Spain: TVE’s participation in the Eurovision cost 680.000 Euros

After many years, Spain took the 3rd place in the Eurovision song contest 2022 with Chanel and “SloMo”. Since 1995, which was one of the best results for the country, Spain has taken a lot of low positions, but not anymore. Chanel managed to bring Spain back to the foreground. The Spanish broadcaster TVE published the cost of this year’s participation which stands at 600.000€.

The budget of Spanish public television for the Eurovision song contest was significantly increased compared to last year. TVE spent almost 200,000 Euros more, compared to its participation in Eurovision 2021.
Specifically, TVE spent 680,000 Euros in total. Of these 302,150 Euros was the participation fee, the rest were the other expenses like the hotel, tickets, payments and for the stage performance.


Spain: The royal family congratulated Chanel!

Chanel managed to bring Spain to the top 3 of the Eurovision Song Contest standings after 27 whole years and the royal family of the country hurried to congratulate her for this important achievement!

On Tuesday, Chanel received a letter from King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain about its success at Eurovision.

Congratulations on your fantastic performance at Eurovision. You made history for Spain in this competition after taking third place in such a complex final, in which both the public and the jury recognized your strengths.

We also want to send our congratulations to the team that accompanied you and thank them for representing Spain so well and making us feel so proud.

The Spaniards gave an enthusiastic welcome to Chanel, which managed to collect 459 points in the grand final, more than those gathered together by the last ten representatives of the country in the competition.

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Italian commentator apologizes after comparing Chanel with J.Lo during the Grand Final!

Cristiano Magliolo, one of the Italian commentators made some impolite comments about Spanish representative, Chanel.  During the Grand Final, Magliolo called Chanel “a cheap Jennifer Lopez”.  Not only that, the RAI commentator also added that the Slo Mo singer “was good to go to the beach in summer but there is only one Jennifer Lopez!”.  Magliolo made these comments during the recap of the songs in the Eurovision Grand Final.

According to the rules, Eurovision commentators should remain neutral during the broadcasting of the show.  It is against the rules to try to influence the public against an entry.  It was thus a matter of time before the fans found out about these comments.  Fans have expressed their discontent with Magliolo through social media.  The pressure mounted to the point that Magliolo was forced to apologize.

Italian commentator apologizes

After the negative reactions, RAI commentator Cristiano Magliolo was forced to apologize.  The commentator spoke in La Vita In Diretta where he said he never meant to offend Chanel with his comments:

When I said “cheap Jennifer Lopez” I meant she is ‘like a little Jennifer Lopez’. It wasn’t an offense but I apologize. (…)  However, I apologize, I’m always ironic. But I didn’t influence anyone, they had already voted.

The Spanish fans made a tragedy of it. They did not understand the irony of my comments. I honestly gave judgments I believed in, always seasoned with a few jokes.  The commentator continued.  Furthermore, he joked about himself “always going to discount stores” where he finds nice things even if they are often imitations of more famous brands.

Chanel represented Spain in Turin with her song Slo Mo.  She finished in third place with 459 points.   This marks Spain’s best result in Eurovision since 1995.

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Spain: Chanel’s interview at EurovisionFun!

After her second rehearsal of Spain, Chanel spoke exclusively to EurovisionFun and Matamis Apostolis.

The representative of Spain at Eurovision 2022 said she was very happy with her rehearsal and noted that maybe some small things will change and that for this reason there are rehearsals and she is working on it with her team.

He also said that she has not made any plans for after the competition but she would very much happy to visit Greece for a concert in the summer.

About the comparisons with Eleni Foureira, Chanel replied that she is very beautiful and a very good artist, but they are different people.

You can watch the full Chanel interview below:



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Eurovision 2022: Spain’s second rehearsal

Today is the final day of rehearsals in Turin, with the second rehearsals of the BIG 5 countries!

Next up on stage for their second rehearsal is Spain and Chanel with the song “SloMo”.

Who is Chanel?

Chanel Terrero is a singer, dancer and actress born in Havana, Cuba. The superstar has over a decade of musical theatre experience, having starred in productions of The Lion KingFlashdanceThe Bodyguard and Mamma Mia. She has also danced on stage with Shakira, at the 2010 MTV Europe Music Awards.

