Eurovision 2022: Georgia’s First Rehearsal!

The 5th act rehearsing today are Circus Mircus, representing Georgia, with their progressive alternative song Lock Me In

Everything about Circus Mircus:

The band was formed in Tbilisi at the end of 2020 by 3 circus academy dropouts and up to date they have released 11 songs. Their music is mostly experimental, mixing a lot of genres and sounds together through which they are willing to represent each member’s life experiences and inner world.

The Rehearsal

Apparently the whole performance is joyfully eccentric, with elements of Victorian circus, steampunk and neon graphic design woven through a really catchy pop song. On paper it shouldn’t really work, but it totally does.

All in all, it’s three very surreal minutes, but you know…it’s Circus Mircus. It was never going to be conventional, was it?




@eurovision Circus Mircus with a joyfully eccentric first rehearsal for Georgia 🇬🇪 #EurovisionTikTok #Eurovision2022 #Eurovision ♬ original sound – Eurovision

The second rehearsal of Georgia will take place on Thursday 5/5 when we will be able to have a better look on what Circus Mircus will be delivering onto the Eurovision stage.

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Georgia: Second place is the goal for Circus Mircus!

On the last episode of Euro Trip’s podcast was Circus Mircus invited, Georgia’s representatives for Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

In an interview with presenter James Rowe, the band talked about their goal in the year’s contest and the country that they are sure is going to take this year’s trophy. More specific, the group mentioned:

Second place is the goal, our country would not be able to accomodate Eurovision, because it is a lot of money involved. People know Georgia is not the wealthiest country in the world.

We believe Ukraine will definitely get the first place.

Georgia is going to perform 5th at the second Semi Final, fighting for a ticket in the big Grand Final on Saturday. You can listen to their song “Lock me in” below:

Could Georgia be the dark horse in this year’s race? Circus Mircus think they can! Stay tuned for all the Eurovision news.

Source: The Euro Trip Podcast


Georgia: Watch the official music video of Lock Me In!

The official music video of the Georgian entry for Eurovision 2022, “Lock Me In” by Circus Mircus, has just been released.

Circus Mircus is a Georgian progressive rock band consisting of Armenian drummer Bavonc Gevorcyan, Georgian multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Iago Waitman, Belgian vocalist and guitarist Igor Von Lichtenstein and Greek bassist and vocalist Damocles Stavriadis.

You can watch the music video below:

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Georgia: Listen to “Lock Me In”, Circus Mircus’ song for Eurovision 2022!

Georgia will participate in Eurovision 2022 with Circus Mircus and “Lock Me In“. As we reported in a previous article, with the decision of the band members, the audience will hear the song on a black background due to the ongoing invasion in Ukraine.

Listen to “Lock Me In” below:

Who are Circus Mircus?

Circus Mircus is a Georgian progressive rock band consisting of Armenian drummer Bavonc Gevorcyan, Belgian vocalist and guitarist Igor Von Lichtenstein and Greek bassist and vocalist Damocles Stavriadis. The band plays mainly experimental music, mixing many genres, each of which represents a life experience and the “inner world” of each member. The band was formed in late 2020 in Tbilisi, when three graduates of the local circus academy became friends and left the academy to form their own band. According to one member of the group, the three of them, were probably the worst in the group, so they became friends.

What do you think of Georgia’s participation? Could it bring the first Georgian qualification since 2016? Write us your opinion in the comments!

Georgia: Eurovision 2022 entry will be released on March 10!

Today, the Georgian broadcaster, GBP, announced that the song Lock Me In, with which Circus Mircus will compete in the 66th Eurovision Song Contest will be released on March 10.

The video clip was scheduled to premiere on March 10 as well, but the plan changed due to the ongoing invasion of Ukraine. According to the decision of the band members, the audience will hear the song on a black background.

Emilia Sandquist, who is part of Sacha Jean Baptiste‘s team, will direct the Circus Mircus show in Turin. Sacha Jean Baptiste was the director of Nika Kocharov & the Young Georgian Lolitaz, Nina Sublatti and Tamara Gachechiladze. Last year, Emilia directed the appearance of Tornike Kipiani in Rotterdam.

Georgia has been drawn to compete in the Second Semifinal on May 12 and will specifically appear in the first half of the night (positions 1-9).

Source: Escxtra

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Georgia: Circus Mircus will represent the country in Eurovision 2022!

Early this morning, the national TV of Georgia announced that the country will be represented by Circus Mircus in Turin the upcoming May.

The official accounts of Eurovision has informed the fans all over the world that they will be the act for the Eurovision 2022 with the upcoming post:

Dear Earthlings,

This is a message from Circus Mircus.

We would like to inform you that according to the decision made by the Georgian Public Broadcaster, at the international song contest Eurovision, Georgia will be represented by Circus Mircus.

You ask, what is Circus Mircus?

It is a movement that brings together dozens of professionals from different fields to create an unprecedented audio-visual experience.

The cornerstone of their philosophy lies in the complete neglect of musical frameworks.

Whoever had the chance to watch a show of Circus Mircus describe their sound as “sonicaly unique

Could this interesting choice of Georgia change the country’s fortune in Eurovision? What is your prediction for their luck in the contest? Answer us in the comments below!