Greece: These are the results of the vote of the Audience Jury!

Yesterday, Wednesday 28/12, the 70 members of the Audience Jury heard for the first time the 7 candidate songs of ERT for Eurovision 2023. In a well-organized process by all accounts, we also have a first fairly reliable picture of the voting results. Eurovisionfun having contacted many of the committee members, but also from social media posts, related forums and groups dealing with the Eurovision contest, we are able to reveal to you the results of the voting.

So, based on all the above, the three songs that are leading in the Audience Jury’s rating are the following:

  • Melissa Mantzoukis – Liar
  • Klavdia – Holy Water
  • Victor Vernicos – What they say

We may not know the exact order of the above three songs, but without any doubt they are the three songs that the Audience Committee singled out and were first in their preferences.

On the other hand, the three songs that seem to be in the last three places of preference of the Audience Committee are the following:

  • Monika – I’m Proud
  • Konstantina Iosifidou – We’re young
  • Antonia Kaouri & Maria Maragou – Shout out

Right in the middle of the preferences, it seems, is the participation of Leon of Athens – Somewhere to go.

Η επιτροπή κοινού κατά τη διάρκεια της ακρόασης των 7 τραγουδιών

Similar results to those of the Audience Committee were also given by our readers, where with more than 2,000 different votes, they have approximately the same ranking in their preferences. You can see the results of our Poll HERE.

We remind you that the vote of the Audience Jury constitutes 50.6% of the final result, with 49.4% determined by the seven-member jury of ERT.

Immediately after the New Year, the artists and their groups will meet the artistic committee and the management of ERT in separate appointments, in order to present their plans for the stage appearance, the promotion of the song, etc., if they are selected. The artistic committee will then give their own score, where combined with the score of the Audience Committee, they will determine the artist and the song that will represent Greece in Liverpool. The announcement is expected by mid-January.

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Greece: These are the titles of the 7 shortlisted songs for Eurovision 2023!

The titles of the 7 shortlisted songs have been announced today by the Greek Public Broadcaster ERT. One of these will represent Greece at Eurovision 2023.

The titles are:

  • Antonia Kaouri & Maria Maragkou – Shout Out! 
  • Konstantina Iosifidou – We are Young
  • Klavdia – Holy Water
  • Leon of Athens – Somewhere to Go
  • Melissa Mantzoukis – Liar
  • Monika – I’ m Proud
  • Victor Vernicos – What They Say

The Greek entry for Eurovision 2023 will be selected by a combined vote of a demoscopic jury counting for 50,6% and a professional jury counting for 49,4%, a voting pattern similar to the new system which was announced a few months ago by EBU, to be used at the Grand Final of Eurovision 2023.

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Greece: The 7 artists of ERT’s shortlist have been revealed!

After the completion of the voting of the public committee – demoscopic jury, the names of the seven artists who remain in the running to represent Greece at Eurovision 2023 were revealed! These are four female and two male solo artists as well as a female duet!

Who are the 7  shortlisted artists?

ERT’s seven-member panel of experts selected the seven songs which were evaluated today by the 70-member demoscopic jury. The lucky eurofans, who were randomly selected by an electronic draw among approximately 3,000 applicants, had the opportunity to listen to the seven songs, one of which is the 43rd Greek entry in the Eurovision Song Contest. Immediately after the voting was over, ERT, in order to prevent any leaks, revealed the names of the seven artists who are in the final phase of the selection process.

But let’s see in detail who are the seven artists who are still hoping to represent Greece in the 67th Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool next May!

(The names are in alphabetical order)

Konstantina Iosifidou

The young singer-songwriter Konstantina Iosifidou, who is part of the Final Touch record label (label of Walnut entertainment), submitted her proposal for Greece’s participation in the 67th Eurovision Song Contest to ERT. Her song is an English pop-rock ballad with lyrics and music by her. It is an anthem for the joy of life, love and freedom of youth.

Konstantina Iosifidou is 22 years old and became known through her participation in The Voice of Greece in 2018 in the team of Panos Mouzourakis. In 2022, the young and talented Konstantina made her recording debut with the song ‘Let you go‘.

Antonia Kaouri & Maria Maragkou

One of the surprises of this year’s shortlist is the female duo of Antonia Kaouri and Maria Maragkou. Apart from her solo entry, Antonia Kaouri also submitted a duet with Maria Maragou, which managed to make it to the final selection phase.

You have been reading about Antonia Kaouri for quite some time on Eurovisionfun, and she was one of our suggestions this summer. Antonia has released two singles since her participation in The Voice of Greece. Kostis Maraveyas described her as one of the best young pop artists of Greece. Antonia is signed by MINOS EMI.

Maria Maragkou is an actress, but she loves singing just as much. Her origin is from the island of Syros, and as you will see, apart from a very beautiful voice, she has a unique look. Undoubtedly, this is a female duet that would not remain unnoticed.


Klavdia Papadopoulou is yet another artist who gained recognition in The Voice of Greece. Klavdia’s submission, with her very special voice and the signature of the ARCADE songwriting and production team, managed to qualify for the final selection phase.

The song she submitted to ERT is an English melodic slow ballad with a build-up, adressing important social issues. The song showcases the young singer’s powerful voice and features emotional explosions. Klavdia is one of PANIK Records‘ proposals.

Leon of Athens

Another one of our summer proposals that shows up in the final shortlist of ERT is Timoleon Veremis aka Leon of Athens. The successful songwriter, who already has Eurovision experience, since he is one of the creators of Greece’s 2019 entry with Katerine Douska, wants to return as a performer this time around.

