision 2021, Kalomira, who won third place in Eurovision 2008 and remains Greece’s last top 5 result, as well as 3SUM the new pop girl band, which hopes to stand out as the only completely pop band of the country.

Our team had the chance to listen to this new version of the song and we can undoubtedly say that it will be the highlight of the night. For the needs of the song and so that each artistcan have a part of the song on themselves, the song is now a little longer.

The MAD VMA 2023 will take place on Monday, June 19 and will be broadcasted at a later time by the Greek broadcaster MEGA TV.

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Finland: Käärijä rules out a possible Eurovision return!

Käärijä represented Finland in Eurovision 2023 with his big hit “Cha Cha Cha“, winning the public vote and finishing 2nd overall, behind Sweden. A month after Eurovision, “Cha Cha Cha” continues to be really successful in music charts all around Europe.

Käärijä recently gave an interview to the Israeli news site Ynet making some statements regarding his Eurovision participation.

Regarding his song winning the public vote but not winning the contest overall, he stated that:

At first, when I understood the meaning of the results, I wasn’t happy. I hoped to win. I know there were many talented artists and bands who wanted to win, but that’s how it is in a competition, you only want to finish first. Now when I think about it, it doesn’t matter to me that much. When it happened, I was upset, of course. But what happened to Loreen is amazing, she is awesome, she won, and I didn’t.
Regarding a possible Eurovision return, Käärijä says:
I don’t think so, I won’t compete again with a new song. I’m willing to come and perform in the semifinals or something like that, but definitely not as a contestant.
Also, Noa Kirel seems to have bonded with Käärijä and her team is considering of bringing him to Israel as a guest in her planned performance at HaYarkon Park in September. In a possible condition that Käärijä will indeed be invited he states that:
Oh my god, wow. If that happens, then I’ll do it. We have so many shows in Finland, so maybe I won’t have enough time, but I hope so. Maybe one day I can come to perform in Israel, and we can do something crazy together.
Bearing in mind that Käärijä recently hosted as a guest in one of his concerts in Finland the lead singer of the Slovenian band “Joker Out!”, Bojan Cvjetićanin, we might as well see more Eurovision 2023 artists collaboration in the future.
Source: ynet

Finland: Käärijä’s first Concert after Eurovision will be streamed worldwide!

It’s crazy, it’s party!

Käärijä will offer his first concert after Eurovision on Saturday 20th of May live from Helsinki Ice Hall.

Not only that but fans all over the world can watch the concert through Finnish broadcaster Yle.  The Finnish Broadcasing company will broadcast Käärijä’s concert next saturday.  Käärijä will perform among other songs his Eurovision hit Cha Cha Cha together with the dancers that joined him onstage in Liverpool.

Käärijä promised we will have an experience full of energy, surprises and fun

‘In Liverpool everyone got to see an absolutely fantastic and crazy Eurovision show. On Saturday, we will take over the Helsinki Ice Hall and raise the mood up to the ceiling,‘ says Käärijä.

The concert can be watched at Yle Areena worldwide.

Käärijä represented Finland during the Eurovision Song Contest 2023.  He finished in second place in the Grand Final and won the televote giving Finland their best result at the Eurovision Song Contest since Finland’s 2006 victory with Lordi.

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Loreen: “It didn’t bother me that the audience was singing Cha Cha Cha”!

Loreen gave her first interview on Swedish TV after being the winner of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest and talked about the moment when during her victory the croud on the arena was singing “Cha Cha Cha”.

More specifically, Loreen said that:

“I mean Käärijä is so (f-word) awesome! An amazing performance. And it’s nice, when acts get such support. You can’t just go “Shush shush, you can only think I’m good“, that’s not how it works!

No, no. That doesn’t bother me. I have to work a little on my ego.”

Finally, she was also asked what message she would like to send to the Finnish representative and she stated:

To Käärijä I’d like to say that it’s not every day, that you see creators be that authentic on stage, and he has an authentic expression. He is himself. It’s pure all the way through, and that’s why people cheer for him. That happens when you are authentic. So I know things will go well for him. Things will go really damn well for Käärijä!”

During the rehearsals and the pre-parties we have seen several times the two artists coming in contact and chatting, showing the excellent relations they have with each other.

Source: Aftonbet

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Finland: The highest viewing figures for the Grand Final since 2007!

Almost 2.8 million viewers watched the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool. It was the most popular final since 2007, when the country hosted the contest in its capital, Helsinki.