SloMo is the artist’s debut single; composed by a team of songwriters who have collaborated with the likes of MadonnaBlack Eyed PeasBritney SpearsRicky MartinMariah Carey and Nicki Minaj.

The Rehearsal

A latin intro was added to the song. Chanel starts with her famous choreography. A slomo effect is added to the chorus.

Some minor changes in the choreography towards the end of the song, with Chanel using a fan.

A very good rehearsal for Spain both vocally and visually and a big applause from inside the arena.

In the third run some fireworks and golden rain are added as well.

Spain will definitely do very well this year.



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Eurovision 2022: First Rehearsal of Spain!

Today is the sixth day of rehearsals in Turin and the first rehearsals of the BIG 5 countries are going to be held today!

Next up on stage for their first rehearsal is Spain and Chanel with the song “SloMo“.

Who is Chanel?

Chanel Terrero is a singer, dancer and actress born in Havana, Cuba. The superstar has over a decade of musical theatre experience, having starred in productions of The Lion King, Flashdance, The Bodyguard and Mamma Mia. She has also danced on stage with Shakira, at the 2010 MTV Europe Music Awards.

SloMo is the artist’s debut single; composed by a team of songwriters who have collaborated with the likes of Madonna, Black Eyed Peas, Britney Spears, Ricky Martin, Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj.

The Rehearsal

Chanel’s silver matador outfit is ultra sparkly, and her staging is evolving around a booty hypnotic theme. Her male backing singers have a matador thing going on, with bare chests and shoulder accents that sparkle.


It’s a really polished routine with three male dancers and two female, all in black, and under the stage lights Chanel’s silver outfit and thigh boots create a really memorable effect. The dancing is definitely on fire!


Below you can watch a small clip from the Spanish first rehearsal on TikTok:

@eurovision Make it go like pa-pa-pa-pa-pa with @Chanel Terrero! 🇪🇸 #Eurovision #Eurovision2022 #EurovisionTikTok ♬ original sound – Eurovision

The second Spanish rehearsal will be held on the 7th of May, when we will know how things will appear on screen for the Spanish entry.

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Spain: Benidorm will host country’s Eurovision Song Contest jury!

Benidorm will be the home of Spain’s Eurovision Song Contest jury for the 66th contest which takes place in Turin, on May 14.

Hello Europe this is Benidorm calling, we will see Nieves Alvarez saying at the grand final of the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest. The famous model and tv presenter will announce the expert jury votes, with a shot of the Benidorm skyline in the background.

The jury put together by RTVE will be based in the city, with Benidorm council planning to organise an event for the Eurovision fans.

The resort staged the Benidorm Fest in January, the Spanish national final for the Eurovision Song Contest, to choose country’s entry for Turin.

Spain will be presented by Slomo as Chanel won Benidorm Fest despite the fact that the Spanish audience voted for Terra with more than 70%.

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Spain: Watch all the live performances of the artists at the Barcelona Eurovision Party 2022!

Last night the first Eurovision Party took place successfully at the Sala Apolo in Barcelona. More than 18 eurostars attended the Barcelona Eurovision Party 2022. It was the first Eurovision event on Spanish soil, not forgetting that in a few days the PrePartyES will also take place in Madrid.

The hosts of the event were Sharone and Giuseppe di Bella!

Below you can watch their performances:

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Which performance is your favourite? Feel free to tell us in the comments below!
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Spain: The detailed results of Benidorm Fest 2022 have been published!

The detailed results of Benidorm Fest 2022, the national final of Spain, were announced by RTVE a while ago. As you will see below, the winner, Chanel, gathered less than 4% of the public vote.

On the other hand, the entry that ended up in second place overall won the televoting, gathering 70.75% of the votes among 8 participants.

Widespread reactions have erupted in Spain, as Galician political parties have already stated that they will raise the issue in the House of Representatives. Tanxugueiras who won the public vote are from Galicia and sung a song in Galician.

Complaints about possible conflict of interest of the judges are also serious, as members of the jury seem to have worked in the past with Chanel, the winner of the jury and Benidorm Fest overall.