The creator of the song is himself, together with David Sneddon, and if we could describe his entry we would say that it is a happy uptempo song, with 80s vibes, reminiscent of Harry Styles’ latest releases. The lyrics of the song are in English. Leon of Athens is the proposal of Cobalt Music.

Melissa Mantzoukis

The finalist of German Pop Idol, Melissa Mantzoukis was another one of Eurovisionfun’s suggestions last summer for the Greek representation at Eurovision 2023.

Melissa’s proposal includes a song, written by a team of Greek and Dutch songwriters. Melissa recorded it this summer in Greece during her summer holidays. It is a modern pop dance track, which could easily be played in all the clubs. The song is a female emprowerment anthem, adressing the issue of how each modern woman has to find the confidence and protect herself from all the toxic and offensive behaviors she faces.


One of the surprises of this year’s Greek Eurovision selection process was the participation of Monika. Monica Christodoulou aka Monica or Monika is undoubtedly one of the biggest names taking part.

She and her team put a lot of thought into the song they submitted. It wasn’t the only one, as they submitted a total of three songs, one of which made it to the final shortlist. Her entry is a mid tempo track in her unique musical style and has English lyrics. Royal Music is the record label that signs her entry.

Victor Vernicos

Victor Vernicos Jorgensen is the youngest participant of this year’s selection process, as he is only 16 years old. Despite his young age, his remarkable talent led him to the final shortlist.

Victor writes, arranges and produces his songs himself.  That was the case with the song he submitted to ERT. His song is an English ballad and can be described as very emotional and powerful. It’s a song that wouldn’t be out of place in a Scandinavian National Final, which is not surprising considering Victor also has Danish roots. Victor Vernicos is a proposal of PANIK Records.

What’s next?

After the completion of the voting by the demoscopic jury, the shortlisted artists will meet privately with the 7-member panel of experts and the ERT management.

The artists and their teams will get to present their plans and vision for their participation, if they are selected. The professional team who will accompany them in Liverpool, their plans for directing and staging, promotion etc will be discussed. These meetings are very important, as last year they played a pivotal role in the selection of Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord and Die Together.

After the completion of the meetings, the ERT panel – expert’s jury will convene again to give their own rating. The final result will be decided by the public – demoscopic jury’s rating (50.6%) and the expert jury’s rating (49.4%), the same way the results of Eurovision 2023 final will be determined.

A final decision and announcement of the artist and the song that will represent Greece in the upcoming song contest is expected by mid-January.

Who will get to fly the Greek flag in Liverpool? Tell us in the comments below!

We would like to wish all 7 (+1, as we have a duet) artists good luck! May the best song win and he, she or they bring us the best result in Liverpool!

Congratulations to each and every one the artists who continue to hope for the Greek representation, and to all those who submitted entries but weren’t chosen to be in the shortlist.

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Greece: Leon of Athens’ proposal for Eurovision 2023 in collaboration with Dream Team | EXCLUSIVE

You were already informed – for months now – through Eurovsionfun that Leon of Athens is about to sumbit a proposal to ERT for Eurovision 2023. However, today we are going to reveal one more hint that will bring his candidacy at the center of attention even more.

According to our exclusive information, both the artist and people from the recording label COBALT, have come into contact with the very well known and successful team in the contest – Dream Team (Fokas Evangelinos, Ilias Kokotos, Dimitris Kontopoulos) – in order to take over the project together, if the proposal they submit to ERT gets selected.

This practically means that Fokas Evangelinos will take over the direction, Ilias Kokotos will be in charge of general management for the project and Dimitris Kontopoulos will most probably be involved in the final production of the song and be resposible for the sound engineering during rehearsals, just as it happened with Amanda earlier this year.

We remind you that the song Leon of Athens is going to submit has already been written during his stay in London at the end of August. It is expected to be at Leon’s usual style. So far, he hasn’t sumbitted his proposal to ERT, but this is going to happen in the following days until October 9th, the deadline for song submissions.

Dream Team has collaborated with COBALT last year too, because they would have taken over Good Job Nicky if he was selected by ERT. Last year, both MINOS and PANIK had adressed a similar suggestion to Dream Team for taking over their artists.

It remains to be seen how many proposals Dream Team is involved into in this year’s greek participation selection process.

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Greece: Good Job Nicky submitted his proposal to ERT! EXCLUSIVE

It is a fact that Nikolas Varthakouris or as he is artistically known – Good Job Nicky, recently submitted his complete proposal to ERT, officially claiming the Greek representation at Eurovision 2022.

Through Eurovisionfun you first read, on May 29, just a few days after the final of the previous contest, that Good Job Nicky is interested in raising the Greek colors at Eurovision 2022. During the summer we fully confirmed that the young artist is preparing a song, in order to submit it to ERT. On September 24, you first read here some first information about his song, that it is a mid-tempo, cinematic piece, that fits perfectly in the special voice of Nikolas.

We are now able to confirm that the record company Cobalt, which represents the artist, submitted its proposal to ERT earlier for the 66th Eurovision Song Contest.

This proposal includes Good Job Nicky as a singer, with a song by Hermes Geragidis, with which Good Job Nicky collaborates throughout his artistic career. Fokas Evangelinos will be in charge of directing if he is selected. Elias Kokotos, project manager of all Dream Team entries, will also play an active role in the Good Job Nicky’ s effort.

According to our reliable information, more than ten proposals of artists have already been submitted, some of which have more than one song.

In the next few days that remain for the expiration of the deadline (October 10), we expect the submission of the proposals of the other artists who in the previous period expressed interest, in order to represent Greece in Eurovision 2022.

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