Here are the viewing figures we know for the Grand Final:

Germany – 7.96 million
Italy – 4.9 million
United Kingdom – 11 million

The competition ended at midnight on Saturday night, with Sweden crowned the winner with 583 points. Just behind in second place was Finland with 526 points. Finland was represented in this year’s competition by Käärijä and his song “Cha Cha Cha“. He took 1st place in the public vote, receiving the second highest score in Eurovision history. With the jury’s 4th place, Finland finished in 2nd place this year.

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Finland: Citizens gone mad as the Country remains among the favorites to win Eurovision 2023!

After Käärijä’s explosive performance in the First Semi-Final, he has emerged as the big favorite to win the 67th Eurovision Song Contest trophy competing against Sweden with Loreen.

Cities around Finland have been deched out in the artist’s trademark green bolero. Citizens are confident that they will have the best result in the competition after Lordi’s victory in Athens in 2006.

In particular, in Tampere,the central streets were decorated with green light, while a public screening of the Grand Final is also set up. In the city of Pori, The Joemsuu and Vaasa statues have been dressed in the artist’s green bolero.

These are just a few examples of the Finns’ preperation for the -possible- victory. Next up are green Cha Cha Cha-styled nails, free Käärijä-styled haircuts, decorated trees and various monuments with boleros, a Ρiña Colada drink called “Cha Cha Cha” and much more.

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Source: YLE


Finland: Can the Press Center “Cha Cha Cha”

Fans and viewers vibed with Cha Cha Cha durin the First Semifinal of Eurovision 2023.  But how familiar are you with the lyrics of Käärijä’s song.

We chat with some of the members at the press center and here are some of their reactions when we invited them to teach us how to “Cha Cha Cha”

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Eurovision 2023: Finland is now first on My Eurovision Scoreboard!

In the most popular ranking application of Eurovision entries, the well-known My Eurovision Scoreboard, the first place for this year was occupied by Loreen, where with “Tattoo” as she was there from the first moment of her victory in Melodifestivalen 2023.

One of the biggest, if no longer the biggest, favorites to win this year’s competition was so far in the first place. And we say “was”, as a few minutes ago she was pinned down by another favorite. It is none other than Finland, where Kaarija with “Cha Cha Cha” is clearly now a highly measurable opponent for the victory next Saturday in Liverpool.

Sweden and Finland are also going head-to-head in the bookies for both the semi-final win and the grand final win, with Finland winning the first and Sweden the second.

See the new top 10 of the My Eurovision Scoreboard application:

Do you think Finland can overturn Saturday’s result as well? Tell us in the comments!

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Germany: Lord of the Lost released “Cha Cha Cha” cover!

Lord of the Lost, the band that represents Germany in the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest, made another cover, this time for “Cha Cha Cha”.

The German band released and shared to all the music platforms this year’s Finnish entry “Cha Cha Cha”. This is their first cover that they shared to all the music platforms.

Below you can listen to the “Cha Cha Cha” cover on Spotify.

Germany as a Big 5 member is already qualified to the Grand Final of 13th of May, and is scheduled to compete in the second half.

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Eurovision 2023: Finland’s Second Rehearsal!

Closing the First Semi Final with an explosive performance is Finland with Käärijä and his Finnish rap song “Cha Cha Cha”.

Who is Käärijä?

Jere Pöyhönen is known in the music industry as Käärijä, which it means someone who rolls or wraps something up. He is a Finnish rapper, singer and songwritter. Käärijä grew up in a neighbourhoud outside Helsinki, while his passion for music kept increasing. He learned how to play the drums and started producing music in 2014. In 2020, he released his debut album called Fantastista. 

On January, Käärijä was announced as one of the seven participants in the Finnish National Selection Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2023 where he managed to finish in the first place with a landslide of 539 points (467 from the public and 72 from the juries).

The Rehearsal

Unfortunately this year, accredited journalists don’t get the chance to watch the first and second rehearsals, so we only get the information and content that the organizers officaly release to the public.

It was confirmed for the first rehearsal that, the acid green bolero jacket from UMK along with four pink-clad dancers are accompaning with the singer. There is a new prop compared to the national final performance, a huge wooden box among with a stack with paletes are placed on stage. In the begining of the song the singer is inside it, then he climbs on top and throws a few moves before returning to the floor and leading his dancers in a routine.

Finland Second Rehearsal 2

Sarah Louise Bennett / EBU

At the end of the song, he pours himself with champagne, at which point the thumping techno/rap first half transforms into a joyful schlager anthem to the end. A “crazy” and “party” way to close the first semi final!

Finland Second Rehearsal 1


Below you can watch a small clip from the Finish second rehearsal, once it’s published on YouTube:

The Dress Rehearsal for Finland and the rest of Semi Final 1 will be held on the 8th of May.

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