Exclusive: Chanel will not attend MAD VMA 2022!

Chanel Terrero, the artist who brought Spain to the top 3 for the first time since 1995, made an impact across Europe with her dynamic performance. Greece was the only country that its televoting gave 12 to Spain and SloMo is high on the Greek charts ever since. Many people have pointed out online the similarities between Chanel and Eleni Foureira, the Cypriot Eurovision 2018 entrant who gave Cyprus its best result with the pop banger Fuego.

Due to the popularity of SloMo in Greece, eurofans hoped that Chanel will perform in MAD VMA, the biggest annual music awards ceremony in Greece, and collaborate with Eleni. However, we can reveal that this will not happen this year.

Despite the rumors the last weeks about an upcoming collaboration, according to latest information we have Chanel decided not to attend MAD VMA 2022. While we were all excited to see them setting the stage on fire and despite the talks between the production of the event and Chanel’s team, unfortunately we will not see them perform together.


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Italian commentator apologizes after comparing Chanel with J.Lo during the Grand Final!

Cristiano Magliolo, one of the Italian commentators made some impolite comments about Spanish representative, Chanel.  During the Grand Final, Magliolo called Chanel “a cheap Jennifer Lopez”.  Not only that, the RAI commentator also added that the Slo Mo singer “was good to go to the beach in summer but there is only one Jennifer Lopez!”.  Magliolo made these comments during the recap of the songs in the Eurovision Grand Final.

According to the rules, Eurovision commentators should remain neutral during the broadcasting of the show.  It is against the rules to try to influence the public against an entry.  It was thus a matter of time before the fans found out about these comments.  Fans have expressed their discontent with Magliolo through social media.  The pressure mounted to the point that Magliolo was forced to apologize.

Italian commentator apologizes

After the negative reactions, RAI commentator Cristiano Magliolo was forced to apologize.  The commentator spoke in La Vita In Diretta where he said he never meant to offend Chanel with his comments:

When I said “cheap Jennifer Lopez” I meant she is ‘like a little Jennifer Lopez’. It wasn’t an offense but I apologize. (…)  However, I apologize, I’m always ironic. But I didn’t influence anyone, they had already voted.

The Spanish fans made a tragedy of it. They did not understand the irony of my comments. I honestly gave judgments I believed in, always seasoned with a few jokes.  The commentator continued.  Furthermore, he joked about himself “always going to discount stores” where he finds nice things even if they are often imitations of more famous brands.

Chanel represented Spain in Turin with her song Slo Mo.  She finished in third place with 459 points.   This marks Spain’s best result in Eurovision since 1995.

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Spain: “SloMo was actually meant for Jennifer Lopez”!

It may sound like it was written in Seville, Madrid or Barcelona, but in fact this year’s Spanish entry in the Eurovision Song Contest was created in Velsen-Noord, a small town in the north of the Netherlands. Dutch producer Arjen Thonen reveals that he actually composed Chanel’s SloMo for Jennifer Lopez, but when the Latin star didn’t respond, the song found its way to Turin.

Even those who don’t know the story behind SloMo are likely to think of Jennifer Lopez when watching the video clip. Chanel Terrero‘s dance moves, energy and upbeat vibe seem to be quite similar to various songs that JLo has released from time to time.

Beeld uit de videoclip van SloMo, de Spaanse inzending voor het Eurovisie Songfestival. Zangeres Chanel zingt het lied dat is gemaakt door de Nederlandse producer Arjen Thonen.

Thonen, with more than ten years of experience in the music industry, composed a remix for the Black Eyed PeasPump It, which led to the development of a friendly relationship between himself and the band’s drummer Keith Harris, who is also a producer.

Harris knew that Jennifer Lopez was looking for some new material and asked Thonen to submit a proposal.

“I was in the studio in the middle of the summer and by the end of the day I was kind of having a song that wasn’t exactly in Jennifer Lopez’s style. Then, I spontaneously kept going all night and that’s how SloMo came out.”

The song, in lyrics by Canadian singer Maggie Szabo, was sent via Keith Harris to the US, but there was no reaction from JLo’s team. The song was “left on the shelf”, while Thonen focused on other productions.

“Keith suddenly sent me an email saying that they were looking for a Jennifer-Lopez-like song in Spain to compete at Benidorm Fest. Of course he’s American, so he added: “In case you don’t know about the competition, it’s the biggest music event in Europe. I would do it.””

Producer Arjen Thonen, die het nummer SloMo van zangeres Chanel maakte.

The song was accepted, with new Spanish lyrics, and so Thonen watched the Benidorm Fest final on 29 January, where of course he was thrilled to see Chanel with SloMo officially becoming Spain’s representative for Turin.

SloMo has already surpassed 6 million streams on Spotify and is doing quite well with the bookmakers respectively as it is currently standing in eighth place.

“I am very happy that this song ended up being part of such a beautiful event”

Will the JLo team regret seeing Chanel in Turin? Will JLo herself ever learn the story behind this song?

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