Croatia: Let 3 lead singer falls sick!

Lead singer from Let 3 Zoran Prodanović Prlja has fallen sick recently.  The band qualified in the First Semi-Final of Eurovision 2023 this Tuesday.

The bassist of Let 3, Damir Martinović Mrle talked about this situation during an interview with HRT 1.  During the programme Kod nas doma, Martinović Mrle revealed the lead singer has fallen sick right after the First Semifinal:

“We have been in those spaces for days where we have rehearsals and performances that are constantly under air conditioning and ventilation and when a person stays there for 10, 12 hours, then it is a little problematic because it affects some people’s throats. And when it affects the singers’ throats, then it’s not good.  He caught that last night. You could feel it in that vocal, I don’t know how much the audience felt it, but this morning he woke up sick, his nose and throat are blocked, he can hardly speak, so now he is lying in bed and let’s hope that he can recover in two days.”


The Croatian Head of Delegation for Croatia, Mr. Tomislav Štengl has also commented on these recent news.  He is however more positive that Prlja will get a quick recovery:

“Everyone had a bit of a cold but Prlja might have got it a little worse. I think everything will be fine for Friday and Saturday.  The atmosphere is great. Everyone congratulates us, everyone is delighted.”

Last Semi-Final marked the first time Croatia qualifies for a Grand Final since 2017 and the first time Croatia qualifies with a song in Croatian since 2008.

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Source: HRT

Croatia: Let 3 wins first Icelandic Eurovision Preview Show!

Iceland is currently broadcasting their Eurovision Preview show Alla leið.   It is a tradition in many of the public broadcasters around Europe to review the competing acts for Eurovision and rating them.  Iceland is one of these countries and yesterday we could watch the first night of Alla leið 2023.

A panel consisting on four jurors review the songs competing for Eurovision 2023.  At the end of the first show Let 3 received the most points from the panel.  Portugal and Norway came in second and third place respectively.

Here you can see the full scoreboard for the first night of Alla leið 2023:

  Judge 1 Judge 2 Judge 2 Judge 2 Total
🇭🇷 Croatia – Let 3 – “Mama ŠČ!” 12 8 12 10 42  points
🇵🇹 Portugal – Mimicat – “Ai coração” 8 7 6 8 31 points
🇳🇴 Norway – Alessandra – Queen of the Kings 6 7 6 8 27 points
🇱🇻 Latvia – Sudden Lights – “Aijā” 2 12 8 4 26 points
🇮🇪 Ireland – Wild Youth – “We Are One” 6 4 5 7 22 points
🇲🇹 Malta – The Busker – “Dance (Our Own Party)” 3 6 5 7 21 points
🇷🇸 Serbia – Luke Black – “Samo mi se spava” 7 5 6 3 21 points

Next week, the Icelandic panel will review the acts performing in the second half of the First Semi-final

Source: RUV

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Croatia: Watch the official music video of “Mama ŠČ”!

Today, the music video of the Croatian group Let 3, that will represent the country in this year’s Eurovision, was released. With the song “Mama ŠČ”, Let 3 will compete at Liverpool after winning the Croatian National final Dora 2023.

You can watch the official music video down bellow: 

We want to remind you that Croatia will perform at the first half of the semi final at 9th of May 2023, claiming one of the ten spots for the Grand Final in May!

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Croatia: Eurovisionfun Reacts to Eurovision 2023 Entry “Mama Šč!” (video)

Last Saturday, the national final of Croatia, Dora 2023, concluded for another year, in which Let 3 won both the televote and the jury vote! So the next representative of the country for Eurovision 2023 will be Let 3 with the song “Mama Šč!“.

The Eurovisionfun team once again watched and reacted to the live performance for the country’s participation in the upcoming Eurovision contest! Enjoy Rossopoulos Thanasis, Bogiannos Apostolos and Gialetzi Stella in a Reaction video, with detailed commentary on Croatia’s participation, for 2023!

Below you can enjoy the live performance of Let 3 in Dora 2023:

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Croatia: With Let 3 and “Mama ŠČ” in Eurovision 2023!

Croatias traditional final, “Dora” has come to an end. HRT, the Croatian public broadcaster, once again organised their  national final to select a representative for Eurovision 2023. Public television has selected 18 artists who competed tonight in the Grand Final of Dora 2023!

The presenters of the evening were Mirko Fodor, Mario Lipovšek Battifiaca and Marko Tolja. Marko Tolja tried to represent Croatia in the competition twice, in 2007 and 2009, but failed.

At the beginning of the evening, last years representative of the country Mia Dimšić appeared on stage and performed her participation “Guilty Pleasure” in Eurovision 2022.

The Finalists

Below you can see the performances of the 18 candidates:


Top of the Pops feat. Mario 5reković — Putovanje


Yogi — Love At First Sight


Boris Štok — “Grijeh


Tajana Belina — Dom


Krešo I Kisele Kiše — Kme Kme


Maja Grgić —  I still live


Barbara Munjas — Putem Snova


Đana — Free Fallin


Patricia Gasparini — I Will Wait


The Spitters — Lost & Found


Hana Mašić — Nesreća


Damir Kedžo — Angels and Demons


Martha May — Distance


Detour — Master Blaster


Meri Andraković — Bye Bye Blonde


Let 3 — MAMA ŠČ!”


Eni Jurišić — Kreni Dalje


Harmonija Disonance — Nevera (Lei, Lei)


The Results

Without any particular change from previous years, the winner was chosen by both the jury and the Televoting with 50% each.

The results of the jury votes

The Televoting and the Final results

With the sum of the two individual results, the grand winner of Dora 2023 is Let 3 and will represent Croatia in Eurovision 2023 with the songMama ŠČ

Below you can listen to the studio version ofMama ŠČ:

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