Greece: In May, the final resolution of the dispute between Melissa and ERT!

In view of the lack of an insurance right, in connection with the suffocating time frames, the court decided not to grant a temporary injunction and that Melissa Mantzoukis’ dispute with ERT be resolved in May in the regular action.

What has actually happened is that a temporary solution to the dispute cannot be given, due to the deadlines that no longer exist. Therefore, it was not possible to grant the side of Melissa Mantzoukis a temporary injunction and the solution to the issue that has arisen will be given by the regular court in May with the lawsuit.

This practically means that there is no longer any issue with the Greek participation, since any decision that will justify or not Melissa Mantzoukis will be issued after the end of the competition.

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Greece: Melissa Mantzoukis’ application for a temporary injunction was discussed!

Melissa Mantzoukis’ application for a temporary injunction against ERT’s selection process for the Greek entry in the Eurovision song contest was discussed today at the Multi-Member Court of First Instance of Athens. The court’s decision is expected on Monday, March 6.

In the trial, PANIK Records also appeared as an intervener, through the lawyer’s proxy, while ERT also announced a trial on the side of Viktor Vernikos, so that he too (through his parents, since he is not an adult), could participate in the case as a party.

As we saw on Melissa’s social media, the singer was this morning in Evelpidon, after appearing in court herself.

With the decision of the temporary injunction, the date of the discussion of the interim measures will be set. We remind you that Melissa Mantzoukis has also filed a lawsuit, which will be discussed in mid-May, with which she requests that she be declared the winner of the ERT selection process and, in addition, be paid an amount as compensation for moral damage.

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