On the other hand, the Galician telecommunications provider Toxo Telecom seems to have contributed to the Tanxugueiras’ huge lead in the public vote, allowing its customers to vote for the Tanxugueiras once for free.

The detailed results of Benidorm Fest 2022 are as follows:

TV audience (192,000 votes in total):

  1. Tanxugueiras: 70.75% – 30 points
  2. Rigoberta Bandini: 18.08% – 25 points
  3. Chanel: 3.97% – 20 points
  4. Varry Brava: 2.26% – 18 points
  5. Rayden: 2.12% – 15 points
  6. Blanca Paloma: 1.04% – 12 points
  7. Xeinn: 1.01% – 10 points
  8. Gonzalo Hermida: 0.66% – 5 points

Demoscopic Jury (350 people representative of the Spanish population):

  1. Tanxugueiras: 2,658 (14.59%) – 30 points
  2. Chanel: 2,624 (13.88%) – 25 points
  3. Rigoberta Bandini: 2,555 (13.52%) – 20 points
  4. Gonzalo Hermida: 2,385 (12.62%) – 18 points
  5. Rayden: 2,300 (12.17%) – 15 points
  6. Varry Brava: 2,152 (11.39%) – 12 points
  7. Blanca Paloma: 2063 (10.92%) – 10 points
  8. Xeinn: 2063 (10.92%) – 5 points

Expert Jury (Natalia Calderón, Miryam Benidited, Estefanía García, Felix Bergsson, Marvin Dietmann) :

Jury 1

  • Rayden: 8
  • Tanxugueiras: 10
  • Varry Brava: 6
  • Channel: 7
  • Rigoberta Bandini: 12
  • Xenn: 4
  • Gonzalo Hermida: 2
  • Blanca Paloma:5

Jury 2

  • Rayden: 10
  • Tanxugueiras: 7
  • Varry Brava: 5
  • Channel: 12
  • Rigoberta Bandini: 8
  • Xenn: 4
  • Gonzalo Hermida: 2
  • Blanca Paloma: 6

Jury 3

  • Rayden: 7
  • Tanxugueiras: 4
  • Varry Brava: 5
  • Channel: 12
  • Rigoberta Bandini: 6
  • Xenn: 10
  • Gonzalo Hermida: 2
  • Blanca Paloma: 8

Jury 4

  • Rayden: 6
  • Tanxugueiras: 7
  • Varry Brava: 4
  • Channel: 8
  • Rigoberta Bandini: 10
  • Xenn: 5
  • Gonzalo Hermida: 2
  • Blanca Paloma: 12

Jury 5

  • Rayden: 6
  • Tanxugueiras: 2
  • Varry Brava: 5
  • Channel: 12
  • Rigoberta Bandini: 10
  • Xenn: 7
  • Gonzalo Hermida: 4
  • Blanca Paloma: 8

Final Expert Jury Result :

  1. Channel: 51
  2. Rigoberta Bandini: 46
  3. Blanca Paloma: 39
  4. Rayden:37
  5. Tanxugueiras: 30
  6. Xinn:30
  7. Varry Brava: 25
  8. Gonzalo Hermida: 12

Final Benidorm Fest 2022 Results :

  1. Chanel – 96
  2. Rigoberta Bandini – 91
  3. Tanxugueiras – 90
  4. Rayden – 67
  5. Blanca Paloma – 61
  6. Varry Brava – 60
  7. Xeinn – 45
  8. Gonzalo Hermida – 40

The communications director of RTVE, shortly before announcing the detailed results, said that Spain had triumphed and the Benidorm Fest was a success for music, while asking for respect for the members of the expert jury, who were selected for their knowledge. and who were asked to vote with absolute freedom.

She clarified that RTVE will continue to work to resolve any errors that may have occurred or even to review or update the voting system for the next Benidorm Fest.

She concluded by thanking the artists who participated in Benidorm Fest and encouraging all singers and composers to participate next year, “because Benidorm Fest brings only good things”, as the high ratings were to the benefit of all participants.

You can watch the performance of the winner of Benidorm Fest and representative of Spain at Eurovision 2022, Chanel below:

Source: RTVE

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